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Bow and Stern - June 3, 1984

Bow and Stern - - June 1984

Bow and Stern

June 3, 1984

A letter from the Editor

Dear Fellow Paddlers,

Once again the water levels have been high enough to have many good white water trips this past spring.

A special thanks to all the trip leaders without whom the club would not exist and the Bow & Stern would not be as interesting to read if the somewhat humorous reports were not included in this paper.

Some people feel dams are progress to a better world, but why do we have to lose some great white water canoeing? Even though the Androscoggin dam has been approved it seems as though there is one more season of enjoyment of running the Pontook section. Enjoy it before it is gone to canoeists.

Many thanks to Mary Lavigne for her contributions of some typing and George Agnew for the printing of the Bow & Stern. Also much time and effort has been put into a summer schedule for our enjoyment. Lets get together on several trips. This schedule includes something for everyone, from the picnic for the whole family to the challenging white water trips such as the Dead River.

See you on the river,
Margaret McIntosh

Treasurer's Report

June 1, 1984

General Fund
Beginning Balance: 1/13/84
Membership 344.00
T-Shirts 427.00
Patches 12.00
March Dinner 360.00
Service Charge 6.39
Printing 91.07
Postage 80.89
March Dinner 399.00
Church Rental 25.00
June Dinner 50.00
T-Shirts 500.00
Balance - June 1, 1984 $243.06
Safety & Training Fund
Beginning Balance: 6/13/84
Registration 842.00
Printing 6.30
Postage 4.80
Books 241.01
  ** 252.11
Balance - June 1, 1984 $789.15

** Does not reflect all expenses for canoe school. Remainder will be accounted for in the next report.

Respectfully submitted,
Mary Lavigne

Executive Committee Meeting

A meeting of the Executive Committee was held on March 28 to discuss several river issues. The following members were in attendance: Al Roberts, Rich Larsen, Ray Gonda, George McIntosh, Margaret McIntosh, and Mary Lavigne.

The first river discussed was the Missisquoi and Boise Cascade's proposal to develop the remaining hydro potential at their pulp plant in Sheldon Springs. Their intent is to sell the additional electricity to power companies. Ray read a copy of a letter from the Attorney General's office to FERC supporting releases for recreational paddling at the Sheldon Spring's site. A meeting will be set up with Boise Cascade to negotiate water releases.

The ice retention structures on the Upper Lamoille were discussed next. There will be an Act 250 hearing to see if the retention structures fulfilled their purpose. Also to be discussed at the meeting will be proposed changes to the permit by the Corp. of Engineers. What the club needs to discover is: when the hearing will be, what exactly are the proposed changes, and how to get to speak at the hearing as an affected party.

Next was the West River and the retrofitting of Ball Mountain Dam for hydro. It was recommended that the club file for intervener status with FERC. You can file for party status if you are considered an impacted party.

Present status on the retrofitting is that several developers have applied for the license to develop the site.

It was voted to petition FERC to intervene on the West River project.

Further updates on these projects will be presented at the next club meeting.

Respectfully submitted,
Mary Lavigne

1984 Spring Meeting Minutes

The annual Spring dinner meeting was held on Sunday, March 11 with dinner beginning at 6:00 p.m. President Al Roberts called the business meeting to order at 7:00 and welcomed all in attendance. Al thanked the Dattilios for catering the dinner again.

Al introduced the club officers elected in November: Al as President; Cathy Chamberlain as Vice-President; Mary Lavigne as Secretary-Treasurer.

Al expressed his appreciation to outgoing editor of the Bow & Stern, Larry Thomson, who had faithfully served his position for nine years. Taking over as editor is George McIntosh, so please remember to send any information for the Bow & Stern to George now.

White water Schedule Chair, Rich Larsen, directed members to the spring schedule on the back page of the Bow & Stern. The trips that indicate "leaders choice" would depend on water conditions. If you are interested in the West River, please sign up as soon as you can. Car license plates numbers are needed also.

