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Bow and Stern - March 1, 1989

Bow and Stern - - March 1989

Bow and Stern

March 1989

Message from the President

And ends yet another winter of our discontent. A very dry winter with low precipitation has not made the ones of us who are skiers overly happy. With reduced groundwater levels, end with a fairly small snow pack, the prospects for a great spring runoff are not very high. But, still we hope!!! Maybe it will snow like crazy in March, and rain on the weekdays in April, and we will have a fine canoe season. Let's go for it!!!

On the topic of club business, two items are high in my thinking. One is elections. 1989 will again be an election year, and I for one will not be eligible for re-election. It's time for those of you who want to be more active in setting club direction to start thinking of who you want to see as officers. Perhaps yourself?! Secondly, the topic of dues was treated in the March Meeting announcement. The increase to $6.00 was required to keep the club solvent, as were some austerity measures in mailings. Opinions of member suggesting other possible option would certainly be desired.

But, enough business. Let's hope for some water and go paddling.


From the Editor

Thanks again to everyone who has contributed to the latest edition of the Bow & Stern. Special thanks to Rich Larsen for making phone calls and for general support in the production of this newsletter.

Al Roberts has once again created the spring trips schedule and put together the Cruiser phone list. Chuck Thompson contributed several of his cartoons for this issue sending them up from Cambridge, MA.

I am relinquishing my responsibility as Bow & Stern editor to whomever volunteers first and I hope that several of you will consider this position. If you like organizing, typing, cutting and pasting, talking to people, and getting the scoop first - this job is for you!

If you want to list a classified ad, contribute a report, announcement, or other article for the June issue, send them to Rich Larsen, 11 Discovery Road, Essex Junction, VT 05452

Happy Paddling,
Pat Ezekiel

The 'Who to Contact if You Have any Questions' List

President Rich Larsen 878-6828
Vice President Mike Fullerton 456-8701
Treasurer Cathy Chamberlain 863-3067
Secretary Charlie Thompson 878-2536
Membership Cathy Chamberlain 863-3067
Whitewater Schedule Alan Roberts 899-4129
Education/Safety Anne Chetham-Strode 434-2599
Open Boat Clinic Ray Gonda 862-6164
Closed Boat Clinic Jay Appleton 985-2592
Publicity Bet Dews or
Terri Borden
Water Resources
Ray Gonda 862-6164
Bow & Stern Pat Ezekiel 864-9217

Announcements ** Notices ** Classifieds

EXECUTIVE ACTION: In response to a request from Tibor Bedo, the Executive Committee approved by phone calls the release of the mailing list to Tibor for use in contacting Waterbury resident members about recreational planning meetings for the Waterbury Reservoir. The club will also back Tibor in his participation in this planning process. The club will support by letter a proposal to make the north arm of the lake a "no wake, speed limited area" suitable for canoes. The club will also coordinate with other outdoor and conservation organizations, and will support the measure at the 3/9/89 meeting in Waterbury. (The letter has now been sent, dated 2/17/89. It is available for inspection at the March dinner.)

WANTED - BOW AND STERN EDITOR: The "Bow & Stern" needs a new editor. If you would like to volunteer contact Rich Larsen.

PADDLING PARTNERS: Alice Astarita is keeping a roster of people looking for partners to paddle tandem. If you are interested, she will need to know your ability level and whether you own a canoe or not. To sign up, call Alice at 658-2671.

FOR SALE: Beautiful 1921 Old Town Canoe that would like to get in the hands of someone who could rebuild it and enjoy owning a marvelous object of a bygone era. Stephan B. Syz, Box 920, RR1, Montpelier, VT 05602, 229-9282.

FOR SALE: Fiberglass canoe, wood gunwales and cane seats, 16.5 feet, like new. $450 or best offer. Charlie Thompson, 878-2536.

FOR SALE: Seda kevlar kayak. $285. Pat Ezekiel, 864-9217.

FOR SALE: NVCC decals. $1.50. Order by phone/mail from Cathy Chamberlain.

Cruisers Classic Canoe Clinic Convenes

The NVCC Whitewater Canoeing Clinic will be held this year beginning Friday, March 17, and ending (if the ice and ~ water gods permit) on Saturday, April 1. As in the past few years, the Clinic opens with an evening classroom session, proceeds to the forgiving and warm waters of the UVM pool, and concludes with a descent of the Mad River near Moretown.

Open to anyone interested in learning tandem open canoe techniques for whitewater, the course will cost about $251 person, payable at the classroom session. A textbook will be supplied. Attendance at each preceding session is required for continued participation: to go on the river trip, you must attend both the pool and the class.

The classroom session will begin at 7 p.m., in room 201 of the UVM Lafayette Bldg. This is located behind the Old Mill. Easiest parking will be next to the Fleming Museum on Colchester Ave. The poo1 session will be from 8 a.m. to noon on Sunday, March 19, at the UVM pool next to Gutterson Fieldhouse. All equipment except clothing and towels will be supplied at the pool.

