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Bow and Stern - March 1, 2000

Bow and Stern -- March 2000

Bow and Stern

March 2000

The Official Newsletter of the Vermont Paddlers Club

Volume ? + 2, no. 1

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Message from the President

March 5, 2000

For some, the paddling season never ends. Crisp autumn outings give way to warm winter pool sessions (or frigid lake ones). For others, the gradual lengthening of winter days presages a season-opening frolic in March or April. For still others, occasions to paddle are treasured...but rare.

The Vermont Paddlers Club endeavors to serve all of these interests, and to provide learning opportunities for those new to the sport.

November 1999 brought an infusion of new energy and talent to the VPC leadership. Paul Kempner (vice president) organized the winter practices at Twin Oaks and is committed to resurrecting the novice whitewater clinic for 2000. Ricky Battistoni (director) has crafted a trips schedule for all abilities. Jamie Dolan (secretary) has refined and updated the VPC roster, to help us match program priorities with member interests. Randy Mead (publicity chair) is spreading the VPC gospel in paddle shops and outdoor events calendars statewide.

With all this enthusiasm and activity, you may be wondering "Where do I fit in?". Well, for starters you can paddle. Or PADDLE! Try hosting a trip of your own WWW or message phone (802-899-1872 x899). Sign on to help make the novice clinic a success, as an on-water or on-shore volunteer. Share your vision for a more vital VPC with an officer (and help us see it through to fruition). Show slides at our next meeting. Support conservation groups and their efforts to keep Vermont's rivers and riverbanks pristine. Take someone paddling for the first time............... You get the idea.

Many thanks to out-going VPC president Eric Bishop (who has done all of the above and more), to long-time treasurer (and #1 club devotee) Rich Larsen, to Bow and Stern Editor Mike Fullerton, and to tonight's guest speaker Al Stirt.

Tonight we will discuss some important issues, such as extending our ACA affiliation through the "Paddle America" program, and also our resolve to hold the novice clinic this summer. We must take these concrete steps, I believe, to assure VPC vitality for the year and decade ahead.

Now, let's get paddling!!

Peeling out,


Who's Who of the VPC

who's who in the VPC


Directors: Appointed/Volunteers:
  • Paddling School: open
  • Safety Chair: John Wolfe 244-8673
  • Publicity Chair: Randy Mead 849-2367
  • Conservation Activities: open
  • Message Phone: 899-1872
  • Website:
  • National Weather Service: 862-2475

Please notify Rich or Jamie of any address changes, or if you have a new email address. We can save considerable mailing expenses this way!!



Announcements / Classifieds


American Canoe Association
February 10, 2000

Dear paddlers,

Please visit the new and vastly improved ACA Web Site at:
ACANET represents the beginning of a new era in the ACA's (TM) online service. Those visiting ACANET will see a new user-friendly design and find many great new features that are being added to better serve the nation's paddlers.


Scott Bell

Steep Creeks of New England

New England Cartographics announces the publication of "Steep Creeks of New England: A Paddler's Guide to 29 Class V Runs for the Experienced Whitewater Enthusiast". The book includes 5 steep creeks in Vermont. The author, Greg Hanlon, works as a hydrologist for the U.S. Army Corps and was one of the people responsible for putting real-time gauge data over the Internet. He has over 20 years experience researching steep creeks in the NE U.S. The book retails for $14.95 plus $2.00 postage to:

New England Cartographics
P.O. Box 9369
North Amherst, MA 01059.
Also available in bookstores (Paperback, 144pp. ISBN: 1889787051).

More Items for sale.

I want to sell my purple ME, it's in great shape, and get something a bit shorter. Asking $550. It's in like new condition., 454-1874.


Moving Sale! Infinity Quantum whitewater, excellent condition, $350.

Sprayskirt, Jag Tightskirts with rubber rand, for standard size kayak cockpit size small, $40.

Drysuit OS Systems, nylon, with integral neoprene feet. Mens medium; new worn once. Great for windsurfing, paddling. $225.

