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Bow and Stern - March 1, 1994

Bow and Stern - - March 1994

Bow and Stern

March 1994


Greetings Paddlers:

It's now mid-February. I took my kayak down from its rack in the garage this morning and tossed it onto the heap of snow on the deck outside my back door. Then I pulled my spray skirt on, eased myself into the cockpit, gave a huge shove and flew down into the powder below. I did a quick roll for fun, and dreamed of the warm weather and flowing waters that surely are not far away. It's been a long winter.

Members of the Executive Committee have spent the past couple of months in the inevitably tedious planning sessions that result in paddling schedules, instructional clinics, spaghetti dinners, and other aspects of NVCC's operations. Our primary goals are to support paddlers and paddling, to educate ourselves and others in paddling skills and safety, and to promote a rational and sensible approach to trips that will help to ensure the safety of participants.

Tony Shaw and Eric Bishop have put together a great spring schedule that includes a lot of whitewater, as well as a couple of leisurely cruises. Mark Willett has overcome UVM's requirement of a $1 million insurance policy for the use of their pool by scheduling the canoe clinic's pool session in Bristol, a short and scenic drive to the south. Rob Farley has set up sessions designed to help members without trip coordinator experience become familiar with a coordinator's functions. Rich Larsen has arranged for CPR instruction at the Racquet's Edge. And I've been working on the issues of incorporation and liability.

We are all responsible for safety. Our trips are cooperative ventures, and each of us must judge his or her own qualifications to participate on a particular outing. I urge you to read the enclosed article Guidelines for Northern Vermont Canoe Cruisers Trips, which is adapted from an ACA document. Equip yourself and your craft safely. Know your own skills. Use common sense. Then enjoy your time on the water.

Peter Briggs


        President                               Peter Briggs           985-8257
        Vice President                          Mark Willett           434-4297
        Treasurer                               Peter Grant            453-2278
        Secretary                               Eric Bishop            878-2018
        Membership                              Peter Grant            453-2278
        Spring Whitewater Schedule              Tony Shaw              879-1655
        White Water Canoe Clinic                Mark Willett           434-4297
        Kayak Clinic                            open
        Conservation/Water Resources            open
        Bow & Stern Editor                      Peter Briggs           985-8257
        Safety & Education                      Rob Farley             482-2427
        Spring Dinner                           Peter Briggs           985-8257
        Summer Dinner                           open

If you are interested in participating in Executive Committee meetings, or in helping some other way, please call Peter Briggs, or any other committee member. We would love to hear your suggestions and get you involved.

Special thanks to Chuck Thompson, who provided the illustrations.

Guide To Northern Vermont Canoe Cruisers Trips*

A. General Philosophy

Club outings are cooperative adventures among participants. The group is collectively responsible for the conduct of the outing; and each participant is individually responsible for judging his or her own qualifications and for his or her own safety on the river. By participating in a Club outing, you release the Club, its members, trip coordinators, and fellow paddlers from any injuries due to any negligent act or omission or to any intentional act intended to promote your safety or well being.

B. River Hazards

You must understand and accept that whitewater boating exposes you to various hazards, for example, boulders and other obstacles, strainers, undercut or entrapping formations, changing conditions, cold, high water and other hazards, mostly in remote locations. Injuries and deaths occasionally occur due to these hazards, among other things.

You are responsible for learning to recognize river hazards and learning and practicing the techniques for avoiding these hazards. You are also responsible for acquiring boating safety and rescue skills commensurate with the level of difficulty of the river you are paddling (see the International Scale of River Difficulty). One excellent source book is RIVER RESCUE by Bechdel and Ray, available at most outfitters.

Don’t endanger your life and the lives of others by trying to boat on water beyond your ability. Remember - most good paddlers develop by very gradually increasing the difficulty of rivers they run over a period of several years.

C. River Decision Making

You are solely responsible for the following decisions at all times:

  1. The decision to go on any trip.
  2. The decision to put-in the selected river (which may not be the scheduled river) under conditions existing at the time of the put-in.
  3. The decision as to what equipment to wear or take with you.
  4. The decision whether to scout any rapid.
  5. The decision whether to run any rapid.
  6. The decision whether to participate in any rescue or the recovery of any equipment.
  7. The decision to pass up any walk out or take out opportunity.

D. River Rescue

Trip participants usually assist each other when someone appears to need assistance, but only so long as they can do so, in their own judgment, without significant risk to themselves. Some participants may choose to accept greater hazards to rescue a fellow paddler. However, trip participants and the trip coordinator are under no legal duty to assist you.

E. Other Responsibilities of Participants

  1. Telephoning the trip coordinator well in advance of the trip you are planning to go on.
  2. Asking the trip coordinator about his or her training and experience, if these considerations are significant to you.
  3. Informing the trip coordinator of your skills, experience, training, and rivers run.
  4. Not bringing unexpected guests to the trip.
  5. Bringing appropriate equipment and making sure it is in good repair, specifically, life jacket, helmet, protective footwear, knife, whistle, throw bag, extra clothing.
  6. Observing good safety practices on the river.
  7. Informing yourself of the difficulty of the river under existing conditions.
  8. Sharing the optional group responsibilities (see section H).

