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Bow and Stern - June 1, 1995

Bow and Stern - - June 1995

Bow and Stern

June 1995


Greetings Paddlers:

Although the U.S. Weather Service reported historically low April water levels (and we haven't had much rain since then), Club members have been getting some paddling in. Teo Campbell had his kayak out in January to catch this year's peak flows. Scattered trips on the White, Lamoille, Mad, Winooski, West, and other Vermont rivers have been supplemented by trips to the Schroon, Hudson, and Moose in New York. Dam releases in New York, New Hampshire (the Androscoggin), western Massachusetts (the Deerfield), and Maine (the Dead and others) will provide whitewater opportunities for those willing to travel in the coming months.

The summer schedule includes a good number of flatwater trips this year. Last year attendance on scheduled flatwater events was disappointing - vote with your paddles if you want us to keep making these trips available.

A final word on the trip schedule: 12lease contact the trip coordinator three to five days ahead of the trip to express interest, even if you are not sure you will attend. For camping trips, call the coordinator a week in advance. This will help everything run smoothly.

Mark Willett and Eric Bishop are spearheading Around Vermont in 30 Rivers. In an effort to draw VPC paddlers to a wide variety of rivers located throughout the state, we are putting together a list of rivers, or sections of rivers (some flatwater/some whitewater; some long/some short; some here/some there) that will broaden our appreciation of paddling opportunities in the state. Details can be found elsewhere in this issue of Bow & Stern.

Finally, although the summer meeting is still being planned as I write this letter, I and other Board members have already been giving some thought to the fall election meeting. Every two years we elect a new Board of Directors. This year we will elect officers for the positions of President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer, and will add three new "untitled" Board members as well.

We are always on the lookout for members who are willing to put some time and effort into helping to keep the Club going, so please let us know of your willingness to help.

Peter Briggs

Green River Reservoir Protection

Morrisville Power and Light, which owns Green River Reservoir and the surrounding 6200 acres of land, has done a good job creating recreational opportunities for paddlers, fishermen, cross-country skiers, hikers, and others for many years. Like any public utility, however, the company is always under pressure to provide electricity at the lowest possible cost.

To ease their tax burden, Morrisville Power and Light is now making a responsible effort to sell the development rights to the land surrounding the reservoir, possibly to the U.S. Forest Service (under the Forest Legacy Program, with eventual management by the Vermont Department of Forests, Parks, and Recreation.) Such a move would protect the area from development at any time in the future. Many details of such a proposed transaction remain to be worked out, and this outcome is far from certain. For further information, please contact Peter Briggs.


   President                               Peter Briggs                 985-8257
   Vice President                          Mark Willett                 434-4297
   Treasurer                               Peter Grant                  453-2278
   Secretary                               Eric Bishop                  878-2018
   Membership                              Peter Grant                  453-2278
   Trip Schedule                           Eric Bishop (whitewater)     878-2018
                                           Peter Briggs (flatwater)     985-8257
   White Water Canoe and Kayak Clinics     Rob Farley                   482-3460
   Conservation/Water Resources            open
   Bow & Stern Editor                      Peter Briggs                 985-8257
   Safety & Education                      Rob Farley                   482-3460
   Summer Dinner                           Eric Bishop                  878-2018

If you are interested in participating in Executive Committee meetings, or in helping some other way, please call Peter Briggs, or any other committee member. We would love to hear your suggestions and get you involved.


This year's whitewater canoe and kayak clinics will be held in mid-July, and both clinics will take place on the same weekend. The classroom sessions will be combined, since information needed by the two groups is largely the same. The flatwater portion of the clinics will be at Waterbury Reservoir, with kayak instruction in the morning and canoe instruction in the afternoon. Informal moving water instruction is tentatively planned for the Little River on Sunday, provided we can coordinate a dam release with Green Mountain Power.

A regular VPC trip to the Androscoggin River in New Hampshire the following weekend (with camping Friday and/or Saturday nights) will provide an excellent opportunity for clinic paddlers to refine their skills on a relatively friendly river.

Classroom: Friday, July 14
Flatwater: Saturday, July 15
River (informal): Sunday, July 16

As is always the case, instructors and helpers are needed for the classroom, pool, and river sessions, for the barbecue, and to assist in other ways. It is much less stressful for as if people volunteer their time, rather than making us get on the phone to plead for assistance.

Please contact Rob Farley (482-3460), John Wolfe (434-5874) or Mark Willett (434-4297) if you can help.


Any idea how many paddleable rivers are in the state? Or how many of those you have paddled?

To increase our knowledge and appreciation of paddling opportunities throughout Vermont, we're kicking off the 30 Rivers program. Mark Willett, with the assistance of Eric Bishop and Peter Briggs, has pulled together an initial list of eligible rivers. No doubt more will be added as time passes - we'd appreciate any suggestions you have on additional candidates.

Generally, trips may take place any time following the announcement of the 30 Rivers program at the June 5, 1995 meeting. Trips on 30 of the rivers, or river segments, qualify the paddler for 30 Rivers recognition. Flatwater trips will usually be at least 6 miles long; whitewater trips may vary according the river in question.