Call Guy Bateman at 802-728-4415. Prices negotiable.


Mad River Courier, 15' Royalex (indestructible)* Outfitted solo, can be modified for tandem. Includes paddles and lifejackets. $450 Car top carrier, fits all vehicles with gutters. Russ Kinaman 879-6666 *yeah, right -ed.


Dagger Impulse w/ Bob Foote Saddle and air bags. Like new condition. $600 or best realistic offer.

Mad River ME. OK condition. Has seen a few rocks along the way and survived quite well. $400 or best realistic offer.

Tom Jones. 623-6080


Release Schedules 2000

Deerfield Dryway (MA) Release Schedule 2000*

Call 1-888-FLO-FONE (1-888-356-3663) for schedule changes


*Proposed releases are subject to change without notice, due to current availability of water and anticipated weather/water conditions.
  • Friday releases are 4 hours beginning 11 a.m.
  • Saturday releases are 5 hours beginning 10 a.m.
  • Sunday releases are 4 hours beginning 10 a.m.
May June July August Sept. Oct.
Sat. 27 Sat. 3 Sun. 2 Sat. 5 Fri. 1 Sat. 7
Sun. 28 Sun. 4 Fri. 14 Sun. 6 Sat. 2 Sun. 8
Sun. 11 Sat. 15 Sat. 12 Sun. 10
Fri. 16 Sat. 22 Sun. 13 Sat. 23
Sat. 17 Sun. 23 Fri. 18 Sun. 24
Sat. 24 Fri. 28 Sat. 19
Fri. 30 Sat. 29+ Sat. 26
Sun. 30 Sun. 27
+Deerfield River Festival, Sat. July 29

Deerfield Fife Brook/Zoar Gap (MA) Release Schedule 2000*


Call 1-888-FLO-FONE (1-888-356-3663) for schedule changes
*Proposed releases are subject to change without notice, due to current availability of water and anticipated weather/water conditions.
Releases start between 9:30 a.m. and 12 noon. Minimum flow 700 cfs.
April May June July August Sept. October
Sat. 8 Sat. 6 Thu. 8 Sat. 1 Thu. 3 Fri. 1 Wed. 4
Sun. 9 Sun. 7 Fri. 9 Sun. 2 Fri. 4 Sat. 2 Thu. 5
Wed. 12 Thu. 11 Sat. 10 Wed. 5 Sat. 5 Sun. 3 Fri. 6
Thu. 13 Sat. 13 Sun. 11 Thu. 6 Sun. 6 Wed. 6 Sat. 7
Fri. 14 Sun. 14 Sat. 17 Fri. 7 Thu. 10 Thu. 7 Sun. 8
Sat. 15 Wed. 17 Sun. 18 Sat. 8 Fri. 11 Fri. 8 Wed. 11
Sun. 16 Thu. 18 Wed. 21 Sun. 9 Sat. 12 Sat. 9 Thu. 12
Wed. 19 Fri. 19 Thu. 22 Sat. 15 Sun. 13 Sun. 10 Fri. 13
Thu. 20 Sat. 20 Fri. 23 Sun. 16 Thu. 17 Wed. 13 Sat. 14
Fri. 21 Sun. 21 Sat. 24 Wed. 19 Fri. 18 Thu. 14 Sun. 15
Sat. 22 Thu. 25 Sun. 25 Thu. 20 Sat. 19 Fri. 15 Wed. 18
Sun. 23 Fri. 26 Wed. 28 Fri. 21 Sun. 20 Sat. 16 Thu. 19
Wed. 26 Sat. 27 Sat. 22 Thu. 24 Sun. 17 Fri. 20
Thu. 27 Sun. 28 Sun. 23 Fri. 25 Sat. 21
Fri. 28 Wed. 26 Sat. 26 Sun. 22
Thu. 27 Sun. 27
Fri. 28 Wed. 30
Sat. 29+ Thu. 31
Sun. 30