Summer Schedule Chair, John Blackmore, said nothing is in concrete for the summer yet. If you are interested in leading a trip or would like to make a trip available to club members, please contact him.

Anne Chetham-Strode, who will be coordinating the June dinner, asked any club members who could help to please contact her.

Training Coordinator, Tim Marugg, reported a good response to all of the training with all classes nearly full. There only remains a few loose ends to tie up before the March 24 blackboard session.

Conservation Coordinator, Ray Gonda, asked club members to write letters to the Agency of Environmental Conservation supporting releases for white water canoeing on the Missisquoi River at the site Boise Cascade is proposing for hydro. Ray also spoke on the American Rivers Conservation Council declaration of June as American Rivers Month. Ray is the coordinator for events in Vermont and has sent letters to 15 organizations asking them to organize events for the month.


Tim Marugg announced to club members that the T-shirts would be printed this week.

No further new business and the meeting was adjourned followed by a slide show of the Manitou River given by Al Stirt, Jim Higgins, and Dave Boedy.

Respectfully submitted,
Mary Lavigne

Conservation Corner

Missisquoi River - Sheldon Springs Rapid

On April 12, at the Agency of Environmental Conservation in Montpelier, representatives of the Northern Vermont Canoe Cruisers and the Appalachian Mountain Club met with Mr. Alex Albrecht, Northeast manager of hydro for Boise Cascade Corporation. Those representatives were Ray Gonda, Rich Larsen, Tim Marugg, and Al Roberts. Stephen Sease, Director of Planning for the Agency was present and for much of the meeting John Chase of the State Attorney General's office was present.

Based on river flow data from the Dept. of Water Resources of the Agency, from the Montpelier office of the U.S.G.S. and from two on-site inspections last November, tentative agreements were reached on recreational use of the site. They include allowing water that would normally be passed through the proposed new hydro turbines to flow down the riverbed on six separate days. The days chosen would be by agreement between the Agency, a representative of Boise Cascade and a representative of the paddlers. If and when the agreements are finalized, they expectedly would be included in a FERC license for the project.

Of particular importance is that this project is a "good" hydro project in the sense that, environmentally and recreationally, great improvements are being made over existing conditions at the site. Mr. Albrecht a straightforward and good businessman and a persistent negotiator has also been congenial, receptive to suggestions and very cooperative.

Thanks for the letters folks. They were key to our success. Letters to the Agency were written by Cruisers, by Appies, by Chairman Patrick Lawrence on behalf of the Sierra Club, and by Mad River Canoe Company to the Agency. Copies of some of' these were sent to the Governor's office, the State Attorney General's office, the Dept. of Public Service, the Public Service Board, and FERC. Some made telephone calls. In direct response to these letters and because of a supportive Agency, the Attorney General's office wrote to FERC firmly supporting our objectives and requesting that they be made a condition of the FERC license. Senator Stafford wrote a letter to FERC in support of our fight.

A map of the site in shown below.

Sheldon Springs Hydro Project Site Plan: 1984

Upper Lamoille River

Funding is being sought for a national demonstration project for ice control at Hardwick, which may mean new kinds of structures in the river. This is being done by an amendment to a Army Corp. of Engineers omnibus bill, "Water Resources Act of 1963" which goes to the floor of the Senate in early or mid-June. A lengthy and comprehensive letter has been sent to Senator Stafford who is the chairman of the Senate Public Works and Environment Committee out of which the bill was reported. In it concerns were expressed regarding the Hardwick project and regarding an additional amendment, which would extend the outcome of the project on a national scale.

A response has been received from Senator Stafford with assurances that he would not support river structures inimical to recreational use of the Lamoille River. During a telephone conversation regarding the national legislation, an invitation has been extended to us by Hal Brayman, a staff member of the Public Works Committee. We have the opportunity to tailor a paragraph to be included in the Water Resources Act. It would set the same standards for recreation elsewhere that app1ies to the Hardwick project. The bill is now under study and a response to the invitation will be sent by June 7.