Club members who complete the Around Vermont in 30 Rivers program will have their names listed on a plaque, and receive a special pin or decal. Trip logs are available from Mark, and should be used to record trips as they take place.

Flatwater Training: If people are interested, call Peter Briggs and we'll set up a warm weather session.

Vermont Paddlers Club Logo: Teo Campbell has been working on sketches for the new VPC logo and on a design for 30 Rivers. At one point we were thinking about two Holsteins paddling a C- 2, but more sober minds have prevailed.

At right is a working copy of one of the designs. We hope to have final versions available in the near future.


Over 90 people turned out for a sumptuous lasagna dinner catered by the Spanked Puppy, a Colchester restaurant, and coordinated by Eric Bishop.

President Peter Briggs opened the business portion of the meeting with a review of VPC's incorporation as a Vermont non-profit corporation, and the adoption of bylaws. He stated that we would not be pursuing status as a 501(c)(3) organization, since VPC does not meet IRS criteria for tax-exempt educational non-profit organizations under this section of code.

Fred Abraham spoke about the Vermont Quiet Lakes Association and Friends of Waterbury Reservoir, two organizations that are dedicated to preserving some of Vermont's scenic waters for quiet use. These groups are trying to work constructively with a diverse group of water users, and deserve your support. Contact either organization at P.O. Box 86, Waterbury Center, VT 05677-0086, or call Fred at 802-244-8104.

Mark Willett and Eric Bishop floated an idea for a program to be known as Around Vermont in 30 Rivers and promised to have details available in time for the June meeting.

Zander Ponzo stated that he is considering a trip to the Allagash in August (after the black flies are gone) and is looking for others who may be interested in joining him.

Mark Willett requested ideas and contacts for possible future slide shows at our meetings, He also indicated that the Club is interested in creating a slide library of rivers we frequently run, and that the VPC would be willing to absorb processing costs for the film involved. Contact Mark for details.

Steve Brownlee of Umiak in Stowe gave out information on ACA Instructor Certification courses that Umiak will be teaching this spring. Contact Steve at Umiak (802-253-2317) for additional information and dates.

Al Stirt presented a terrific slide program titled Crossing Ungava, about a trip he took from the Hudson Bay across the Ungava Peninsula in northern Quebec to Ungava Bay on the eastern side.

Eric Bishop


HUNTINGTON RIVER : March 15, 1995

Participants: Participants: John Wolfe, Ray Ingram, Andy Meilleur.

We put in at the point where the river comes close to the road near the Audubon at 3:30 PM. This was my earliest start for any paddling season. Some eddies were missed but many more were taken. John startled a beaver out of one of the shore eddies. We were joined by a single man raft about half way down at the bridge.

We had a limited cattle drive going when we passed a herd on the left shore between the last two bridges. We took out well above the gorge at 5: 10 PM. It doesn't get any better than this.

-- Andy Meilleur

HUNTINGTON RIVER : March 16, 1995

Participants: Participants: Mark Willett, Ray Ingram, John Wolfe, Chris Clark, Andy Meilleur.

It got better. In at Audubon 4:05 PM. Out above the gorge at 6:01 PM with no daylight to spare.

-- Andy Meilleur


Participants: Participants: 10:30 AM - Mike Fullerton, Peter Downey, Len Carpenter, Andy Meilleur.
1:00 PM - Wayne Foell, Shaun ?, Andy Meilleur.

This improvised schedule for the Lower Lamoille read like the flight schedule of a busy airport, with trips leaving the Fairfax bridge at 9:30 AM, 10:30 AM, and 1:00 PM. I managed to participate in the last two runs,

-- Andy Meilleur

LEMON FAIR RIVER : April 2, 1995

Participants: There were 12 boaters in 7 boats, including 1 kayak.

The trip was listed in the activities column of the Burlington Free Press by the co-sponsor, the Vermont Chapter of the Sierra Club. Only about 2 paddlers were from the VPC.

In past years the fields were well flooded. I checked the day before the trip to be sure there wouldn't be too much wading. I found some Class .03 whitewater, where the river dropped .1 inch in 5 feet. I warned the participants of the danger. I made sure everyone signed the new VPC waiver and the Sierra Club Environmental Bill of Rights.

We proceeded down the river single file for most of the way. Some birds and other wildlife were seen. One animal may have been a beaver, but there was a discussion and only a quick glimpse was available. At an old tree across the river, one person stayed in the canoe and was dragged across the mud to pass the tree.

This is a great stream for an early float trip. It only drops 10 feet in 10 miles and floods easily. It is rather slow, so there is a lot of work to get there on time, and the take-out banks are steep.

-- Peter Grant

MASCOMA RIVER : April 8-9, 1995

Participants: Participants: OCA: Andy Meilleur, Tony Shaw, Randy Allen, Eric Bishop, Paul Carlile, Peter Downey; KA: Sue Strang.