Dead River (ME) Release Schedule 2000*

In cubic feet per second /// source:

*Proposed releases are subject to change without notice, due to current availability of water and anticipated weather/water conditions.
7000 cfs | 5500 cfs | 3500 cfs | 2400 cfs | 1800 cfs | 1300 cfs
May June July August September October
Sat. 6 Sat. 3 Sat. 1 Sat. 5 Sat. 2 Sat. 7
Sat. 13 Sat. 10 Sun. 2 Sun. 6 Sun. 3
Sat. 27 Sat. 17 Mon. 3 Sat. 12 Mon. 4
Sun. 28 Sat. 24 Tue. 4 Sun. 13 Sat. 16
Mon. 29 Sun. 25 Wed. 5
Fri. 30 Sat. 15
Sun. 16
text version here

Entrance fee will remain $3. Please note that starting this year, because of installation of a stream gauge on Spencer Stream we will be releasing water from Long Falls dam as necessary to provide the above flows as minimum values directly below the confluence with Spencer Stream. Also this year we are pleased to provide the 1300 cfs flows on June 30 through July 5 in support of The Maine Canoe and Kayak Racing Organization's (MCKRO) hosting of the 2000 White Water Open Canoe National Championships on the Lower Dead River. Best of luck to all the contestants!

Kennebec River releases are scheduled each day of the week, at least 10 am to 12 noon. Call 1-800-557-FLOW. Entrance fee is $1 per person per run. Kennebec Turbine Test (8000 cfs!!) Mon. July 10, 2000

Androscoggin River (NH) 2000 - Pontook Dam Release Schedule

1 1 2 6 3 6
2 1 2 6 3 6
3 1 5 3 3 6
4 1 5 6 6 6
5 1 2 3 6 4
6 1 2 3 6 4
7 1 2 6 3 4
8 1 2 6 3 4
9 1 2 6 3 7
10 1 5 3 3 7
11 1 5 3 6 4
12 1 2 3 6 4
13 1 2 3 6 4
14 1 2 6 3 4
15 1 2 6 3 4
16 1 2 6 3 7
17 1 5 3 3 7
18 1 5 3 6 4
19 1 2 3 6 4
20 1 2 3 6 4
21 1 2 6 3 4
22 1 2 6 3 4
23 1 2 6 3 4
24 1 5 3 3 4
25 1 5 3 6 4
26 1 2 3 6 4
27 5 2 3 6 4
28 5 2 6 3 4
29 5 2 6 3 4
30 2 2 6 3 4
31 2 - 3 3 -

1 350 CFS for 24 hours*
2 500 CFS 9am to 6 pm
3 500 CFS 8 am to 6 pm
4 500 CFS 8 am to 4 pm
5 500 CFS 9 am to 6 pm, full river flow 10 am to 4 pm
6 500 CFS 8 am to 6 pm, full river flow 10 am to 4 pm
7 500 CFS 8 am to 4 pm, full river flow 10 am to 4 pm
* Release rate 1 applies to times, days, and months not noted on this schedule

Trip Reports

Lower Moose River (NY): Oct. 21, 1999

Participants: Eric Bishop, Tony Shaw (OC1)
Weather: Glorious!
Water: 4.2 feet

It takes at least 4 hours to drive to Old Forge, NY to paddle the Lower Moose during the Festival Weekend. On this occasion the weather was clear and warm, Old Forge was jumping, and the river was packed with boaters having a good time. The two of us had only minor trouble with the Lower Moose at about 4 ft., which has about 6 pretty straightforward drops of class 3+ to 4 difficulty. Only one is of any length and all are scoutable and avoidable. Good place to go and see if you're getting better.

