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Bow and Stern - March 1, 1984

Bow and Stern - - March 1984

Bow and Stern

March 1, 1984

A Letter from the Editor

Dust off your canoes, find your paddles and painters, inflate your flotation and get ready for the river. A new canoeing season is already underway with over six feet of snow on the mountain giving the promise of a great whitewater season. Several members were on the river almost a month ago for one of the earliest starts in recent years.

With this issue, Larry Thompson retires as editor of the Bow and Stern after nine years of unselfish dedication to the Canoe Cruisers. We thank you Larry, your efforts have helped the club to grow, kept us all better informed, and given us many enjoyable times as we have read about the adventures Of Other canoe club members.

In this issue you will find Ray Gonda's conservation corner. This subject is of great importance to all paddlers, for without active participation in conservation our rivers will one by one be taken away from us in the name of development.

We hope to see many familiar faces, along with new ones when we finally get out canoeing.

See you on the river,
George McIntosh

Minutes of the June Dinner Meeting, 1983

The annual June dinner meeting was held on Wednesday, June 8. The meeting was called to order at 7:15 by President Al Roberts who welcomed all in attendance. Al said thank you to Connie and Moe Desilets for doing such a fine job on the dinner.

Committee Reports are as follows:

George Agnew spoke for Bow & Stern Editor, Larry Thomson. He thanked all who contributed to this issue, and thanks to the typing staff and to George for the printing.

White Water Chair, Rich Larsen, said it was an excellent season after the rains finally came in April. Anyone interested in the Dead River trip on Labor Day should signup as soon as possible.

Brian Kooiker announced the completed summer schedule is in the Bow & Stern. The schedule has fewer day trips, which seem to reflect the interest of the club members.

White Water Training Chair, Ray Gonda, said "thank you" to all who helped in this year's class.

Old Business

On getting club T-shirts, Tim Marugg said if the club ordered 50 T-shirts the price would be $6.35 per shirt, available in 4 colors. Anyone interested in a shirt can signup with Tim.

New Business

Ginny Garrison spoke to the club about a survey the Agency of Environmental Conservation is undertaking. The agency is looking for unique and fragile area in the state so these areas can be acknowledged. If you wish to contribute, give your name and address to Ginny so questionnaires can be mailed out. The information should be submitted this summer.

Norm Lavoie said he would be canoeing on the lower Lamoille Tuesday nights after work if anyone is interested in going with him.

Al Roberts announced the Executive Committee wanted to recognize and thank Ray Gonda for his contributions to the club over the past 3 years. Al presented Ray with a Mad River Mini Canoe and a gift certificate to Canoe Imports.

Since this is an election year, Al announced Rich Larsen would be chairing the nominating committee.

No further new business and meeting was adjourned followed by the slide program given by Dick and Kay Henry.

Respectfully submitted,
Mary Lavigne


Although it is only mid March, three months from now it will be time for the June dinner. This is a great opportunity to meet your fellow canoe cruisers, reflect on the past white water season, contemplate the upcoming summer season, and enjoy the entertainment provided.

Remember to include the June dinner in your plans.

In the next issue of the Bow and Stern, coming to you at the start of the canoe camping season, we would like to offer you something different.

Many of you have a great deal of experience in the outdoors, and no doubt have many wonderful recipes and have acquired a storehouse of helpful ideas for outdoor cooking. We invite you to share this knowledge with other canoe cruisers.

Send you helpful hints and recipes to Margaret McIntosh, 4 Silver Bow Terr, Essex Jct, VT 05452. 879-6076

Minutes of Election Meeting

The biennial election meeting was held on Sunday, November 13. President Al Roberts welcomed those in attendance and called the meeting to order at 6:30 p.m.

Old Business

Tim Marugg spoke on the progress in getting the T-shirts ready. The T-shirt company doing the screen is Imprints. The design for the shirt would be the club logo on front and possibly a white water design on back. Tim had selected several slides to give to the artist at the T-shirt company to makeup a white water design. Vote was taken on whether to have a single design or double design. It was voted to have 2 designs. Dick Allen, Eric Bishop, Rich Larsen, and Larry Thomson will form a committee along with Tim to decide which white water design will be chosen for the T-shirt. The Executive committee will give final approval.