The scheduled Upper Mad (and everything else locally) was too low. We learned of this scheduled release (a race weekend) through the Merrimack Valley Paddlers, and the rest is history. Andy and I got in two scouting runs Saturday ahead of the 11 AM slalom race, and the group's two runs Sunday straddled the noontime downriver race.

At 4 feet plus on the tailrace gauge this is a sporty Class 11-111 run. High water and a fairly uniform gradient favored haystacks over holes, such that surfing aficionados were a bit disappointed at first. Still, by day's end we'd pegged all the prime play spots, and took turns jet ferrying across haystacks between eddies. Swims were rare, and the weather was dry though none too warm.

A highlight leaving Lebanon on Saturday was the spectacle of two hair boaters taming the 1/2-mile Class V maze between retaining walls downtown. Life's short .... Paddle hard!

--Tony Shaw

LOWER WHITE RIVER : April l5, 1995

Participants: Participants: Russ Kinaman, George McIntosh, Andy Meilleur

In: 11 AM one mile upstream of 1-89 bridge in Sharon. Out: 2:30 PM at the bridge in West Hartford.

I had my doubts about being able to get this scheduled trip to run. With temps in the low 40's, no sun, and a general perception that all rivers were too low, interest was falling fast. The gauge at the interstate bridge in Sharon read "I", which made the ledge drops exciting but not intimidating. The best run over the Sharon darn was made far to the right.

Many of the drops produced large surfing waves, some of which we passed up in our reluctance to swim in this weather. The middle third, excluding the Sharon dam, was washed out. The Sharon to West Hartford section of the White River serves as a good alternative when the Stockbridge to Bethel section is too low.

-- Andy Meilleur

LOWER WHITE RIVER : April 20, 1995

Participants: Participants: John Schroeder, George McIntosh, Mike Smorgans, Andy Meilleur.

In at 10:50 AM; Out at 3:50 PM.

This run had much improved weather over the April 15 run and the water level was about the same. We spent 5 hours, compared to 3 1/2 hours before, which indicated additional play below the drops. It seemed that no surfing wave was left untouched, except for the wave made by the Sharon dam. The fine weather and warmer water promoted "experimentation" which led to five short swims total, with only George having no mishaps. Before taking out, we lingered awhile below the West Hartford bridge where we found a 12-foot long surfing hole. If we stayed on that wave for long we became side surfers. George had a very focused look on that one.

Once again the Lower White River has saved us from a weekend without paddling, in this season of low water levels.

-- Andy Meilleur

BROWNS RIVER : April 22, 1995

Participants: Participants: Mark Willett and his daughter, Billie Jo; Eric Bishop and Barb Frankowski; and Russ Kinaman in canoes, with George McIntosh as the tone kayaker.
Weather: Great! Then Cloudy. Then Great! Then windy. Then Great! Then cold, windy and rainy. Typical Vermont April weather, and of course the wind was against us.

George was the only participant to have run the Browns River from Westford to Fairfax so we relied on his expert scouting reports. The first-timers were not expecting much difficulty or challenge, but the Browns has a few pleasant surprises. As the river runs through Westford there is an old mill and dam, which provides the first real challenge. George reported that he's seen the chute run at higher April levels but we all chose to portage around. The trip was too young for a swim.

The next several miles provide some nice stretches of easy, fast water. There is one very nice series of Class II rapids about a half-mile from the mill, which would be perfect for beginning boaters looking for a relatively safe practice run. Further on there are two ledges with three to four foot drops and limited choices for running through. Scouting is recommended. Most of the group ran these ledges, with no swamped boats or swimmers. George buried his kayak at the bottom of one drop with only his head and paddle showing above the white foam. I wish I'd had my camera.

The scouting, low water levels, and high wind made the trip duration longer than anticipated. The Browns River slows down before it enters the Lamoille in Fairfax. Our trip took us down the larger river to Arrowhead Lake. For those desiring a shorter trip there is a takeout on the Browns about a mile before it enters the Lamoille River. Our trip from Fairfax to Arrowhead Lake took five and a half hours.

-- Mark Willett

HUDSON GORGE : April 22, 1995

Participants: Participants: OC-1: Peter Alden, Mike Fullerton, Andy Meilleur, Tony Shaw; K-1: Alan Bills.

Adirondack rains Friday must have exceeded Burlington's 6/10th of an inch, as the pre- and post- bubble gauge reading climbed from 4 1/3 to almost 5 feet. Alan and Andy both proceeded with caution during the trip, it being their inaugural one in the gorge. When in doubt, Andy's strategy involved mimicking Mike's every move, rather like a duckling imprinted on its mother. My strategy, in contrast, garnered the Bishop Award for Proficiency in 180 Degree Rolls (the first 180 degrees, that is) and counting fish. True to character, Peter kept his composure at the narrows where the first ledge/wave combination shoved his boat left 10 feet, foiling his plan to hug the right shore. The rest of us watched in disbelief as he bobbed down through the maelstrom ("relaxed," he purports), and eddied out at the bottom with only half a boatful of water!