Eric Bishop

Bank Scouting -- Huntington R. above Hanksville: Summer of 1999

Participants: Eric Bishop, Barb Frankowski, Tater

One of our maps notes the " Seven Falls of the Huntington" so we decided to check it out. A bit of an exaggeration but there were several small ledges and one major double drop in the river above the last bridge in Hanksville. The first part of the double would be runnable but the second drop would need to be scouted and perhaps carried. This would be worth running at fairly high water. Could access from private road just past small cemetery on right, or further upstream in marsh area.

Bank Scouting -- Upper New Haven R.: Summer of 1999

Participants: Eric Bishop, Barb Frankowski, Tater

Walked upstream from Jct. of Paige Rd. and River Rd. in Lincoln. There are some huge drops in the stretch which could be run all the way from the put-in near the Emily Proctor trailhead at the end of the road. Several of these drops would be unrunnable for most boaters and all would need to be scouted for sure. All this is upstream from the upper New Haven section between Lincoln and Rte 116.

Bank Scouting -- Jail Branch: Summer of 1999

Participants: Eric Bishop, Barb Frankowski, Tater

This strange little river runs out of the valley above Websterville and races along next to Rte 302 to Bare and then idles it's way to the Winooski. Behind the convenience store at Jct. of 302 and I 10 is a put-in, above or below the 8 foot waterfall. Next 1/2 mile is very steep and probably class 4 - not for the timid. Once the river flows under Rte. 3O2 it flattens out and is probably only class 2 or so for several miles, but the current would be pretty strong. About a mile below the last point the river crosses under 302, from North side to south side, is a huge drop that would probably be unrunnable for most boaters. It is visible from upstream and would definitely require a scout. After this drop Bare is upon you. This river has lots of granite slabs in it, 2 riverwide trees that we saw, and is polluted by something. Our dog smelled horrible after the walk.

Eric Bishop

West branch of the Little River: Jan. 3, 2000

Participants: Bob Marshall and John Wolfe (K I)

John Wolfe and I were able to get on the West Branch of the Little River today. The water level depended on what part of the river you were on. The upper was running but was running on top of the ice (not good). The Moscow end was way up because of an ice jam (definitely not good), so we ended up playing the rapids in Stowe village downstream of the falls (not bad for January). Good flows and level but a short run. Looking foward to a run in February. HAPPY PADDLING. Hope to see everyone at the pool sessions.

Randy Allen surfing the Lower Mad. -R. Battistoni.

