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Bow and Stern - June 1, 1989

Bow and Stern - - June 1989

Bow and Stern

June 1989

Message from the President

Another spring season has come and gone, this one as quirky as all the others. The low snow cover caused the water to fall to very low levels by mid-April, and the weekends were often cold and damp. Then, by early May, we started to get substantial rain, and many trips were altered because of higher than expected flows. But, all in all, the paddling was good.

This season, as is common, saw paddling fatalities among untrained and unorganized groups without proper preparation. In addition, however, there was a fatality on the West River in an organized and experienced paddling club. It should serve to remind us all of the potentially serious nature of the sport, and the need to keep our attention focused on ways to make each trip as safe as possible. As they said on Hill Street Blues, "Let's be careful out there".

The final topic of this note is ELECTIONS. At the end of this year, we will have elections for the coming two years. A nominating committee will be formed in the next few months to make sure we have at least one qualified candidate for each office. If you are interested in being considered for one of these offices, it would help the committee if you notify me of that fact. We do need your interest and your help.


Treasurer's Report

General Fund
Beginning Balance: 3/5/89
Dues 534.00
Dinner 461.00
Bow & Stern 184.80
Stamps 126.40
Misc 39.43
Room Rental 50.00
Dinner 255.35
Balance - June 6, 1989 $108.27
Safety & Training Fund
Beginning Balance: 3/5/89
Canoe School 450.00
Sales (decals) 6.00
Canoe School  
   -books 281.88
   -printing 67.51
Balance - June 6, 1989 $640.24

Total (combined) Balance: $748.51

Respectfully submitted,
Cathy A. Chamberlain
NVCC Treasurer

Trip Reports

Upper Lamoille: April 2, 1989

Participants: Eric Bishop, Tim Parsons, Rich Larsen, Sheri Larsen, Bill Gerlack (OC-1); Roger Hassol & Lori Barg, Davie Bodie & George Agnew (OC-2); Alan Rexford (K-1); Mike Fullerton (Shuttle and tin Whistle).

It was a warm and sunny day, an unusual event in itself on the Upper Lamoille. Unfortunately the level was only 3.0 on the Wolcott St. gauge. 4.0 feet is about the minimum for a good ride. The leader was sidelined with the flu, and did not paddle, electing to provide shuttle support instead. All parties reported a good trip, though scratchy. Notably, the ice boom above the motel was still in place, nearly a week after ice-out. We had been led to believe those were to be removed within 48 hours of ice out.

The trip was marked by the first known descent of (most of) East Hardwick Falls. It turns out that there is a safe and non-frightening drop through the remains of an old stone dam, with a handy eddy on river right. A short carry is necessary down the steep section of the falls, but it is an easy one. Put in gets the paddler into a lively class III that runs into the usual put-in at the end of the carry trail. It saves a longer portage.

Michael F. Fullerton

Huntington River: April 8, 1989

Participants: Six boats. Alan Roberts, Sheri Larsen, John Silverman, Jack McNight, and Leigh Rowell in OC1s, and George McIntosh in a kayak

While many club members were participating in the training trip on the Mad River, several other boaters decided to try paddling on the Huntington River. The water level was lower than it had been when Jack and John paddled it earlier in the week, but it was still a pleasant level. We had a leisurely trip with no mishaps. Margaret McIntosh took care of the shuttle while we paddled, which was a great help.

Sheri Larsen

Moose River: April 9, 1989

Participants: (OC-2) - Tom Kastner and Alice Astarita, Jim Higgins and George Agnew; (OC1) - Mike Fullerton, Al Roberts, Eric Bishop; (C1) Dave Boedy.

Beautiful sunny Sunday and plenty of water (6.5 on the river gauge downstream of the put-in) insured a superior day of paddling for the group. We ran the section of river north of rte 2 twice, with a bit smaller group for the second run. The large rapid near the takeout was a strong class III and claimed one OC-2 on the first run. Both paddlers and boat emerged unscathed. This is a beautiful and challenging river at this level, well worth the drive.

Eric Bishop

White River: April 23, 1989

Participants: (OC2) - Lynn Newcomb & Joe Pacino, Steve Bliss & Don Best, Dennis & Tiiu O'Brien, Lori Barg & Paul Marcowicz, Jim Higgins & Don Odell; (OC1) - Joan Hughes, Al Roberts, Nancy Wendt, Mike Fullerton, Leigh MacDonald, Jack McKnight;(K1) - George McIntosh

After discussion about the low water level at the put in on the Tweed, we got on with the trip. The weather was cold but showing signs of improving, and the forecast was encouraging. Unfortunately, the weather didn't improve and we got colder and colder as the day went on. The water turned out to be adequate but not much more. The clarity of the water in the White fools you into thinking that the water is lower than it really is. We had lunch at the campground but this was not enhanced by the disposition of the owner. No one managed to swim, either because of the great skills of the participants or because we were too cold to take any chances.

