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Bow and Stern - June 1, 1977


June 7, 1977

Dear Fellow Canoe Cruisers,

Being the editor of the BOW and STERN during this past whitewater season has been a two-edged sword. I had to "sit out" the season and knew I was missing a lot of fun and excitement, however I did get to enjoy the trips vicariously as, each week, the trip reports came in from the leaders. The Canoe Cruisers found extremes of high and low water during this strange, rainless Spring. We have also had an influx of good, new canoeists who seem to have gained a lot of knowledge and experience from the preseason training and river training this year.

As we look ahead to the Flatwater season, I would like to point out two dates in particular. One is July 3, 1077, the day of the Chiott Open Canoe Races in Burlington, and the other is July 16, 1977, the date of the Howard Grover Picnic and Regatta. Both are listed on the Flatwater Schedule which you will find inside.

I hope many club members will be able to attend these two summer highlights of the canoeing season.

Larry Thompson

Another Good Paddling Year

June 7, 1977

Dear Fellow Canoeists:

Here we are well into another good paddling year. Our whitewater season, considering the fast run-off and low water, started off with many spills and thrills, from the Huntington River to the upper Hudson, with Old Nasty . . . there was a lot of amiable paddling. For those of us that did some racing, the Northern Vermont Canoe Cruisers brought home their share of the trophies.

The importance of safety and canoeing cannot be stressed enough and I want to thank all the TRIP LEADERS, all the INSTRUCTORS at our first whitewater training classes, which were very successful, and anyone else who helped make this a safe and enjoyable whitewater season.

Now that the serious paddling is over, the fun paddling is about to start. First of all, we have our regular FLATWATER SCHEDULE, which should be a standout this year. Our club will again sponsor the 4th OF JULY CHIOTT OPEN CANOE RACES on the Burlington waterfront. There are four classes for this race day; mixed (female and male), children (14 years and under), women and the Big Chiott Race out to Lone Rock and back. Anyone with a good paddle can enter this one.

Our next summer event is our annual HOWARD GROVER PICNIC AND REGATTA on July 16. A fun time for everyone, from canoe safety to a watermelon seed spitting contest . . . so let's all bring ourselves, our canoes and paddles, and enjoy the best paddling club around, the   N O R T H E R N     V E R M O N T     C A N O E     C R U I S E R S.

Keep Your Bow Forward,
Normand Lavoie
Your President



Participants: 3 kayaks: Dick Trudell, Roger Belson, Kim Brainard

A beautiful, warm, Spring day, but just a little early for the Sacandaga. The road to Whitehouse wasn't open all the way, so we had to put in about a mile above Black Bridge. The water was low but there was enough to pass without scratching. The area had just received 18 inches of snow a couple of days before, and most of the rocks in the river were still covered, making the trip very beautiful.

WHITE RIVER: April 2,1977

Participants: 5 kayaks, 1 C-2 Dick Trudell, Peter Alden, Steve Page, Roger Belson, and Fred Freddie Fielder.

Water level was moderately high; closed boat water near Gaysville, although open boats could make it with experienced paddlers. There were plenty of places for the closed boats to play. The ledge below the first bridge was particularly nice, as well as the drops above Gaysville. The river has washed out on the left side of the fallen abutment of the old railroad bridge, but there is still plenty of water in the main channel.


On Saturday, April 2, Dave Keenan, and eight other intrepid paddlers, braved a cool day with intermittent snow flurries and 36 degree water, to take a trip on the Huntington. A total of six Canoes were involved. By mid-afternoon, the temperature had risen to a torrid 48 degrees. The group put in half-way between Huntington and Huntington Center, and traveled the river to just above Huntington Gorge, where they talked it over and decided to end the trip there. (Good decision, group-Ed.)One suggestion : If any club member owns a chain saw and is so inclined, she or he might spend a little time clearing a tree which has lodged across the river just downstream of Huntington Village.

MAD RIVER (the first of the three training trips): April 2,1977

Leader: Norm Lavoie
Participants: 17 canoes, 2 kayaks

The day started with plenty of clouds and wind, and ended with lots of sun and wind-which h made things "interesting". There were six novice canoes, and to their credit,(and that of their guides for the day), none took an early Sunday bath. There were near misses but none went over. The training started at 12:00 Noon, for an hour. There was plenty of water in the river. The trip ended at 4:45 at the empty field just before the cemetery in Moretown. A few of the members went down through the Gorge, which looked very good. All in all a fine day for paddling!

