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Bow and Stern - March 1, 1995

Bow and Stern - - March 1995

Bow and Stern

March 1995


Greetings Paddlers:

It was an interesting winter. I spent the season as a ski instructor at Stowe. While warm weather in November and mid-December melted snow as fast as it arrived, and a January thaw melted all the natural snow in the state, reports trickled in about river trips occurring during those normally coldest months of the year. The Huntington, North Branch of the Lamoille, and other rivers saw paddlers, and I heard a report from a reliable source of someone kayaking down the West Branch of the Little River past the Matterhorn in Stowe.

As of today, March 5, there is snow on the ground throughout the state, and still plenty of time for a big storm or two to come through and add to the snow cover. But I won't make any predictions about water levels for the upcoming paddling season - it could be very early and short. We'll just have to wait and see.

Vermont Paddlers Club is now incorporated as a Vermont non-profit corporation. Bylaws of the Club are included in this issue of Bow and Stem. We have decided not to pursue I.R.S. 501(c)(3) federal not-for-profit status as an educational organization due to questionable eligibility and minimal benefit.

Also, we have finalized the Waiver and Release of Liability which the Club will use. A copy is printed on the reverse side of the membership form, and we now require that all adult members sign the waiver at the time they pay their annual dues. If you have any questions or concerns about this please let me know.

I would like to thank Ed Amidon for all the time he spent advising the Club on matters related to incorporation, bylaws, and liability; and also to recognize considerable time and effort spent by Peter Alden, Bob Schumacher, Rich and Sheri Larsen, Sally Spear, Rob Farley, Tony Shaw, Mark Willett, Eric Bishop, and Peter Grant.

If you have an interest in CPR and First Aid training, pool sessions, whitewater canoe and kayak clinics, and equipment discounts, we've hidden that information on later pages. And Mark Willett is putting out an early plea for volunteers to help us with the White Water clinics. See you on the water.

Peter Briggs

Safety Equipment Sale

Canoe Imports is offering VPC members a discount of 25% on the following safety items through April 15: lifejackets, helmets, rescue ropes, floatation bags, whistles, and painters. Take advantage of this opportunity to update your equipment


At our February meeting, Rob Farley took on the task of arranging pool time for rolling practice on three Monday evenings in March. At press time, all available places in these sessions had been taken.

John Wolfe is in the process of setting up additional pool time in Johnson - dates and times have not yet been determined, but please contact John at 434-5874 for details, including cost.


       President                                 Peter Briggs            985-8257
       Vice President                            Mark Willett            434-4297
       Treasurer                                 Peter Grant             453-2278
       Secretary                                 Eric Bishop             878-2018
       Membership                                Peter Grant             453-2278
       Trip Schedule                             Tony Shaw               879-1655
                                                 Eric Bishop             878-2018
       White Water Canoe and Kayak Clinics       Rob Farley              482-3460
       Conservation/Water Resources              open
       Bow & Stern Editor                        Peter Briggs            985-8257
       Safety & Education                        Rob Farley              482-3460
       Spring Dinner                             Eric Bishop             878-2018

If you are interested in participating in Executive Committee meetings, or in helping some other way, please call Peter Briggs, or any other committee member. We would love to hear your suggestions and get you involved.


Rob Farley will teach American Red Cross CPR and First Aid classes.

When: xx March 1995 for CPR, 6:00 to 10:00 PM
xx March 1995 for First Aid, 6:00 to 9:00 PM
Where: Northern Chapter of the American Red Cross 29 Mansfield Ave, Burlington
Price: $20 for CPR $30 for CPR and First Aid together.

Space is limited, so register early. Registration deadline is 19 March 1995. Contact Rob Farley at 482-3460 for registration and information.

Note: Just before our press deadline, Rob found that the dates he had set would need to be changed. New dates should be known by the time you read this - call Rob for specifics.


Vermont Paddlers Club Logo: We need a new logo to go along with our new name. We'd like to bear your ideas and look at rough sketches of designs you think might work. If you would be to be part of a group which reviews design ideas, call Peter Briggs (985-8257).

For Sale: Perception Dancer kayak, nylon spray skirt, paddle, helmet, floatation bags - Like new. $450. Mad River Freedom canoe (Royalex). Like new. $750. Contact Judy or Devan Currier. Contoocook, NH. 603-746-5908.

For Sale- Perception Dancer kayak, blue, good condition, with float bags and Harmony spray skirt. $375. Call Rod Wentworth after 5 PM at 229-5054.

For Sale: MI Design slalom kayak with spray skirt. Will fit a fairly petite adult or large child. $125. Call Mark Willett at 434-4297.

Flatwater Training: If people are interested, call Peter Briggs and we'll set up a warm weather session.

Dues Deadline: 1995 membership dues must be paid by March 31. Please send your dues, updated membership form, and signed waiver (all adult members must sign the waiver) to Peter Grant by this date. Peter's address is on the membership form.

In early April we will send out a current telephone directory, special interest group listings, and more complete information on the canoe and kayak clinics.