New Business

Tim Marugg spoke on the tire booms/fence booms and permanent rail structures with chain link fences that the town of Hardwick wants to run across several places of the Upper Lamoille to stop ice damage during spring breakup. The town has been granted an Act 250 permit, but is waiting for approval from the Army Corp of Engineers. Tim has written a letter to the Corp of Engineers voicing objection to the permanent barriers and expressing concerns about the others. The letter also requests a public hearing. Working with Tim on this are representatives from the Sierra Club and A.M.C. The meeting has not been set up as of yet and Tim will have more to report at the next meeting.

Approval was voted to Tim Marugg to setup a close boat clinic in the spring.

Ray Gonda spoke on a new bill in congress called "The Rivers Conservation Act". This bill would take jurisdiction out of FERC's domain and give it back to the state. It would also give funds at the state and local level for river conservation. Jim Higgins will write letters to our congressmen supporting this bill.

John King urged club members to get insurance on their canoes. It's rather inexpensive and considering the price of a new boat - worth it.

Norm Lavoie thanked club members Bill and Jason Gerlack for repainting the gauges on the Lower Lamoille.

Norm also made a motion that club member's names, phone numbers, and towns be printed in the Bow & Stern. After a lengthy discussion on this, it was decided to print the list and give members the opportunity to have their name removed if desired.

Tim Marugg proposed copies of the Bow & Stern be left at Canoe Imports. Motion passed.

Rich Larsen, Chairman of the Nominating Committee, read the nominations for club officers: Al Roberts for President, Cathy Chamberlain for Vice President, Mary Lavigne for Secretary - Treasurer. Nominations accepted.

No further new business and the meeting was adjourned.

The slide show was present by Bill Haines, John Bates, and Charlie Phillips of their trip on the Hanbury-Thelon Rivers in the Northwest Territories.

Respectfully submitted,
Mary Lavigne

Club Officers & Chairpersons for 1984

Al Roberts
Cathy Chamberlain
Mary Lavigne
White Water Schedule:
Rich Larsen
White Water Training:
Tim Marugg
Bow & Stern:
Larry Thompson
George McIntosh
Summer Events:
John Blackmore
June Dinner:
Anne Chetham-Strode
Conservation Committee:
Ray Gonda

Minutes of the Executive Committee Meeting

A meeting of the Executive Committee was held on February 1, 1984, at 7:30 p.m. The following club members were in attendance: Al Roberts, Cathy Chamberlain, Tim Marugg, John Blackmore, Rich Larsen, Peter Alden, Ray Gonda, George McIntosh, Bob Schumacher, Anne Chetham-Strode, and Mary Lavigne.

Old Business

Al brought a copy of the phone list that will be published so the Executive Committee members could see the list. Members will have the opportunity to have their name and number removed if they so desire.

Tim Marugg spoke on the ice retention structures on the Upper Lamoille. There was a meeting held with the A.M.C., Sierra Club and Northern VT Canoe Cruisers with the Chief of Police of Hardwick. The Army Corp of Engineers would not allow any permanent structures in the river, and the town was granted a permit for 2 tire and fence booms. The following conditions came out of that meeting: the structures will be removed by April 1; there will be notice in the newspaper when the structures go in and are removed. If you call the police department, they will tell you if the structures are in or not. Also the Army Corp has classified the river as a navigable waterway.

Ray Gonda spoke about hydro on the West River. There are now several applicants for hydro permits on the West. Ray read a letter he composed to Rep. Michael Burnhardt regarding the economic contribution paddlers make to the towns surrounding the West River. The letter will be typed and sent to Representative Burnhardt.

Tim Marugg talked about the progress on getting club T-shirts. The T-shirt committee met and selected 2 white water paddling pictures that were taken to the T-shirt company for prints. The committee then chose the design to be on the back of the T-shirt. The print is a tandem canoe with waves and rocks and a bar of colors across the bottom. The color bar is to give a boundary to the design.

Some members of the Executive committee questioned the bar and instead of the bar suggested carrying the water down further and adding a sharp line across the bottom. Tim will take the design back and have some changes made. The executive committee voted to give the T-shirt committee, plus Al, the authorization to make the final decision.

