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Bow and Stern - February 28, 1982

Bow and Stern - - February 1982

Bow and Stern

February 28, 1982

A Letter from the Editor

Dear Fellow Paddlers,

That time of year has arrived when many of us start thinking of all that snow as potential haystacks, eddies, and standing waves. This time last year, there were 49 inches of snow on top of Mount Mansfield. This year we have a bit ever 100! Does that mean our canoeing will be twice as good? Inside, you will find club reports, a contest announcement, and the White Water Schedule for 82.

See you on the rivers,
Larry Thomson

Treasurers' Reports

Beginning Balance as of 5/31/81 $571.91
Dues and income from Supper $198.50
Limerick Prizes $27.50
Printing of Bow and Stern 176.13
Dinner Expenses 107.00
Church Rental 25.00
Postage 60.69
Typing of Bow and Stern 15.00
Picnic Expenses 53.70
Balance on Hand October 31, 1981 $305.39

Respectfully submitted,
Melinda Dodds

Beginning Balance as of 10/31/81 $305.39
Postage $21.60
Election Meeting 23.90
Rental of Church 25.00
ARC Membership 30.00
Balance on Hand December 31, 1981 $204.89

Respectfully submitted,
Mary Lavigne

Beginning Balance as of 12/31/81 $204.89
Film Rental $10.00
Dues 16.00
Film Rental $10.00
ACA Membership 30.00
Printing 12.88
Postage 20.00
Balance on Hand February 22, 1982 $158.01

Respectfully submitted,
Mary Lavigne

Executive Committee Meeting

A meeting of the Executive Committee was called to order by President Alan Roberts on Wednesday, January 27 with the following members in attendance: Peter Alden Al Stirt Dick Trudell Mary Lavigne Norm Lavoie Bob Schumacher Ray Gonda Margaret Zeller George McIntosh

Old Business

Al Roberts reported there is no new information on the construction of the Lamoille River dam. The possible construction of dams on the Gauley River, Pontook Rapids, ChaseMill (Winooski), and Ball Mt. Dam were discussed. However, information is incomplete on these dams and Al Stirt has agreed to check into the status of them and report at the February meeting.

The topic of the club incorporating was raised again, and after some discussion it was decided Norm Lavoie will look into the matter and report at the upcoming meeting.

Discussion took place on whether there should be any changes in the whitewater training program. The biggest concern being the length of the blackboard session and if it should be divided into two nights. No firm decisions were made on the subject and the training coordinator will submit the schedule at the February meeting.

New Business

Al Roberts announced the club officers and chairpersons for the following activities:

President: Al Roberts 878-3187 Vice President: Al Stirt 933-2125 Secretary/Treasurer: Mary Lavigne - 879-0354 Bow & Stern: Larry Thomson - 434-3454 Whitewater Schedule: Ray Gonda 862-6164 Whitewater Training: Norm Lavoie - 863-5456 February Supper: Margaret Zeller & George McIntosh
879-6076 879-1488 June Supper: Brian Kooiker & Brenda Clarkson 456-7047 Summer Events: Peter Alden 863-6585

It was suggested that the club might want to offer some instruction in river rescue. The idea was favorably received and Al Stirt will have a report by the June meeting.

The subject of offering a package for the VT ETV Auction was raised by Al Roberts. It was, decided that the club would not offer a package anymore as it has not benefited the auction in the past.

George Agnew has made arrangements to get the Bow & Stern printed for the February meeting. The printing of the Bow & Stern has always been a major drain on the club's treasury, and cheaper ways of printing are always welcomed.

Discussion took place on whether or not the club should increase the membership dues. It was decided no, but a look at where the club's treasury is spent will be done.

Margaret Zeller and George McIntosh have agreed to organize the June potluck supper again this year and have set June 16 as a tentative date.

Motion made to adjourn, seconded and passed.

Respectfully submitted,

Mary Lavigne

Fourth Annual N.V.C.C. Limerick Contest

The whitewater season's at hand
To each crusier goes out the command
To write down on paper
Their best canoe capers
In a Limerick that's comic or grand.

So, if to write Limericks, you yearn
Send them to the old Bow & Stern
I'll sift through the pile
With a groan or a smile
Til three entries, great prizes, do earn.

Mail your Limericks to Box 45
In Richmond, VT where I'll strive -
(The deadline to beat:
Three weeks fore we meet
To come up with the winners - no jive!