After much discussion, the Executive Committee voted to change the timing of our traditional introductory clinics for white water canoeing and kayaking. This year, the clinics will be held in the late-May/early-June timeframe, with a combined classroom session, pool sessions held a day or two later, and river sessions about two weeks later.

While the details have yet to be worked out, tentative dates are:

Classroom: Friday, May 19
Pool: Sunday, May 21
River: Saturday, June 3

The Androscoggin Overnight scheduled for June 9-11 could provide an opportunity for additional training if students and instructors are willing.

As is always the case, instructors and helpers are needed for the classroom, pool, and river sessions. It is much less stressful for us if people volunteer their time, rather than making us get on the phone to plead for assistance.

Please contact Rob Farley (482-3460), Mark Willett (434-4297), or Peter Briggs (985-8257) if you can help.


The meeting was called to order at 7:15 P.M. at the Malletts Bay Boat Club by President Peter Briggs. Peter Alden moved that the reading of the minutes be waived and the motion was accepted by voice vote. Peter Grant gave the Treasurer's Report, and as of June 1, 1994 the Club account balance was in excess of last year's level. Peter Alden moved acceptance and it was, by voice vote.

Old business discussed included the Club name change, to be finalized shortly. The waiver situation was unchanged, pending input from Ed Amidon as to its suitability.

The Conservation Committee still needs a chairperson,

The Kayak Clinic was scheduled for the end of July, with a classroom, pool, and river session. A Little River release was the hoped-for water. Rob Farley is looking for volunteers for the clinic, instructors, barbecue helpers, etc. Mark Willett has reserved 5 campsites at Little River State Park for July 30 and 31.

Sue Alden is looking for photos of Norm Lavoie and the recently dedicated memorial on the Lamoille River.

New business included:

Vicki Viens, form the Quiet Lakes Association, was in attendance and looking for support for the organization. Her phone number is 244-1367.

Mark Willett is looking for programs for future meetings. His number is 434-4297.

The program for tonight's meeting was a slide show by Seth Gibson - highlighting river trips on the George River in Quebec. His organization sends teenagers on this, and other Canadian Rivers, for extended periods. It was an excellent show and the Club presented Mr. Gibson with a 1/2 gallon of maple syrup. He recommended the book Great Heart, a story of early explorations in this region.

Sheri Larsen moved adjournment, seconded by Peter Alden, carried by voice vote.


Eric Bishop



Participants: Bobbie Lambert; two charming women whose names I have misplaced; and Peter and Mallory Briggs.

We met at the Converse Bay access in Charlotte at 5:30 and paddled at a leisurely pace across calm waters to one of the bay's islands to picnic on a small stone beach, and enjoyed the quiet early summer evening. After eating we continued on, passing around two islands, catching glimpses of various ducks, watching several families of geese try to hide in the lakeshore reeds, and making friends with a young labrador retriever. This was a wonderful relaxed paddle on a beautiful evening.

-- Peter Briggs


Participants: Rich and Sheri Larsen; Andy and Corrine Meifleur; Tom, Karen, and Mark Furland; Tony and JoAnne Shaw and their two children; Mike Fullerton; George and Margaret McIntosh; Mike Russom and Shannon Reedy. Altogether, eight boats of various types.

Rather than the frequent fare of "Hudson Gorge and Terror," we decided to try "Indian Brook Reservoir and Burgers. " The weather cooperated, in that it was warm with fairly clear skies. This was a sedate after-work paddle of about an hour and a half. We paddled around the lake, and back and forth, and then watched Mike Russom swing from a rope on a lakeside tree and plop into the lake. Everyone got a little exercise at the reservoir, then drove a few miles to the Larsen house for hamburgers and pot-luck dishes. Jane and Larry Haugh joined us for burgers. We all added 3-4 pounds at the pot-luck, so that must mean it was successful!

-- Rich Larsen

ANDROSCOGGIN RIVER : August 14, 1995

Participants: Eva Paquin and two of her children, Frank Talbot, Caroline Strauss, George and Margaret McIntosh, Robin Orr and Dan Gottlieb, John Wolfe, Len Gerardi, Mark Willett, Peter Briggs, and possibly a few others.

This trip was billed as a canoe and kayak training session, in part as a follow-up to the July 30 - 31 white water kayak clinic. We were rewarded with very good attendance. In the morning we ran the section under the bridge in Errol several times and worked on rolling and other skills in the pool at the base of the rapids.

Groups split up for the afternoon, some staying in Errol and others heading below the dam for a training run down the river with the water release, where we ran into Poppy Gall and friends. Just one swimmer as I recall, and a prompt rescue. We took out just as the water dried up with the end of the release.

-- Peter Briggs


Participants: Becky Merrilees, Ann Waldron, Dee Garner, Russ Kinarnon, Jane Gibbons, Peter Grant, Hildgund Schaefer, Peter Briggs, Mallory Briggs.

