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Bow and Stern - June 1, 1978


June 7, 1978

Dear Fellow Canoe Cruisers,

Well, we certainly made up for last year's strange, abbreviated white water season. With all this year's snow in the mountains (and offers of more imported from Boston if we wanted it) and the cool early spring, the rivers of Vermont stayed "up" for a long time. Time to enjoy our old favorites and a few new rivers, too. Also, time to learn some new techniques. ("Really, we planned to run that ledge on the Waits sideways, really!")

But you can read all about it inside, and also find out about upcoming flatwater trips, the Chiott Races and our Picnic/Regatta.

So, read on. There's more fun yet to come.

Larry Thomson

Flashes from the Paddle

Last summer the Northern Vermont Canoe Cruisers painted a gauge on the iron bridge in Fairfax. This makes it possible to judge the level of difficulty that will be experienced on the Lower Lamoille at the start of a trip. Especially good, since that section can be used for training.

This summer we hope to build a portage trail around Bolton Falls on the Winooski River. This would become part of the Winooski Canoe Trail. We hope a large number of Canoe Cruisers will take part in this project. I would guess that a little fun would be mixed in with the work, since no "cruiser" could get that close to a river and not have some fun.

I don't care whose fault it was, Margaret... BACK PADDLE!!!


Editor's note: Here is a flatwater report which was left out of the last Bow & Stern. I thought it might get us all in the mood for the flatwater season just beginning. - L.E.T.

N.V.C.C. Canoe Trip to Long Pond in the St. Regis Canoe Area of New York: July 23-24, 1977

Leader: Richard Allen
Participants: The Duval Family (Al, Sally, Peter, Colin, and Jason), John and Jim Mosley, The Barrett Family (Jim, Betty, Samantha, Rebecca), Al Roberts, Richard and Lucille Allen, Fuller and Peg Allen. Total: 16 people, 6 canoes.

After a 10-day-long heat wave, Saturday morning broke clear and cool (46 degrees) with a promise of a beautiful weekend. The Richard Allens, the Mosleys, the Duvals, and Al Roberts met at the Lake Champlain Islands exit of the Interstate at 8:00 A.M. We took the Grand Isle ferry to Cumberland Head, skirted around Plattsburgh, and headed west on Et. 374 and Et. 3. We made several stops for fishing licenses and lettuce. We got the lettuce, but we couldn't find a place that would sell us a fishing license.

We met the Barretts at the intersection of the Floodwood Road and Rt. 30 near Saranac Inn at 10:15. They had done some exploring down the road and had seen a bear crossing the road.

Fuller and Peg Allen had canoed in Friday night and had secured a large campsite for us. We met them at the launch point and it took about 50 minutes to reach the campsite. After reaching the site we had lunch, set up the tents, and collected fire- wood.

Our afternoon activity was to carry into Slang Pond, and canoe into Turtle. We traveled to the end of Turtle and explored the RR tracks, and the culvert connecting Turtle and Hoel Ponds.

We returned to camp by 4:30 and discovered that a vicious red squirrel had attacked John Mosley's styrofoam cooler and feasted on a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

We started preparing for our community supper of shish kabobs, wild rice, tossed salad, lemonade, and smores. The evening ended with ghost stories (thanks to Jason Duval), songs (thanks to Betty Barrett), and a campfire. The only noise we heard that night was the wind in the red pines and the waves slapping the shore.

Sunday was windy and mostly cloudy. After breakfast we had several different activities going on. The Duvals tried canoe sailing; many of us took a hike to Bessie Pond to the north. On the hike we saw many tracks and heard some noises but the only wildlife we spotted was a duck.

Later in the day people left at their leisure. It was a very successful trip. A special thanks goes to Fuller and Peg Allen for holding the large campsite for us, and to Al Roberts for organizing Saturday's supper.

Sources: For an excellent description of the St. Regis Canoe Area (New York's only area set aside exclusively for canoeing) consult Paul Jamieson's Adirondack Canoe Waters: North Flow. The topographic map is St. Regis.


Participants: Dick Trudell, Peter Alden, Ed Amidon, Louise McCarren.

This was the first time out in 1978 and a little limbering up was necessary. There was still about a foot of snow on the ground and all the ice hadn't gone out of the river yet. The section from Huntington Center to the Gorge was clear, however, except for ice clinging to mid river rocks and along the shore. The air temperature was in the forties and there was no wind, so the run was enjoyable with the moderate water level. We spotted several deer on the way down, but were dismayed to find a junked car rolled down the river bank just above the Gorge.


Participants: Dick Trudell, Peter Alden, Steve Page, Norm & Norm Lavoie, Blair & Elaine Lavoie, Al Roberts, Rich Allen, Ed Amidon, Louise McCarren, George & Bill Agnew.

The snow had almost disappeared, but the river was still at a moderate level. The air temperature was just at freezing, and the ice was building up on the boats and on our clothing. With vigorous paddling, you could stay warm and we were able to enjoy the run despite the cold. A few more deer were sighted. The trip was event- ful only for the follow-the-leader ride we had deciding where to put in.

WHITE RIVER: April 15, 1978

Participants: Dick Trudell, Rich & Kim Brainerd, Walt Barkan, Larry Thomson, Bob Conquest, Dave Boedy, Jim Higgins.

The day was partially sunny with a few periods of snow flurries. The water level was moderate. When we arrived at the put-in at Stockbridge, the roads were lined with cars. It turned out to be the take out for the Boston AMC, and we didn't encounter any other boats on the river except there. We were able to take a leisurely trip on the river with ample opportunity to play in the rapids. There were even occasional periods of nice warm sun to remind us that, as the season progresses the weather gets better.