F. About Your Trip Coordinator

Trip Coordinators are volunteers and they receive no pay. Their functions are to get the group to the same river at the same time, to arrange the shuttle, and to respond to inquiries to the best of their knowledge. However, your trip coordinator may never have run the scheduled river under the conditions encountered on the trip day. Indeed, the scheduled river may not be runnable on the day of the trip, and the trip may be switched to an unfamiliar river without prior notice.

Your trip coordinator may not have had any organized or formal training in whitewater boating skills, boating safety skills, first aid, or CPR. If you prefer to go on a trip only with a trip coordinator who has had organized or formal training in these areas, or who has had a lot of experience, it is your responsibility to ask him or her about his or her training and experience. It is solely your decision whether the trip coordinator’s qualifications are satisfactory to you. Bear in mind that your trip coordinator is not responsible for judging your qualifications or for your safety on the river.

G. Trip Coordinator Responsibilities

  1. Finding a substitute coordinator if you are unable to go on the trip and notifying the NVCC president of the change.
  2. Familiarizing yourself with the put-in, take-out, shuttle, major obstacles and rapids on the scheduled river.
  3. Determining the rendezvous place and time.
  4. Responding to participant inquiries to the best of your knowledge about the river, your training and experience, and the participants’ training and experience. You have the authorization to refuse a particular participant on any reasonable grounds, but it is not your responsibility to determine whether a participant is qualified for the trip.
  5. Insuring that all participants in all trips (flatwater and whitewater) have signed NVCC’s waiver of liability.

H. Optional Group Responsibilities

The group may wish to consider the following suggestions. Which of these suggestions are adopted on the trip is solely a group decisions, and is not the responsibility of any particular person.

  1. Obtain river stage or flow data.
  2. Obtain knowledge of the difficult parts of the run and emergency takeout routes.
  3. Equipment: throw rope in each boat, duct tape, first aid kit, extra paddle, flashlight, fire starter and matches, pruning or wire coil saw, survival suit, extra clothing, caribineers, prusik loops, map, guidebook.
  4. Keep group compact enough for communication, but not so compact as to interfere with each other.
  5. Consider dividing a large group into smaller groups, or having “buddy boats”.
*Editor's note: These guidelines are superceded by the Safety Code of American Whitewater (

TREASURER'S REPORT 01/01/93 - 12/31/93

   GENERAL FUND                                   SAFETY & TRAINING FUND

   Beginning Balance:                 $ 246.51    Beginning Balance:         $1284.25

   INCOME                                         INCOME
       176 Dues @ $6                  $1056.00        Decal Sales             $ 17.00
       56 March Dinners @ 5             280.00        Canoe Clinic             462.00
       Norm Lavoie Contribution         200.00        Kayak Clinic             350.00
       42 June Dinners                   93.00        Pool Roll Sessions       120.00

       Total Income                   $1629.00        Total Income           $ 949.00

   EXPENSES                                       EXPENSES
       March Bow & Stern Printing       180.29        Canoe Clinic             534.92
       June Bow & Stern Printing        160.02        Kayak Clinic             159.05
       March Meeting                    339.70        Pool Roll Sessions       120.00
       June Meeting                     174.92        Stamps & Phone            11.78
       November Meeting                 129.85        Rescue Video              29.95
       Stamps & Phone                   343.15
       Other                             50.00

       Total Expenses                 $1377.93        Total Expenses         $ 855.70

   BALANCE                              497.58    BALANCE                    $1377.55

                                TOTAL TREASURY: $1875.13

Peter Grant


The June membership meeting took place at the Malletts Bay Boat Club in Colchester. About 45 people attended the potluck dinner, which began at 6:00 PM. Will Lang gave an excellent slide presentation on the Tree River in the Northwest Territories.

The business meeting convened at 8:15 with President Charlie Thompson thanking the many individuals who helped to organize the dinner, set up the trip schedules, run the canoe school, etc. Rob Farley announced that a Rescue Clinic would be held at the Middlesex Dam on June 12.

Rich Larsen gave an update on plans for the Norm Lavoie Memorial, a bronze plaque that will be installed on the Fairfax Bridge (over the Lamoille River). Charlie Thompson spoke about the planning efforts which have been initiated on the "Lake Champlain Canoe and Kayak Trail." NVCC is a partner in this effort with the Lake Champlain Kayak Club and the Lake Champlain Committee.

Charlie discussed efforts toward incorporation, to little response from the members who were present. A nominating committee was formed to present candidates at the fall election meeting. Zander Ponzo led a discussion on the possibility of changing the Club's name to better reflect our interests in whitewater and flatwater canoeing and kayaking.

Mark Willett reminded people of the upcoming kayak clinic. Charlie discussed the publicity we have received from articles and photos in the Free Press and other papers.

