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Bow and Stern - June 8, 2005

Wow, another Bow and Stern already! Thanks for the great turn out at the March banquet. We want to thank Lori, Damon, and Cheryl/Simon for some great presentations.
There sure was a lot of good karma this spring. John Pandolfo organized some very successful pool sessions in Barre. A partnership was created between UVM Catayak Club and VPC producing a successful program at the UVM Pool. Let's send a big thanks to John Pandolfo for Barre, and Tor Bortz for those late nights at UVM. Thanks guys.
There seemed to be plenty whitewater during the spring and it sound like paddlers got to take advantage of it. If not, give yourself a couple of weekends this summer and paddle some of the great releases that have been scheduled throughout New England and NY. Those who can't make it to a whitewater release, paddle some whitewater; it's good for developing and improving your techniques. Experts in both slalom and freestyle believe training in flatwater daily improves their proficiency in whitewater. I'm sure you've heard it (how do they make it look so easy?); it's...practice, practice, practice...helps develop your abilities to reach the next level safely. Daily, well maybe that's too much for some of us. Let's try four days a week.
More good karma...Lorena Bortz has volunteered for Communication Director and will be the editor of the Bow & Stern newsletters. Thank you, Lorena.
Every two years VPC holds elections. Help VPC make a difference. We're a non-profit organization producing exciting programs beneficial to the paddling community. If you would like to participate, contact any active officer for instruction on how to get involved.
Little River
The interest is high. Unfortunately, I've had some real set backs due to other activities with the club. I'm having a hard time maintaining the aggressive work ethic required to keep the project moving along. I have had one more meeting with Waterbury Recreation Commissioner with advice about the reformat and preparation of all the information for a professional presentation to the Select Board.
We received a letter from ACA stating:
"The ACA has received your geomorphic assessment of the potential impact of the removing a weir on the Little River. Well done! Both ACA and L.L. Bean are happy that we were able to support the efforts of the Vermont Paddlers Club and its corps of volunteers who are making the world a better place to paddle. It is clear from your report that you chose your environmental consultant well. Your assessment was very professionally done and should be useful in your efforts to restore the river to a free flowing state."
We still owe Step by Step three hundred dollars. Anyone interested in supporting this great project, please send donations to VPC, 11 Discovery Rd., Essex, VT 05452.
Let's give thanks to the current donors: Step by Step $1500, ACA $1000, Jack Daggett for $100, Mike Malley and Dan Beideck for $50 each, John Pandolfo and Greg Punchar for $20 each, and Georgia Myer for $10. Thank you all very much.
We are also selling shirts ($17 each) with all proceeds ($3.50) going to the Little River Project. To purchase one, please contact Ray at 578-8367. Donors are:
Peter Champagne Tony Shaw
Julie Prior Ray Ingram
Tor Bortz Eve Sutera
Joe Guzelak "CJ" Craig Carline
Patrick Rogers Paul Savard
Pat Cleary Brad Eastman
Dan Mason
West River
I attended the presentation of the West River Economic Impact Study held at the church in Jamaica, Vermont at 5:00 pm on April 22, 2005. The meeting was well attended (about thirty people). It was an excellent presentation of the impact study. There was some rational common sense questions and answers discussed between the town's people, local fishery groups, and paddling groups. I left the meeting with a feeling all parties had common ground and wanted to find balance that benefited all interests.
This is the Executive Summary from the West River Economic Impacts Final Report (reprinted with permission from Michael Crane).
This study is an economic impact analysis of the effects of boater visitation on the local economy of Jamaica Town and Windham and Bennington counties in Vermont as a result of the West River Release. The "Release" is a semi-annual event when the Army Corps of Engineers, through cooperation with state and federal agencies, open the gates of Ball Mountain Dam and releases enough water (750-1500 cfs) to create a quality whitewater experience. Boaters from eight neighboring states have come to the release for the past 50 years. The release originally provided 6 paddling days per year until 1990 when it was reduced to 4 days per year, twice in April and twice in September. In 2003, the release was reduced to 3 days per year, two days in April and one day in September. The study examines the economic contribution boaters make to the local economy and the economic loss resulting from the reduction of paddling days.
The primary data for this study was collected on Saturday, September 20th 2003 during a 1-day release. A random sample of 134 boating parties (response rate 49%) provided expenditure data as well as opinions on a variety of management options for the river. The survey results have a 95% confidence level and an 8% margin of error (confidence interval). Boater population was estimated to be 2,193 for that day. A majority of boaters, over 40%, came from Massachusetts. Connecticut and New Hampshire followed with the next most popular states of origin; 11% of the boaters came from Vermont.