Our collection of five canoes started below the West Milton Dam on a sunny October morning, with the goal of paddling to the mouth of the Lamoille on Lake Champlain, and then north to Sandbar where we left our cars. The warm morning was perfect for a relaxed cruise and foliage was somewhere near its peak. This section of the Lamoille is very pretty and paddling here during the "off-season" is a joy.

We took a lunch break shortly after passing under the Route 2 bridge, and noticed that the wind was gradually beginning to kick up from the west. By the time we packed up to continue our journey, the waves on the Lamoille were building to bucking bronco size and the wind was blowing in our faces so hard that making any progress at all was a ebore. Instead of risking the Lake Champlain passage, we took out at a Fish and Game access, convinced some fishermen to drive us to our cars at Sandbar, and ended the day a bit cold, but thankful for the chance to pull out early.

-- Peter Briggs

LAMOILLE RIVER : October 8, 1994

Participants: John King, George Agnew, David Boedy.

As only a fall day could be - what a beautiful day! We put in our two canoes at Cadys' Falls Dam in Morrisville at I 1:00 A.M. Very pleasant 8 mile paddle through lowland meadows to Dogs Head Falls. Portaged around 2 falls. We had a foliage train wave and shout at us. Paddled past Gihon River near Johnson and onto Ithiel Falls, very tame at this season of the year. From here to U.S. 15 bridge in Jeffersonville we paddled long and steady, arriving at 6:00 P.M. Total distance 20 miles.

-- George Agnew


Five boats showed up for spectacular foliage along a mellow autumn river. Although the weather appeared threatening no showers arrived. Saw many Great Blue Herons and assorted ducks, and we joined them wading in the water in a couple of shallow spots.

-- Mark Willett


Participants: Eric Bishop, Rob Farley

A warm, rainy early-December day with the North Branch running at an opLimum level. E. B. swims a few times at we paddle from the junction of 118 to above Waterville. Small, steep, and technical. Grade A water quality.

-- Eric Bishop


Participants: Eric Bishop, John Wolfe, Rob Farley, Mark Willett

Rob left his sled dogs at home for the day to join in an early season trip down the Huntington when the ice went out during the thaw. Caution was the word on this trip - nobody flipped, nobody rolled, nobody swam, and nobody wanted to.

-- Mark Willett


Last spring, VPC established a message line. Wiht a touch-tone phone and the correct access code, a caller may listen to messages and leave messages. The line was heavily used last spring. We hope that this service will be used by Club members to coordinate trips which are not on the formal trip schedule. (Use is not restricted to paddling trips).

Briefly, the system operates as follows:

Tape 1, with the "greeting" message, will be updated each week to list the trips on our normal schedule, plus selected trips run by other paddling groups. Callers will hear this message when they dial the Message Line number.

Tape 2 will hold messages that callers leave. Leaving a message requires no special procedure -- simply leave a message after the beep. Listening to trip messages that others have left requires the procedure printed in more detail below (see Option 2).


Dial 878-8647.

The machine will answer and announce scheduled trips. If that is all you want, hang up at the end.

Option 1: To leave a message without listening to other messages:

Leave your message following the beep at the end of the list of scheduled trips.
Option 2: To listen to messages others have left:
Enter the "remote code number" before the end of the trips announcement. (We'll leave enough time for you to both listen to the trips and enter the code.) The code is 95 (as in the year 1995).

The machine will begin to go through its voice menu. It announces "Press 1 to play back all messages. Press 2 for other functions."

You should Press 1. You may hang up when done, or continue by waiting for 5 seconds after the machine says "End of final message." See Option 3.

Option 3: To leave a message after listening to messages:
If you have stayed on the line after listening to messages, the machine will restart at the top of its voice menu.

Therefore, when the machine says "Press 1 to play back all messages. Press 2 for other functions," you should Press 2.

The machine will continue "Press 1 to play back new messages. Press 2 for other functions." Again, Press 2 to continue.

The machine now states "Press 1 to record your message. Press 2 for other functions." Press 1 and leave your message. Hang up when done.

Eric's home phone is 878-2018. You may call him if you are having problems with the line.

VPC Spring 1995 Whitewater and Flatwater Schedule

Notes on river difficulty are only a guide. Water levels and trip difficulty are subject to change - each participant is responsible for judging his or her own qualifications.

The spring schedules of both the New Hampshire AMC and the Merrimac Valley Paddlers will be posted on the Message Line (878-8647). Lots of NH rivers, dam releases, etc.