Equipment will be supplied for the river trip; participants are expected to have at least the following:

  • A properly equipped canoe, with flotation, bailer, painters, and other accessories as required.
  • A USCG-approved PFD for each paddler, preferably a Type III vest.
  • Adequate clothing for the conditions. Wetsuits are required and are available for rent locally.
  • A good attitude about swimming in icy, fast water while hundreds of dollars of equipment is floating to apparent certain destruction.
Because of limited pool space and our desire to maintain a low student/instructor ratio, pre-registration is necessary. Last-minute registrants are frequently disappointed!

For more information, contact Mike Fullerton (456-8701), Ray Gonda (862-6164), or Rick Davis (863-2438).

If you are still interested, fill out the registration form below and send to:

P0 BOX 599



Day phone:______________________________Home phone:__________________

If your canoeing partner is taking the Clinic, who is s/he?

Please tell us something of your canoeing experience - any rivers you have paddled, courses taken, memorable swims through rock-strewn gorges, etc.

Spring Slalom Races
by Rick Davis

Four years ago, Club members were instrumental in creating a series of slalom races in the Northeast. The series, called the New England Cup and supported by companies like Mad River Canoe, encouraged paddlers of both open canoes and decked boats to try racing. N.E. Cup races introduced many Club members to the sport. But after three years, the energy behind the Cup was exhausted, and the Series died.

NOW, a new force has arisen, and the Cup is alive and better than ever, under the new name Mad River Canoe New England Slalom Series. The revived and improved series includes not four or five races, but nine! These are generally easier races, geared toward the intermediate (Class II-III) paddler and novice racer. They are low-key, too. From experience, we can assure novice racers that the competitors are almost as interested in helping and encouraging as they are in winning. I vividly remember one of my closest rivals running along the shore during my race shouting at me to "GO-GO-GO!" Paddlers who are new to racing should definitely try one of these races without fear of heavy pressure or ferocious competition.

Dates & Contacts

3/19	Salmon Slalom		4/22	Blackwater Slalom
	Colchester, CT			Webster, N.H.
	Jackie Maciel			Sonny Hunt
	95 Elm St.			158 W. Parish Rd.
	Franklin, MA 02038		Concord, N.H. 03301
	(203)528-0951			(603)753-9576

4/1-2	Punch Brook Slalom	4/29	West River Slalom
	Unionville, CT			Jamaica, VT
	Jeff Dickson			Ken Fisher
	261 New Rd.			P0661 RD#4
	Avon, CT 06001			W. Brattleboro, VT 05301
	(203)693-1525			(802)464-5501

4/8	Kenduskeag Slalom	5/21	Houstatonic Slalom
	Bangor, ME			W. Cornwall, CT
	Jim Hancock			Karen Blom
	Wild. Mtn. Ski & Sports		255 Dugway Rd.
	Brewer, ME 04412		Falls Village, CT 06031
	(207)989-7250			(203)824-5265

There will be another two races in September and a finale in October. Details will be found in the fall issue of the Bow & Stern.

For more information about the Series, or about racing in general, or about any of these specific races, contact either Rick Davis (863-2438) or Jay Appleton (985-2592). Try it, you'll like it!

Annual June Meeting Minutes

The summer meeting was called to order by Rich Larsen at 7:17 pm on June 15, 1988 at the First Congregational Church, So. Winooski Ave., Burlington, VT.

Rich extended thanks to Pat Ezekiel for the excellent Bow and Stern, to the printers, to trip leaders, to Mike Fullerton for programs, and to Al Roberts and Joan Stern for trip schedules.

Peter Alden moved that reading of the minutes, printed in the Bow & Stern, be waived. All were in favor.

Cathy Chamberlain reported $494.11 in the general treasury. $600 has been spent on decals. Jay Appleton announced plans for a kayak school. See Jay to sign up.

Mike Fullerton reported plans for a late October, 1988, display on family activities in the Berlin Mall. NVCC has been invited to participate with canoes and slides. Mike has 4 volunteers and needs 4 more so no one stays too long.

Norm Lavoie reports that the hydraulics at Pontook Dam are a major hazard - -STAY AWAY FROM THE BASE OF THE DAM.

Ray Gonda is planning a rescue clinic to practice self-rescue and helping others. Call Ray, Joan, or Alice if interested.

Peter Alden announced that the National Foundation of Ileitis and Colitis will hold a Lake Champlain Challenge canoe trip as its summer of 1989 fund raiser. Participants will gather pledges by the mile, etc. Call Peter to help or to participate.

Warren Hastings is planning an August 1988 canoe race on Otter Creek as a part of the Vergennes Bicentennial. He is looking for NVCC interest or suggestions.

Charlie Thompson rescheduled the Androscoggin trip from August 20-21 to August 27-28.

The meeting was adjourned at 7:43 pm.