After paddling I scouted the steepest portions of the nearby Boreas River on foot. It is remote, breathtaking, and from what I saw, sane for expert open canoes provided low boatable conditions (around -1.0 on Northwoods Club Road Gauge.) Those who love the New Haven through Bristol would find on the Boreas Class IV Nirvana.

-- Tony Shaw


Participants: Participants: Peter Downey, Randy Allen, Andy Meilleur.

This trip started about 1/2 mile above the power dam in East Montpelier and finished near the intersection of Routes 2 and 302. The river was running at a low medium level and the rapids were mostly Class II, however at a higher level the rapids directly below the power dam are probably Class III.

Two of the participants started the trip below an old dam. Randy ran the 5-foot drop and was 0 for 1 running waterfalls. Class II rapids continued for about 1/4 mile to the backwater for the power dam and we carried to the right of the dam by the powerhouse. The set of rapids below the dam are the most exciting of the trip and continue for about 2 miles. This section of river was where Ray Ingram held his Fiddlehead Slalom race on April 15 and 16.

The group next canoed the Lower Mad River from below the power dam in Moretown to the Winooski River (but did not run Junk Yard Rapids). This pool/drop run is about 3 miles long and the rapids appear to be Class 11 with a few Class III drops at medium water levels. Right after the dam the river narrows down and contains a couple of exciting drops about 75 yards long. About halfway through the trip you reach a 4-foot waterfall. Randy made a successful run over the drop and was I for 2 for the day. The river continues to the Moretown Gorge, which has some exciting drops including the big drop right before you enter the backwater of the Winooski River.

An excellent day on a couple of close local rivers.

-- Peter Downey


Participants: Participants: Peter Downey, Randy Allen, Andy Meilleur, Greg Magnant.

Water level was medium for this Class II run. Please refer to April 23rd trip for detail. We did run Junk Yard Rapids on the Winooski River at the end of the trip. This is a very short Class 11 rapid about I mile below the Moretown GMP dam. No one ran the 4-foot drop this day and no swims were recorded.

-- Peter Downey


Participants: Participants: Mark and Billie Jo Willett, Eric Bishop, Bobbie Lambert, John Wolfe, Olga Vrana and her friend, Jo.

We started at the Cochran Road canoe access, just above Richmond, with four canoes and a dozen empty trash bags. The wind tried harder than the river current to help us decide which direction would be easiest to travel. Unfortunately, we were committed to going the direction of the current so we fought the wind the entire trip.

However, since our mission was to Green Up this stretch of the Winooski River, and the view from the river, much of our travel was by land. We found tires, barrels, cables, buckets, bottles, cans, sleds, and other assorted junk by the boatload. Everyone worked hard collecting the trash.

By 12:30 we arrived in Richmond with four canoes nearly swamped from the weight of the assorted garbage. John Wolfe, who had dragged out a 55 gallon metal barrel, did an excellent job getting it downriver to dry land.

Thanks to everyone who participated; next year I hope to see more boats and less garbage.

-- Mark Willett

MOOSE RIVER (NY) : May 13, 1995

Participants: Participants: Eric Bishop, Eric Palmer

We drove to Old Forge to run the Lower Moose, a Class III-IV section. The scheduled water release did not happen. We paid a local $20 to shuttle us and paddled anyway, at the minimum possible flow.

The rapids were mostly ledge drops and several would be a real challenge at release levels. At the Saturday level they were III +. This was a great way to scout the river before trying it at a higher level. More releases are scheduled in the coming weeks, and this river would definitely be worth another trip.

-- Eric Bishop


Participants: Participants: Peter and Joe Briggs; Mark, Krista, Sarah, and Billie Jo Willett, Carl Schneider.

Two canoes and two kayaks hit the water in Bethel at about 10:45 on a sunny morning. The weather forecast predicted increasingly gusty winds from the southeast, the exact direction our river valley headed.

Not surprisingly, the water level was low for mid-May, but most of this stretch is canoeable at low levels. One of the early, short Class 11 stretches was impossible to run without a fair amount of rock bumping and scraping. Both canoes got hung up and turned around here, while the kayaks, which had chosen the other channel around an island, reported no troubles. Later we had to get out and drag the canoes a couple of times across shallow stretches.

We had a leisurely picnic lunch on an island just above the most fun little chute of the trip. As the afternoon progressed, the force of the wind increased until making headway became a real chore. We played "musical chairs" as people changed seats and boats. The final series of ledges above Sharon provided a nice thrill, and the two canoes took out just above Sharon while Mark and Carl paddled their kayaks a couple of miles further, to the planned takeout just below the old dam.

This is a nice, friendly stretch of river, especially at slightly higher water levels, and preferably without a headwind.