New Business

Al announced the chairpersons for this year:

Rich Larsen
White Water Schedule
Tim Marugg
White Water Training
John Blackmore
Summer Events
Larry Thomson &
George McIntosh
Bow & Stern
June Dinner
Anne Chetham-Strode volunteered to do the June dinner.

Since there was a donation made to the club for safety and training, the subject was raised on having a separate checking account for the canoe school. The funds would then be apart from general club expenses. After a discussion on pro and cons, Ray Gonda made the motion that a separate account be established. Motion was defeated, but treasurer's report will now have 2 columns; one for general expenses and one to keep track of the safety and training fund.

Al raised the subject of possibly doing a brochure on the club that would contain general and membership information. Al will look into putting it together. Ray volunteered to help.

The spring dinner will be held on Sunday, March 11. The Dattilios have agreed to cater the dinner. It was voted to have the chicken dinner again, and the price the year will be $5.00 per dinner.

Ray Gonda spoke on a dam that is proposed at Sheldon Springs on the Missisquoi River. The existing pulp mill at the site already generates some power and Boise Cascade, who owns the plant, is proposing making the site larger for more power generation. The Vermont Agency of Environmental Conservation, and Ray for the A.M.C. have written to FERC and developer concerning the site expressing concerns of public easements, telephone numbers for gauge readings, and water releases. Meet and discuss sessions are scheduled with Boise Cascade, the developer.

Motion was made to nominate Ray to be spokesperson for the club on river issues. Motion passed.

Tim Marugg who is running the white water school this year spoke on his progress. The blackboard and pool session will be on March 24. There will be a closed boat school offered this year as well. In the morning, closed boat club members will have the pool. Both open and closed boat students will have a blackboard session in the morning. At 11 the novice closed boaters will have the pool; the open boaters in the afternoon. River sessions for open and closed boaters will be on separate days.

Tim held a meeting with some instructors to discuss goals of white water clinic. Three that arose: a) disseminate awareness to community; b) introduce new paddlers to club and give them skills to advance; c) retain them as new members in club. One way to help retain new members might be to give students a list of instructors and other students in their class. River conservation to be worked into a theme for the school.

Tim will meet with instructors before the school. Most of the club instructors come from the club.

Bob Schumacher reported that if the club is an affiliate member of the A.C.A., the canoe school and other events sponsored by the club are covered under a broad insurance policy the association carries. Motion made to join A.C.A. as an affiliate was made and passed.

Larry Thomson will do the first Bow & Stern with George McIntosh this year, and then George will take over as editor.

John Blackmore, who will coordinate the summer events, asked that if anyone has something they would like to do or any ideas for trips to please contact him.

No further new business and meeting was adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,
Mary Lavigne

Hardwick / Upper Lamoille Ice Retention Info.

The phone number to call regarding the ice retention structures on the Upper Lamoille is:
Hardwick Police - (802) 472-5475.

Treasurer's Report

As agreed to in the Executive Committee meeting, note the new format to separate general income/expenses from safety & training income/expenses.

January 13, 1984

General Fund
Beginning Balance: 1/1/83
Membership 400.00
February Dinner 368.25
Patches 25.00
June Dinner 79.20
Equip. Sale 1.90
Printing 194.53
February Dinner 370.00
ACA Dues 30.00
Church Rental 75.00
Postage 168.62
Bank Service Charge 7.27
Canoe Imports 56.16
June Dinner 46.62
AWA Dues 13.00
Balance - January 13, 1984 $252.41
Safety & Training Fund
Beginning Balance: 1/1/83
Canoe School 359.00
Donation 250.00
Film Rental 7.00
Film Maint. 3.00
Pool & Classroom 84.43
Canoe School 315.31
Balance - January 13, 1984 $199.26

Respectfully submitted,
Mary Lavigne

A Letter to the Northern Vermont Canoe Cruisers

Alice Dodge Wallace
Mount Vernon Club Place
96 8hadow Lane
Golden, Colorado 80401
August 1, 1983

Northern Vermont Canoe Cruisers
c/o Mr. Norman Lavoie
7480 Liinesburg Load
South Burlington, Vermont 05401

Dear Mr. Lavoie,

My father, Dr. Homer L. Dodge, formerly of Burlington, died on June 29 of this year. He was born October 21, 1887 so he was in his ninety-sixth year, a formidable age. He died a "natural death"; no disease was involved.