An Act 250 hearing will be held in early summer regarding the Hardwick project. The Cruisers should be a party to that proceeding.

West River

The Cruisers have petitioned for legal party status to the proceedings (intervener) before FERC concerning the West River. A copy of the petition is included in this newsletter. Ten days later seventeen copies of nineteen additional pages of supplementary petitions, comments, and testimony were mailed collectively to FERC, the developer, and to one service list member.

T-Shirts $7.00

All sizes still available - see Al Roberts 878-3187

FERC Petition: NVCC and Ball Mountain Dam

April 18, 1984

Kenneth F. Plumb
Federal Energy Regulatory Commission
825 North Capitol Street N.E.
Washington D.C. 20426

Dear Mr. Plumb:

Enclosed for filing are the original and 14 copies of the following petition pursuant to your Rules of Practice:

Jamaica Project 7046-000

Petition to Intervene

A supplementary Petition for Evidentiary Hearing will be submitted in the near future. Comments relevant to the enclosed Petition to Intervene will follow under separate cover within a few weeks.

Respectfully submitted,
Raymond M. Gonda
Conservation Chairman
Northern Vermont Canoe Cruisers


Jamaica Water Power Co.
c/o Mr. David Buckley
18 Bridge Street
Bellows Falls, Vermont 05101

F.E.R.C. Project No. 7046-000

Application for license


Pursuant to section 385.214 of the Code of Federal Regulations the Northern Vermont Canoe Cruisers hereby petitions to intervene in this proceeding.

The Northern Vermont Canoe Cruisers (hereafter referred to as the "club") is intervening in this proceeding because the section of the West River affected by this project is a recreational resource of greater than local or statewide significance. It is heavily used by whitewater paddlers for recreation and is host to regional, national and international races or team trials. These activities also constitute a significant economic resource for the region and for the local communities.

The club is the largest paddling organization in Vermont, holds annual whitewater paddling clinics as a public service, offers whitewater and flatwater trips which are open to the public from early spring through early fall, and promotes safety and ethics in the sport of recreational paddling both open and closed boats.

The club attends all release weekends, has done so for a number of years and considers the West River to be a key resource for the club.

We neither support nor oppose the project, per se, but we oppose the project if the existing release weekend regime is diminished from the present three weekends per year, or from the present levels of flows or from the current time duration of flows during release days. The proposed project has the potential for altering the established recreational use of the river by an altered flow regime due to project operation and presents a potential conflict with the present day store and release operation of Ball Mountain Dam as it relates to recreational use of the downriver reach for boating purposes.

On the other hand the project has the potential for enhancing the recreational opportunities for paddlers downriver of the project location.


For all of the above reasons, the petitioner, the Northern Vermont Canoe Cruisers, requests permission to intervene in this proceeding.

DATED: April 18, 1984

Respectfully submitted,
Raymond M. Gonda
10 Cardinal Woods
So. Burlington, Vermont
(802) 862-6164

Northern Vermont Canoe Cruisers

Pontook Dam

Reprinted from the Berlin (N.H.) Reporter - Wednesday, April 4, 1984

Bob Shaw gets go ahead to start dam construction

DUMMER-Developer Bob Shaw says he hasn't received anything in writing from the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) yet, but he has received word from Senator Gordon Humphrey's office that his Pontook Dam hydro project can go ahead.

After nearly two years, FERC has finally denied a hearing appeal by the Society for the Protection of New Hampshire Forests and granted Shaw a license to proceed with construction.

O'Neil Croteau, a Dummer selectman through most of the dam's planning phases, feels the action by FERC comes as a direct result of action by Senator Gordon Humphrey. According to Croteau, Humphrey agreed to had deliver a letter from the Dummer Board of Selectmen to President Reagan as well as personally contact the FERC chairman.