Ray Gonda Secretary


The November election meeting took place at Our Lady of Grace Church in Colchester Village. Mark Willett presented the information we had gathered in the summer's survey. Charlie Thompson discussed the Lake Champlain Canoe and Kayak Trail, and asked for volunteers to help with site surveys during the next few months, and to help develop criteria for trail routing.

Mike Fullerton spoke about four hydro relicensing projects on the Passumpsic. It appears that the portage trails which he requested will be added to the dam sites.

Peter Briggs was elected President, Mark Willett Vice President, Ray Gonda Secretary, and Peter Grant Treasurer.

Ray Gonda

NOTE: In February, Ray Gonda resigned from his position as Secretary, citing the many other demands on his time. Ray has been an active contributor to the Cruisers for many years, and we hope to continue to benefit from his knowledge and experience.

Eric Bishop has been appointed Secretary in Ray's place.


Please help us make this year's canoe clinic another success! We need volunteers to help with both classroom and river instruction, and to assist with various support activities. Please call Mark Willett (434-4297) or Rich Larsen (878-6828) to explore how you can help. If you are available, your help will be appreciated, and you'll have fun, too.


I hope to introduce the club to some new rivers in the coming paddling seasons, both locally and a bit further afield. I really hope to find rivers with longer paddling seasons or new (to me) dam releases. Obviously, however, those with spring paddling will be included in the effort.

I hope the difficulty level will range from true Class II to Class IV whitewater. For example, I've read about runs on the Barton, the Mill River, the Green (III-IV), Mohawk, Mascoma, Rapid (dam releases), etc. I'm looking for input, encouragement, and participation.

These trips will conflict with scheduled trips at times. The spring efforts will be announced via the new telephone message line (see page 9) and perhaps we'll have some kind of a schedule for the summer and fall.

Eric Bishop


A ceremony is planned for May 4, 1994, (a Wednesday) at 5 PM at the usual Lower Lamoille put-in. The NVCC, with the financial help of Central Vermont Public Service, has obtained a memorial plaque commemorating Norm's long leadership and service. This will be attached to the Lamoille River bridge, and dedicated at the above time.

If you are interested in attending, please contact Rich Larsen as early as possible. There is some chance that the plan will have to be changed, and we want to be able to notify interested individuals should that happen. Also, if you know of people who might have been active 10 - 20 years ago, and were friends of Norm's, but who are not presently members, please feel free to forward those names to Rich as well, so they can be contacted.


92 membership forms were returned by 15 Feb 94. Several returns had no funds. Some paid up to last year - owe for 94. Some overpaid. Check the mailing label for your current status.

Those listed as 1992 or 1993 on the mailing label will be dropped in April unless a renewal is returned - with funds.

Great response on interests. Lists for tandem partners, campers, kayakers, and those with an interest in family trips are printed in this Bow & Stern. With this set of interest data, it is hoped that members will call each other and arrange trips when there isn't one on the calendar.

24 want canoe instruction and 10 for kayak. Quite a lot want camping trips and a large number want to work on conservation issues. 80 want white water trips and 32 want family trips. Call someone and set up a trip that meets your needs.

Happy Boating!

Peter Grant
NVCC Membership


Canoe Imports is offering a discount of 25% to NVCC members on the following safety items through April 15: lifejackets, helmets, rescue ropes, floatation bags, whistles, and painters. Take advantage of this opportunity to update your equipment.

For Sale: 16-foot canoe, by Mohawk, Royalex construction, portage yolk, red with tan interior, good condition. $375. Call Deane at 985-5031 evenings.

Missing: A blue Wave Sports Lazer kayak AQ. was stolen mid-summer 1993 from Jon Jamieson in Richmond. It had red "Sto Floats" and an extra paddle (breakdown) stowed inside. If anyone has seen it, call Jon at 434-4546. No questions asked.

Wanted - I'm looking for a woman's wetsuit, suitable for someone about 5' 4" tall. Call Peter Briggs at 985-8257.

Wilderness Trips: If you are considering an extended trip this summer, and need information or company, consider letting other Club members know by putting an announcement in the next Bow & Stern.

Pay Your Dues: Please send 1994 dues to Peter Grant if you have not yet done so. (Check the date on your mailing label if you are unsure.) Members who are not current will be dropped from our mailing list in April.

Roll Sessions: Rob Farley has arranged for pool time on Monday nights in March. Cost will be $10 - 15. Call Rob at 482-2427 for details and a reservation.

Flatwater Training: Judy Rowe is considering leading a trip or two during which flatwater skills for novices will be emphasized. Call Judy at 985-2737 to express your interest.

CPR Training: Contact Rich Larsen for timing and other details of CPR classes. Three hours and $20. may help you save a life.

Connecticut River Primitive Campsites: The Upper Valley Land Trust has coordinated the establishment of a system of primitive campsites between Woodsville and Bellows Falls, on the Connecticut River. Call the Upper Valley Land Trust at 802-649-1444 for details and a brochure.