Date       Day      Trip                                 Coordinator(s)   Phone     Notes

Mar 25     Sat      Green River                          Eric Bishop      878-2018  Adv WW
                                                                                    Class III
Mar 26     Sun      Winhall River or ?                   Eric Bishop      878-2018  Adv WW
                                                                                    Class III
Apr 1      Sat      Huntington River                     Charlie Thompson 878-2536  Int WW
                                                                                    Class II
Apr 1      Sat      Jim's Choice                         Jim Dunn         899-4151  WW

Apr 2      Sun      West Branch Ompompanoosuc            Eric Bishop      878-2018  Int/Adv WW
                                                                                    Class III?
Apr 2      Sun      Lemon Fair River                     Peter Grant      453-2278  Pastoral

Apr 8      Sat      New Haven River                      Rob Farley       482-3460  Adv WW
                                                                                    Class III+
Apr 8      Sat      North Branch Winooski                Eric Bishop      878-2018  Int WW
                                                                                    Class II?
Apr 9      Sun      Mad River below Warren               Tony Shaw        879-1655  Int WW
                                                                                    Class II
Apr 9      Sun      Upper Lamoille or Moose River        Mike Fullerton   456-8701  Adv WW
                                                                                    Class III
Apr 15     Sat      Gihon River                          John Wolfe       434-5874  Adv WW
                                                                                    Class III-IV
Apr 15     Sat      Lower White River                    Andy Meilleur    878-3008  Int WW
                                                                                    Class II-III
Apr 16     Sun      Dog River - Call Message Phone                        878-8047  Int WW
                                                                                    Class II
Apr 16     Sun      Southern Vermont Rivers              Bob and Marvie   875-2235  Adv WW
                                                         Campbell                   Class III
Apr 16     Sun      White River - with AMC - Call Faith  Faith Knapp      649-5106  Int WW
                      for Sat. night lodging in Norwich
Apr 22     Sat      North Branch of the Lamoille River   Eric Bishop      878-2018  Adv WW
                                                                                    Class III+
Apr 22     Sat      Browns River                         Mark Willett     434-4297  Nov/Int WW
                                                                                    Class I - II
Apr 23     Sun      Contoocook River                     Mike Fullerton   456-8701  Adv WW
                                                                                    Class III+
Apr        Sun      White River system somewhere         Peter Alden      863-6585  Int WW

Apr 29-30  Sat-Sun  West River release & potluck         Bob and Marvie   875-2235  Adv WW
                      at Campbell's                      Campbell                   Class III+
Apr 29     Sat      Ammonoosuc River (NH)                Tony Shaw        879-1655  Adv WW
                                                                                    Class III+
Apr 30     Sun      Pemigewasset River (NH)              Tony Shaw        879-1655  Adv WW
                                                                                    Class III+
May 1      Mon      Swift River (NH)                     Tony Shaw        879-1655  Adv WW
                                                                                    Class IV
May 5...   Fri-???  Southern rivers (Tennessee,          Peter Brown      223-2448 
                      Georgia, North Carolina)           (before 9:00 PM.)
May 6      Sat      Winooski - Green-Up Day              Mark Willett     434-4297  Nov/Int WW

May 7      Sun      Schroon/Lower Hudson (NY)            Mike Fullerton   456-8701  Int WW

May 12-14  Fri-Sun  Fish Creek Canyon (NY)               Eric Bishop      878-2018  Adv WW
May 13     Sat      Hudson Gorge (NY)                    Mike Fullerton   456-8701  Adv WW

May 14     Sun      White River from Bethel              Peter Briggs     986-8257  Nov/Int WW
May 19-21  Fri-Sun  White Water School - canoe and       Rob Farley       482-3460  Call for 
                      kayak. Classroom, pool, and river  Peter Briggs     985-8257  details
                      training for beginners.            Mark Willett     434-4297
May 20     Sat      Local Rivers                         Andy Meilleur    878-3008  Int WW

May 27-28  Sat-Sun  Hudson Gorge and/or Wilderness       Mike Russom      985-9383  Int/Adv WW
                     Overnight                                                      Camping?
May 29     Mon      Lamoille River from Hyde Park        Tony Shaw        879-1655  Nov WW
Jun 3      Sat      White Water School - this is the     Rob Farley       482-3460
                      most likely date for the river     Peter Briggs     985-8257
                      session - details to follow.       Mark Willett     434-4297
Jun 9-11   Fri-Sun  White or Pemi or ... with AMC. (2    Faith Knapp      649-5106  Nov WW
                      weeks notice req'd. for Rochester
                      lodging, <$10. pp)
Jun 9-11   Fri-Sun  Androscoggin Overnight (NH)          Charlie Thompson 878-2536  Nov/Int WW

Jun 17     Sat      White River from Sharon              Andy Meilleur    878-3008  Nov WW

Jun 18     Sun      Winooski River                       Mark Willett      434-4297     Nov/lnt

Jun 18     Sun      Williston Triathalon-Run, paddle,    Tony Shaw         879-1655     Race!
                      bike. (Catamount Family Center.)

      NOTES: K = Kayak      WW = Whitewater      F = Family       C = Camping

For information about each trip, contact the trip coordinator. All trips are dependent on water level. The scheduled trips are based on 'normal' seasonal water levels or scheduled dam releases. The trips listed may be changed or cancelled if the water level is unsuitable.

Persons interested in leading an alternate trip on a particular day should contact the coordinator of the scheduled trip so that information about the alternate trip may be relayed to others. Also, the new VPC Message Line (878-8647) is available to communicate information on unscheduled trips.