As his Seerctary/Household Manager, my brother and I were listing the persons and organizations that should be informed of his death, and the name of the Canoe Cruisers came up. I hope you will pass the information on to the members of the organization who knew him when he was still active in Vermont canoeing. I am proud to have his small blue canoe and several of his paddles which I used along with him over the years when I had the opportunity to canoe with him on various waters.

Perhaps you have already seen the obituaries that appeared in the Burlington Free Press and the Barre Times Argus. They would inform you about his academic career.

If you would like more information please write to me at Cremona Farm, Mechanicsville, Maryland 20659. I leave August 8 to be there until October 1 settling the estate as far as the house is concerned.

Sincerely yours,
Alice Dodge Wallace

Conservation Corner


The club has become involved to varying degrees in several river issues over the past year or so. Being the largest paddling club in Vermont, assuming such responsibilities should come naturally. It is expected of us by other organizations with whom we share resources and in many cases interests. These organizations include those whose members are primarily fishermen, environmentalists or conservation and recreationalists. They are natural allies who can help us protect our interests. We should in turn and when credible to do so, assist them in protecting their interests.

West River

Releases from Ball Mountain Dam arranged for by paddlers through the U.S. Army Corp. of Engineers and announced in advance have allowed the club to include a trip there in the spring white water schedule. This trip is usually the first weekend in May. We also go there each October although we have no published fall schedule. Last year a 1.7 mile long tunnel through Ball Mountain, which would have diverted water around the rapids, was proposed in an application for a license to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC). That application has been rejected by FERC on the basis that not all 13 towns, who were part of the preliminary permit, were part of the license application. By contrast, an application for a retrofit at the base of the dam has been accepted and will soon appear in the federal register. From that date 60 days will be allowed for public comment or for filing of intervener status by which one obtains legal party status to proceedings at FERC. In concert with the A.M.C., we are hoping to obtain guarantees that the site will be utilized recreationally much as it has in the past. The advantage of having releases occur in a fashion that allows the club to plan for them is obvious.

Missisquoi River

About 45 minutes north of Burlington lies the small village of Sheldon Springs. The reason for the town's existence stems from the existence of a pulp mill on the banks of the Missisquoi River at a site, which has used hydro power in one form or another for about 100 years. The plant employs about 350 persons. Boise Cascade purchased the plant from Saxons Industries after the plant declared bankruptcy. Although wood products are Boise Cascade's primary interest, the potential for developing the remaining hydro at the site was added encouragement for the purchase. An application for a major license was submitted to FERC and the customary 60 day comment period announced. Included in separate comments submitted to FERC by the U.S. Dept. of the Interior, the Vermont Agency of Environmental Conservation, and by the A.M.C. was a description of the potential for white water paddling offered by the rapids. FERC was urged to require the applicant to provide for recreational use of the site and to provide scheduled releases, which would allow white water clubs to schedule trips there. The rapids are wide and are about .8 miles in extent and range from class 3 to higher classifications depending on water level. The site has the potential to become the paddling center of Northern Vermont and nearby metropolitan areas. These rapids have not been available to the public. The club's involvement is seen to be an important factor in achieving success at securing recreational use of these rapids.

Upper Lamoille River

By concerted action by the Cruisers, the Sierra Club, and the A.M.C., the potential loss of the best available white water challenge in Northern Vermont has been averted. Ice retention structures were proposed and all required permits were sought by the town of Hardwick in an effort to solve the village's ice breakup related flooding problems. The structures would have been permanent rails driven into the riverbed, temporary truck tire ice booms anchored on the banks and a structure called a fence boom. As a direct result of our intervention, by a call for a public hearing in separate letters to the Corps, a meet and discuss with village officials ensued and the problem was resolved. Written into the Corps of Engineers permit was that no rails would be installed, the temporary structures would be removed within two days of ice out or by April 1, whichever comes first, and that public notice would be given upon their installation and removal. A telephone number to call about structure placement and removal dates is available and listed in an announcement elsewhere in this newsletter.