Respectively submitted,
Charlie Thompson, Secretary

Executive Committee Meeting Minutes

December 13, 1988

In attendance: Rich and Sheri Larsen, Mike Fullerton, George and Margaret McIntosh, Bill Gerlack, Ray Gonda, Jay Appleton, Rick Davis, Bob Schumacher, Peter Alden

Items discussed, questions, and resolutions:

  1. ACA letter indicates that club carries no insurance for trips on the schedule. All snowmobile clubs just incorporated and GMC and AMC have been so. Why??? Should we incorporate??
  2. Water Resources - Letter to state about West River reviewed. Suggested that we should 'comment' on hydro projects on the Winooski, focus on getting dam portage trails and semi-primitive camping areas. Suggested that we stay active on portages for dams on Lamoille. Persue land swap on White. Request involvement for comments and intervention on hydro projects.
  3. Spring meeting to be 3/5/89, downtown preferred, try for First Congregational Church. Try a catered dinner with less stringent requirements for prior count. (Spaghetti?) Fullerton to organize program. Canada and China trips recommended.
  4. Bow and Stern - Needs input to Pat for March, needs June editor.
  5. Whitewater schedule to be Roberts with Fullerton help if desired.
  6. Canoe school to be end of March. Fullerton, Davis, Gonda to run. Kayak school to be July. Appleton and Davis to run.
  7. West River Races to be supported again. Schumacher to coordinate. Will need volunteers.
  8. Publicity - Fullerton, Dews, Roberts organized slide show at Berlin Mall. Not overwhelming interest, but should try again at either University Mall or Boat Show.

Submitted by Rich Larsen

Executive Committee Meeting Minutes

January 17, 1989

In attendance: Rich and Sheri Larsen, Bob Schumacher, Ray Gonda, Jay Appleton, Cathy Chamberlain, Pat Ezekiel, Peter Alden, Mike Fullerton, Al Roberts

Items discussed:

  1. ACA membership may not be updated. To be done as activity club, as in recent years.
  2. West River letter was sent. Tabled discussion of possible letter in support of enhanced rules for state park. We should try to join with AMC in use of West River take-out.
  3. Approximately $300 in treasury, general fund, and S&E combined. Being depleted, as expenses are outrunning costs. Dues increase approved, to either $5 or $6 per family per year. Rich and Cathy to determine which amount is needed to achieve positive cash flow.
  4. Also approved membership purge of people behind in dues, with warning provided in March meeting announcement.
  5. Cathy to update phone list for Bow and Stern.
  6. Plan to move March meeting to 3/12, unless this is a problem for program chair.
  7. Club brochure idea discussed with example presented by Ray.
  8. Canoe school activities lining up OK, need dates for pool.

Treasurer's Report

General Fund
Beginning Balance: 6/1/88
Dues 301.00
Dinner 81.20
T-Shirt 8.00
Book 8.00
Printing 10.92
Bow & Stern 278.10
Stamps 107.30
Misc 41.57
Room Rental 50.00
Dues ACA 75.00
Balance - March 5, 1989 $-230.75
Safety & Training Fund
Beginning Balance: 6/1/88
Kayak School 200.00
Sales (decals) 22.00
Kayak School 100.00
Pool Rental 148.54
Balance - March 5, 1989 $533.63

Total (combined) Balance: $302.88

Cathy A. Chamberlain
Treasurer, NVCC


STAMPS (@ 4-5 MAILINGS) $300
IF 70% PAY 1989 DUES @ $6$1134




Trip Reports

Androscoggin River: June 18-19, 1988

Participants: (0C2) Dennis and Tiiu O'Brien, Olga Vrana and Jill Ripke, Stuart and Scott Marceau, Linda Miller and Bill Schultheis, Alice Astarita and Barb Skye, Ray Gonda and Mary Garamella. (OC1) Joan Hughes. (K1) Margaret McIntosh, George McIntosh, and on Sunday, David Boyden and Brad Holden. Linda, Amy, Kendra, and Kara Marceau were along for the flatwater.

The Androscoggin was lower this trip than I had seen it before. There were foot high rocks showing under the bridge that are usually submerged, and Pontook was running well under 1200 cfs. One boat got stuck on some rocks but was rescued with only minor damage, and one paddler enjoyed the water so much he swam twice. However, the weather was great, 80s and 90s with pleasant nighttime temperatures. The age differential was over 50 years, from Amy Marceau, age 2 (who didn't paddle the whitewater) to the unnamed elderly. People kept coming and going, sometimes paddling, sometimes enjoying the countryside. Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves in spite of the lower water levels.

George McIntosh

Dead River ME: July 2-4, 1988

Participants: Mike Fullerton, Eric Bishop, Bob Campbell, Bette Dews, Ray Gonda, Cathy Chamberlain, Sheri Larsen, Rich Larsen (OC-1). Alice Astarita and Al Roberts, Roger Hassol and Lori Barg (OC-2). Marvie Campbell, Poppy Gall, Rick Davis (K-1). Joel and Naomi (Guest OC-2) and two guest sort of kayakers.