The largest expenses were in food (prepared and unprepared), transportation and entrance fees to Jamaica State Park, in that order. Approximately 75% of the expenditures for the trip were made within a 10-mile radius of Jamaica. Average per party spending was $262. There were a total of 727 parties visiting the river on the sample day. Direct spending in the region amounts to $190,798 for the one-day event. With an economic multiplier of .53, the total economic impacts to the region of the one-day release in September 2003 was $292,092. In addition, there are 5 total jobs supported by the one-day release. A two-day release would contribute a total of $440,065 to the economy and support 7.4 total jobs. The economic loss of reducing the release by one day is $147,973 amounting to a 34% reduction in revenue to the local economy. The total economic loss to the local economy since the first reduction of paddling days in 1990 is 5.6 million dollars. This loss is sustained by the local economy indefinitely until the release is returned to the original schedule or the resource provides another benefit of equal or greater value. With no changes to the release, the local economy will lose over 7 million dollars over the next ten years. The financial benefit of returning to the traditional release schedule of 3 weekends is over $1.3 million dollars per year or $15.7 million over the next ten years.
From Crane Associates, LLC,; 802-657-3720 Copyright © Crane Associates LLC All rights reserved.
Novice Whitewater Clinic
We are just a few days away from the 2005 VPC Novice Whitewater clinic. It is going to be a well-attended event, with 14 confirmed students currently, and room for a few last minute additions. We have an excellent showing of club volunteers coming to help us out, with about 10 total staff for the weekend clinic, who will be teaching, safety boating, and helping with lunches. This help is the only way possible to put this on, and I would like to thank in advance all who are coming! The clinic will be held this Saturday and Sunday, June 11th and 12th, at the Waterbury Reservoir. Hope for nice weather!
Advanced Swiftwater Rescue Workshop
The VPC is setting up another safety clinic this season, dates and times to be posted as soon as they are available. This is an excellent two day course, and is vital information to anyone paddling whitewater. Let me know if you would like to attend this clinic - space will be limited to 10 paddlers.
Other club functions? The Board of Directors want to hear from anyone who may have thoughts on what the club is doing, what we could do differently, where we are headed, etc. Send me an e-mail if you would like to share any thoughts or ideas.
I am new to most of you and have come to this know of this position through my husband, Tor Bortz', involvement in the club. You may ask why I, an absolute novice when it comes to whitewater paddling, would be interested in becoming editor. Truth be told, my idea of a great paddle is taking the row boat that my husband made for me out in front of our house onto Lake Champlain.
But I have watched how people interact with each other at the meets; it's like a paddling family. I've seen family members of all ages come together on common ground and have a great time. The variety of people we meet is very intriguing - from doctors and pilots to carpenters and great grandmothers.
During this rushed month of preparation and studying up for this first issue, I've felt a bit like a fish out of water though, so please, if you have any suggestions, let me know.
President Ray Ingram 802-578-8367
Vice President Eric Bishop 802-899-1865
Secretary OPEN
Treasurer Richard Larson 802-878-6828
Safety/Education Director James Raboin 802-527-8328
Newsletter Director Lorena Bortz 802-658-9392
Activities Director OPEN
Paddling School James Raboin 802-527-8328
Conservation Chair Jack Daggitt 802-253-2524
Webmaster Tony Shaw 802-879-1655
Elections / New Officers
VPC must elect new officers in November of this year. We continue to be troubled by having only a small core of folks willing to be officers, and these folks are disproportionately 'aging male open boaters'. We really need a broader set of officers including more kayakers, women, and younger folks. The current and previous officers have worked hard at the job, but we need new people, new ideas and new energy. We need people to step forward to 'run' for office for the 2006 - 2007 term. (Since elections are usually acceptance by acclimation of anyone willing to be an officer, you should have little fear of 'losing' an election.)
Contact Ray Ingram (578-8367) or Rich Larson (878-6828) if interested.
Treasurer's Report
Dues $835.00 $1,214.00 $792.00
Events Sponsorship ($100.00) ($450.00) ($100.00)
Web-Site ($300.00) ($300.00) ($150.00)
Bank Fees ($32.56) ($52.85) ($21.63)
Meetings / Mailings ($622.16) ($960.78) ($577.53)
Safety Gear / Sessions $0.00 $5.00 $0.00
Rolling Sessions $353.50 $94.00 ($137.00)
Banner ($159.00) $0.00 $0.00
Canoe and Kayak School $0.00 $288.00 $0.00
Net ACA Cost ($5.00) $35.00 ($91.00)