LEWIS CREEK: April 9,1977

Participants: 14 canoes, 2,kayaks (J.A.Moseley & Al. Roberts, Louise McCarron & Bill Brooks, Fred Fielder &. Fred Fielder Jr., Dave Boedy & Vicki Frazer, Dick Trudell, Blair & Normand Lavoie, J. Harrington & B. Manning, Norm Lavoie, George & Bill Agnew, Frank & Francis Malinosky, Bill & Tom Irwin, William Carpenter, Bob & Dave Beard, Bob & Meg Conquest, Ralph & Selena Kilmoyer, Chip Conquest)

The weather was clear and sunny, with air temperatures in the thirties. This was the second training trip, and we had a few newcomers. After ferrying cars, and having a training session for the beginners, the actual trip began. The water was very low, which led to some scratchy going in some sections. But overall, it was an excellent session for the navigating neonates (!) in that they were required to read the water very accurately, and do extensive maneuvering. The trip went without a mishap, and the group was off the water by 3:30.

SACANDAGA RIVER: April 16, 1977

Participants: 4 kayaks

It was a beautiful, sunny day with the gauge reading at 4.8 (The Hudson River gauge was reading 6.7). The water level was high, and favorable to closed boats. The speed of the river limited playing to a few spots, and made the trip quite short. Due to the long drive involved, it is recommended that a weekend trip be planned so that two days can be enjoyed on the river.

LOWER LAMOILLE: April 17,1977

Participants: J. Moseley, Frank Malinosky, Dave Keenan, Bob Manning, Fred Fielder & Fred Jr., Fred & David Jordan, Richard & Lucille Allen, David & Nike Speltz, Norm Lavoie, Peter Alden, Normand & Blair Lavoie, Bill Ross, Selena & Ralph Kilmoyer, Louise McCarron, Lynne Does, Robert Klandl, Jay Kaplan, Darwin Merrill

The air temperature was in the high 50's and low 60's and it was a clear, sunny day with the wind causing grief at times. Two trips were planned, so we met in Fairfax at 10:00 A.M.. After ferrying cars, we spread the experienced people among the beginners to give them some training and pointers. The first ledge was handled without difficulty - then came Two Island Rapids. As has been the case in years past, Two Island Rapids sent two neophytes for a swim in the 42 degree (6 degree Celsius) water. After rescuing the people and their canoe, we continued on down to Five Chutes. Several people ran the chutes several times. More mishaps occurred; one was the case of a low volume boat going through a large standing wave and swamping. The other occurred when a certain canoe tried going through backwards (intentionally, of course) and got caught in the roller. Another canoe tried this, successfully. After eating lunch and ferrying cars, six canoes made a second run. There were no mishaps on the second run. But the trip was not totally uneventful. Again Two Island Rapids had taken its toll. This time we found a canoe sitting high and dry on a rock. After removing the canoe from its perch, two people split up and soloed the last canoe down. There were three grateful people downstream who had written the canoe off as lost. Again, making several runs of the Five Chutes, we concluded the trip at about 4:00. The temperatures, the water level, and the companionship of fellow canoeists had made it a marvelous day for canoeing.

UPPER LAMOILLE: April 24, 1977

Participants: 2 canoes, 1 kayak

The water level was high after two days of rain. The day was overcast, and it started to rain toward the end of the trip. Behind the motel there was a large curling wave that could be termed a real stopper. The section from Greensboro Road to East Hardwick proved to be fairly challenging at the higher water level. Everyone was a little wet at the end of trip.

WHITE RIVER: April 24, 1977

Leader: Fred Jordan
Participants: Tom Cooch, Dick Trudell, Mitzi Jones, Fred & Freddie Fielder, Francis & Frank Malinosky, Fred Jordan, Roger Benson

The trip was started just as the rain ended with the river high and the air cold. It soon became evident that the river was too high for open canoes which took out before the railroad bridge abutment. The two kayaks and a C-2 continued down stream in the roughwater. At one point an eddy had enough power to force a C-2 to shore and had to be thrown a line to get out. I think we all were hoping for better canoeing days to come.