Call trip coordinator by Thursday evening for all trips. Give one week's notice for overnight trips so that tent sites, menus, etc. can be preplanned (two weeks for Dead River trips.)

Mark Willett (434-4297) can drop everything to run to the Huntington (Int) when it rains -- and he yearns to do so. Inquiries are welcome.

Mike Russom would coordinate additional Adirondack wilderness overnights (Cedar, Raquette, etc.) if folks are interested. Call Mike at 985-9383.

Call the Message Line (878-8647) for announcements regarding both scheduled and impromptu trips.

Insatiable paddler seeks any number of same for PM outings on local rivers 4/04, 4/13, 4/18, 5/02, and 5/11. (All are Tuesday or Thursday evenings.) Call Andy Meilleur (878-3008) to enlist.

Rich Larsen will run Wednesday evening trips on the LOWER LAMOILLE in late April and early May as water levels permit. Contact Rich at 878-6828 for details.

Please read Guidelines for Vermont Paddlers Club Trigs before going on any trip.

For more information on times and meeting places, contact the trip coordinator. Trips are subject to change depending on water level and interest.

Guidelines for Vermont Paddlers Club Trips*

A. General Philosophy

Club outings are cooperative adventures among participants. The group is collectively responsible for the conduct of the outing; and each participant is individually responsible for judging his or her own qualifications and for his or her own safety on the river. By participating in a Club outing, you release the Club, its members, trip coordinators, and fellow paddlers from any injuries due to any negligent act or omission or to any intentional act intended to promote your safety or well being.

B. River Hazards

You must understand and accept that whitewater boating exposes you to various hazards, for example, boulders and other obstacles, strainers, undercut or entrapping formations, changing conditions, cold, high water and other hazards, mostly in remote locations. Injuries and deaths occasionally occur due to these hazards, among other things.

You are responsible for learning to recognize river hazards and learning and practicing the techniques for avoiding these hazards. You are also responsible for acquiring boating safety and rescue skills commensurate with the level of difficulty of the river you are paddling (see the International Scale of River Difficulty). One excellent source book is RIVER RESCUE by Bechdel and Ray, available at most outfitters.

Don’t endanger your life and the lives of others by trying to boat on water beyond your ability. Remember - most good paddlers develop by very gradually increasing the difficulty of rivers they run over a period of several years.

C. River Decision Making

You are solely responsible for the following decisions at all times:

  1. The decision to go on any trip.
  2. The decision to put-in the selected river (which may not be the scheduled river) under conditions existing at the time of the put-in.
  3. The decision as to what equipment to wear or take with you.
  4. The decision whether to scout any rapid.
  5. The decision whether to run any rapid.
  6. The decision whether to participate in any rescue or the recovery of any equipment.
  7. The decision to pass up any walk out or take out opportunity.

D. River Rescue

Trip participants usually assist each other when someone appears to need assistance, but only so long as they can do so, in their own judgment, without significant risk to themselves. Some participants may choose to accept greater hazards to rescue a fellow paddler. However, trip participants and the trip coordinator are under no legal duty to assist you.

E. Other Responsibilities of Participants

  1. Telephoning the trip coordinator well in advance of the trip you are planning to go on.
  2. Asking the trip coordinator about his or her training and experience, if these considerations are significant to you.
  3. Informing the trip coordinator of your skills, experience, training, and rivers run.
  4. Not bringing unexpected guests to the trip.
  5. Bringing appropriate equipment and making sure it is in good repair, specifically, life jacket, helmet, protective footwear, knife, whistle, throw bag, extra clothing.
  6. Observing good safety practices on the river.
  7. Informing yourself of the difficulty of the river under existing conditions.
  8. Sharing the optional group responsibilities (see section H).

F. About Your Trip Coordinator

Trip Coordinators are volunteers and they receive no pay. Their functions are to get the group to the same river at the same time, to arrange the shuttle, and to respond to inquiries to the best of their knowledge. However, your trip coordinator may never have run the scheduled river under the conditions encountered on the trip day. Indeed, the scheduled river may not be runnable on the day of the trip, and the trip may be switched to an unfamiliar river without prior notice.

Your trip coordinator may not have had any organized or formal training in whitewater boating skills, boating safety skills, first aid, or CPR. If you prefer to go on a trip only with a trip coordinator who has had organized or formal training in these areas, or who has had a lot of experience, it is your responsibility to ask him or her about his or her training and experience. It is solely your decision whether the trip coordinator’s qualifications are satisfactory to you. Bear in mind that your trip coordinator is not responsible for judging your qualifications or for your safety on the river.