12/31/2003 $748.15 $808.43 $1,556.58
12/31/2004 $703.52 $665.43 $1,428.95
05/31/2005 $579.06 $564.73 $1,143.79
  • $1,300 received total, and spent for geomorphic assessment - balance $0.00
The VPC must decide whether to continue as an ACA 'Paddle America' Club in 2006.
One can argue that we should not continue as a PA affiliate. The cost is about $1000 for 2005, paid directly to ACA, plus the indirect cost of perhaps $1000 - $1500 paid by members (who would not otherwise join ACA) for memberships. There is also significant administrative effort required by VPC; and we have started to see trip organizers convert trips to being 'unofficial' to avoid paperwork requirements.
One can argue that we should continue as a PA affiliate. The insurance provides liability protection for officers and trip organizers, and for events like the whitewater clinic and the Fiddlehead Slalom. The insurance allows roll sessions to exist, as without insurance no pool will rent time. And, the membership support of ACA is all in a good cause for paddle sport.
Whichever way we go, we need to make a decision in the next few months. The executive committee will host a meeting where all interested members will be invited to participate. The meeting will be announced on the website, but interested persons should make either Ray Ingram (578-8367) or Rich Larson (878-6828) aware.
The American Canoe Associations New England Div. Slalom Championships were at the Fiddlehead Slalom on Winooski River, E. Montpelier, VT on May 8th.
Fiddlehead Slalom Start
The start was busy all day with eager paddlers anxious to attempt the twenty three gate slalom course designed to challenge paddlers for they title.
Paddlers continue to enjoy it, traveling from Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, New York, Pennsylvania, and Canada on Mother's Day with ninety two bibs issued. Communities continue to enjoy it with more local sponsors this year which increased the give-away power of the event. Canoe Imports donated great raffles prizes, some fantastic food was provided by Wayside Restaurant in Berlin (Cream of Fiddlehead Soup), Ben & Jerry's in Williston (Ice Cream), GT Bagel Factory in S. Burlington (Bagels), Cabot Coop Creamery in Montpelier (Worlds Best Cheese), Ski Rack (backpack). The Barre Times Argus showcased articles about the event in both Sunday and Monday papers (praise the media).
Tor Bortz
The most competitive class was the Men Kayak Junior Class with sixteen bibs issued. These numbers are encouraging for the youth of the sport and white water boaters in general. There was a total of twenty-five men cadet/junior and six women cadet/junior, thirty-two young athletes seriously enjoying the beginning of they're paddling lives.
The second most competitive class was Men Kayak Recreation Class with thirteen bibs issued. Tor Bortz produced two fast runs rewarding himself a third place finish for Men Kayak Recreation Class.
Paul Kempner
Paul Kempner finished fourth in Men Masters Kayak Racing class with two clean runs, forty-six slalom gates without hitting any poles in a lighting fast kayak built for slalom. Great job Paul.
Thank Roger Crowley Photographs for providing the photos. To view more photos of the Fiddlehead Slalom visit
Special thanks to Friday's course construction crew: Tor Bortz, Pat Cleary, Chuck Wendler, Will Cogan, and Ryan Lacz.
Wow! Ten Years! Thanks to the Dream Team of Green Mountain Power, Winooski Hydroelectric Co. and American Canoe Association.
Beaver River - Moshier Section (NY)
September: 4 (10 am - 2 pm)