Assuming that Shaw receives official confirmation shortly, he feels that construction on the site could begin in late June or early July. He says financing will take 120 days to complete.

The construction work will be done by the Charles T. Main Company of Boston. Shaw says some of the work will be sub-contracted locally.

Shaw is planning to produce 60 million kilowatt hours of electricity per year, substantially below original estimates. The lower figure is a result of different flow schedules requested by environmental groups.

By state low, the town of Dummer will be receiving from tow and a half to five percent of the gross income from the hydro station. The state of New Hampshire will be receiving 20 percent - some $150 million over the life of the dam.

The regulatory process is apparently now complete. But environmental groups still have the option of attempting to stop the project through the court system.

Policy Coordinator for the Society for the Protection of New Hampshire Forests, Marcy Lyman, says that the Society has not seen a copy of FERC's ruling either.

"At this point, we just can't say what our next step would be. We will need to evaluate FERC's ruling first," Lyman says.

Canoe Imports Discount

Bob Schumacher at Canoe Imports tells me that many members are not aware of the 10% discount available at his store. Their policy is - members of the NORTHERN VERMONT CANOE CRUISERS receive a 10% discount on any item not on sale.

In addition, since this is the end of the white water season, Bob has a Perception Dancer, a Perception Mirage (both roto-molded kayaks), and a Mad River ME open white water canoe available only to club members at 30% off.

Trip Reports

Lower Lamoille: March 25, 1984

Participants: Richard Allen, Al Roberts, Rich & Sheri Larsen, Steve Gold, Eric Bishop, John Blackmore, Mike Fullerton.
Weather: Air 37 degrees, sunny, north wind.
Water: 7.5 feet

Put in at Fairfax bridge. Struggled against the north wind. Break for hot chocolate. (Al tried to charge a $1.00 per cup - but ended up giving it away - What a guy!). One canoer swam - got to watch those new fangled high rockers. We took out at the highway rest area because the ice was backed up just below the washed out bridge. Thus no run through the five chutes.

Richard Allen

White River: April 8, 1984

Participants: John King, George Agnew, Dave Boedy, John & Ann Salss, Pat and Janet Russel, Frank Tsao, Cathy Chamberlain, Peter Alden, Ed Aniidon, John Blackmore, Andy Nuguist, Mike Fullerton, Rosie Stirt, Bob Durkin, Richard &;'Sheri Larson, Fred Jordan.

16 Canoes & 2 kayaks. It was a cold day (35 degrees) with snow in the air. The river was at a good level, but because of the cold the cars were left at the campground. The trip went well and there were no swims. Peter Alden showed his stuff with a grand brace in Gaysville. He had just his knees in the Canoe and managed to stay in his canoe. All but a few hearty souls took out at the campground.

Fred Jordan

West Branch & Main Branch of the White River (President's trip): April 20, 1984

Participants: George McIntosh, Fred Jordan, Tim Marugg, Jay Appleton, Alan Roberts, John Blackmore, Mike Fullerton, Rich Larsen, Bill & Paula Gerlak.

We scouted both the Hancock Branch and the West Branch of the White River and then chose to run the West Branch. The run from the confluence of Brandon Brook and Bingo Brook was lively and technical with a steady drop and fast current. A gauge is located on a small bridge near the start and read between 2.6 and 2.7 The West Branch is a small river, usually about 50 feet wide, and had a couple of trees across it which caused some problems. The four mile run to the White River took about two hours. Lunch was at the parking area on the Tweed River, which we then scouted, and found it looked somewhat tame. We elected to paddle the White since we had already spotted a car at the campground. The White was fairly high, had a good current and many big waves. We all enjoyed a good day on two different, but beautiful rivers.