-- Peter Briggs

VPC Telephone List - summer 1995

Abraham, Fred                244-8104 
Agnew, George                658-2866 
Alden, Peter & Susan         863-6585 
Allen, Craig & Joan          453-4377 
Allen, Randy                 223-3771 
Allen, Richard & Lucille     878-3853 
Ames, Teri                   899-1821 
Amidon, Ed                   425-2375 
Anderson, Art 
Baker, Stan                  748-2129 
Barg, Lori                   454-1874 
Barrett, Mattie & Ron        525-5438 
Barwick, John                244-5056 
Battistoni, Ricky            985-8420 
Bills, Alan                  660-3157 
Bishop, Eric                 878-2018 
Blaisdell, Jeffrey           860-3676 
Boedy, David                 862-3383 
Boudah, Michael              879-2898 
Bourque, Jerry & Katie       878-0107 
Bradley, Stephen             492-3837 
Brew, Linda                  864-6215 
Briggs, Peter                985-8257 
Brown, Peter                 223-2448 
Brownlee, Steve              496-7666 
Bunker, Clarence & Dawn      879-0355 
Burcroff, Ann                229-9677 
Cannon, Bill                 253-4368 
Carpenter, Len               655-3071 
     summer                  893-7962 
Carruba, Jerry & Ginny       485-3092 
Cawley, David                862-9336 
Chamberlain, Cathy           863-3067 
Chambers, Carolyn            860-5049 
Collimer, Jo                 229-5054 
Collimore, Chas & Jackie 203-865-2405 
Crowe, David                 899-2469 
Crowe, William               899-2469 
Daughtry, Brad               863-5182 
Davis, Deborah               425-2984 
Davis, Rick                  434-4399 
Dawson, James            518-643-9289 
De Bari, Kathryn             865-6246 
DeCell, Greg                 824-5441 
DeLeo, Diane                 244-5056 
Derenthal, Thomas            865-6246 
Dodds, Robert & Melinda      879-1184 
Dolan, Jamie                 453-4658 
Downey, Daniel & Roberta     223-3376 
Dragon, Kevin & Jean         865-2679 
Driscoll, Kathy 
Duggan, Lar                  862-5831 
Dunn, Jim & Diana            899-4151 
Eaton, Laura                 878-0911 
Edwards, Smith & Jan         253-7765 
Everts, Edward               425-2984 
Farley, Robert               482-2427 
Farnham, Pam                 878-7193 
Foell, Wayne & Kathy         878-9737 
Frankowski, Barb             878-2018 
Fried, Mitch                 244-5016 
Fullerton, Mike              456-8701 
Garner, Deanna              878-6475 
Gerardi, Len                748-8928 
Gibbons, Jane               658-6583 
Gold, Suzanne               583-1348 
Gomez, Rich                 244-6308 
Gordon, Helen               453-3570 
Grant, Barbara              985-8257 
Grant, Peter                453-2278 
Greenberg, Reid             985-8693 
Grocning, David             849-2701 
Halnon, James & Sheila 
Ham, Betsy                  728-6458 
Haskell, Neal               878-7193 
Hastings, Alec              728-5312 
Haugh, Larry & Jane         879-0634 
Haupt, Roy & Wendy          244-5213 
Hendrickx, Jeff         508-839-9744 
Heller, Joan                223-1874 
Higgins, James              899-3687 
Higgs, Jody                 453-5751 
Hopkins, Trisha             485-8168 
Howe, Brad                  759-2141 
Huber, Peter                453-3147 
Jarvi, Lauren               748-8928 
Johnson, Becky              426-3734 
Jones, Tom & Erna           623-6080 
Karl, Patty                 229-1641 
Kastner, Tom                426-3734 
Kazeniac, Marisha           425-3380 
Kinaman, Russ               879-6666 
King, John                  863-6429 
Knapp, Faith                649-5106 
Koehler, Vincent            863-1444 
Ladd, J.                    864-7280 
Lambert, Bobbie             860-4995 
Larsen, Rich & Sheri        878-6828 
Lindemann, Robert           229-2062 
Loewen, Jim                 658-1489 
Lonsdale, P. Taylor         229-1732 
Lopez, Cheryl               527-0842 
MacDonald, Meg              864-6215 
Magnant, Greg & Jennifer    879-5149 
Majoreli, Arne              985-8693 
Malina, Ed                  879-4038 
Manahan, Heidi & Rick       524-5847 
Maxwell, Carroll            425-3558 
Mayer, Chip                 388-9404 
Mayer, Jack                 388-9404 
McCarren, Louise            425-2375 
McIntosh, George & Margaret 644-2134 
Meilleur, Andrew & Corrine  878-3008 
Meyer, Laura & Stuart       878-4127 
Mitchell, Sidney            492-3322 
Mogilski, Carol             878-6369 
Morgan, Michael             223-2039 
Mosenthal, Philip           759-2383 
Moskowitz, Betty            223-1874 
Myer, Georgia               425-4169 
Nadon, Fred                 495-8168 
Neme, Laurel & Chris        655-9649 
Never, Brent                878-5826 
Nuquist, Andrew             223-3550 
Olsen, Kathy                     485-8199 
Petot, Julie                     223-6412 
Ponzo, Zander                    658-0240 
Pyne, Lawrence & Stephanie       372-5822 
Ray, George                      472-6292 
Ray, Patrick & Estelle           878-5410 
Reichert, Jonathan & Barbara 7l6-839-2437 
Reynolds, Robert & Annette       453-2939 
Russell, Albert & Jennifer       893-1504 
Russom, Mike                     985-9383 
Sargent, Matt                    485-6213 
Schaefer, Hildgund               453-2278 
Scharf, Tina                     453-4658 
Schlein, Matt & Jackie           545-2075 
Schlof, Merle                    352-4246 
Schneck, John & Bonnie           893-7706 
Schneider, Carl                  229-0516 
Schneider, Rick                  453-3570 
Schroeder, Fred & Sally          863-4415 
Schroeder, John & Julie          899-2694 
Schultheis, Arnold               878-3784 
Schumacher, Bob & Barbara        985-2692 
Scott, Wendy                     933-2125 
Seelan, Patricia                 862-9336 
Shaw, Tony & Joan                879-1655 
Sherlock, Rebecca                223-5425 
Simon, Tracy                     223-2039 
Smith, Clyde & Elizabeth     518-962-4859 
Smollin, William             518-371-9149 
Spear, Sally                     655-3071 
     summer                      893-7962 
Squires, Andy & Carlene          434-2533 
Steinhoff, Mark                  878-7660 
Stephens, Lowell                 583-1348 
Stevens, Tom                     253-6816 
Stirt, Alan                      933-2125 
Strauss, Caroline & Roger        496-3895 
Swett, Jeffrey & Tina            985-1424 
Talbott, Frank 
Thiefels, Robert                 482-4017 
Thompson, Charlie & Marion       878-2536 
Thompson, Larry & Patricia       434-3454 
Thum, Eric                       862-3095 
Tisdale, Demaris                 434-3941 
Trebitz, Heinz & Inge            785-2129 
Trudell, Dick & Kay              655-3554 
Viens, Vicky                     244-1367 
von Rohr, Jennifer & Rob         877-2423 
von Rohr, James                  878-5269 
Vrana, Olga                      863-0295 
Wadsworth, Ann                   879-4038 
Weisman, Jerry                   863-3222 
Wentworth, Rod                   229-5054 
Whitney, Martha                  862-5118 
Whiting, Martha                  862-5118 
Wildgust, Allon & Marianne       247-3119 
Willett, Mark & Krista           434-4297 
Willis, M. Heidi                 388-9207 
Wolfe, John N.                   434-5874 
Wolf-Reichert, Barbara       716-839-2437 
York, Jeff                       899-5179 