George McIntosh

Schroon River, NY: April 30, 1989

Participants: Five boats, all solo canoes: Rich and Sheri Larsen, Peter Alden, Len Carpenter, Mike Fullerton

The day was typical of any days this year, in that the weatherman had no idea what would happen. The day started with a drizzle when we left Big Boy, but by the time we got to the Schroon it was mixed sun and clouds, and reasonably warm. We made two runs with no incidents. The water level was medium. The lower ledge could be run down the center, which we did a number of times. At this water level, the trip is suitable for intermediates, or even advanced beginners as long as a number of experienced boats are present.

Rich Larsen

Huntington River: May 7, 1989

Participants: Six boats: Laura Benis, Joan Gardner, George McIntosh, Bob Leightner, Rich and Sheri Larsen

This was a trip composed of people who for mechanical or other reasons could not make it to the West River. The Huntington was up at a nice medium level, mostly class 1-2. The river was full of sweepers, as it always is. Since the water is not very pushy, they were easy to avoid, but one always has to watch out for them on this river. We made the run without incident. Other than the down trees, the Huntington is a reasonably safe river, as long as one remembers to take out a judicious distance above the gorge.

Rich Larsen

Lamoille River, after work: May 9, 1989

Participants: Five boats: Bett Dews, George McIntosh, Ray Gonda, Rich and Sheri Larsen

The river was at a fine level for an evening trip, probably about 8 feet on the old gage. We made the run with no incidents, except for a practice roll that never came back to upright. The time on the river was about two hours, moving constantly along without pushing too hard.

Rich Larsen

Hudson River: May 13, 1989

Leader: Cathy Chamberlain
Participants: George Agnew, Rich Larsen, Peter Alden, Sheri Larsen, Cathy Chamberlain, Bob Leightner, Bet Dews, George McIntosh, David Boedy, Al Roberts, John King, Nancy Wendt, Vicki Viens

It had rained on and off during the week, so the river level kept changing... it appeared to drop 4 to 6 inches per day of non-rain...but ended up raining on Friday, putting the river at the highest level that I have ever paddled the lower Hudson... quite pushy...

We only had one tandem boat - and a first year "student" in bow, so we were somewhat cautious about rescues. As it turned out - I was the first to swim (absolutely NO low brace in my stroke inventory!)...a minor swim.. .The only other swim - really they sank! - was the tandem pair... Nice to see new paddlers in the group... Vicki ...She's paddled a bit in Wisconsin...and tho' a native Vermonter - not much in the area... Also Nancy (from CONN)...she paddled the West with NVCC in May...and helps out at OCNE (Tom Foster's school- Outdoor Center of NE)...Both fine paddlers...

We put in at North Creek and ended at the Glen bridge - about a 5-hour trip - on a pleasant day. Many of the normal play spots were washed out...You couldn't see "the hook of the Hudson" as it was under water. The two great surfing places (the island on the lower stretch, and the big waves at GLEN bridge were just a mass of waves...We just kept saying to each other - "Did you see that HUGE hole/wave?" - always said with a HUGE grin on our faces.

Accommodations for the night varied...many 'moteled it', some of us camped, and others had a cabin on the Hudson on loan for the weekend. Wine and hors d'oeuvres at the campsite, followed by dinner at Loon Lake. Ask Sheri about the wonderful motel accommodations...

East Branch - Sacandaga, NY: May 14, 1989

Leader: Cathy Chamberlain
Participants: George Agnew, Rich Larsen, Peter Alden, Sheri Larsen, Cathy Chamberlain, Bob Leightner, Bet Dews, George McIntosh, David Boedy, Al Roberts, John King, Nancy Wendt, Vicki Viens

Two runs were made on the East Branch - at a good level...Plenty of rocks to maneuver around...making the trip quite technical...Most were very pleased with themselves - "quite a fun level!" - but alas...I had had it!... I enjoyed the Sunday paper sitting on river left....with the poison ivy!!!

Thanks to Margaret McIntosh who played official photographer and shuttle driver, making our trip efficient on this weekend.

