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Bow and Stern - June 1, 1976


June 15,1976

Dear Fellow Canoe Cruisers,

Welcome to our annual June supper! This evening, is a special event for the club, giving all of us a chance to get together with old friends and new, relive the fun and excitement of the white water season just ended, and anticipate the enjoyment of the flatwater season just beginning.

As our canoeing year continues, I would like to invite all of you to send news notes, articles, cartoons, and ideas for canoeing, and kayaking to me for inclusion in the Bow & Stern for February's meeting.

I'll try to include all contributions, so PARTICIPATE in YOUR Bow & Stern! I would like to offer my thanks, as a club member, to the officers for their hard work this year, Norm has been busier than ever, with bicentennial events and increasing behind-the-scenes work. Dick Trudell, as Secretary/Treasurer, has also done a great job keeping up with our fast membership.

Dave Keenan, as White-water Chairman, injected real variety into the schedule this year, which added to the fun, and Jackie and Bill Alarie, as Canoe Coordinators, got people to enter so that no one was left "on the bank" (If you are a "paddler without a partner", call them.)

Peter Alder (Safety Officer) continues to keep us informed and aware of safe canoeing technique. Among other things, Pete discussed rescue techniques at the February meeting, and gave a demonstration of river running to a huge crowd on the Mad River.

Alan Roberts has been at work on a Flatwater Schedule that all of us will enjoy. We'll all get a copy of that tonight.

I want to personally thank the whitewater Trip Leaders. You've done a great job on the water, and sent trip reports in right away, making my job very easy.

Finally, thanks to Fred Jordan, who organized tonight's supper, and to all those who helped in its preparation.

See you all on the water,

Larry Thomson


February 18, 1976
Mr. Ed Amidon, Secretary
Northern Vermont Canoe Cruisers
Shelburne, Vt. 05482

Dear Mr. Amidon:

I have just received the notice of the annual meeting of the Northern Vermont Canoe Cruisers on February 29, and wish that I were writing that I will be with all of you at that time. The thing that I believe I miss most in not living in Burlington is the happy association I had with Vermont Canoe Cruisers for so many years.

As you know, I greatly appreciate my honorary membership and know that I am not to pay dues, but you can't object to accepting a check for $3.00, although I had to follow up a year ago with a second letter asking that the check be deposited. One reason for sending it is that I may have a legitimate claim for being on the list of those to receive all mailings sent to members -- and at no expense to NVCC.

I also miss the association with the North Creek people in connection with the Hudson River White Water Derby and vividly recall how your President, Normand Lavoie, spared me from total disgrace when, on my unlucky 13th running of the Down River race, I became firmly perched on a boulder in the Spruce Mountain Rapids and was pulled off by him and his son before I got into more serious trouble.

Next year I ran the Giant Slalom without trouble for the 14th time and hope to be able to get up for the 15th run this May. If I were still living in Burlington there would be no problem, but the two day drive from Maryland through congested highways is very trying and cancels out a great deal of the pleasure of participation in the Derby. If I manage to get up, I hope to see Northern Vermont paddlers capturing many of the prizes just as they used to do.

All best wishes for much good paddling during all of 1976 to all NVCC members.

Homer L. Dodge
Enclosure Check for $3.00


Jean Marie Cardinal: Paul Revere of the Mississippi

The Jean Marie Cardinal Memorial Canoe Voyage will commemorate a Revolutionary War event to alert the American garrison in St. Louis of British military advances in the upper River.

That epic ride of nearly 400 miles was made by Jean Marie Cardinal who at the time was mining and living in the site later to become Dubuque, Iowa.

His heroic voyage succeeded in that an alerted St. Louis garrison at Ft. San Carlos defeated the British in the only Revolutionary War battle fought west of the Mississippi River. Cardinal died of wounds suffered in that engagement.

The consequences of his heroism and the battle marked the end of British Military advancement on the Mississippi. Not surprisingly, it led to a Treaty of Paris settlement of a U.S. boundary on the Mississippi rather than along the Appalachian chain.


All applications must be received prior to July 10, 1976. All canoeists must register no later than 4:00 PM, Thursday, July 22, 1976 at Dubuque 176 headquarters, 200 Main St., Dubuque, Iowa.

All costs relating to a participant's arrival: participation, and departure from, are the responsibility of the entrant.

Each canoeist must provide his/her own flotation device.

Canoe size must be minimum 16' length.