The Message Line

Last spring, VPC established a message line. With a touch-tone phone and the correct access code, a caller may listen to message and leave messages. The line was heavily used last spring. We hope that this service will be used by Club members to coordinate trips which are not on the formal trip schedule. (Use is not restricted to paddling trips.)

Briefly, the system operates as follows:

Tape 1, with the "greeting" message, will be updated each week to list the trips on our normal schedule, plus selected trips run by other paddling groups. Callers will hear this message when they dial the Message Line number.

Tape 2 will hold messages that callers leave. Leaving a message requires no special procedure -- simply leave a message after the beep. Listening to trip messages that others have left requires the procedure printed in more detail below (see Option 2).


Dial 878-8647.

The machine will answer and announce scheduled trips. If that is all you want, hang up at the end.

Option 1: To leave a message without listening to other messages:

Leave your message following the beep at the end of the list of scheduled trips.
Option 2: To listen to messages others have left:
Enter the "remote code number" before the end of the trips announcement. (We'll leave enough time for you to both listen to the trips and enter the code.) The code is 95 (as in the year 1995).

The machine will begin to go through its voice menu. It announces "Press 1 to play back all messages. Press 2 for other functions."

You should Press 1. You may hang up when done, or continue by waiting for 5 seconds after the machine says "End of final message." See Option 3.

Option 3: To leave a message after listening to messages:
If you have stayed on the line after listening to messages, the machine will restart at the top of its voice menu.

Therefore, when the machine says "Press 1 to play back all messages. Press 2 for other functions," you should Press 2.

The machine will continue "Press 1 to play back new messages. Press 2 for other functions." Again, Press 2 to continue.

The machine now states "Press 1 to record your message. Press 2 for other functions." Press 1 and leave your message. Hang up when done.

Eric's home phone is 878-2018. You may call him if you are having problems with the line.