Dead River (ME)
June: 4, 12, 19 (5500 cfs until 11:00, 1800 cfs after), 30 (1300 cfs until 1:00)
July: 1, 2, 3 (1300 cfs until 1 pm), 9. 30, 31 (2400 cfs until 11:30, 1300 after)
August: 14 (3500 cfs until 11:30,)
September: 4 (5500 cfs until 11:30, 1800 cfs after), 17 (3500 cfs until 11:30)
October: 1 (6000 cfs)

Deerfield Dryway #5 Dam (Monroe, MA)
June: 12, 17, 18, 19, 24, 25, 26 (900 cfs - 1100 cfs)
July: 2, 3, 8, 10, 17. 20, 30, 31 (900 cfs - 1100 cfs)
August: 6, 7, 12, 14, 20, 21, 26, 27, 28 (900 cfs - 1100 cfs)
September: 2, 4, 17, 18 (900 cfs - 1100 cfs)
October: 8, 9 (900 cfs - 1100 cfs)
In addition there is 74 release dates for the class I-III Deerfield Fife Brook/Zoar Gap section downstream from June - October. To confirm schedule releases visit or call 1-888-FLO-FONE (1-888-356-3663).

Farmington (MA/CT)
October: 15, 16 (250 cfs Slalom Race), 22, 23 (250 cfs)

Gauley River (Summersville, WV)
September: 9, 10, 11, 12, 16, 17, 18, 19, 30
October: 1, 2, 3, 7, 8, 9, 10, 15, 16

Kennebec River (ME)
June: 18 (8000 cfs, 2400 cfs 1 pm - 3 pm), 25 (4800 cfs, 2400 cfs 1 - 3)
July: 2, 8, 16, 17, 23, 30 (4800 cfs, 2400 cfs 1 pm - 3 pm), 7 (8000 cfs)
August: 6, 7, 13, 20, 21, 27 (4800 cfs, 2400 cfs 1 pm - 3 pm)
September: 3, 4, 10 (4800 cfs, 2400 cfs 1 pm - 3 pm)
October: 10, 24 (8000 cfs)

Magalloway River (ME)
June: 25, 26 (900 cfs 10 am - 3 pm)
July: 2, 3, 9, 10 (900 cfs 10 am - 3 pm)
August: 20, 21, 27, 28 (900 cfs 10 am - 3 pm)
September: 3, 4 (900 cfs 10 am - 3 pm)
Phone line: (800) 557-3569 - Dial A or 2 for Androscogin, then dial 3 for Aziscohos Dam)

Pemigewasset River (Bristol, NH) (Ayers Island dam)
July - TBA
August: 20 (900 cfs - Merrimack Valley Paddlers Pig Roast)
August: 21 (900 cfs - if ample water available)

Penobscot / Canada Falls (ME)
July: 2 (500 cfs 10 am - 3 pm), 9, 16, 30 (600 cfs 10 - 3), 23 (900 cfs 10 - 3)
August: 6, 20 (600 cfs 10 am - 3 pm), 7, 27 (750 cfs 10 - 3)
September: 3 (750 cfs 10 am - 3 pm), 10 (600 cfs 10 - 3)

Rapid River (ME)
July: 15, 16, 17, 23, 24 (1300 cfs)
August: 6, 7, 12, 13, 14 (1300 cfs)

Seboomook (ME)
September: 3 (1500 cfs)

West River (Jamaica, VT)
September: 24

Upcoming Events of Interest
Vermont Brewers Festival - June 15 & 16
DemoFest - Charlemont, MA - June 24-26
Kipawa Festival - Quebec - June 25 & 26
Deerfield River Festival - Charlemont, MA - July 29-31
Gatineau Festival - Quebec - Aug 27 & 28
Ottawa Rodeo - Sept 3 & 4
Gauley Festival - Summersville, WV - Sept 23-25
Moose River Festival - Old Forge, NY - Oct 17-18

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