Cathy Chamberlain

Solo Boat Clinic at OCNE: June 4, 1989

BET Dews and Cathy Chamberlain took a day of lessons from Tom Foster at the Outdoor Center of New England - motivated by a cracked boat (injured on the Hudson Gorge). We had a delightful time...Tom was very articulate in pre-water discussions, a pond session, and a river lesson. OCNE has many options of workshops - (sea kayak/women's/ group/ safety/etc) and is well worth the three hour trip. The staff is very skilled - and make it fun the entire time - even tho' my whole body is aching as I write this report! Accommodations are available on-site, and many options of rivers/ponds are within minutes...

1989 NVCC Decked Boat Clinic

PURPOSE: This introductory instructional clinic is for novice paddlers who have equipment and desire to learn basic paddling skills. The clinic is oriented toward whitewater, however flatwater touring and sea kayakers are welcome. Instruction progresses from the flatwater setting through to Class II whitewater. Instruction in Eskimo roll for kayak or C-1 is included.


Wednesday July 12 6 PM - Shelburne Town Beach

Get acquainted arid first flatwater session. Come with equipment and be prepared to paddle on the Lake. Strokes and wet exits introduced.

Wednesday July 19 6 PM - Shelburne Town Beach

Second flatwater session. Work on strokes and introduction to the Eskimo roll. Discuss upcoming river session.

Sunday July 23 11 AM - Connecticut River, Hartland VT

Introduction to moving and whitewater. We will spend the day at the Sumner's Falls rapid applying flatwater skills to moving water and learning about river safety.

Saturday and Sunday July 29-30 - Androscoggin River, Errol NH

Fun whitewater weekend. Car camp on a Class II rapid, learn more about river running, and practice your skills in a friendly rapid.

COST: $30 for entire clinic, $15 for the flatwater only.

REQUIREMENTS: Eligible participants must be competent swimmers (capable of swimming 100 yards), have all necessary equipment (properly outfitted kayak or C-1, functioning float bags, paddle, spray skirt, properly fitting life jacket, whitewater-type helmet), have own transportation, and be prepared for a good time.

CONTACT: Jay Appleton 985-2592 (leave name and address), 107 Falls Road Shelburne, VT 05482

SPONSOPED BY: Northern Vermont Canoe Cruisers, a nonprofit recreational club for whitewater, flatwater and touring paddlers.

Pontook Dam Flow Release Schedule

 1	 1	 2	 6	 3	 6
 2	 1	 5	 6	 3	 6
 3	 1	 5	 6	 3	 6
 4	 1	 5	 3	 6	 6
 5	 1	 2	 3	 6	 4
 6	 1	 2	 3	 6	 4
 7	 1	 2	 6	 3	 4
 8	 1	 2	 6	 3	 4
 9	 1	 2	 6	 3	 4
10	 1	 5	 3	 3	 7
11	 1	 5	 3	 6	 7
12	 1	 2	 3	 6	 4
13	 1	 2	 3	 6	 4
14	 1	 2	 6	 3	 4
15	 1	 2	 6	 3	 4
16	 1	 2	 6	 3	 4
17	 1	 5	 3	 3	 7
18	 1	 5	 3	 6	 7
19	 1	 2	 3	 6	 4
20	 1	 2	 3	 6	 4
21	 1	 2	 6	 3	 4
22	 1	 2	 6	 3	 4
23	 1	 2	 6	 3	 4
24	 1	 5	 3	 3	 4
25	 1	 5	 3	 6	 4
26	 1	 2	 3	 6	 4
27	 5	 2	 3	 6	 4
28	 5	 2	 6	 3	 4
29	 5	 2	 6	 3	 4
30	 2	 2	 6	 3	 4
31	 2	 -	 3	 3	 -
Release rate 1 (minimum release) applies to all times, days and months not noted on this chart.


  1. 350 cfs for 24 hours
  2. 500 cfs 9AM to 6PM
  3. 500 cfs 8AM to 6PM
  4. 500 cfs 8AM to 4PM
  5. 500 cfs 9AM to 6PM, full river flow 10AM to 4PM
  6. 500 cfs 8AM to 6PM, full river flow 10AM to 4PM
  7. 500 cfs 8AM to 4PM, full river flow 10AM to 4PM


Jim Higgins phone number listed incorrectly in the March Bow & Stern should have been listed as 899-3687.

West Forks ME Campgrounds

The Canoe Cruisers are using a different campground this year for the trips to the Dead River. We are staying at the campground of the "New England Whitewater Center", a rafting company in West Forks, ME. To reach the campground, go through West Forks, past Webb's store and continue on about ¾ mile past the bridge. Look for the blue and white roadside sign on the right and take the second left (the first goes to the state garage). If you start to climb a big hill, you have gone too far towards Hudson Bay.

See you there!