Dam Release Schedules - 1995

Low cfs = Class II-III
High cfs = Class III-IV

  June 10 - Sat          1300 cfs
  June 17 - Sat          1800 cfs
  June 18 - Sun          5500 cfs
  June 25 - Sun          2400 cfs
  July 1 - Sat           1300 cfs
  July 2 - Sun           1800 cfs
  July 15 - Sat          1300 cfs
  July 16 - Sun          2400 cfs
  July 29 - Sat          1000 cfs
  August 12 - Sat        1800 cfS
  August 13 - Sun        2400 cfs
  Sept 2 - Sat           1300 cfs
  Sept 3 - Sun           5500 cfs
  Sept 16 - Sat          1800 cfs
  October 8 - Sun   5500-6000 cfs
Pontook Dam section = Class II-III

Water releases at the Pontook Dam on the Androscoggin River will continue in the saw pattern as in previous years.
Canoe and kayak releases are full river flow, 1500 to 2000 cfs, and are from 10 AM to 4 PM. The flow at other times is either 350 or 500 cfs and is too low to paddle.

May 27, 28, 29
June 3, 4, 5, 10, 11, 17, 18, 24, 25
July 1, 2, 3, 4, 7, 8, 9, 14, 15, 16, 21, 22, 23, 28, 29, 30
August 4, 5, 6, 11, 12, 13, 18, 19, 20, 25, 26, 27
September 1, 2, 3, 4, 9, 10, 16, 17

The flow on the remainder of the river will continue as usual with continuous paddleable flows determined by water requirements downstream.

Fife Brook section = Class II-III

June 3, 4, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 17, 18, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25
July 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 15, 16, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30
August 3, 4, 5, 6, 10, 11, 12, 13, 17, 18, 19, 20, 24, 25, 26, 27, 31
September 1, 2, 3, 7, 8, 9, 10, 16, 17, 21, 22, 27, 28, 29, 30
October 1, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 18, 19, 20

Monroe Brook section = Class III-IV
** These dates may change!

June 3, 4, 17, 24, 25
July 8, 9, 15, 16, 22, 30
August 5, 6, 11, 12, 19, 20, 26, 27
September 3, 16, 17, (nationals 26, 27)
October 1, 7

Middle Moose = Class II-III
Lower Moose = Class III-IV
Bottom Moose = Class V

October 7, 8, 14, 15, 21, 22, 28, 29
Upper West = Class III-III+
Lower West = Class II-III

September 23-24: Fall Release

We are indebted to the Merrimack Valley Paddlers for much of the above information, and for the format in which it is presented. Thanks also to George McIntosh for the Pontook Dam release schedule.

Whitewater and Flatwater Schedule - summer 1995

Notes on river difficulty are only a guide. Water levels and trip difficulty are subject to change - each participant is responsible for judging his or her own qualifications.

Whitewater Paddlers: Refer to the attached dam release schedule and coordinate additional trips through the message line. Be aware that releases may be subject to change during a dry summer!

Please contact the trip coordinator 3 to 5 days before the trip, even if your plans are only tentative. Insufficient interest may result in trip cancellation.

Date      Day     Trip                                Coordinator(s)      Phone    Notes 

Jun 9-11  Fri-Sun White or Pemi or ... with AMC. (2   Faith Knapp         649-5106 WW 
                    weeks notice req'd. for Rochester 
                    lodging, ($10.00 pp) 
Jun 9-11  Fri-Sun Androscoggin Overnight (NH)         Charlie Thompson    878-253  Nov/Int WW 
Jun 13    Tues    Converse Bay to Shelburne Beach -   Peter Briggs        985-8257 Evening 
                    8 mile evening paddle.                                         Picnic 
Jun 17    Sat     White River from Sharon             Andy Meilleur       878-3008 Nov WW 
                    30 Rivers 
Jun 18    Sun     Winooski River                      Mark Willett        434-4297 Nov WW 
                    30 Rivers                                                      Flatwater 
Jun 18    Sun     Williston Triathalon - Run, paddle, Tony Shaw           879-1655 Race! 
                    & bike @ Catamount Family Center 
Jun 20    Tues    Shelburne Beach to Shelburne Bay -  Peter Briggs        985-8257 Afternoon 
                    12 miles                                                       Evening 
Jun 21    Wed     Indian Brook Reservoir and Burgers. Rich & Sheri Larsen 878-6828 Evening 

Jun 24-25 Sat-Sun Ottawa River  With Eric, Teo,       Eric Bishop         878-2018 Great WW 
                    Georgia, Terri, Mike ... ?        Teo Campbell        860-3626 Don't miss it 
Jun 27    Tues    Green River Reservoir               Peter Briggs        985-8257 9:00 AM 

Jul 7-8   Sat-Sun Racquette River (NY) - North of     Mike Russom         985-9383 Camping 
                    Tupper Lake 
Jul 14-16 Fri-Sun Canoe/Kayak Clinics                 Rob Farley          482-34?? for details 
                                                      John Wolfe          434-5874 
Jul 15-16 Sat-Sun Androscoggin (NH) - River or lake   Peter Downey        223-3376 Camping 
                    with GMC 
Jul 19    Wed     Indian Brook Reservoir and Burgers  Rich & Sheri Larsen 878-6828 Evening 

Jul 22-23 Sat-Sun Androscoggin Overnight              Mark Willett        434-4297 Camping 
                                                                                   Nov/Int WW 
Jul 29-30 Sat-Sun Black River (Watertown, NY)         Eric Bishop         878-2018 Class III-IV 