Trips Schedule

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TRIPS 2000

See schedule notes (below) for more info.
SatMar 11 Pool Session 10Tony Shaw879-1655FW Twin Oaks, 7-9 PM
Sat-SunMar 18-19 Otter Brook (NH)message phone899-1872Nov WW Keene NH (release)
SatMar 25 Pool Session 12Tony Shaw879-1655FW Twin Oaks, 7-9 PM
Sat.Mar 25 Waits RiverPeter Downey223-3376Nov-Int WW
SunMar 26 Lower Lamoille R.Randy Mead849-2367Nov WW
TueMar 28 Huntington R.Andy Meilleur878-3008Nov WW
SatApr 1 Huntington R.Jamie Dolan453-4658Nov WW
SatApr 1 1st Br. White R.Kevin Eaton889-9483Adv WW
SunApr 2 W. Br. Little R.John Wolfe244-8673Int WW
ThuApr 6 Waits RiverAndy Meilleur878-3008Nov-Int WW
SatApr 8 Ashuelot R. (NH)Tom Jones623-6080Int WW
SatApr 8 Upper White R.Mike Fullerton456-8701Nov-Int WW
SunApr 9 22nd Sugarbush Triathlonvtadventuregames.org800-517-4247Nov WW run/paddle/bike/ski
SunApr 9 Black River (VT)John Wolfe244-8673Int-Adv WW
SunApr 9 Lewis CreekTony Shaw879-1655Nov WW
TueApr 11 Ammonoosuc R. (NH)Andy Meilleur878-3008Int-Adv WW
SatApr 15 N. Br. Lamoille R.Randy Allen223-3771Adv WW
SatApr 15 White R./Tweed R.Rich Larsen878-6828Nov-Int WW
SunApr 16 New Haven R. (Bristol)Jamie Dolan453-4658Int-Adv WW
WedApr 19 Lower Lamoille R.Rich Larsen878-6828Nov WW
ThuApr 20 Black River (VT)Andy Meilleur878-3008Int-Adv WW
SatApr 22 N. Br. Winooski R.Eric Bishop899-1865Scouting
SatApr 22 Swift River (NH)Tom Jones623-6080Adv WW
SunApr 23 Upper Lamoille R.Randy Allen223-3771Int-Adv WW
TueApr 25 Ammonoosuc R. (NH)Andy Meilleur878-3008Int-Adv WW
WedApr 26 Lower Lamoille R.Rich Larsen878-6828Nov WW
Sat-SunApr 29-30 West River Weekendmessage phone899-1872Int-Adv WW no shuttle
SatApr 29 Ammonoosuc R. (NH)Mike Fullerton456-8701Int-Adv WW
SunApr 30 Moose River (VT)Randy Allen223-3771Int-Adv WW
SunApr 30 Wild Br. Lamoille R.Eric Bishop899-1865Scouting
WedMay 3 Lower Lamoille R.Rich Larsen878-6828Nov WW
ThuMay 4 Schroon R. (NY)Andy Meilleur878-3008Int WW
SatMay 6 L. Hudson/Schroon (NY)Rich Larsen878-6828Int WW
SatMay 6 Ottaquechee R. (NH)Faith Knapp649-5106Nov WW
SunMay 7 Browns/Lower Lamoille R.Mark Willett849-9710Nov-Int WW
SunMay 7 Fiddlehead SlalomRay Ingram879-4286Nov-Int WW vols. run gates Sat.
SunMay 7 Contoocook R. (NH)Tom Jones623-6080Int-Adv WW
WedMay 10 Lower Lamoille R.Rich Larsen878-6828Nov WW
SatMay 13 Saranac River (NY)Tony Shaw879-1655Int-Adv WW
SatMay 13 Lower White R.Kevin Eaton889-9483Nov WW
SunMay 14 Lower Little RiverJohn Wolfe244-8673Nov-Int WW
SatMay 20 Hudson Gorge (NY)Mike Fullerton456-8701Adv WW
SunMay 21 Lower Hudson R. (NY)Sheri Larsen878-6828Int WW
TueMay 23 Lower Mad R. Bob Marshall244-5724Int-Adv WW
Sat-SunMay 27-28 Saranac WeekendRicky Battistoni893-4655Int-Adv WW
SunMay 28 Battenkill RiverTony Shaw879-1655Nov WW
SatJun 3 3rd Br. White R.Eric Bishop899-1865Nov WW
Sat-SunJun 3-11 Gauley, Cheat, NewJoe Bromka434-6189Int-Adv WW III (solo) - V (raft)
Fri-SunJun 9-11 White River WeekendFaith Knapp649-5106Nov WW call early for lodging
SatJun 17 Missisquoi DeltaRicky Battistoni893-4655FW excellent wildlife viewing
SatJun 17 Deerfield DrywayJay Strane899-1872Adv WW Sunday option for Zoar, T'ville
Sat-SunJun 17-18 Androscoggin Wkend (NH)Mark Willett849-9710Nov-Int WW

new line


new line

  1. ww = whitewater // FW = flatwater // Vt area code: 802 //message phone: 899-1872
  2. nov = max Class II, int = max Class III, adv = max Class IV, exp = Class IV+ See Intl River Rating Scale
  3. Winter pool sessions begin soon (space lim., fee charged). Call 879-1655 (Tony Shaw) or signup online.
  4. Contact the trip organizer for information about each trip.
  5. Listed trips may be changed or canceled as water, weather, or interest dictates.
  6. Plans for impromptu trips can be relayed thru the trip organizer or online.
  7. Please give 1-2 weeks notice for overnight trips to have a say in pre-planning.
  8. Car-pooling on long (and short) trips is encouraged!
  9. The AROUND VERMONT IN 30 RIVERS promotion is underway!!!
  10. Winter pool sessions continue through 3/00 (space lim., fee charged). Call 879-1655 (Tony Shaw) or online.