This was an interesting expedition. First, the advertised level of 1300 cfs was vastly exceeded. Estimates ranged from 1800-2000 cfs. Oddly, the run was somewhat easier at this level. There were sneak routes on the edge of every rapid and the center routes degenerated into mostly big waves. It was fun, and we were encouraged to think about the river at even higher levels such as are released in May. Our two guest K-1s were in decked boats for the third time in their lives and it showed. She did pretty well after a swim or two. He swam almost everything.

Day two was much more like normal with no extra kayaks but, we spent much of our time bailing out and unwrapping three tandem canoes. Were they inexperienced? On the shuttle, one of them was heard to break into a conversation and ask, "What's an eddy?" All right, I was a beginner once too, but I had a lot more experience than that when I first tried a 15-mile trip.

I left before the fourth, but my spies tell me several Cruisers remained to paddle the Lower Kennebec or raft the upper portion. A typical good weekend on the Dead. Be advised that there are now outhouses and a raft truck parking area at the put-in. Large neoprenes are beginning to infest the river.

Michael F. Fullerton

Lake Champlain : July 23-31, 1988

Participants: Susan and Peter Alden, Andrew and Reidun Nuquist, Barbara and Bob Schumacher, Roioli Schweiker, and Trudy Thomas - NVCC members. Also fourteen non-members. Nine open canoes and four kayaks participated.

The trip took nine days from Whitehall, New York to West Swanton, Vermont. The weather was generally hot with a light south wind except for two days with a stronger south wind and a north-west wind on our final day. The average age of the 22 paddlers was 52 with a range of 32 to 75. Three were over 70 and were among the fourteen people in eight boats who completed the entire trip. The drop-outs were by prior plan because of other commitments.

The itinerary was as follows: 18 miles to Chipman Point Marina and Campground, 19.5 miles to DAR State Park, 10 miles to Button Bay State Park, 15 miles to private land in Shelburne, 10.5 miles to North Beach in Burlington where we had special permission to camp on the beach at the north end, 11 miles to private land on Allen Point in South Hero, 9 miles to Grand Island State Park, 12 miles to Woods Island State Park (no facilities), and 14.5 miles to take-out. A north wind would have made completion of the trip in nine days difficult or impossible. Camping options in Vermont are limited between Button Bay and Grand Isle State Parks so advance arrangements are recommended for anyone planning a similar trip.

The Green Mountain Club sponsored the trip with the cooperation of the Lake Champlain Committee. Five evening lectures during the trip included a lecture-tour on Woods Island and a visit to the Maritime Museum and slides at Basin Harbor.

Andrew Nuquist

Lamoille River Flatwater Trip: July13, 1988

Participants: The Claymans, Sheri Larsen, Dick Allen, John Walsh, Irma Dufresne, Tom Heeter, and me.

I was scheduled to lead two flatwater trips this summer, one on the Winooski River, and one on Indian Brook Reservoir. The drought caused problems with both of these. Due to extremely low water, the trip on July 13 was moved from the Winooski River at Richmond to the Lower Lamoille where it is crossed by Route 2. We had 6 paddlers at the start, two double boats and two solo boats. The weather was pleasant, somewhat cooler than most of the summer. We paddled upstream from the bridge and ran into Dave and Winnie Clayman, who were paddling that same stretch in a shell and kayak, respectively. We had a snack on a gravel bar a couple of miles from the put-in and then returned.

The later trip on the Indian Brook Reservoir did not happen. The reservoir was being drained for repairs to the dam and the rivers were all too low so the trip was cancelled.


Summer Tubing Trip: July 23, 1988

Due to uncertainty associated with water releases on the Sacandaga River, we decided to move the trip to the Androscoggin River in New Hampshire. The trip participants were sparse this year, perhaps somewhat due to the information about the Sacandaga. On the trip were myself, Chuck Thompson, and George and Margaret McIntosh. We took a collection of inner tubes, kayaks, small canoes, and insanity over to New Hampshire and had fun. We did 3-4 trips in Errol around noon, some in the tubes and some paddling. After a quick lunch, we moved down to Pontook, and made three trips on this part of the river, until exhaustion and cooling air temperatures caught up with us, and we returned to Burlington by way of multiple McDonald stops. The weather was mostly sunny and warm. The rapids were not particularly threatening and we spent most of the time either splashing one another or trying to push one another's craft into a rock. It was basically a good trip. The Androscoggin is a little farther to drive than I would prefer, and it would be better to tie the drive into a second day in the mountains, or on the river.

Rich Larsen

Androscoggin River: August 27-28, 1988

Participants: Charlie Thompson and Warren Bistram (tandem), Buddy and Linda Marceau and children, Scott, Cara, Kendra, and Aimee (2 tandem canoes), Bill and Ross Wadland (tandem), Justin Wadland and Noah Ashley (tandem), Rick Gomez (solo), Steve and Charlotte McPherson (solo and kayak), Chuck Thompson (solo)

Good weather prevailed and a fine time was had by all. A Saturday run was made from the campground to the bridge as well as numerous runs at Errol. The shorter run from the campground to the picnic area was made on Sunday.