Entrants must be 16 years of age unless accompanied by parent or guardian. Youth groups must be accompanied by sufficient supervision to ensure safety. Canoeists requiring equipment will be accorded minimal rental rates by Dubuque Marine establishments.

Camping facilities will be provided in Dubuque, Iowa on a No Cost Basis and the committees' good offices will be utilized to arrange hospitality at all downstream stops including over-night sojourns.


The Northern Vermont Canoe Cruisers and the Burlington Bicentennial Committee will sponsor a canoe race Sunday July 4, beginning with registration at 10:30 a.m. at Burlington Water Department Lakefront Park off Lake Street.

For all interested canoeists, the race will offer an opportunity to compete in four classes: Mixed (men and women), children, ladies, and chariot race.

For more information on the canoe race contact Normand R. Lavoie, after 5 p.m. week days or anytime on the weekends (863-5456).


The Third Annual Howard Grover Regatta will held on August 1, 1976 at Sand Bar State Park. This combination, club picnic and flat-water derby, has been a highlight of the summer canoe season for the past two years.

Plan to attend with family and friends, bring picnic and barbecue fixings, and your canoe. A great time will be had by all!

See Alan Roberts for further details.


A sign like this may soon greet canoeists traveling the Winooski River. The Northern Vermont Canoe Cruisers are sponsoring a canoe campsite on land donated by Morris Brown of the Brown Horse Farm on Rte 2-A in Williston. The camp is above the Essex Power Dam and across from the IBM plant. It will be a permanent overnight canoe camp with portage trail and fireplaces, and will be a part of the Winooski Valley Park District Association's canoe trail. The campsite will be prepared by the Essex Junction Boy Scout troop, under the direction of Eric Smith, an eagle scout candidate.

Norm Lavoie gave three 1 hour lectures and demonstrations on whitewater canoeing and safety at South Burlington High School on May 21st. Norm used props such as the bow of a canoe damaged in white water to instruct the students.

He was assisted in these talks by a S.R.H.S. freshman named Normand Lavoie who has had some whitewater experience.

Dick Trudell attended a kayak clinic in North Carolina recently. Dick planned to attend with a new kayak being built for him by John Perry. He is offering his old kayak, flotation bags and paddle for sales all for $150. Call Dick at 655-3554.

The big news from the Hudson River Derby held the first weekend in May, was the first place finish of Elaine Lavoie and son Normand in the open canoe novice race. They had only two penalty points and an overall time of 11 minutes and 38 seconds.

Norm Sr. (also in this event) took a lot of kidding about Elaine and Normand's win, but Elaine has gallantly pointed out that Norm is her canoeing coach.

It should be noted that Norm Sr. and Blair Lavoie took third place with a time of 14:01. Not bad, either!


Huntington River: March 7th, 1976

Leader: Roger Belson
Participants: Gardner and John Hopwood; Alan Roberts and Fred Jordan; Bob Conquest and Larry Thomson; Kim Brainard; Roger Belson.
Weather: The temperature was a brisk 32 degrees with both sun and flurries in the air.

The water was crystal clear and at least a foot lower than it was two days earlier. However, there was still enough water for a fast run without scraping. Three canoes and two kayaks put in at Huntington and ran to the gorge in less than two hours. There were some sections where quick maneuvering was necessary to weave through the rocks, and a couple of sections where fallen trees had to be slithered under. The overhanging branches had beautiful icicles from the spray, as did our life jackets when we finished. But everyone was warm except for a few fingertips. While taking out above the gorge one canoe got stuck on a rock, spun around, filled with water, and sent its stern man for the first icy swim of the season. His new wet suit came in very handy. The trip was enjoyed by all and was a good chance to loosen up for the beginning of the regular season in April.

Lewis Creek: March 28, 1976

Leader: Alan L. Roberts
Participants: Dave Boedy and Paul Landerl, Jim Higgins and Jim Hope, Bruce Honsinger and Meg Honsinger, Debbie Vanezia and George Molla, Dave La Rose and Gary Riggs, Bob Schumacher, Norm Jr. and Blair Lavoie, Normand Lavoie, Tod and Fred Fielder, Freddy Fielder, Fred and David Jordan, Alan L Roberts, Gardner Hopwood, Dick Trudell, and Dave Keenan.
Weather: Terrible, compared to the day before (sunny and in the 70's). Today was about 36 degrees and cloudy - it felt twice as cold.