Biennial Election Meeting

November 8, 1981

The Second Biennial Election Meeting was called to order by President Alan Roberts. Minutes of the June 17, 1981 meeting and the Treasurer's report were read, a motion was made to accept the minutes as read, seconded and passed. Comments were made as a result of our declining checking account. Our biggest expense is the printing of the Bow and Stern and suggestions were made that maybe the club should look into their own printing system. Another suggestion was an increase in club dues. Another suggestion was that the Dow and Stern be mainly a newsletter of actual business eliminating the trip reports. No action was taken on any of the suggestions.


Steven Sease who had reported on the status of the Lower Lamoille Dam's development in June indicated that there was very little new information except that there are new developers. Al Roberts had no further report to give as chairman of a committee to work with Dick Trudell on the dam proceedings.


Ray Gonda made a motion that the office of Secretary and Treasurer be separate offices. Discussion followed with past Secretaries reporting that they felt this might be more of a confusion factor with little advantages. Len Carpenter suggested that the Treasurer set up a budget, etc. indicating more work involved. Motion was seconded and a show of hands for voting resulted. Motion defeated.

Dick Allen made a motion that the club become a member of the American Rivers Conservation Council which has a lobby in Washington D.C. and works with the Forest Service, the Interior Department and other federal agencies in developing new river preservation proposals and to fight senseless dams as promoted by the Corps of Engineers, the Water & Power Resources Services and the TVA. Dick also suggested that the club contribute $30 which entitles us to a membership with the ARCC which will include a copy of FLOWING FREE, a guide to the Wild and Scenic Rivers Act and an individual 10% discount on ARCC's River Trip Program. Motion was seconded and show of hands, motion passed.

Peter Alden of the Nominating Committee presented their candidates for the offices of President, Vice-President and Secretary/Treasurer. No additional names were offered by the club members in attendance. Dick Trudell moved that the Secretary cast one vote. Seconded and passed. The new officers are as follows:

President: Al Roberts
Vice-President: Al Stirts Congratulations!
Secretary/Treasurer: Mary Lavigne

Motion for adjournment was seconded and carried. Movies were the program.

Melinda Dodds,
Past Secretary/Treasurer

Club Safety Rules and Suggestions

Mandatory equipment for participating canoeists includes:

  1. Life jackets for each member of the party
  2. Spare paddles
  3. Adequate flotation
  4. Painters on the bow and stern of the canoe

LIFE PRESERVER: Anyone who has known the relief of popping effortlessly to the surface after having been flipped into a rapid (and this means every paddler of much experience) has quickly come to appreciate his life preserver. Elementary safety demands its use when paddling in whitewater, for, with few exceptions, the lack of a life preserver has marked every fatality in white water. A vest preserver, either inflatable or with a buoyant filling, is recommended. It must have plenty of flotation and should fit so that it will interfere with neither paddling nor swimming. It should be cut high under the arms or have a crotch strap to keep it in place. No outer clothing should be worn over it. Belt preservers of any kind are inadequate, since their buoyancy acts at the wearer's middle instead of his chest. This can make handling oneself in the water more difficult; even more, a belt preserver will not support a stunned or unconscious swimmer, but being familiar with swimming prevents panic and its ensuing perils.

PADDLE: A few years ago a double canoe was halfway down a twisting drop. The stern broke his paddle, and in the excitement, the bow lost his. The spare was tied in so well that the two paddlers could only ride helplessly to an inescapable conclusion. Keep your spares handy and available. A rubber band secures a paddle well enough, to one of the thwarts.

PAINTER: A 10-??? foot, yellow, 3/8 inch polypropylene rope tied to the bow and stern is an invaluable aid in the safe rescue of boats in heavy rapids. It must be securely fastened to the canoe. It is also advisable to have more warm clothing awaiting in the supporting cars.

SELF-RESCUE: On swamping or capsizing, hold onto the paddle and go immediately to the upstream end of the boat. There is nearly a ton of water contained in a standard canoe, and you dare not risk being caught between this moving mass and a downstream rock. If there are dangerous rapids immediately below, or if the water is very cold and you are not protected against it, you may have to abandon your boat for your own safety. If so, do it immediately. Even the strongest swimmer can do little in a severe rapid, and needs his life preserver. Use an elementary backstroke with feet downstream to ward off obstructions, and in warm weather wear enough clothing so that if upset, you will not get abrasions from sliding on rough rocks. If your own safety does not compel you to abandon your boat, stay with it, always at its upstream end, and work it gradually toward shore. Try to keep it aligned with the current; this will help prevent it from being wrapped around a rock. It is often feasible to swim with the free end of the painter toward shore or some shallow place. Having once gained a secure foothold you can then snub the downstream movement of the boat and work it toward shore or the safety of an eddy.