A fine display of bridge jumping was put on by Chuck, Scott, Ross, Justin, and Noah, and even Dad Wadland gave it a try. Justin and Noah found that swimming in an eddy was easy and that swimming during a peel-out into heavy current was even easier. There were numerous novice and first-time whitewater participants on the trip who gained some good training and experience and are eager to try again in the coming season.

Charlie Thompson

Snakes, Rogues, and Rubber Duckies:

During the last two summers, Sheri and I have wanted to do some paddling on Western Rivers, but have been unwilling to try to figure out the logistics of transporting canoes around the country. We have started using "Rubber Duckies", which are also called inflatable kayaks, but are really one woman rafts. They are multi-chambered, inflated rubber craft with side tubes, a floor, and an inflated seat. They are paddled with a kayak paddle.

Over the last two summers, we have used them on the Rogue River in Oregon, and on the Hells Canyon portion of the Snake River on the Idaho-Oregon border. We have paddled them as part of commercial raft company trips, where the other passengers have generally stayed on the large rafts. We avoid in this manner the boat transportation problem, we get a guide that is knowledgeable about the river, and we get all our food supplied by someone else. (Of course, we don't get this for free, but that is a different question.)

On both of these trips, we have paddled class IV water with only a few adventures in swimming. The boats are fairly responsive, and very stable, as they do not flip easily on eddy lines as a kayak is prone to do. The duckies are quickly learned, especially by someone with experience in canoes and kayaks, and who is skilled in the practice of reading water. A person with little whitewater experience could quickly learn to paddle class II-III water, while one with some whitewater canoe experience, and a knowledge of how to swim rapids, could quickly tackle class III. I would not recommed class IV to those without at least strong class III, and preferably class IV, hardboat experience, as the water reading skills and paddling confidence are essential. (In the case of both of our trips, we were told that company policy forbade us paddling the IVs. It was only after discussion with the operators, and some demonstration on the water, that we were allowed to run at this level.)

The Rogue River, at the 2000 cfs level we paddled, is generally a technical river with lots of rocks in the rapids. Rainie Falls must be portaged by the sane, but otherwise it is a continuous whitewater run for about 40 miles through a deep, isolated valley. Sheri and I each swam one of the class IIIs early in the trip, but made it ok through the IVs. The first of these is Mule Creek Canyon, a tight passage through a jagged canyon with no shore eddies, and almost no chance of rescue in the rapid. The walls throw up bizarre, boiling water formations. The water difficulty is really class III, but the impossible rescue makes it rated a IV. Blossom Bar is the other IV, a long, heavy rapid with a tortured course among abrupt drops. It reminded me of the Dumplings, but longer, with more technical maneuvering required. This entire portion of the Rogue is a Wild and Scenic River, with no road between the put-in at Galice Creek and the take-out at Illahe.

The Snake is an entirely different type of river than what we usually run in the East. It is strictly heavy water with the rocks and holes generally easily avoidable. You set up you line and then go for an enormous roller coaster ride through big waves. The class IV drops are Wild Sheep, Granite Creek, Rush Creek, and Waterspout Rapids. These were IVs at the low level of 6300 cfs, which was running this summer. At higher flows some of the other drops are also this level. Wild Sheep is the biggest and most famous of the Snake rapids and it and Granite Creek are always scouted. Wild Sheep has a huge, river wide reversal at the bottom, which can devour the 12-16 foot commercial rafts. It also eats duckies, which we both found out. It's not a keeper, however, so we flushed out immediately. We made all the other big drops successfully, but the smaller class IIIs did also take their toll, occasionally. The Snake is also a Wild and Scenic River, between the put-in at the Hells Canyon Dam and the take-out at Pittsburg Landing.