G. Trip Coordinator Responsibilities

  1. Finding a substitute coordinator if you are unable to go on the trip and notifying the VPC president of the change.
  2. Familiarizing yourself with the put-in, take-out, shuttle, major obstacles and rapids on the scheduled river.
  3. Determining the rendezvous place and time.
  4. Responding to participant inquiries to the best of your knowledge about the river, your training and experience, and the participants’ training and experience. You have the authorization to refuse a particular participant on any reasonable grounds, but it is not your responsibility to determine whether a participant is qualified for the trip.
  5. Insuring that all participants in all trips (flatwater and whitewater) have signed VPC’s waiver of liability.

H. Optional Group Responsibilities

The group may wish to consider the following suggestions. Which of these suggestions are adopted on the trip is solely a group decisions, and is not the responsibility of any particular person.

  1. Obtain river stage or flow data.
  2. Obtain knowledge of the difficult parts of the run and emergency takeout routes.
  3. Equipment: throw rope in each boat, duct tape, first aid kit, extra paddle, flashlight, fire starter and matches, pruning or wire coil saw, survival suit, extra clothing, caribineers, prusik loops, map, guidebook.
  4. Keep group compact enough for communication, but not so compact as to interfere with each other.
  5. Consider dividing a large group into smaller groups, or having “buddy boats”.
*Editor's note: These guidelines are superceded by the Safety Code of American Whitewater (

Bylaws of the Vermont Paddlers Club


  1. The name of this association shall be the Vermont Paddlers Club, Inc., hereafter referred to as VPC.
  1. The purposes of the VPC are:
    1. To facilitate the enjoyment of recreational paddlesport.
    2. To organize a schedule of whitewater and flatwater canoe and kayak trips which suit the interests of Vermont Paddlers Club members.
    3. To promote safe and enjoyable paddling through education and other activities.
    4. To maintain an awareness of river resource and conservation issues, and to take action when appropriate to protect paddling resources.
  1. Any person may become a member upon application to the Treasurer and payment of annual dues.
  2. Membership may be either (a) individual, or (b) family. For those members who hold a family membership, each adult within the household is entitled to one vote. The Board of Directors shall set the annual dues for individual and family memberships. The membership year is the calendar year for which the annual dues are paid.
  3. Meeting dates shall be set by the Board of Directors. Membership meetings will generally be held in March arid June of every year, and a special meeting for the election of officers will be held in fall of odd-numbered years.
  4. A special meeting may be called by the President or by petition of 20 or more members.
  5. Notice of any meeting shall be mailed to each member at least one week in advance of such meeting and such notice shall include the purpose of the meeting and the names of persons nominated for election as officers.
  1. The officers of the VPC shall be a President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer, who shall be ex officio members of the Board of Directors.
  2. The officers of the VPC shall be elected approximately every two years. The Board of Directors shall nominate a slate of officers. Nominations may also be made from the floor during the election meeting.
  3. An officer may not serve in the same position for more than four consecutive years. Any vacancy in an officer position may be filled for the balance of the term by appointment of the Board of Directors.
  4. The President has basic responsibility for the care and direction of the VPC. He/she shall preside at meetings of the VPC.
  5. The Vice President shall assist the President in supervision of VPC activities, and shall also perform the duties of the President in the latter's absence or disability. The Vice President shall also be responsible for arranging entertainment for VPC meetings.
  6. The Secretary shall:
    1. Take the minutes of VPC meetings;
    2. Prepare and distribute notice of VPC meetings;
    3. Coordinate mailing of the VPC newsletter; and
    4. Prepare and file periodic reports required by federal or state government.
  7. The Treasurer shall:
    1. Process membership applications and maintain the membership files;
    2. Advise the Board of Directors on financial decisions; and
    3. Be responsible for receipt and disbursement of all funds of the VPC, and for the preparation of financial reports as requested by the Board of Directors.
  1. Board of Directors. The Board of Directors shall consist of the President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and three members elected by the general membership. The President or any two officers of the VPC may call meetings of the Board of Directors. A majority of the members of the Board of Directors shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of business. The Board of Directors shall:
    1. Advise the President on the care and direction of the VPC;
    2. Approve any single expenditure of funds from the VPC's treasury in excess of $ 100 and any contracts entered into by the VPC;
    3. Fill any vacancy in any elective office for the remainder of the term of that office;
    4. Recruit members to coordinate trip schedules, training clinics, membership meetings, publication of the club newsletter, etc; and
    5. Generally manage the affairs of the corporation.
  2. Committees. The Board of Directors may authorize the establishment and termination of special committees for activities of the VPC, including a Nominating Committee for the biennial elections.
  3. Committee Membership. Committees shall be composed of volunteers from the VPC membership.
  1. The fiscal year for the VPC shall be the calendar year.
  1. In the event of the dissolution or disestablishment of the VPC, any tangible assets remaining after a)) liabilities have been met shall be donated to the Green Mountain Club at RR I Box 650, Route 100 in Waterbury Center, Vermont.
  1. The bylaws of the VPC may be amended by a two-thirds vote of the adult members present at any regular or special meeting of the VPC, provided that notice of the proposed action is given in the notice for such meeting.
BYLAWS2C.VPC Rev.03/10/95