Other Topics and Issues

Barbed wire fences straddling some of our smaller rivers and streams present a significant hazard to paddlers. Reports of their presence on the Brown's River and Huntington River are unsettling. Expectedly they exist elsewhere and the likelihood of encountering one when exploring smaller seldom used rivers is high for those individuals with a bent for exploration during periods of high water.

A good example of a little known hazard exists in the form of a natural stone bridge completely spanning the Lamoille River near Johnson in a narrow stretch referred to in the A.M.C. guide as Sloping Falls. It is visible only in low water when the entire river is forced underneath it forming a natural trap. I have witnessed three teen-age paddlers trapped there who are still with us today thanks to the swift actions of a nearby fisherman. One end of their 17 foot Grumman was sucked under the bridge. Only 3 feet of the canoe, vertically on end, stuck out of the water. With 4 persons and ropes we were lucky to have successfully retrieved it.

On the Mad River downstream of the normal canoe school takeout at the low dam, is a large rock, mid-river, whose eddy provides a respite for as many as 5 canoes at a time. This rock is undercut and represents a hazard for anyone approaching it from upstream.

The club's conservation committee request that members encountering hazards similar to those discussed above contact us in order that we may document and publish them. For members who wish to be an active member of the committee, please contact Ray Gonda (862-6164)

For the Conservation Committee,
Ray Gonda

Trip Reports

Cedar & Hudson River Overnight: May 21-22, 1983

Participants: Nick Krull, Tim Marugg, Tom Fyles, Peter Alden, AL Stirt, Len Carpenter, Ray Gonda, Chris Green.

After a rainy spring. The level of the Hudson was 4.4 ft. In spite of a rainy forecast the rain held off and the weather was fine. We put into the Cedar River at Indian Lake - public access (camping) area. This river is beautiful, and wild. The rapids gentle and flat water in abundance. There were three quick drops over ledges, which challenged our skills and courage, but are negotiable. By 3pm we reached the confluence of the Hudson. This is a nice campsite at this point, complete with river nymphs sighted by Lenny who arrived late. We hiked up the Indian to our cars previously spotted there much to the dismay of the Gooley Club. Best not to plan this move. The trip on the Hudson Sunday with the bulge without our gear was super. There were a few swims at this water level but everyone self rescued and we all made it down safely. Chris Green with a make shift deck challenged the center of the staircase flawlessly and came out dry.

Peter Alden

Hudson Gorge: May 28, 1983

Participants: Tim Marugg, Nick Krull, Peter Alden, Al Stirt, Niles Schneider

The weather - with rain predicted - turned out fine. The river was at 5.1. We had to run it after the bulge so we dawdled at Smiths Restaurant in North Creek. The put in on the Indian has been much improved by the Outfitters and the parking is good. We launched 5 minutes before 11 and were happy to see the water level drop just at 11. In spite of this the high water in the lake kept the Indian at a very challenging level. There was one short swim. The rest of the trip was superb with plenty of waves and no rocks; we made very good time. Alden explored the center reaches of Big Nasty and a section of the Boreas. After the trip we split up with some returning to Vermont and others staying for more canoeing over the long weekend.

Peter Alden

Hudson Gorge: June 11, 1983

Participants: Anna, Peter Alden, Al Roberts, Rich Larsen, Sheri Larson, Lenny Carpenter, Frank Tsau, Kathy Chamberlain, Mike Fullerton, John Blackmore, Nick Krull
Weather: fair and warm
Water: 4.05 feet

A beautiful trip through the Gorge where nothing important happened and we all enjoyed.

Peter Alden

White River - Sharon to West Hartford: June 26, 1983

Participants: Brian Kooiker, Brenda Clarkson, Connie Knodt, Barb Stevens, George McIntosh, Margaret McIntosh, Linda Mcintosh, Charlie Thompson, Tammie Thompson

The put in for this trip is about two miles above Sharon at a roadside pull off. The first stretch is mainly quick water with a few class I chutes. About three miles down river we stopped for lunch at a large rock in the middle of the river. Shortly after lunch we came to a breached dam which can easily be run on the right center or lined on the left side, the river continues with good current, a few small drops over ledges and a short section of moderate rapids. The take out is at a bridge in West Hartford.

Note: One canoe had difficulty with the quick water; I suggest that a more accurate description of club trips be given in the bow and stern.