NVCC is establishing a club message line, which will consist of an answering machine on a dedicated phone line installed in Eric Bishop's basement. With a touch-tone phone and the correct access code, a caller will be able to listen to messages and leave messages.

We hope that this service will be used by Club members to coordinate trips which are not on the printed trip schedule.

For example, if mid-week rains or a sudden thaw make water conditions took perfect for a Saturday trip on the Moose but the scheduled trip is on the White River, someone could leave a message proposing the Moose trip and hope that others would get in touch and make the trip possible. Or someone looking for company on a July camping trip to the Adirondacks could leave a message a couple of weeks in advance and see whether others were interested.

The method of use may evolve as we gain some experience with the system, but initially we expect the system to operate as follows:

Tape 1, with the "greeting" message, will be updated each week to list the trips on our normal schedule. Callers will hear this message when they dial the Message Line number.

Tape 2 will hold messages that callers leave. Leaving a message requires no special procedure - - simply leave a message after the beep. Listening to trip messages that others have left requires the procedure printed on the next page.


Dial 878-8647.

The machine will answer and announce scheduled trips. If that is all you want, hang up at the end.

Option 1: To leave a message without listening to other messages:

Leave your message following the beep at the end of the list of scheduled trips.
Option 2: To listen to messages others have left:
Enter the "remote code number" before the end of the trips announcement. (We'll leave enough time for you to both listen to the trips and enter the code.) The code is 95 (as in the year 1995).

The machine will begin to go through its voice menu. It announces "Press 1 to play back all messages. Press 2 for other functions."

You should Press 1. You may hang up when done, or continue by waiting for 5 seconds after the machine says "End of final message." See Option 3.

Option 3: To leave a message after listening to messages:
If you have stayed on the line after listening to messages, the machine will restart at the top of its voice menu.

Therefore, when the machine says "Press 1 to play back all messages. Press 2 for other functions," you should Press 2.

The machine will continue "Press 1 to play back new messages. Press 2 for other functions." Again, Press 2 to continue.

The machine now states "Press 1 to record your message. Press 2 for other functions." Press 1 and leave your message. Hang up when done.

Eric's home phone is 878-2018. You may call him if you are having problems with the line.



Participants: Peter, Barbara, Mallory & Joe Briggs; Deane, Becky, Carrie & Diane Wang; Ted, Susan, & Luke Bovill. (3 families; 5 canoes)

For the second year, I led a mid-May family trip down the White River from Bethel to Sharon. The water is cool and crystal clear, and a moderate current helps to reduce the paddling effort on this 10 to 12 mile stretch of water. While there are several spots where agility is required and paddlers can easily get into trouble, rapids are mostly easy and brief, and provide a quick burst of speed and a bit of splash.

We reviewed safety issues and paddling techniques before starting, and discussed each tricky section of water as we approached it. The pace was intentionally leisurely on this trip, and several spots supplied opportunities for parent/child tandems to practice eddy turns or refine water-reading skills.

We took a lunch break on an island, and mid-afternoon several of us paused for a swim. (Yes, this was in May, but the temperature approached 80 degrees.) After inspecting the old dam below Sharon, some boats decided to carry while others successfully ran the breach river right.

On a nice day this stretch of river provides a great opportunity for skilled parents to introduce children to moving water. See the schedule for the date of this year's trip, and please call me if you might be interested in going.

-- Peter Briggs

LOWER WHITE RIVER : July 11, 1995

Participants: Terry Ames & Julia LaRocque, Marion & Charlie Thompson, Corrinne & Andy Meilleur, Judy Drown & Al Roberts, Laura Benis & Judy Rosovsky, Cathy & Wayne Foell, Michelle Sachse & jenny McKenney, Margaret & George McIntosh.

Almost two weeks of hot dry weather had brought the water to a very low level, but had also made it warm and ideal for swimming. This, combined with a mostly sunny day with the temperature in the eighties, made the day ideal for a trip on the lower White.

We started at the put-in just above the railroad bridge, for a day of paddling and swimming. In spite of the low water, we still had unplanned swimmers and even a pinned boat which was recovered with minimal damage. Even at this level, the water still had some power.

Lunch was an extended lunch and swim break following the group's display of paddling skills at Quarter Mile rapid. The river gave our water-reading skills a real workout and most of us had to walk several times, but his was not in the least unpleasant. It was hard not to have a good time on this almost perfect day.

-- George McIntosh

GREEN RIVER RESERVOIR (Actually we ended up in Waterbury Reservoir) : July 14-15,1995

Participants: Krista, Mark & Billie Jo Willett, Sarah VanSant, Vicky Viens, Whisper, Lady, and Betelgeuse.
Weather: Great! We enjoyed sunshine the entire time, except at night.

The trip was listed out of chronological order in the Bow and Stern, which is probably the only reason we didn't have .50 or 60 canoes. (This year we're expecting a crowd.) We camped, fished, swam, cooked, hiked, and told scary stories around the fire, and we still had plenty of time for paddling. Mark, Billie Jo, and Vicky had their kayaks, Krista and Sarah shared a canoe.