SWAMPING: During the course of a wet drop, an open canoe can pick up a considerable amount of water over the gunwale. Even a small amount of water acts as a shifting ballast, which impairs stability, buoyancy and maneuverability. To accept the first stage of disablement is to invite the next and final one. Land and empty at the first chance lest you be unable to later.

GROUP SAFETY: Never boat alone. This is a basic rule, for the sake of the specific, systematic support which paddlers can give one another when they act as a mutually dependent team. Three boats are the minimum for a run of any difficulty. First aid, throwing ropes, hand winch and any other rescue equipment should be carried, and preferably in more than one boat. In a group of any size two experienced paddlers should be assigned to run first and last as "lead" and "sweep". It is surprisingly easy for a loosely organized group to lose track of a boat for a few minutes, and those minutes could be critical in a rescue. A boat in trouble can count on help of the others only if all keep to these three rules:

  1. The lead boat is never passed.
  2. The sweep never passes any boat.
  3. Each boat keeps the one behind it in sight, waiting if necessary.


  1. See that safety rules are enforced before starting.
  2. Appoint who shall be first boat and who shall sweep.
  3. Scout each section before running.
  4. Determine when life jackets must be donned.
  5. Be responsible for overall safety and conduct of trip.
  6. Leader has right to ask paddler to pull out if leader feels that he is not qualified to run.
  7. Contact landowners regarding trespass.
  8. Leader has right to determine starting point of trip, lunch stop and pickup spot at end of trip.
Canoe Cruisers Whitewater Schedule

Date River Leader Phone Easy,
March 28 Leader's Choice George Agnew 482-2005
April 3 Lewis Creek Peter Alden 863-6585 E
April 4 Huntington Al Roberts 878-3187 M
April 10 Canoe Clinic NVCCA 862-6164 E Patrick Gym, UVM
April 11 Ompompanoosuc Peter Alden 863-6585 D
April 17 Leader's Choice Ray Gonda 862-6164 E-D
April 18 Upper Lamoille Fred Jordan 223-3935 D
April 24 Lower Lamoille Al Roberts 878-3187 E or join Gonda on White
April 25 White Ray Gonda 862-6164 E-D Joint with AMC
May 1-2 West River Rich Larsen 862-6878 M-D Hudson River Whitewater Derby
May 1 Upper Lamoille Brian Looiker 456-7047 D
May 2 Lower Lamoille George Agnew 482-2005 E
May 8,9 Fred's Choice Fred Jordan 223-3935
May 15-16 N.Y. Rivers Dick Allen 878-3853 E-D
May 22-23 N.Y. Rivers Norm Lavoie 863-5456
May 29-31 Overnight on Hudson Gorge or Androscoggin Peter Alden 863-5456 D Memorial Day

Annual Whitewater Canoe Clinic

As a non-profit public service and as a service to its membership, the NVCC is offering a two day clinic to introduce the novice canoeist to the fundamentals of white-water paddling.

The clinic will consist of one day of classroom and pool sessions. The classroom session will cover paddling equipment, river reading, river running techniques, trip leader vs trip participant responsibilities, protective clothing, and hypothermia. An emphasis will be placed on safety and on the dynamics involved in organized group river running. Following that, a pool session will cover the basic strokes needed for whitewater. The club will provide all the needed materials and equipment for the above sessions.

The second day of the clinic will be spent on a suitable river in the area. The club will provide neither the canoes nor the equipment for this session.

To participate in the pool and river sessions, the student must be competent in flatwater paddling, be a competent swimmer, be in good health and good physical condition.

Although this is a non-profit activity, a contribution estimated to be less than $10 will be collected at the classroom session to cover expenses associated with the clinic. This contribution applies to club members as well as non-members.

Ray Gonda

Please direct inquiries to:
Al Roberts, Club President 878-3187
Ray Gonda, Clinic Training Coordinator 862-6164

Whitewater Clinic
Schedule for Saturday

April 10, 1982

118 Patrick Gymnasium - UVM

Bring a bag lunch & bathing suit.

8:00 - 8:30 Registration
8:30 - 9:45 Instruction
9:45 - 10:00 Break for refreshments
10:00 - 11:45 Instruction
11:45 - 12:30 Collection of fees and break for lunch. Cash or checks accepted.
12:30 - 1:00 Dressing Room - change to swimsuits
1:00 - 3:30 Pool Session - open boats
3:30 Details of the river session will be given.
Attention: There will be a roll session from 4 - 6 p.m. on Good Friday, April 9, and Saturday, April 10 after the canoe clinic pool session until 6 p.m. The cost of both sessions will be split among the participants.
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