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We will build a shortcode named clinic_student_details patterned after the clinic_registration shortcode in use here: ?id=145/146 and tweak the build form with the call to xpath_fuss_with_forms passing a "student_editor" argument.

Do not leave blank any of the required ) fields.

Pant Size
Top Size
Own Boat
Own Flotation
Own Helmet
Own Skirt
Own Paddle
Own Wetsuit
Own Drytop
Tandem Partner

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For Username, enter either 1) the primary email address you've specified in your member profile, or 2) the Username assigned to you upon joining the VPC.

Once you are logged in as a VPC member, you will have access to your member profile, and members-only content on the website. If your login attempts fail, please email the webmaster. Include your name, and (if you know it) the username you were assigned.

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