With the large group we spread the beginners around so we could show them some of the ropes. We made it down to the first carry without mishaps. Down river a canoe became hooked on a rock and the safety gear was used to pull it free. After pounding it out we towed it the rest of the way while the two displaced paddlers went with Norm Lavoie and myself down to the second carry at Scott Pond. Another swamp occurred at the final ledge. The canoe was rescued in short order.

Huntington River: April 3, 1976

Leader: Dick Trudell
Participants: Dick Trudell, Tom and Terry Conlon, Dave Keenan, George and Bill Agnew, Alan Roberts, Larry Thomson and Bob Conquest, Hal Leitenberg and Bill Rossi, Doug Laiho, Howard Travis, Ed Amidon, George Molla.

We met in Huntington at 10:00 and decided to put in higher up the river at Huntington Center. The water level had dropped considerably after the heavy rains and was a good level for an enjoyable trip. We reached Huntington at 12:00 and continued down the river about a half-mile to where some large trees had fallen across the river. We had to portage around them. The rest of the river proved to be enjoyable with plenty of areas to practice in and learn whitewater techniques. The section of the river along the gorge road was quite enjoyable and there was enough water over the small dam so that no problem was encountered. We finished at 3:00 so it was too late to make another run.

Lewis Creek: April 4th, 1976

Leader: Don Rife
Participants: Gene Beaudoin and Larry Thomson, Roy Fava and Audrey Liese, Bob and Chip Conquest, Joe Hudock and Chip Wright, Howard Travis, David LaRose and Paula Jenkins, Bill Patterson and Matt Zetumer, David Boedy, Robert Sutton, Dave Keenan, Fred and David Jordan, Fred Sargent and Wendell Sargent, Margy and Bob Holden, Ursel Danielson, Blair and Normand Lavoie, Normand and Elaine Lavoie, Alan L. Roberts, Cliff Whall, Bob Hodson, George and Bill Agnew, Fred Fielder, Fred Fielder Jr., Todd Fielder, Margie Witherspoon and Louise McCarron, Rich Bingham and Dan Tabakin, Ed Amidon.
Water: class II

It was a beautiful warm sunny day and the Creek was getting low enough to provide some rocks to dodge. Since there were 25 boats, the group was divided and Norm Lavoie lead the first group with Bob Conquest and Chip sweeping. Group two was lead by Don Rife and followed up by Al Roberts. There were no spills and everyone enjoyed the serene countryside and wild life. It was a delightful and leisurely trip.

Running time: 3 hours

Huntington River - changed to Lower Lamoille: April 10, 1976

Leader: Alan L. Roberts
Participants: Roy Fava and Audrey Liese, Charles Hadden, Dick Trudell, Fred Sargent, Dave Keenan, Peter Alden, Alan Roberts.
Weather: air temp. 50 degrees
Water: water temp. 42 degrees

Meeting in Huntington at 10:00 we decided to do another river since the Huntington was so low. We went to the Lower Lamoille. The skies were nice and sunny. The trip went with no mishaps. The water level was at a low level but adequate level for some fun in the rapids. Taking out at the railroad bridge, the trip took about one hour and twenty minutes.

Lower Lamoille: April 11, 1976

Leader: Fred Fielder
Participants: Alan Roberts, Blair Lavoie, Normand Lavoie Jr. Elaine Lavoie, Normand Lavoie Sr., Sally Duval, Al Duval, Fred Fielder Jr., Fred Fielder.
Weather: Thirties and snowing

It was a very cold day, but the water level was just about perfect. Two runs were planned, but the second was called off because of bad weather.

White River: April 17, 1976

Leader: Dave Keenan
Participants: Larry Thomson and Bob Conquest, David A. Keenan, Roy Fava and John Plinio, George and Bill Agnew, Hal Leitenberg and John Burchard, David and Fred Jordan, Alan L. Roberts, Elaine and Norm Lavoie, Blair Lavoie and Normand R. Lavoie Jr., Dick Trudell, Jim Higgins and Jim Hope, Louise McCarren, Ed Amidon, David Boedy and Paul Landrel, Cliff Whall.
Weather: Air temp. 70's
Water: temp. 48 degrees

A good turnout on a beautiful day for conoeing, with the water level just about ideal for the White River. The rapids at Gaysville were just right, as there were several new people on the trip. Only one slight mishap at the Gaysville set, but no lost equipment. After running down to above Bethel, about 8 canoes converged on the river between Sharon and West Hartford and ran the ledges, finishing up at West Hartford.