map to gauge on West Branch White River

White River: April 22, 1984

Participants: Rich & Sheri Larsen, Howard Hansen, Ostara & Tibor Bido, Zoltan Bido, Laura Benis, Alan Rexford, Al Roberts, Fred Jordan, Jim Higgins, Laurie Hanson, John Blackmore, Mike Fullerton, Charlie & Chuck Thompson, Bob Durkin, Margaret & George McIntosh

We met at the Tweed River put in under brilliant sunshine, quite a contrast from yesterday's Upper Lamoille trip. The river had dropped about 18" from Friday's level but was still at a very good level with fast current, some rocks and big waves. The trip was very enjoyable with temperatures close to 60 degrees and just enough breeze to keep us from getting to hot. Just prior to the takeout, the kayakers had a few problems, but otherwise it was smooth paddling.

George McIntosh

Lower Lamoille: April 28, 1984

Participants: Fred Jordan, Tibor & Astara Bido, Zoltan Bido, Paula & Bill Gerlak, Howard & Paul Hanson, Charlie & Chuck Thompson, Pat & Janet Russell, Rob Bryan, Tullie Frazer, Laura Benis, Dan Peterson, George McIntosh

We met at the Fairfax Bridge with the level at seven and a quarter feet, on a sunny warm day. At this level two island rapids was fun, but not intimidating. We stopped for lunch on the island below two island rapids, then played at the five chutes for quite a while before we got tired of carrying our boats back upstream. The trip was uneventful but very pleasant.

Fred Jordan & George McIntosh

Ammonoosuc River, NH: April 28-29, 1984

Participants: Peter Alden, Frank Tsao, Kathy Chamberlain, John Blackmore, Mike Fullerton, Al Roberts, William Agnew, Jess Coggeshell, Rich & Sheri Larsen

The weather was about the peak for the season, so the weekend made itself. The meeting place was a restaurant (& bus stop) in central Bethlehem, left side of 302, at 9.3Oam. We had reservations for 9 in adjoining rooms at the Grand View Hotel in Twin Mt. for $10.25 each, but with the good weather we wished we had camped out. At 3.65 feet the Ammonoosuc River was still lively, although full 2 feet lower than last year. The drop through Boatbreaker rapids was a piece of cake. Powerhouse rapids, below the dam (which we had not run in 1983 due to high water) turned out to be a delightfully smaller version of the staircase on the Hudson River. We put in at Bend of the River 2.5 miles east of Pierce Bridge and had one shuttle all the way to Railroad Rapids on 116, going towards Littleton. The total distance was 11 miles. On Sunday we repeated the trip with most taking out sooner, skipping Alden Brook rapids a class 4 drop, and Railroad and a few miles of flat water, and getting an early start home.

Peter Alden

Bouquet River: May 6, 1984

Participants: Peter & Sue Alden, Julie Alden & David May, Eric Bishop

The day was clear and warm with no wind. Most of the club was at the West River. We stay-at-homes were interested in a near by easy - class 2River for beginners to practice. We started by meeting at Charlotte for the 9.30 ferry (leaves Charlotte on the half hour.) We left a car at the take out - a fishing access about 1 mile east of the Northway on a paved road from Wadhams - following the north side of the river. We then followed the Steel Woods road to Route 9 north of Elizabethtown and back down the south & east side of the river to another fishing access where we started. A mile or two of flat water with current gave us time for instruction and practice before hitting the rapids. Fairly continuous and easy rapids follow for 3 orr4 miles until just past the Northway where there is a drop which should be scouted. Another mile of flat water brings us to the takeout. We managed just to catch the 4pm ferry home (Hourly on the hour). The features enjoyed are short driving, a ferry ride, ideal access, and lively rapids. Negative are a class four shuttle road and a little flat water.