Waterbury Reservoir, for those who haven't been there, has Little River State Park attached to one side. Campsites and facilities are well kept, with a playground, a beach, a boat launch, and plenty of interesting things to see and do. Visit the dam (but not too close to the intake with the boats), hike around the mountains, or just pull out the lawn chair and a book and relax.

The only negative part of the trip was the abundance of power boats. Some areas of the Reservoir are quieter than others but on a hot weekend afternoon the water can get churned and noisy. Please support legislation to give paddlers more of our own quiet lakes and ponds.

-- Krista Willett


Participants: Anne Burcroff, Marion & Charlie Thompson, Margaret & George McIntosh.

The weather started to cloud up as we drove to the put-in and it looked as if we might get some rain, but then the weather improved and it was a beautiful day. We explored the islands and bays at the north end of the lake and portaged across the snowmobile trail into a big bay which ended in a large grassy area.

Lunch was on a small rocky island which made a great swimming place, but the water was a bit cool for me. There were several loons around and a couple of babies. Green River Reservoir is getting "discovered," but other paddlers didn't really bother us, although some seemed to disturb the loons. It was a very enjoyable day with good friends.

-- George McIntosh

ANDROSCOGGIN RIVER : August 14-15, 1995

Leader: Peter Downey, Andy Meilleur
Participants: Zander Ponzo, Paul Carlile, Sue Strang, Heinz Trebitz, Inge Trebitz, Kim LaMothe, Patty LaMothe, Chuck Thompson, Sonja Wing, Jeff Harvey, Sally Sairs, Peter Downey, Andy Meilleur, Rick Gomez, Bill Strange, and Peter Carfile.

This was the third time the club has run the trip this summer and each time everyone seems to have a great time. We had a mixed group of canoe and kayak paddlers, with different levels of experience. We did the usual runs and experienced a few short swims. We ran the Pontook Dam section on Sunday with a good release, which produced a good Class 11 run. Two members of the group canoed the Magalloway River and Lake Umbagog and viewed much wildlife, including three nesting bald eagles.


Our four canoes put in at the boat launch on Route 3 at Second Pond and lunched on an island in Lower Saranac Lake. Light rain and wind on Saturday and a Burlington Free Press note listing our trip under the Green Mountain Bike Overnight kept numbers down.

We camped on Rice Point and were visited by an osprey whose nest was visible at Little Weller Pond. From the north end of Weller, we walked over to Saginaw Bay on Upper Saranac and back. On our way in we had carried around the state lock between Lower Saranac and Middle Saranac, which is under repair, but we shot the rapids when returning.

-- Susan Alden


Participants: Mark & Billie Jo Willett, Sarah VanSant, 1. Forget & his friend who's name I don't remember either, Someone else & her daughter. (Hint: It helps to write these trip reports soon after the actual event.)

We had a wonderful, though cloudy and shortened-by-rain day on the river, surrounded by the brilliant yellows, reds, and golds of peak colors of the Richmond area. We started late morning at the Jonesville Bridge. Our goal was to paddle to the take-out on Route 117, but most only made it to Richmond before the threat of rain, which eventually came, had us calling it a day. One canoe completed the trip in the rain, but the day was warm and everyone was dressed for successful weather defiance.

As the trip coordinator I learned to allow more time for unloading gear, preparing for the river, and running shuttles. We might have missed the rain and completed the trip, with time for more fishing to boot, if I had planned more preparation time. A tip for trip leaders of the future.

-- Mark Willett

Volunteer Liability by Peter Grant

Are volunteers liable for their actions? Very definitely YES. This includes people who volunteer to help Boy Scouts or teach reading or teach whitewater canoeing. Our society is increasingly bringing lawsuits and volunteers are not immune.

What can be done? Two things. Prepare to eliminate risks, and support a state bill to reduce volunteer liability.

House bill H469 and Senate bill S 104 say, in effect, that "any act or omission within the scope of the person's official duties which is done in good faith, unless it constitutes gross negligence or an intentional tort ......

This may seem like protection, but the protection is limited. It is limited the same way the "good Samaritan" law is limited. A person is only protected when doing what he is officially trained for, and in circum- stances where he has those duties.

If a volunteer tells a student to do something which he just feels is correct and injury results, the volunteer may be liable for the injury. In other words, volunteers should prepare for all legal consequences of their actions, and that preparation should be a continuing effort.

VIVA, Vermonters in Volunteer Administration, held a conference on January 11 in Montpelier to cover these issues. Present were Bruce Spector, a legal instructor; Sarah Ann Conkling, a risk management instructor; and State Senator Sara Gear, who is sponsoring the volunteer liability law. Many important points were covered, and here is a short review.