Brian Kooiker

Winooski River - Middlesex Dam to Waterbury: July 9, 1983

Participants: Jerry Miller, Lisa Miller, Russ Kinaman, Jeffrey Kinaman, Margaret McIntosh, George McIntosh, Alan Roberts.

We met at Middlesex dam at 1Oam and after shuttling cars put in about 10:45. All boats navigated the drops with no incidents, and didn't get stuck on gravel bars too often. Lunch was on a sandy beach under sunny skies. The wind was strong and in our faces most of the time but this wasn't too bad since the sun was strong and the trip on the short side. We reached our take out at the Waterbury Recreation field about 3 pm. A good trip, enjoyed by all.

George McIntosh

Androscoggin Overnight: July 16-17, 1983

Participants: Brian Kooiker, Brenda C1arkson, Al Roberts, George McIntosh, Margaret McIntosh, Doug McIntosh, Ken McIntosh, Art Allen.

A typical Androscoggin overnight. Ran the stretch from the campground to the bridge first, had lunch, then played in the whitewater by Errol for a few runs. On Sunday went back to Errol and then down to Pontook. Weather was excellent - warm and sunny, with few bugs.

Brian Kooiker

West River (Dam Release): October 1-2, 1983

Participants: Peter Alden, Al Roberts, Al Stirt, Artle Allen, Ray Gonda, Tim Marugg, Frank Tsao, Kathy Chamberlain, Rich & Sheri Larson, Bob & Barb Schumaker, Ann & Rick, Lynn Hackett

Although Stu Hall promised fine weather, that was for Burlington. We had drizzle, but not too bad. The dam released 1200 cfs; we could have used more. We all enjoyed Artie and Al maneuver the C2 so elegantly. No one had much trouble on the river. Sunday was a fine day. We'll go back for more, Spring and Fall, but I wish they would work out a better system far waiting far the shuttle.

Peter Alden

Huntington River: February 19, 1984

Participants: Rich & Sheri Larsen, Fred Jordan and Pat Ezekiel, kayak, and John Blackmore in his new ME, Bob Durkin & Michael Fullerton

What we claim was the first white water trip of the season took place on the Huntington on February 19th!!! It was mostly cloudy, and there wasn't a whole lot of water, but the river was high enough to be fun and it felt great to be out there again. How often do we get out in February? Oh yeah-----nobody swam.

Michael F. Fullerton

Trip Leaders

Don't forget your trip reports. The trip report is an important contribution to the Northern Vermont Canoe Cruisers. It allows those of us, who were unable to participate in the trip, to enjoy it also. It also allows information about a particular river to reach other people who may be interested in the same trip.

Send your trip reports 879-6076 to George Mcintosh, 4 Silver Bow Terr, Essex Jet, VT 05452.

"The Ballad of the Dead River Shuttle"
(Tune-Sweet Betsy From Pike)

Oh, the Dead River Shuttle is not for the meek.
To paddle five hours you ride for a week.
They charge you eight dollars for a bone jarring drive,
And only the lucky ones get there alive.

Your boat's on the bottom, it drags on the ground,
It hits on the tailgate each bend you go 'round.
You bought it with money you borrowed on blood,
And now it's all scraped up and covered with mud.

Your bladder's so full that you think you'll go blind,
So you rip off your wet suit by the first tree you find.
You have to go quickly, you can't stand in line
Or the shuttle takes off and they leave you behind!

Your driver's a new one, this is her first load.
She asks you directions each fork in the road.
You ride 'till you think you can't take any more,
Then you find to your horror, you're back at Webb's store.

The river is up, and the paddling's good,
You miss all the rocks and you brace when you should.
That shuttle's the worst place that you've ever been,
But you know that tomorrow you'll ride it again.

Oh, the Dead River Shuttle' is not for the meek.
To paddle five hours you ride for a week.
They charge you eight dollars for a bone jarring drive,
And only the lucky ones get there alive!

Michael Fullerton
Labor Day, 1983

Whitewater Clinic 1984

Spring is right around the corner, with warmer weather and the high water that turns our local rivers into playgrounds for the well insulated. Soon, the rivers will be dotted with wetsuited boaters practicing the myriad rites of spring at every wave, eddy and hole they have the opportunity ( or misfortune ) to catch.