White River: April 29, 1976

Leader: Ed Amidon
Participants: David A. Keenan, Dick Trudell, Alan L. Roberts, Julie and Peter Alden, George and Bill Agnew, Chris Camis, Neil Pritte, Jim Hope and Jim Higgins, Ed Amidon, Louise McCarron, Richard Allen, Roy Fava, Tim McCasher.
Weather: Comfortable temp. partly cloudy
Water: temp: 46 degrees

Water low but runnable. Normal standing waves at turns were missing but many "new" rapids popped up due to low water. No Mishaps. The only excitement was rescuing a badly broached rental canoe belonging to another party. This was after the completion of our own trip. The canoe came off the rock in somewhat squashed condition, and the renters were justifiably apprehensive as to the reaction of the canoe livery.

Waits River: April 26, 1976

Leader: Tom Conlon
Participants: George and Bill Agnew, Fred and David Jordan, Peter and Kris Herman, Alan L. Roberts, Franklin Bloome and Brenda Louis, Tom and Terry Conlon.
Weather: Cold and rainy

The river was surprisingly high considering the lack of rain and the warm temperatures. Aluminum canoes had some problems hanging up, but the ABS were able to run all ledges. Due to the cold and rain, we terminated the trip at East Corinth. That day we had a very competent group of canoeists.

Gihon River: May 2. 1976

Leader: Dave Keenan
Participants: Bill and George Agnew, Dave Keenan
Weather: Warm

While a number of the club members were at the White Water Derby in North Creek, another group tried the Gihon River. With a total turnout of 2 canoes, Bill and George Agnew, and Dave Keenan ran this delightful stream from North Hyde Park to a bridge about 5 miles downstream. Short, but a busy stretch, with a rousing finale in a boulder-filled gorge. We highly recommend this trip, as there is something for all levels of accomplishment. Warm weather and no rush made a second run of the river an enjoyable finish to the day.

White River: May 8-9, 1976

Leader: Dick Trudell
Participants: Saturday May 8: Dick Trudell, Larry Thomson, Bob Conquest, Dave Keenan, Al Roberts, Cliff Whall. Sunday May 9: Dick Trudell, Normand Sr., Elaine, Blair, Normand Jr. Lavoie, Fred and Freddie Fielder, Alan Roberts.
Weather: Warm and partly sunny

The weather was warm and partly sunny Saturday, but the wind was heavy. The water level was about as low as it could be and still be runnable. We needed to dodge a lot of small rocks, and this led to one tip Saturday and one on Sunday. There was no overnight camping since most of the members had to be home that evening or else couldn't make it out for 2 days. A highlight of the trip Sunday for some was the pursuit and cornering of a white duck on the water. This same duck has been seen on most of the White River trips this year in about the same location.

Lower Lamoille: May 15, 1976

Leader: Alan L. Roberts
Participants: Bev and Bob Klandl oc2, George and Bill Agnew oc2, Fred and. David Jordan c2, Dave Keenan c1, Alan L. Roberts oc1, Richard and Sheri Larsen oc2.
Weather: Air temp. 60 degrees
Water: temp. 55 degrees

We met at the bridge at 10:30. After ferrying cars we started about 11:00. Norm Lavoie made several passes over us in a helicopter as we approached two island rapids on a delightfully beautiful day. The water level was about a foot higher than when we ran it several weeks before. The water was just right. Below the five chutes we had one canoe tip as it tried to pull out of the strong eddy next to the main chute. The canoe and gear were quickly recovered and we finished the last quarter mile in no time. The total time for the run was one hour and fifteen minutes.

Hudson River (Indian River to North River): May 16, 1976

Leader: Peter Alden, M.D.
Participants: Kayaks - Kim Brainard, Peter Alden, Roger Belson, Doug Blank, Freddy Fielder, Dick Trudell. C1 - Dave Keenan, Fred Fielder. John Berry, John Berry Jr. and two friends initially started the trip with us to the narrows below Blue Ledge, but then went on ahead and finished earlier.
Weather: warm, overcast, buggy
Water: level: 4.95 feet at North Creek Gauge

We planned to meet at North River at 9:00 a.m. where two cars were left and on up to the Indian River. The Indian was as usual too low to be fun but nonetheless passable, and although we had one mishap and lost a C-1 paddle we reached the Hudson without too much difficulty.