Risk management involves looking at an operation to see what practices could cause problems. Consider a volunteer white water canoeing instructor: Is the instructor proven to be well trained and is the instruction well prepared, or is just anyone allowed to be an instructor? Are there plans for emergencies and rescues? Does the organization have a written set of procedures to insure the safety of all concerned, and are these procedures enforced? Is inferior equipment allowed that could cause an accident to become worse?

A check-off list to show that all volunteers have read the required procedures is recommended, as well as documentation of training and orientation. Have insurance that applies. "Worry, plan, then be happy."

Assuming without reason that a beginner can ensure the safety of his own equipment during an event can be called negligence on the part of an instructor or trip leader and so subject him to tort.

The law expects people to be "reasonable and prudent. " It cannot expect everyone to be super-perfect. Are you taking all means to provide safety in a reasonable and prudent manner? Even if you are fully prepared, an injured person has a right to sue you. Even if there is no chance of his winning, you will need a lawyer to prove your innocence.

Waivers and releases by themselves, especially when not correctly written, have been worthless in court, and have sometimes been seen as excuses to do things that endanger people. They do help warn people that they are entered in risky activities, but they may still sue if injured, and can win. When asking for or giving references for volunteers or clients, be careful of saying something that is not true that can be subject to defamation claims.

If you are a volunteer trip leader, prepare to prevent emergencies and to handle any that arise. Have insurance as an organization and/or as individuals. Does your homeowners policy cover your activities? You cannot assume that being just an organizer somehow makes you immune.

If someone is injured, the current practice is to find someone to pay the bills. The trip "organizer" is the nearest person and is the first call for recovery of expenses. Then there is the concept of "deep pocket." The current law was written to help the injured find a source of funds to pay for the injury. Make sure your insurance company is that deep pocket, not own your house and retirement.

Liability: A comprehensive legal term that describes the condition of being actually or potentially subject to a legal obligation. (Guide to American Law)

Negligence: Failure to exercise the care that a prudent person would use. (Webster)

Prudence: Attention to a possible hazard or disadvantage. (Webster)

Risk: The possibility of loss, injury, disadvantage or destruction. (Webster)

Write to Rutland Senator Bloomer and plead that we need to have the volunteer liability law, since people are afraid to volunteer because they might get sued.

Editor's Note: Peter's views reflect some of the concerns of the NVCC Executive Committee, which is reviewing trip preparation and procedures, the question of incorporation, and the wisdom of requiring trip participants to sign a waiver and release of liability.

NVCC - Spring 1994 Whitewater and Flatwater Schedule

Date           Day   Trip                                Coordinator(s)  Phone     Notes
March 25       Fri   Canoe School - Classroom            Rob Farley      482-2427
March 27       Sun   Canoe School - Pool                 Mark Willett    434-4297
April 2        Sat   Lower Lamoille River -- In flood.   Jim Dunn        899-4151  Int WW
April 2        Sat   New Haven River                     Rob Farley      482-2427  Adv WW K
April 3        Sun   Huntington River                    Peter Alden     863-6585  Int WW
April 9        Sat   Upper Lamoille River                Mike Fullerton  456-8701  Int/Adv WW
April 10       Sun   Canoe School -- River Session       Rich Larsen     878-6828
April 16       Sat   Huntington River                    Mark Willett    434-4297  Int WW
                                                         Andy Meileur    878-3008
April 17       Sun   Otter Cr. (Leicester to Middlebury) Peter Briggs    985-8257  No WW!
                     Migratory waterfowl.                Zander Ponzo    658-0240
April 17       Sun   White River -- Gaysville reach.     George McIntosh 644-2134  Int WW
April 23       Sat   North Branch Lamoille River         Eric Bishop     878-2018  Int/Adv WW
April 24       Sun   Upper Lamoille or Moose             Rich Larsen     878-6828  Int/Adv WW
April 24       Sun   Boquet River (NY)                   Tony Shaw       879-1655  Novice WW
                     New Russia reach.
April 23-24  Sat-Sun West River Weekend                  Message Line    878-8647  Int/Adv WW(No shuttle)
April 30       Sat   Ammonoosuc River (NH)               Tony Shaw       879-1655  Int/Adv WW
May 1          Sun   Saco? Pemi? Swift? (NH)             Tony Shaw       879-1655  Int/Adv WW
May 7          Sat   Winooski River -- Green Up Day      Mark Willett    434-4297  Novice WW
May 7          Sat   Schroon/Lower Hudson (NY)           Mike Fullerton  456-8701  Int WW
                                                         Wayne Foell     878-9737
May 8          Sun   East Branch Sacandaga (NY)          Mike Fullerton  456-8701  Adv WW
May 14         Sat   White River -- Bethel to Sharon     Peter Briggs    985-8257  Nov/Int WW, F
                     (See description of 1993 trip)
May 15         Sun   Hudson Gorge (NY)                   Tony Shaw       879-1655  Adv WW
May 21         Sat   Hudson Gorge INY)                   Peter Alden     863-6585  Adv WW
May 22         Sun   Lower Lamoille                      Andy Meilleur   878-3008  Int WW
May 28         Sat   Hudson Gorge NY)                    Sheri Larsen    878-6828  Adv WW
                     Memorial Day Weekend
June 11-12   Sat-Sun Androscoggin River (NH)             Chuck Thompson  878-2536  Nov/Int WW,C
June 14        Tues  Lake Champlain. Evening paddle      Peter Briggs    985-8257  Flatwater
                     and picnic from Charlotte.                                                       

             NOTES: K=Kayak    WW=Whitewater    F=Family     C=Camping                                Page 15

For more information on times and meeting places, contact the trip coordinator. Trips are subject to change depending on water level and interest. The scheduled trips are based on 'normal' spring-time water levels. The trips listed may be changed or cancelled if the water level is unsuitable.