The General Clinton Canoe Regatta

Are you crazy?!! You want me to enter a 70 mile canoe race? You better find somebody else for that race, Partner!

But the seed had been planted and after awhile, my friend and former racing partner, Jeff Richter of Pleasant Valley, NY started to look on it as the challenge that it is.

As I stuck our number 4X on our canoe that May 30 morning at Cooperstown, NY , I have to admit I still had my doubts. It promised to be another hot day (the temperature reached 85 degrees) and even though we didn't talk about it at the start, we were both wondering if we could make the 70 miles to Bainbridge, NY.

It would take so much time to detail the whole race. Some of the memories will always include:

The start, which is ferocious to say the least. From a point approximately one mile out on Otsego Lake, there were 120 boats trying to be first into the mouth of the Susquehanna River, which is only 30 feet wide!

Or, Jeff being handed a bologna and cheese sandwich in Oneonta (the half-way point) and promptly feeding it to the fish because it had the wrong kind of cheese on it. He paddled the next 35 miles eating only one candy bar and mumbling something about breaking off an engagement with a girl that couldn't tell the difference between American cheese and Velveta.

But the fondest memory of all will be the announcer at the end proclaiming that the red canoe #4X now crossing the finish line is being paddled by Jeff Richter of Pleasant Valley NY and Bob Dodds of Fairfield VT. WE DID IT!!

And as the aches and pains slowly go away from the 12 hour and 5 minute grind, can we look back on it as one competitor at the finish line did when he said "It was fun"??!!


LAVOIES WIN CANOE RACE (reprinted from the Burlington Free Press)

NORTH CREEK, NY- Norm and Blair Lavoie of South Burlington took first place in the Open Canoe Mixed Category to highlight partidipation of the Northern Vermont Canoe Cruisers in. the 20th annual Hudson River Derby on the Upper Hudson River this weekend. The Lavoies were competing in the giant slalom event and turned in a winning time of 17 minutes, 34 seconds over the course. Frederick and David Jordan of Montpelier were winners in the Closed Canoe Two-Man class, recording a time of 11:09 in the slalom event. Alan Roberts from Colchester placed third in the Closed Canoe One-man class with a time of 25:36. Robert and David Beard of Essex Junction placed second in the slalom Open Canoe Family division with a time of 38:41.


There wasn't as much press coverage of the Northeast Championship races held on the Clyde River in Derby Vt. on May 21st and 22nd, but four Canoe Cruisers went and had quite a day. Elaine Lavoie and son Normand took first place in the Open Canoe-Mixed category.

Norm Lavoie and son Blair took first place in the Open Canoe-Family category.

It would seem that the Lavoie familys favorite paddling stroke is the "sweep. Congratulations to the four of you!

Our club was also represented by Horace Strong who operates the Strong Canoe Yard in Craftsbury Common. Horace made the trophies for the races, and Norm says they are beautiful.



June 19 Waterbury Reservoir John Mosley

June 26 Middle Lamoille River A. Roberts 878-3187

July 3 Chiott Trophy Race

July 16 Howard Grover Picnic & Regatta A. Roberts 878-3187 July 17 Rain Date

July 23/24 St. Regis Ponds Richard Allen 878-3853 New York, Overnighter

July 30,31

August 7 Green River Reservoir George Agnew 482-2005

August 13/14

August 20,21

August 27,28 Androscoggin Overnighter A. Roberts 878-3187

Sept. 3,4,5 Labor Day Weekend

Sept. 10,11

Sept. 17,18 Upper Connecticut or A. Roberts/ 878-3l87 Hudson River Overnighter R. Allen 878-13853



11:00 am registration $3.00 entry fee


CHILDREN (14 and under) WOMEN



If you want to share the excitement, but dont want to race, starters and finish line judges are needed. Contact Peter Alden at 863-6585



Rain Date: July 17th


BRING: Canoes and paddles (for some strictly-for-fun races and games) Food and fixings (be prepared to shop and swap)



If you have any suggestions for the day, call Al Roberts at 878-3187.

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