The Hudson in contrast was rolling along with lots of waves. It is clear that we should not have a club trip on the Hudson at water levels near five feet for open boats, and that only the most experienced closed boaters should try it at this level. The waves were big and we had at least six spills, some of them in the dangerous narrows below Blue Ledge where one boat was almost lost. Repair tape was the order of the day and we all managed to get through by water with some stopping for carries over the worst spots. We finished late around 4:30 and it was almost 6:00 before we got started for home, as it takes over three-fourths of an hour to get back up to get the cars from Indian River.

Although the day was warm, the water was still cool and wet suits were useful as protection against the rocks and spills, and to ward off hypothermia. It is always easy to get cooled off by dunking in the river if we get too hot.

In spite of the mishaps it was a great trip, we learned a lot and had some lovely experience in the big waves.

Lower Lamoille: May 23, 1976

Leader: Norm Lavoie
Participants: Norm and Blair Lavoie OC2, Elaine and Normand Lavoie OC2, Hal and David Leitenberg OC2, Bob Schumacher and Alan Roberts OC2, Dave Boedy and Ragan Willmuth OC2, Sheri and Richard Larsen OC2, Larry Thomson OC1.
Weather: Air temp. 60's
Water: temp. 49 degrees

The water level was just right for this trip which began in the mist of Fairfax Falls. (An impressive sight, with a lot of water).

Everyone enjoyed picking and choosing multiple channels down through the "two islands" rapids and the lower rapids. One canoe hung up on a rock in two island rapids but freed itself after a few minutes (Six scoops of the old bailer, and away!).

Bob Schumacher and Alan Roberts were trying out a "down river" canoe in preparation for the St. John's trip. It was "critically" appraised for them by others in the party, but they insist it will get to St. Francis. (It did.)

Two canoes ran the "five chutes" a few times each, then we took out on the left bank just past the railroad trestle. This take out spot avoids the paddle into the lake (and into the wind - which dogged us most of the trip as it usually does), and is recommended on future trips.

St. John River Trip: June 4-11, 1976

Leader: Bill Fake and Norm Lavoie
Participants: Bill and Tom Fake; Nick Branch and John Rand; Peter, Susan, Julie, and John Alden; Fred, Freddie, and Thaddeus Fielder; Fred and Dave Jordan; Gardner and Bob Hopwood; Jim Irwin and Gerry Marmelstein; Bob Schumacher and Al Roberts; Jim Higgins and Ken Burch; Norm and Blair Lavoie; Bob Conquest and Larry Thomson.

The year's "big trip" was a memorable one for those canoe cruisers fortunate enough to make it. The weather all week was sunny and hot, with brief showers occurring on Tuesday evening and Thursday morning only.

The water level was fairly low, requiring some poling or walking in shallows, but as the group paddled farther north beyond the Big Black River, the St. John provided deeper channels. Big Black Rapids and Big Rapids provided the most excitement with fast water moving through exposed rocks.

The black flies and "no-see-ems" were in attendance, with their nuisance value changing with the campsite, weather and amounts of fly dope used. We all learned to live with them fairly well.

Some of the highlights of the trip included the weather, the wildlife sightings (which included moose, bear, deer, otter, eagles, hawks, and ducks), Peter Alden catching a good size salmon, the evening fires with Norm Lavoie and Bill Fake leading the stories, Jim Irwin's guitar playing, the two-night stay at Big Black River, the moose who almost came to dinner, six canoes "rafting" between Allagash Village and St. Francis with two sails set, and the pork chops at Pelletier's store.

Obviously, a trip this big holds many different memories for all who made it. Too many to be included here, now. Perhaps other will write more about this trip for the next edition; perhaps you will hear more stories at campfires on other canoe trips - it was that kind of memorable trip.





7/4 Chiott Trophy Race N. Lavoie 863-5456

7/11 Local Outing G. Saunders - - - - - - -



8/1 Third Annual Howard A. Roberts 878-3187 Grover Regatta

8/8 Poultney River D. Keenan 878-4694

8/15 Waterbury Reservoir L. Thomson 658-2266

8/21-22 Saco River, Maine F. Jordan 1-223-3935


9/4-6 Androscoggin River N. Lavoie 863-5456




This year in order for trips to be held, the trip leader or Flatwater Chairman must be notified in advance to ensure a turnout (by Friday night at the latest). Notices will appear in the Free Press on Thursday or Friday preceding the event.

A. L. Roberts, Flatwater Chairman

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