1989 NVCC Flatwater Schedule
Summer and Fall

Date Trip Leader Telephone
June 21
Wed. evening
Moonlight paddle on Lake Champlain Tom Furland 878-8330
June 27
Tues. evening
Bike, swim, and boat at Indian Brook Rich Larsen 878-6828
June 29
Thu. evening
Waterbury Reservoir Bob Leightner 863-5464
evenings or
If you are interested in training on the Lamoille for flatwater racing, please call... Bill Gerlack 879-0979
July 6
Thu. evening
Introduction to flatwater racing - demonstration, instruction, practice on the Lamoille Bill Gerlack 879-0979
July 8
Otter Creek Tom & Irma Heeter 877-3437
July 11
Thu. evening
Lamoille River Bill Gerlack 879-0979
July 19
Wed. evening
Bike, swim, and boat at Indian Brook Rich Larsen 878-6828
July 23
Lamoille River George McIntosh 644-2134
July 26
Wed. evening
An evening paddle Surprise Al Roberts 899-4129
Aug 5
Waterbury Reservoir
This is an early moring special, good bird-watching and breakfast by the river. An optional later activity will be a protest to publicize non-enforcement of motorboat speed zones.
Fred Abrahams 244-8104
Aug. 19-20
Green River Reservoir
This is a camping overnight trip to a pretty and peaceful area. Swimming.
Collie Chambers
Joan Hughes
Sep 10
Missisquoi River Cathy Chamberlain 863-3067
Sept 16
Adirondack day trip Rich Allen 878-3853
Sept 30-Oct 1
An Adirondack Lake
This is a camping overnight trip with the GMC. A nice time of the year with people gone, geese migrating - but bring warm clothes.
Peter & Susan Alden 863-6585

1989 Summer Events Schedule

Date Trip Leader Telephone Comments
June 17-18
Androscoggin River NH Charlie Thompson 878-2536 class 2
July 1-2
Dead River ME Mike Fullerton 456-8701 notes 1 & 8
new campground
July 16
Lower White River George McIntosh 644-2134 class 1+
July 30
Tubing trip Rich Larsen 878-6828 note 7
Aug. 5-6
Jacques Cartier Bob & Marvie
875-2235 notes 1 & 5
Sept 2-4
Dead River Extravaganza Alan Roberts 899-4129 three days of releases
notes 1 & 6
Sept 9-10
Hudson Gorge NY Ray Gonda 862-6164 c lass 3-4
Sept 16-17
Hudson Gorge NY Sheryl Larsen 878-6828 class 3-4
Sept 23-24
Hudson Gorge NY Mike Fullerton 456-8701 class 3-4
Sept 30-Oct 1
West River Release Rich Larsen 878-6828 Gum Leanto
Oct 7-8
Hudson Gorge NY open   class 3-4


  1. 1-2 week's notice is needed for weekend/out of state trips is required.
  2. Due to unforeseen level changes and glut or dearth of water, trips are subject to last minute changes.
  3. If we have a rainy season the Hudson may be runnable in summer.
  4. Fall trips on the Hudson are usually day trips with Sunday the rain date.
  5. The Jacques Cartier is a national park in Quebec. An excellent place for Paddling, Hiking, Mountain Biking or just relaxing in an extremely beautiful setting about an hour from Quebec City. Come spend a few extra days in this beautiful park.
  6. As has become tradition in the north woods Big Al's annual Buffalo throw extravaganza will be conducted again to the delight of all those in attendance.
  7. Biking in the vicinity of the Tubing trip on the 29th is a possibility - contact R. Larsen.
  8. Release on the Dead is only on the Sat/Sun. For those who have the 3rd and 4th off, other activities are possible. Rich Larsen is interested in hiking (878-6828) or contact Al Roberts (899-4129) for Biking possibilities. There may even be other paddling opportunities (i.e. Kennebec, Moose, Pennobscot, Rapid??). These however would be exploratory trips on our part.

NVCC Personal Ads

We'd like to compile a list of members who own sea kayaks - -

Please drop a line to Cathy Chamberlain if you're interested in flatwater or ocean trips or if you'd be willing to lead a trip!!




If anyone is interested in touring area lakes, please contact Ann Monte, 49 Prospect St, Montpelier, VT 05602, h: 223-6067, w: 223-2044


JOSIE & DAY KOKAREV have just purchased a 2-man sea kayak and are interested in meeting others for day trips...25 Hubbard Park Drive, Montpeller VT 05602, h: 229-5226, w: 728-4466


15 ft Richardson wood & canvas canoe - 20 yrs old (needs some work), Barb Waters, 25 Brookwood Dr, So. Burlington VT 05403, h: 862-2984, w: 658-8030




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