TREASURER'S REPORT 01/01/94 - 12/31/94

 GENERAL FUND                                    SAFETY

 Beginning Balance:                $ 497.58      Beginning Balance:        $1377.55

 INCOME                                          INCOME
   Dues                            $1208.00        Canoe Clinic            $1043.71
   March Dinner                      425.00        Kayak Clinic              300.00
   June Dinner                        90.00        Pool Roll Sessions        200.00

   Total Income                    $1723.00        Total Income            $1543.71

 EXPENSES                                        EXPENSES
   March Bow & Stern Printing        257.18        Canoe Clinic              229.19
   June Bow & Stern Printing         266.33        Kayak Clinic              533.00
   March Meeting                     332.00        Throw Bags                297.68
   June Meeting                       80.00        Norm Lavoie Memorial      300.00
   Stamps & Phone                    418.90        Red Cross Videos           75.00
   Other                               9.06

   Total Expenses                  $1363.47        Total Expenses          $1434.87

          BALANCE                  $ 857.11      BALANCE                   $1486.39

                              TOTAL TREASURY: $2343.50

Peter Grant

VPC Telephone Directory - spring 1995

(A fully updated listing will be sent out in early April. Apologies to those whose names are absent.)

Agnew, George                658-2866 
Alden, Peter & Susan         863-6585 
Allen, Craig & Joan          453-4377 
Allen, Randy                 223-3771 
Allen, Richard & Lucille     878-3853 
Ames, Teri                   899-1821 
Amidon, Ed                   425-2375 
Anderson, Erik               483-2188 
Anderson, Larry & Margery    775-1795 
Armstrong, Katherine     518-399-7286 
Barg, Lori                   454-1896 
Barrett, Lisa                434-2744 
Barwick, John                244-5056 
Boaudin, Roger               434-5696 
Becker, Hillel & Mitzi       253-8689 
Bcnis, Laura                 482-2705 
Benner, Murray               879-9500 
Berry, Tom & Jeanette        860-6310 
Bishop, Eric                 878-2018 
Boedy, David                 862-3383 
Bradley, Stephen             492-3837 
Braheney, Eileen         617-527-1269 
Briggs, Peter                985-8257 
Brown, Adrienne          307-739-1403 
Brown, Peter                 223-2448 
Budell, Timothy              863-3040 
Burcroff, Ann                229-9677 
Burns, Ron                   660-8396 
Camardo, Stephen & Kathe     860-4922 
Cannon, Bill & Janet         253-4368 
Carlile, Paul                658-6657 
Carpenter, Len               655-3071 
     summer                  893-7962 
Carruba, Jerry & Ginny       485-3092 
Cawley, David                862-9336 
Chamberlain, Cathy           863-3067 
Chambers, Carolyn            860-5049 
Clark, Chris & Marilyn       434-3463 
Clark, Steven                879-7393 
Cleary, Pat                  524-3167 
Coates, Elly                 482-3460 
Collemer, Jo                 229-5054 
Collimore, Chas & Jackie 203-865-2405 
Conlon, Peter                462-3134 
Converse, James              434-5450 
Davis, Deborah               425-2984 
Dawson, James            518-643-9289 
DeLeo, Diane                 244-5056 
Dever, Pamela                244-6980 
Dolan, Jamie                 453-4658 
Downey, Daniel & Roberta     223-3376 
Dragon, Kevin & Jean         865-2679 
Duggan, Lawrence             862-5831 
Edwards, Smith & Jan         253-7765 
Elvestad, Alf            603-632-7654 
Everts, Edward               425-2984 
Farley, Robert               482-3460 
Farnham, Pam                 979-7193 
Foell, Wayne & Kathy         878-9737 
Frankowski, Barb             878-2018 
Fried, Mitch & Myrna         979-1491 
Fullerton, Mike              456-8701 
Gall, Poppy                  888-6169 
Garner, Deanna               878-6475 
Garrison, Virginia           496-4622 
Gerardi, Len                 748-8928 
Gibbons,Jane                 425-3093 
Gibson, Seth                 388-2556 
Gillman, Arthur          914-576-1166 
Glunzberg, Fred             763-7800 
Goldstrom, Alfred       212-927-0652 
Gomez, Rich                 244-6308 
Gonda, Ray                  862-6164 
Gordon, Helen               453-3570 
Grant, Barbara              985-8257 
Grant, Jonathan         617-527-1269 
Grant, Peter                453-2278 
Greene, Joe                 862-7166 
Griffin, Eric               862-0667 
Grimes, Ev                  372-5386 
Halnon, James & Sheila 
Ham, Betsy                  728-6458 
Harvey, Chet            518-399-7286 
Haskell, Neal               878-7193 
Haugh, Larry & Jane         879-0634 
Haupt, Roy & Wendy          224-5213 
Hendrickx, Jeff         508-839-9744 