Rich Larsen

Membership Current to 87/88/89

Abraham, Fred & Shawn			Waterbury Center VT	244-8104
Adelman, Scott				So. Burlington VT	658-4822
Agnew, George				Colchester VT		658-2866
Alden, Peter & Sue			Burlington VT		863-6585
Allen, Artie & Renee			Clinton CT		203-669-0800
Allen, Fuller & Peg			Plattsburg NY		518-561-5317
Allen, Jeff & Stephanie Lahar		Burlington VT		864-6871
Allen, Rich & Lucille			Essex Junction VT	878-3853
Allen,Steve				Waitsfield VT		496-7696
Amidon, Ed				Charlotte VT		425-2375
Amodei, Maria				Dunstable MA		617-649-7692
Anderson, Larry & Margery		Killington VT		775-4508
Appleton,Jay				Shelburne VT		985-2592
Armstrong, Mike				Essex Junction VT	879-0574
Astarita, Alice				Colchester VT		878-0953
Bagioni, Rose Marie			Underhill VT
Bartlett, Wm & Sue			Hyde Park VT		888-5591
Bedo, Tibor & Osara			Richmond VT		434-2865
Benis, Laura				Richmond VT		434-4540
Biddle, Stark				Shrewsbury VT		492-3350
Bishop, Eric				Montpelier VT		223-6215
Bistram, Warren & Marion		Colchester VT		862-9561
Blackmore, John & Pat			Danville VT
Bliss, Stephen & Susan			So. Burlington VT	863-8152
Boedy, David				Burlington VT		862-3383
Borden, Terri				Fairfax VT		849-6594
Boyden, David				Cambridge VT		644-2212
Brown, Adrienne				Lyme Center NH		603-795-2866
Bunting, Charles & Ann			Shelburne VT		985-9733
Cabell, Norton & Holly			Hanover NH		603-643-8561
Campbell, Bob/Marvie/Chris/Teo		Chester VT		875-2235
Carpenter, Leonard			Essex Junction VT	899-3668
Chamberlain, Cathy			So. Burlington VT	863-3067
Chambers, Carolyn			Winooski VT		655-0108
Chapman, Carol				Burlington VT
Chetham-Strode, Anne			Waterbury VT		434-2599
Clarkson, Brenda			Moretown, VT		496-7094
Clayman, Dave & Winni			Essex Junction VT	879-4226
Clymer, Marie				Milton VT		893-2890
Conlon, Tom & Muffy			Montpelier VT		223-7347
Conners, Wm.				Richmond VT		434-4024
Consalvo, Carmine & Anna Mary		No. Ferrisburg VT	453-4490
Corrigan, Molly				Montpelier VT		229-9552
Cray, Merrill				Montpelier VT		223-3501
Crystal, Jon				Shelburne VT		985-2631
Dana, Richard & Laurie			Richmond VT
Davis, Marie/Goldstein, Ivan		Winooski VT
Davis, Rick				Richmond VT
Dawson, James & Caroline		Peru NY			518-643-9289
Delsignore, Michael			So. Burlington VT	862-1648
Derbyshire, Ken & Deb			Essex Junction VT	878-1542
DesMuesles, Peter Esq			N. Pomfret VT
Devlin, Alexis				Burlington VT		863-0413
Dews, Elizabeth				Fairfax VT		849-6594
Dodds, Robert & Melinda			Essex Junction VT	879-1164
Doyle, Joann				Manchester VT
Dufresne, Irma/Heeter, Todd		Vergennes VT		877-3437
Dufresne, Janet				So. Burlington VT	658-6607
Duggen, Lar				Burlington VT		862-5831
Eliason, Hap				Manchester Center VT	667-4095
Elvestad, Alf & Linda			Enfield NH		603-632-7654
Ezekiel, Pat				Burlington VT		864-9217
Fisher, Charlie				Manchester VT		362-1996
Fisher, Ken				Brattleboro VT		WRWWA
Fitzgerald, Julie			Underhill VT		899-4312
Flack, Doug & Jean			Enosburg Falls VT	933-7752
Foster, Roger/Joan/Halle		Shelburne VT		985-3900
Frankowski, Barb			Colchester VT		878-2018
Fried, Mitch & Myrna			Colchester VT		879-1491
Frost, Alan/Ione/Minot			New Haven VT		453-4675
Fuhr, Peter & Moira			Underhill VT		899-4590
Fullerton, Michael			East Calais VT		456-8701
Furland, Tom & Karen			Essex Junction VT	878-8330
Fyles, Tom				Richmond VT
Gall, Poppy				Manchester VT		867-4047
Gallagher, Mac & Diane			Charlotte VT
Garamella, Mary				Montpelier VT?
Garbose, David				Middlebury VT		462-3660
Gardner, Joan				Winooski VT		655-3637
Garrison, Virginia			Moretown VT		496-4622
Gerlack, Bill & Paula			Westford VT		679-0979
Ginsberg, Arther & Jennifer		Ferrisberg VT		677-2668
Gold, Steve/Markiv/Irma			Montpelier VT		229-0028
Gomez, Rich				Waterbury VT		244-6308
Gonda, Ray				So. Burlington VT	862-6164
Gordon, Michael				Essex Junction VT
Grace, Christopher			So. Burlington		865-3919
Grant, Peter				Bristol VT		453-2278
Gullion, Phillip & Sally		Bristol VT		453-3223
Hansen, Howard & Mackenzie, Joan	Underhill VT		899-3067
Hanson, Gary				Putney VT
Hark, Tom				Moretown VT		229-4266
Harvey, Peter				So. Burlington VT	658-0691
Haskell, Neal				Stowe VT		253-7442
Hassol, Roger/Barg, Lori		East Calais VT		456-7088
Haupt, Roy & Wendy			Waterbury Center VT	244-5213
Heh,Rich				Underhill VT		899-2747
Henry, Jim & Kay			Waitsfield VT
Higgins,Jim				Cambridge VT		899-8687
Hoisington, Richard			Springfield VT		885-3332
Huff, Melrose				Charlotte VT		425-2854
Hughes, Joan				Winooski VT		655-7301
Humphrey, Michael			Winooski VT		655-5258
Hunter, Cathy/Hansen, Per		Colchester VT		878-3964
Hunziker, Mark & Teague			Essex Junction VT	878-0477
Hyde, Paul & Marilyn			Essex Junction VT	879-7508
Jamieson, M. Richard			Waitsfield VT		496-2552
Johnson, Raymond & Lola			Chazy NY		518-846-8234
Jones, Barry & Dru			Plainfield VT		416-3265
Jordan, Fred				Montpelier VT		223-3935
Kaplan, Donna				Burlington VT		862-1796
Kastner, Tom				Marshfield VT		426-3734
Katzman, Richard & Bonnie		Waterbury VT		244-5567
Kazeniac, Manisha			No. Ferrisburg VT	425-3380
Kidney, Jay & Susan			Saranac NY		518-293-9533