Peter Alden

Lower Lamoille: May 12, 1984

Participants: Joanne & Terry Ranney, Jason & Bill Gerlack, Charlie & Chuck Thompson, George McIntosh

Following the morning rain all but four boats had wimped out. So we started out under partly sunny skies and the level at about 7 feet. On our way down stream we could hear thunder in the distance, and by the time we reached the bottom of two island rapids, the thunderstorm was imminent. We waited out the storm at the usual lunch spot huddled under overturned canoes while the lightning put on a show for us. The storm passed after awhile and we finished the trip with no incidents.

George McIntosh

New York Rivers: May 12-13, 1984

Participants: Peter Alden, Al Roberts, Frank Tsao, Cathy Chamberlain, Mike Fullerton, Eric Bishop, Bet Dews

The trips to New York this year have started meeting at the BIG BOY on Shelburne Road, (bigger parking lot, and also opens at 6.30 for those wanting breakfast.) The caravan left for the Sacandaga at about 7:l5am. The road to the put in on the Sacandaga had apparently been washed out earlier in the year, but bad recently been repaired. The bugs were at the put in to greet us so we quickly put in. The Sacandaga is a beautiful river at this time of year with the leaves just budding out the trilliums in bloom and numerous falls cascading into the river. Since the water level was high most of the technical rapids were washed over, the trip was finished with minimal mishaps and an excellent demonstration of self-rescue by the trip leader. We- camped at the Sacandaga campground, which was nearly empty. The campground is on the honor system so pay as you go. Peter left on Saturday so he relayed the message to the Sunday people that we would meet them at the Riparius bridge. At the meeting place on Sunday Rich Larsen and the Sunday people decided to go on over to the Sacandaga. We ran the Hudson and Schroon at very high level which proved to be good practice for the Indian, the next weekend.

Al Roberts

West Branch Sacandaga: May 13, 1984

Participants: Rich & Sheri Larsen, John King, George Agnew, Chris Green, Lynn Hackett, Pat Ezekiel - 2 double canoes, 1 solo canoe, 2 kayaks

The West Branch was at a fairly high level with the Hope gauge at 4.3. The day was overcast and pleasant, with a high around 60 degrees. The trip from Whitehouse to the campground took three hours, including a brief lunch stop.

No major problems, but did have one swimmer in the middle of the trip. The continuous nature of the rapids made rescue somewhat difficult. The heavy water between Jimmy Creek and Blackbridge provided the most excitement, but it was unable to dump any of this intrepid band.

Rich Larsen

East Branch Sacandaga: May 13, 1984

Participants: Rich & Sheri Larsen, John King, George Agnew, Chris Green, Lynn Hackett - 2 double canoes, 1 solo canoe, 1 kayak

This was thought to be the first NVCC trip on the East Branch. We later found out, however, that Alden and Lavoie did it a number of years ago. The Griffin gauge was estimated at 5.5, a good level. A gauge painted on a rock read 0.1. The put in was 2.0 highway miles from the confluence of the main and East Branch. Do not put in above here unless you know exactly where the gorge is, as a put in above the gorge could truly be fatal. At the level we ran, the East Branch was a fine staircase of highly technical 3+ water. Add another 6-12", and it would probably be continuous class 4. There are almost no rock free eddies, and rescue of a swimmer or boat would be very tough. The trip, however, is "delightful". It takes 20-30 minutes to run, and the rapids never quit. It makes a very fine conclusion to a Sacandaga trip.

Rich Larsen

West River: May 5-6, 1984

Participants: Rich & Sheri Larsen, Al Roberts, Cathy Chamberlain, Rob Bryan, Tullie Frazer, George, Margaret, and Doug McIntosh, Mike Fullerton, John Blackmore, Art Allen - 3 double canoes, 2 solo canoes, 2 kayaks

Since the race weekend is now separate from the recreational weekend, the West was a very pleasant trip. The campground was not crowded, and the shuttle involved no waiting and no battles to load boats. The river was running at 1800 cfs, a far more powerful level than the fall release of 1200-1500 cfs.