Jul 30    Sun     Connecticut River                   Peter Briggs        985-8257 
                    30 Rivers 
Aug 1     Tues    East Creek/Lake Champlain/          Peter Briggs        985-8267 9:00 AM 
                    Ticonderoga Creek (NY) 
                    30 Rivers 
Aug       Tues    Poultney River/East Bay/            Peter Briggs        985-8257 9:00 AM 
                    Lake Champlain Canal 
                    30 Rivers 
Aug 9     Wed     Malletts Bay                        Eric Bishop         878-2018 Evening 
                    evening paddle & picnic                                        Picnic 
Aug 12    Sat     Otter Creek                         Peter Grant         453-2278 Flatwater 
                    30  Rivers 
Aug 15    Tues    Fairfield Swamp                     Peter Briggs        985-8257 9:00 AM 

Sep 16-17 Sat-Sun ADK Overnight                       Peter Grant         453-2278 Camping 

Sep 23-24 Sat-Sun West River Fall Release                                    Upper III-III+ 
                    30 Rivers                                                Lower II-III 
Oct 8     Sun     Lamoille  River                     Peter Briggs        985-8257 Family 
                    West Milton to Sandbar                                         Flatwater 
                    30 Rivers 
Oct 14    Sat     Winooski  Fall Foliage Tour         Mark Willett        434-4297 Family 
                    30  Rivers 

For information about each trip, contact the trip coordinator. The scheduled trips are based on 'normal" seasonal water levels or scheduled dam releases.

  • Trips listed may be changed or cancelled due to unsuitable water levels or insufficient interest.
  • Persons interested in leading an alternate trip on a particular day should contact the coordinator of the scheduled trip so that information about the alternate trip may be relayed to others. Also, the new VPC Message Line (878-8647) is available to communicate information on unscheduled trips.
  • Call trip coordinator 3 to 5 days ahead of a trip to express potential interest.. Give one week's notice for overnight trips so that tentsites, menus, etc. can be preplanned (two weeks for Dead River trips.)
  • Mark Willett (434-4297) can drop everything to run to the Huntington (Int) when it rains -- and he yearns to do so. Inquiries are welcome.
  • Mike Russom would coordinate additional Adirondack wilderness overnights (Cedar, Raquette,etc.) if folks are interested. Call Mike at 985-9383.
  • Call the Message Line (878-8647) for announcements regarding scheduled and impromptu trips.
Please read Guidelines for Vermont Paddlers Club Trips before going on any trip.
           NOTES:    K = Kayak    WW = Whitewater    F = Family     C = Camping

Membership Applications and Waivers

  • Joining for the first time??
    Print and mail in the VPC Member Enrollment Form --

  • Renewing member??
    Send dues (due January 1st) to: VPC c/o Rich Larsen, 11 Discovery Rd., Essex Jct., VT 05452.

A printable waiver is online -- ()

Novice Whitewater Clinic

WHAT YOU WILL LEARN Three sessions; classroom, lake, and river, will be used to teach and demonstrate river running techniques; paddling styles; cold water safety requirements; white water hazards; and teamwork. Demonstrations and videos of boating and safety equipment will be used.
WHAT YOU WILL NEED Everything provided for Classroom Session. For Lake & River Sessions a canoe or kayak, life vest, and paddles are required. (Some participants in the canoe section without a canoe may be matched with those with canoes who need a partner).
WHAT WILL BE PROVIDED Textbook, Canoeing and Kayaking Instruction Manual by the American Canoe Association; Demonstration and practice equipment for classroom and lake sessions. A Bar-B-Q lunch will be provided for the Lake Session.
COURSE FEE $30 to $40/person, depending on class size. (3 sessions and textbook. Reduced price for partners sharing an instruction manual.) Fee collected at first session.
Class: July 14, 7 pm - 1st Cong. Church, 39 Main, Essex Jct.
Lake: July 15, Noon to 4 pm - Waterbury Reservoir/State Park
River: July 22 - Androscoggin, day trip or overnight camping

REGISTRATION Call or mail in to register. Call Mark Willett 434-4297, or Rob Farley - 482-3460 or Mail by July 7th.
             NAME: ________________________________PHONE: ________________________

          ADDRESS: _______________________________________________________________

        I plan to take the clinic as a Canoeist ______ Kayaker _______ (check one)
        I have access to a Canoe? _______ Life Vest? _______ Wet/Dry Suit? _______
        Other equipment?(specify)_________________________________________________
        Paddling exprerience: None ______ Flatwater ______ Whitewater ______

                Mail to Mark Willett, RFD 1 Box 282, Richmond VT 05477

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For Username, enter either 1) the primary email address you've specified in your member profile, or 2) the Username assigned to you upon joining the VPC.

Once you are logged in as a VPC member, you will have access to your member profile, and members-only content on the website. If your login attempts fail, please email the webmaster. Include your name, and (if you know it) the username you were assigned.

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