Danger exists for participants in canoeing, kayaking, tubing, and other activities organized or advertised by the Vermont Paddlers Club. Such participation may result in illness or injury due to accidents, the forces of nature, or other causes not foreseeable. Such illness and injury may include disease, strains, sprains, fractures, dislocations, paralysis, and/or death. Possible injuries may cause serious and permanent disability.

By your participation in any Vermont Paddlers Club activity you knowingly assume the risks arising out of that activity. In so doing you release, hold harmless and indemnify the Vermont Paddlers Club and its agents, officers and employees from any and all claims and suits for bodily injury, property damage, wrongful death, loss of services or otherwise which may arise out of your participation in canoeing, kayaking, tubing and other activities, whether or not such claims or suits arise from negligent acts or omissions by the organizers and conductors of this activity, their employees or volunteers, another participant, any other person or from any other cause.

Fiddlehead Slalom

First, I want to thank the VPC and especially those members who have participated in the Fiddlehead Slalom (racers and volunteers). Though there aren't many slalom racers in the club, there have always been dedicated supporters of paddlesport who have come out to help. 1 really appreciate it and so do those who participate.

In the past, I have raffled off some merchandise to those who took part in the slalom. This year there will be a separate raffle for VPC members who sign up to race. Thanks to Bob Schumacher and Paul Kempner, there will be two $25 gift certificates to Canoe Imports and the Skirack/Downhill Edge. To be eligible, you must sign up to race and you must be at the drawing which will be held at the awards ceremony after racing on Sunday, May 7. VPC has been well represented at the slalom the last couple years. Mens Rec. class has had VPC paddlers in the top three spots with member Tom Yurista winning two years running. Terri Ames has won the Women's Rec. Class two years in a row as well. In the past, VPC members have been invited to come to the race course on practice day (Sat.) and have some fun trying out the course. No fee has been charged. This year however, anyone wishing to practice or just try out the course will be required to sign up at the registration table and complete a liability waiver. A $5 foe will be charged for non ACA members . Final day for registration in Sat., May S. If you know you want to race, please call me as soon as possible to make it easier for me to complete the work necessary to got you on the roster and assigned a bib number. (I'd like to got some sloop on Sat. night!) Although this is a beginner's race, the course can be more challenging than you might think. Remember the word FUN, because that's what the Fiddlehead Slalom is all about. This is a group of paddlers, old and young, who got together to have a good time and improve their paddling skills.

Hope to see you there!


Volunteers are always needed for course and trail construction and the actual race. If you want to help, call Ray at 879-4286.

The editor in The Dumplings Photo by Sheri Larsen

Ye Editor's Page

So here we are in the first year to begin with a "2". (its not the 21st century yet!!) and waiting for the first paddling season of the "oughts". What started out as a slow winter suddenly became a snowy one giving us a short, furious, ski season. I keep pointing to all that snow and telling people its really white water!

We have a new slate of officers and some things to discuss, among them the benefits of becoming ACA affiliates. I invite you to read Ray Ingrams article about the Fiddlehead Slalom (an event by the way that deserves your support) and notice that course users who are not ACA members will be charged a $5 insurance fee. Why? Because in this country, people who get hurt sue somebody else. Dumb? Yeah it is, but let me tell you as one who has handled insurance claims for 29 years it happens all the time and it makes no difference who the involved parties are or what their relationship might be or what document they might have signed beforehand. That alone is good reason for us to affiliate with the ACA. Tony will tell you more about the insurance benefits membership brings and all the other good things that go along with it. It means an increase in dues, but when you look at what we pay each year to belong to the VPC, its not much of an expense. I urge you to consider it well. Lets have a little more snow, a few more turns in powder, then a great spring runoff!!


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