LOWER LAMOILLE: April 19, 1978

Participants: Dick Trudell, Bob Dodds, Rich & Kim Brainerd.

An after work outing on the river. We put-in at 5:00 P.M. in Fairfax in rainy & cool weather. The gauge was at 9 ft. giving us Class III rapids below. The rain slowed and the wind died down as we put in, so the trip was quite enjoyable. There were not many rocks showing at this level, and a strong current helped us over the flatwater stretches. We reached the bottom at about 7:00 P.M. just as it was beginning to turn dark. We all agreed that a mid-week outing like this was excellent therapy for whitewater people.

UPPER LAMOILLE: April 22, 1978

Participants: Dick Trudell, Walt Barkan, Kim & Rich Brainerd, Steve Page, Norm & Norm Lavoie, Blair & Elaine Lavoie, Peter & Julie Alden, George & Bill Agnew, Ed Amidon, Louise McCarren, Gardner & Chris Hopwood.

First run of the season on the Upper Lamoille - still some ice and snow left on the banks. The day was sunny and warm and the water level high. The section from Greensboro Bend to East Hardwick was a good warm-up - long stretches of rapids with plenty of areas for the closed boats to play in. From East Hardwick to Hardwick, the river had picked up from the run-off of the warm day and there were plenty of standing waves and twisting currents to delight a whitewater addict's heart. Large standing waves above the motel to punch through or surf, and a boat-eating hole where the curling wave is usually found before the motel. As we turned the last bend in Hardwick a large wave running straight across the river awaited us - an appropriate finish to a beautiful day of boating. With the end in sight, all caution was abandoned for the last drop to take out. Except for a couple of tips in the cold water, the trip was one of those thoroughly enjoyable ones.

UPPER LAMOILLE: April 29, 1978

Participants: Dick Trudell, Kim Brainerd, Walt Barkan, Peter Alden, Bob Dodds.

The water level was six inches higher than the previous week and there were only closed boats on the trip, so no difficulty was encountered. We had a lot of waves and holes to play in on the trip down. The upper section from Greensboro Bend to East Hardwick proved to be a good warm-up for what lay below. There was a good deal of standing waves and holes above the motel. At the ledge just below the motel, Walt dropped into the big hold to play and to his surprise it was several minutes before it spit him out. Needless to say, he was quite tired. All in all, a delightful run.


Participants: Tom & Terrence Conlon, Steamer & Judy Walke, Phoebe Morse & Steve Sease, Dick Allen & Dave Boedy, Dave & Robert Beard.

This was the first time ever that this river was run by the club. South Strafford to Union Village, 4 miles of continuous rapids, ending in a gorge suitable only for closed boats. Not for beginners, but a really exciting and scenic trip.

WAITS RIVER: April 30, 1978

Leader: Alan L. Roberts
Participants: Norm & little Norm Lavoie, Bob Schumacher, Tom Conlon, Dave Broedy, John Mosely, Judy Gabriel, Larry Thomson.

While waiting for the starting time we were immersed in a blizzard; however, when 10:00 o'clock came the sun began to come out and the temp was in the mid-thirties. The water level was perfect. There were six canoes on each half of the trip. The first half was negotiated with no mishaps. Considerable scouting of the ledges was done, with good reason. At this water level all the ledges were runnable. After ferrying cars and eating lunch, the second half was run with some new people replacing the experienced ones that left. The trip was concluded about 3:30. In all, a good trip despite the cool weather.


This trip, combining runs on two of the Northeast Kingdom's most scenic rivers, began under less than auspicious weather conditions. It was cold, with rain squalls and some wind, as the stalwart paddlers met at 10:00 A.M. at Horace Strong's canoe yard.

We visited there (some of the party came from New Hampshire) for a while and talked with a young friend of Horaces, Alan Meisner, who was repairing a pretty leaky canoe. He planned to paddle it (with friend, Ed Redding) down the Lamoille to Lake Champlain, down the lake to the barge canal, on to the Hudson and finally down the Hudson to New York City. When Norm heard this, he gave him a club application so he could paddle "under our flag." We wished him well and headed out for the Clyde River.

Seven canoes and one kayak ran the Clyde from Lake Salem to Clyde Pond. The weather held off and everyone had a great time negotiating these class II rapids. While the cars were ferried, people ate lunch, and the weather cleared, as our leader, Horace Strong, had assured us would happen. (Horace explained that he had ordered rain for the morning to bring the rivers up a bit, and sunshine for the afternoon run. Horace obviously has some connections, somewhere!).

In the afternoon, seven canoes ran the Black River from Irasburg to Coventry. We found this river to be lower and more "bony", but very scenic.

All in all it was a great day to be on the water - especially in one of Vermont's prettiest areas.


	    Date	     Event			  Leader

	June 10-11	Androscoggin River		N. Lavoie

	June 24 or 25	Chiott Race			L. McCarren

	July 16		Picnic/Regatta			R. Dodds

	July 22, 23	LaMauricie Nat'l Park		W. Hampes

	August 5-6	New York State			R. Allen, A. Roberts

	Sept. 2-4	Long Pond			R. Dodds
			Labor Day Weekend

Flatwater Committee

Al Roberts
Dick Allen

Here are three of the Alden family's favorite flatwater trips:

(1) Upper to Middle to Lower Saranac Lakes.

(2) From Paul Smith College to St. Regis Pond.

This involves five carries and can be canoed back to the put-in spot, or you can continue on to Saranac Inn.

(3) Long Lake to the Racquette River, then on to Tupper Lake.

mutant fish
I'm tellin' ya, Harry, Pollution won't affect the Wildlife.





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