A number of lower and upper runs were made, with only a few swimmers. We did help rescue one group of Boy Scouts who collectively were wiped out in the first left turn on the lower part (a full class 3 at 1800 cfs.) The most exciting part of the upper river was when George McIntosh swam the Dumplings. He joins Pat Ezekiel and Rich Larsen as the only known survivors of this swim at 1800 cfs. among NVCC members.

A number of other club members were on the West at other campsites, among them Pat Ezekiel, Lynn Hackett, Anne Chetham-Strode, Rich Davis, Jay Appleton, Chris Green and others.

Rich Larsen

White River: June 2, 1984

Participants: Art Allen & Friend, Dick Allen, George McIntosh, Bill & Paula Gerlack, Cathy Chamberlain, FrankTsao, Sheri & Rich Larsen, Al Roberts.

We left Burlington in the sun light, but at Stockbridge the sky was quite overcast. Due to the recent heavy rains, the river was at a very good level. One kayaker got caught in the boiling eddy at one of the bridges and had a short swim. The usual lunch spot at the old railroad bridge was mostly under water, so we had lunch on the rocks at Gaysville. We all had a good trip, unusual for the White at this late date.

Al Roberts

Lower Lamoille: June 3, 1984

Participants: Rosie Stirt, Jim Higgins, Laurie Hansen, George McIntosh, Al Roberts

Met at the Fairfax bridge at noon under cloudy skies. The level was about 8 feet, a good level for practicing our eddy turns and peel outs. No one had any problems and we finished the trip without any rain, which never did materialize.

Al Roberts

Sacandaga / Hudson River Correlations for 1984

5/4 4.96 3.68
5/8 4.89 4.23
5/9 5.15 4.45
5/12 5.0 ----
5/13 5.5 ----
5/17 4.9 3.62
5/18 4.58 3.43
5/19 4.3 ----
5/20 4.3 ----
5/23 4.18 ----
5/24 4.5 3.39
5/30 6.38 ----
5/31 5.95 ----

1984 Whitewater Clinic Wrap-Up

The 1984 whitewater clinic, held over the three weekends from March 24th through April 7, brought quite a few new faces onto rivers with us. The canoe program was executed flawlessly, thanks to the hard work and dedication of all of volunteers; instructors, organizers, and shuttle drivers.

Nature was reasonably cooperative, though there were some requests for more water, nobody lost much plastic from their boat bottoms.

The beginning and intermediate closed boats experienced some very different conditions. The closed boaters got all the water the open boats requested, and then some. The overall consensus was that the closed boaters need less water, more instructors for the number of students, and warmer temperatures. All the participants of both programs agreed that the course was an important, beneficial learning experience.

I would like to express my thanks to all of the people who helped assemble the curricula, organize the clinic, teach, and bring refreshments and equipment, and hope that the 1985 clinic committee has as much cooperation and support as I had with 1984 clinic.

Respectfully submitted,
Tim Marugg
1984 Whitewater Clinic Director

1984 Summer Trips Schedule


Date Trip Leader/Phone Degree Comments
June 16-17
Missisquoi River Ray Gonda
American Rivers Month event
June 23
Winooski River George McIntosh
Quickwater see notes
June 24
White River Brian Kooiker
Quickwater see notes
June 30-July 1
Androscoggin NH John Blackmore
July 7
Lower Sacandaga NY Rich Larsen
Whitewater tubing trip
July 14-15
Dead River ME Alan Roberts
Whitewater please call early (2 weeks)
July 21
Annual Picnic Alan Roberts
July 28-29
St. Regis Canoe Area NY Mike Fullerton
Aug 18-19
Dead River ME Mike Fullerton
Whitewater please call early (2 weeks)
Sept 1-3
Dead River ME Alan Roberts
Whitewater please call early (2 weeks)
Sept 22-23
Androscoggin NH John Blackmore
Sept 29-30
West River Release Rich Larsen
Whitewater reserve place early
Oct 13
Fall Foliage Trip Alan Roberts





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