Hignite, Carol              860-1530 
Hoffman, Theresa            492-3322 
Howe, Brad & Sara           759-2141 
Hyde, Paul & Marilyn        879-7508 
Ingram, Raymond             879-4286 
Jamison, Jon                434-4546 
Jarvi, Lauren               748-8928 
Johnson, Becky              426-3734 
Johnson, Christopher        985-2010 
Johnson, Raymond & Lola 518-846-8234 
Jones, Chris            518-484-1464 
Jones, Linda            603-632-7654 
Jones, Tom & Erna           623-6080 
Judson, Anne                863-6147 
Kastner, Tom                426-3734 
Kazeniac, Marsha            425-3380 
Kern, Steven                482-4001 
Kinaman, Russ               879-6666 
King, John                  863-6429 
Kissner, Jean               879-0201 
Knapp, Faith                649-5106 
Koehler, Vincent            863-1444 
Lambert, Bobbie             860-4995 
Laramie, Jill               775-7436 
Larsen, Rich & Sheri        878-6828 
Lewack, Larry               655-9446 
Lindemann, Robert           888-3651 
Loewen, Jim                 658-1489 
MacDonald, Leigh            649-1240 
MacDonald, Margaret         655-9446 
Magnant, Greg & Jennifer    655-1002 
Malaney, Peter & Evangeline 868-4984 
Malina, Ed                  879-4038 
Manahan, Rick & Heidi       524-5847 
Maynard, Sonja              879-7393 
McCaffrey, Mark         518-834-9881 
McCaffrey, Justin           388-0609 
MeCarreu, Louise            425-2375 
McCarthy, Susanne           888-5293 
McIntosh, George & Margaret 644-2134 
McKinnon, Dick          207-363-4168 
McKnight, Jack              649-1240 
Meilleur, Andrew & Corrine  878-3008 
Metz, Steve             603-544-8663 
Morgan, Michael             223-2039 
Myer, Georgia               425-4169 
Myers, Gavin                860-7623 
Nuquist, Andrew             223-3550 
O'Brien, Denis & Tiiu       785-2082 
O'Connell, Rosemary         862-1788 
Olsen, Nancy                 518-561-0189 
Osborne, Zach                    388-9522 
Parsons, Tim                     863-6147 
Peebles, David & Giovanna        223-5045 
Perkins, Alverta                 863-4822 
Ponzo, Zander                    658-0240 
Price, Thomas                    864-4755 
Pyne, Lawrence & Stephanie       372-5822 
Rabstejnek, Carl                 878-3734 
Ray, George                      472-6292 
Ray, Patrick & Estelle           878-5410 
Reichert, Jonathan & Barbara 20l-763-6028 
Reynolds, Marc & Patti           524-3811 
Reynolds, Robert & Annette       453-2938 
Richardson, Peter                649-5250 
Rowe, Judy                       425-4121 
Russell, Albert & Jennifer       893-1504 
Russom, Michael                  985-9383 
Schaefer, Hildgund               453-2278 
Scharf, Tina                     453-4658 
Schlof, Merle                    352-4246 
Schneck, John & Bonnie           893-7706 
Schneider, Betsy                 453-4631 
Schneider, Rick                  453-3570 
Schroeder, Fred & Sally          863-4415 
Schroeder, John & Julie          899-2694 
Schumacher, Bob & Barbara        985-2692 
Scott, Wendy                     933-2125 
Seelan, Patricia                 862-9336 
Selig, Mark & Mary               524-3827 
Shaver, Sonja                    860-2931 
Shaw, Tony & Joan                879-1655 
Simon, Tracy                     223-2039 
Slayton, Thomas & Elizabeth      229-0164 
Small, Janine                    775-7352 
Smith, Clyde & Elizabeth     518-962-4859 
Somers, Nancy & John             658-3766 
Spear, Sally                     655-3071 
     summer                      893-7962 
Sprague, Cindy                   434-5450 
Squires, Andy & Carlene          434-2533 
Stevens, Tom                     244-1663 
Stirt, Alan                      933-2125 
Strang, Sue                      658-6657 
Strauss, Caroline                496-3895 
Tarullo, Glenn                   223-0133 
Thompson, Charlie & Marion       878-2536 
Thompson, Larry & Patricia       434-3454 
Thorne, Douglas & Marta          422-3170 
Tisdale, Demaris                 434-3941 
Trebitz, Heinz & Inge            785-2129 
Trudell, Dick & Kay              655-3554 
Venet, Bill                      899-2480 
Viens, Vicky                     244-1367 
vou Rohr, Jennifer & Rob         877-2423 
Vrana, 0lga                      863-3708 
Wadsworth, Ann                   879-4038 
Walker, Tom                      899-5440 
Wall, Linda & Henry              244-6923 
Webster, Steve                   649-3708 
Weisman, Jerry                   863-3222 
Wentworth, Rod                   229-5054 
Whitney, Warren                  728-6458 
Wildgust, Alton & Marianne       247-3119 
Willett, Mark & Krista           434-4297 
Willis, Martha Heidi             388-9207 
Wolfe, John N.                   454-5874 
Wolski, Mark                     496-4598 

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