Persons interested in leading an alternate trip on a particular day should contact the coordinator of the scheduled trip so that information about the alternate trip may be relayed to others. Also, the new NVCC Message Line (878-8647) is available to communicate information on unscheduled trips.

Boaters eager to practice or perfect rolls can do so with Rob Farley every Monday in March, from 7 - 9 PM, at Mt. Abraham High School in Bristol. Space is limited, and a fee is required. Call Rob at 482-2427 to register.

Please give one week's notice for overnight trips so that tentsites, menus, etc. can be preplanned (two weeks for Dead River trips.)

Paddling southern Vermont rivers is the favorite April pastime of Bob and Marvie Campbell (875- 2235). Interested parties should inquire and tag along.

Mark Willett (434-4297) can drop everything to run to the Huntington (Int) when it rains -- and he yearns to do so. Inquiries are welcome.

Evening trips on the Lower Lamoille River may be held on the following Wednesdays: 4120, 4/27, 5/4, and 5/1 1. Contact Rich Larsen (878-6828) for information.

Please read Guidelines for Northern Vermont Canoe Cruisers Trips before going on any trip. For more information on times and meeting places, contact the trip coordinator. Trips are subject to change depending on water level and interest.

NVCC Telephone Listing

Agnew, George
Alden, Peter & Susan
Allen, Craig & Joan
Allen, Jeff
Allen, Randy
Allen, Richard & Lucille
Ames, Teri
Amidon, Ed
Anderson, Julie
Anderson, Larry & Margery
Andonian, Mark
Armstrong, Katherinc
Auger, Ray
Ball, Vicky & Jim
Barg, Lori
Barr, Candy
Barrett, Lisa
Becker, Hillel & Mitzi
Benis, Laura
Bennett, John
Berry, Tom & Jeanette
Biddle, Lucy
Bishop, Eric
Bjerke, Alan
Blodgett, Robert
Bockes, Pam
Boedy, David
Bradley, Stephen
Braheney, Eileen
Briggs, Peter
Brockman, John
Brown, Adrienne
Brown, David
Brown, Peter
Bullard, Chris
Burcroff, Ann
Burns, Ron
Campbell, Bob & Marvie
Cannon, Bill & Janet
Carlile, Paul
Carpenter, Len
Carruba, Jerry & Ginny
Carson, Barbara & Bruce
Cawley, David
Chamberlain, Cathy
Chambers, Carolyn
Charpentier, Maggie
Clark, Chris & Marilyn
Clark, Steven
Collemer, Jo
Collimore, Chas & Jackie
Comb, Janis
Conlon, Peter
Converse, James
Crane, Michael
Davies, William & Sheila
Davis, Deborah
Dawson, James
Dever, Pamela
Dodds, Robert & Melinda
Dolan, Jamie
Downey, Daniel
Downey, Peter & Roberta
Downs, Emer
Dragon, Kevin & Jean
Duggan, Lawrence
Dunn, Jim & Diana
Edwards, Smith & Jan
Elvestad, Alf
Everts, Edward
Farley, Robert
Farley, Virginia
Farnham, Pam
Flack, Doug & Barbara
Foell, Wayne & Kathy
Frankowski, Barb
Fried, Mitch & Myrna
Fullerton, Mike
Furland, Tom & Karen
Gall, Poppy
Garrison, Virginia
Garritano, Peter & Rosemarie
Gerardi, Len
Gerlack, Bill & Paula
Gibbons, Jane
Gibbud, Ruth
Gibson, Seth
Gillman, Arthur
Gomez, Rich
Gonda, Ray
Gordon, Helen
Grant, Barbara
Grant, Jonathan
Grant, Peter
Griffin, Eric
Grimes, Ev
Groh, Ruth & George
Gruber, Robert
Hall, Wayne & Nancy
Halnon, James & Sheila
Ham, Betsy
Hansen, Howard
Hanson, Craig
Harvey, Chet
Haskell, Neal
Hassol, Roger
Haugh, Larry & Jane
Haupt, Roy & Wendy
Heeter, Tom & Irma
Hendrickx, Jeff
Hignite, Carol
Hillstrom, Ray
Howe, Brad & Sara
Huelsberg, Nancy
Hulbert, John & Beth
Hyde, Karen
Hyde, Paul & Marilyn
Ingram, Raymond
Jamison, Jon