This year, once again, there will be new faces on the river, and some old faces in new boats, as students in the Northern Vermont Canoe Cruisers Whitewater Paddling Clinic. The preparations for this event have been going on for several months now, and will continue right up to the event itself. The pool and classroom facilities at UVM have been reserved for Saturday, March 24. Most of the pool and classroom instructors have been contacted and have volunteered their services.

It has been a long time in coming, but we are proud to announce the formal addition of closed boating to the annual clinic. Experienced canoeists will be able to work on closed boating skills, under the instruction of some of the best closed boaters in northern Vermont.

Novices, both open canoe and closed boat, will attend the traditional morning classroom session. The classroom session will treat such topics as whitewater clothing and preparation, safety, river features and river reading, river running techniques, paddler responsibility, and crisis management and prevention. Equipment will be discussed separately for open canoeists and closed boaters.

In the pool, closed boat novices will learn boat entry and exit, basic paddle strokes, braces, and the Eskimo Rescue. The quick learners will also be able to: work on the Eskimo Roll. Open canoeists will have the pool after lunch, and will learn the paddle strokes essential for maneuvering in whitewater, as well as the saving braces. (Open boaters will NOT attempt the Eskimo Roll

The river and lake sessions will put new skills to the test. Small groups with a student/teacher ratio of 2:1 will work on polishing the newly learned techniques.

Open water sessions are open only to students who have completed this years classroom/pool session - The current schedule is as follows:

Open Canoes -
Saturday, March 31 (river)
Closed boats - Experienced
Saturday, April 7 (river)
Closed boats - Novice
Sunday, April 1 (lake), with subsequent trips on river or lake as skills and schedules permit.

You must pre-register by filling out and mailing in an application. Registration ends on March 17, but classes are filling up fast, so please register early.

For more information and an application contact:

Tim Marugg
Whitewater Clinic Director
24 6reenbriar Drive
Essex Junction, Vermont 05452
(602) 679-0813

If you can't reach me directly, contact Ray Gonda at 662-6164 or Al Roberts at 876-3187.

1984 Whitewater Schedule

Date Trip Leader/Phone Degree Comments
Mar 17
Leader's Choice Al Stirt
Mar 24
Pool Clinic Tim Marugg
by reservation only
Mar 25
Leader's Choice Dick Allen
Mar 31
Canoe Training Tim Marugg
river by reservation only
Apr 1
President's Choice Alan Roberts
Apr 1
Closed Boat Training Tim Marugg
lake session by reservation only
Apr 7
Ompompanoosuc Peter Alden
Apr 7
Closed Boat Training Tim Marugg
river session by reservation only
Apr 8
White River Fred Jordan
Apr 14
Lower Lamoille Norm Lavoie
Med *
Apr 14
New Haven Ray Gonda
Diff *
Apr 15
Upper Lamoille John Blackmore
Med-Diff Mike Fullerton co-lead
Apr 20
President's Trip Alan Roberts
Apr 21
Leader's Choice Cathy Chamberlain
Med Frank Tsao co-leader
Apr 22
White River George McIntosh
Apr 28-29
NH Rivers Peter Alden
Med-Diff group motel rm. possible
Apr 28
Local River to be announced **
May 5
Local River to be announced **
May 5-6
West River Rich Larsen
Med-Diff early reservations needed
May 12
Local River to be announced **
May 12-13
Sacandaga NY Alan Roberts
May 19-20
Hudson Overnight Ray Gonda
May 26-28
Machias Chain ME Ray Gonda
joint trip to ME with AMC
May 27-28
New York Rivers Al Stirt
June 2
New York River Alan Roberts
June 9
New York River Rich Larsen

* Trips intended to continue progression of river "training" on an informal basis for graduates of pool and river instruction

** Experienced paddlers interested in leading these trips should contact Rich Larsen

Evening trips on Lower Lamoille:
Tues/Wed/Thu Nights (depends on water and weather)
First three weeks in May
Call Rich Larsen (), Ray Gonda (), or Alan Roberts () for details

Some tentative summer events:

July 7: Sacandaga Canoe and Tubing
July White Water Release: TBD
Labor Day Weekend: Dead River ME

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