Kieran, Bob & Joan			So. Burlington VT	863-1420
Kinaman, Russel & Lila			Essex Junction VT	879-6666
King,John				Burlington VT		863-6429
Kita, Jay				Grand Isle VT		372-5095
Koier, John/Hunt, Joann			Winooski VT		655-9513
Krassner, Lowell/Geerken, D.		So Burlington VT	862-7371
Kunkel, Dan				Underhill VT		864-6954
Ladabouche, Mary			Milton VT		693-4281
Landon, James & Marsh	 		Farm Rd-Jericho VT
Lanpher, Hoopie				Waterbury Vt
Larsen, Richard & Sheryl		Essex Junction VT	878-6828
Lauren, Chas & Bev			Rochester VT		767-3986
Lavoie, Norm & Elaine			So. Burlington VT	863-5456
Lazenby, John				Montpelier VT		223-6973
Leahy, Thomas				Williston VT		878-6356
Leightner, Robert & Nancy		Burlington VT		863-5464
Leonard, Patrick			Essex Junction VT	878-4408
Levine-Penlach, Melanie			Perkinsville VT		263-9243
Liss, Bryan				Calais VT
Loewen, Jim				So. Burlington VT	658-1768
MacDonald, Donald & Caroline		So. Burlington VT	662-0918
Macdonald, Leigh			Burlington VT		658-6967
Manahan, Rick				St. Albans VT		524-5847
Marceau, Stu & Linda			Colchester VT		879-6094
Marugg, Timothy				Plainville MA
McDay, John & Jane			Williston VT		879-1818
McKegney, CC				Burlington VT		863-2058
McLane, George				Shelburne VT		985-4922
McIntosh, George & Margaret		Jeffersonville VT	644-2134
Mcknight, Jack				So. Burlington VT	864-6017
Mclauglin, John & Bev			Barre VT
Mcpherson, Steve & Charlotte		Freeport ME		207-353-5811
Meals, Don/Rupe/Lynn			Monkton Vt		453-4154
Miller, Ruth				Shelburne VT		985-2592
Monti, Ann				Montpelier VT		223-6067
Morgan, Michael & Tracy			Montpelier VT		223-2039
Morris,Jim & Pat Spielman-Morris	Richmond VT		434-4232
Myers, Gary & Beverly			Colchester VT		862-7048
Nadon, Fred & Freda			Northfield VT		485-8168
Nuquist, Andrew				Montpelier VT		223-3550
Nutter, Susann				Huntington VT		434-3778
Obrien, Dennis & Tiiu			Thetford Hill VT	785-4929
Olgiah, Kate				Grand Isle VT		372-4372
Page, Dorothy				Essex Junction VT	879-0609
Palola,Eric/Mcsweeny, Shelly		Montpelier VT
Parker, Jean				Burlington VT		862-3972
Parsone, Jeff & Debra			Morrisville VT		888-7020
Pastel, Paul & Leah			Winooski VT		655-9665
Paul, Rose				Jericho VT		434-2475
Paull, Phillip				Montpelier VT		223-7431
Peery, William				Jonesville VT
Plumb, Alan				Jeffersonville VT	849-6558
Poulin, Jim/White, Patti		Richmond VT		434-2708
Pranis, Eve				Charlotte VT		425-3144
Rexford, Alan				Montpelier VT		223-2754
Reynes, Rep. Steve			Woodstock VT
Reynolds, Bob				Bristol VT		453-2938
Reynolds, Marc				St. Albans VT		524-3811
Reynolds, Richard & Paula		Morrisville VT		888-5780
Rice, Llyn & Dory			Cambridge VT		899-2066
Richardson, Peter			Norwich VT
Rideout, Joan				Burlington VT		865-4996
Roberts, Alan				Jericho VT		899-4129
Robinson, Phyllis			Montpelier VT		229-0495
Russel, Pat & Jan			So. Hero VT		372-5151
Ryan, Charlie				St. Albans VT		524-9062
Saunders, Dan/Wendt, Nancy		Bloomfield CT		
Schmitt, Bob & Bette			So. Deerfield MA	
Schneck, John & Bonnie			Milton VT		893-7706
Schneehagen, Lorraine			Burlington VT		862-4859
Schneider, Betsy			Bristol VT		453-4631
Schneider, Rick				Bristol VT
Schroeder, John & Julianna		Cambridge VT		899-2694
Schroeder, Tom & Sally			So. Burlington VT	863-4415
Schuler, Rich/Dempsey, Gail		So. Burlington VT	658-4871
Schultheis, Arnold/Miller, Linda	St. Albans Bay VT	878-3748
Schulz, Eric				Burlington VT		658-6593
Schumacher, Bob & Barb			Shelburne VT		985-2992
Sease, Steve Dir Planning		Waterbury VT
Selig, Mark & Mary			Milton VT		524-3827
Sharp, John & Susan			Burlington VT		862-3941
Shookus, Anthony & Elise		Newington CT
Silberman, Rich & Judy			Plainfield VT
Simmons, John				Poughkeepsie NY
Smith, Clyde				Westport NY
Smith, Doug & Lina			Jeffersonville VT	644-5483
Smith, Lesley & Elliot			Warren VT		583-3018
Sonchik, Susan				Essex Junction VT	878-4408
Sprague, Cindy				Charlotte VT
Squires, Andy & Carlene			Richmond VT		434-2533
Stirt, Alan/Scott, Wendy		Enosburg Falls VT	933-2125
Tanis, Pat & Glenn			Shelburne VT		985-8706
Tashman, Len & Nancy			UVM - Burlington VT
Tetreault, Bruce & Dianne		Burlington VT		862-5492
Thomas, Trudy				Montpelier VT
Thompson, Charles & Marion		Colchester VT		878-2536
Thomson, Larry				Richmond VT		434-3454
Tompkins, Enoch & Marie			Shelburne VT		985-2464
Trand, Ty				Warren VT		496-3831
Trent, Philip				Burlington VT
Truax, Brian & Kathy			Richmond VT		434-4086
Trudell, Dick & Kay			Winooski VT		655-3554
Ugro, Valerie				Fairfax VT		849-6185
Unger, Gary & Linda			Starksboro VT		453-3980
Viens, Vicky				Burlington		865-3923
Vrana, Olga				Burlington VT		863-0295
Walford, James & Deborah		Fairfax VT		849-6672
Walsh, Frank & Elizabeth		Poughkeepsie NY
Welz, Clif				Richmond VT		434-4459
Wentworth, Rod/Collemer, Jo		Montpelier VT
Wildgust,Allon				Barre VT		476-8329
Williams, Jane & Tony			Burlington VT		862-4875
Wing, Boswell				Waterbury Center VT	244-6923
Wright, Steve - Commissioner		Waterbury VT
Wylie, Mary Elizabeth			Burlington VT		862-8198
Yandow, Virginia			Milton VT		893-6328
Zamecnik, Jim & Sue			Chittenden VT		483-6126
Zimmerman, Robert			Burlington VT		863-9745

1989 Spring Events Schedule

Date Trip Contact Comments
March 19
Pool Session Rick Davis (863-2438)
Mike Fullerton (456-8701)
March 25
Huntington River Ray Gonda
class II
April 1
River Session Rick Davis (863-2438)
Mike Fullerton (456-8701)
class I-II
April 2
Moose River Mike Fullerton
clas II-III+
April 8
Lamoille River Rick Davis (863-2438)
Mike Fullerton (456-8701)
class II; alternate date for Apr. 1 River Session
April 9
Upper Lamoille Eric Bishop
class II-III
April 15
Bill's Choice Bill Gerlack
class II
April 16
Upper Lamoille Ray Gonda
class II-III
April 15-16
Southern VT Rivers Campbell (875-2235)
Roberts (899-4129)
class II-III
April 22-23
Ammonoosuc NH Peter Alden
class II-III
April 23
White River George McIntosh
class II
April 29
Local River Charlie Thompson
class II
April 30
Schroon River NY Rich Larsen
class II-III
April 29-30
West River
Race W/E
Bob Schumacher (985-2992)
Jay Appleton (985-2592)
Gum Leanto Reserved
May 6-7
West River
Recreational W/E
Rich Larsen
Lower: class II-II+
Upper: class III-III+
May 13-14
New York Rivers Cathy Chamberlain
class II-II+
May 20-21
Hudson Gorge NY Mike Fullerton
class III-IV
May 27
Hudson River NY
(Newcomb to the Indian R.)
Alan Roberts
class II-III
May 28
Hudson River NY
(Indian R. to North Creek)
Alan Roberts
class III-IV
June 4
Hudson Gorge NY Sheryl Larsen
class III-IV
June 10
Hudson Gorge NY Peter Alden
class III-IV
June 17-18
Androscoggin Overnight Charlie Thompson
class II


July 1-2: Dead River Release (Mike Fullerton)
Sept 2-4: Dead River Extravaganza (Al Roberts)
Sept 30-Oct 1: West River Release Weekend


  1. Due to unforeseen level changes and glut or dearth of water, trips are subject to last minute changes.
  2. A lean-to (Gum) has been reserved for all three release weekends at the West.
  3. Future events - Fall Hudson releases. The usual summer Dead River releases.
  4. Anybody interested in paddlin' PA and/or a trip to Jacques Cartier?

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