Jarrell, Maureen
Jarvi, Lauren
Johnson, Becky
Johnson, Raymond & Lola
Jones, Chris
Jones, Linda
Jones, Tom & Erna
Jordan, Fred & Nancy
Judson, Anne
Kanar, William & Pauline
Kastner, Tom
Kazeniac, Marsha
Kehoe, Kathy & Bill
Kinaman, Russ
King, John
Kissner, Jean
Koehler, Vincent
LaMothe, Kim & Patty
Lahar, Stephanie
Lambert, Bobbie
Laramie, Jill
Larsen, Rich & Sheri
Lewack, Larry
Lindemann, Robert
Loewen, Jim
MacDonald, Margaret
Mackensie, loan
Magnant, Greg & Jennifer
Malaney, Peter & Evangeline
Malina, Ed
Manahan, Rick & Heidi
Marine, Susan & Michael
Maynard, Sonja
McCaffrey, Justin
McCarthy, Susanne
McCauley, Rebecca
McIntosh, George & Margaret
McKinnon, Dick
McManus, Jim & Marilyn
Meilleur, Andrew & Corrine
Meilleur, Marcel & Doris
Meyer, Jerry
Miller, Ruth
Morgan, Michael & Tracy
Myer, Georgia
Myers, Gavin
Nordstrom, Helena
Nuquist, Andrew
O'Brien, Denis & Tiiu
O'Connell, Rosemary
Olsen, Nancy
Opstrup, Kevin
Parsons, Tim
Paul, Rose
Peebles, David & Giovanna
Perkins, Alvorta
Picone, Jim
Pohl, Jens & Christina
Ponzo, Zander
Poulin, Jim
Price, Thomas
Pruitt, Valorie & Tom
Putney, William
Pyne, Lawrence & Stephenie
Rabstejnek, Carl
Ray, George
Ray, Patrick & Estelle
Reichert, Jonathan & Barbara
Reynolds, Marc & Patti
Reynolds, Richard & Paula
Reynolds, Robert & Annette
Richardson, Peter
Roberts, Alan
Robertson, Demaris
Roth, Alvin
Rowe, Judy
Russom, Michael
Ryan, Charles
Sacket, Jim & Mary
Schaefer, Hildgund
Scharf, Tina
Schlossberg, Todd
Schmitt, David
Schneek, John & Bonnie
Schneider, Betsy
Schneider, Rick
Schroeder. John & Julie
Schultheis. Arnold
Schumacher, Bob & Barbara
Schuster, Herm & Ellie
Scott, Wendy
Seelan, Patricia
Selig, Mark & Mary
Sellers, David
Shaw, Todd
Shaw, Tony & Joan
Sherlock, Rebecca
Simmons, John
Slayton, Thomas & EUabeth
Smith, Clyde & Elizabeth
Smollin, Wiffiam
Somers, Nancy & John
Spear, Sally
Sprague, Cindy
Springston, George
Squires, Andy & Carlene
Stark, C.
Steeb, Karen
Stevens, Tom
Stirt, Alan
Strang, Sue
Tarullo, Glenn
Thompson, Charlie & Marion
Thompson, Larry & Patricia
Thorne, Douglas
Tolmie, Bernie & Jane
Trebitz, Heinz & Inge
Trent, Philip
Trudell, Dick & Kay
Tyler, Charlotte
Viens, Vicky
von Rohr, Jennifer & Rob
Vrana, Olga
Wadsworth, Ann
Walford, James & Deborah
Wall, Linda & Henry
Wallis, Guy & Susan
Walsh, Frank & Elizabeth
Ward, Tim & Mary
Waters, Barbara
Webster, Steve
Wentworth, Rod
Wheeler, David
White, Patti
Whitney, Warren
Whitson, Elizabeth Peggy
Wildgust, Allon & Marianne
Willett, Mark & Krista
Woods, Sue & Richard
Yandow, Virginia

Members with an interest in Camping

Name Town Phone Skill
Peter & Susan Alden Burlington 863-6585 A
Teri Ames Burlington 899-1821 I
Lori Barg Plainfield 454-1896 I
Eric Bishop & Barb Frankowski Colchester 878-2018 I
Peter Briggs & Barbara Grant Shelburne 985-8257 I
Peter Brown Montpelier 223-2448 A
David Cawley & Patricia Seelan Burlington 862-9336 I
Steven Clark & Sonja Maynard Colchester 879-7393 B
Deborah C. Davis & Edward Everts Charlotte 425-2984 I
James Dawson Peru, NY 518-643-9289 A
Daniel & Roberta Downey Montpelier 223-3376 I
Kevin & Jean Dragon Burlington 865-2679 I
Poppy Gall Stowe 888-6169 I
Virginia Garrison Moretown 496-4622 I
Seth Gibson Middlebury 388-2556 I
Jonathan Grant & Eileen Braheney Newton Center, MA 617-527-1269 I
Peter Grant & Hildgund Schaefer Bristol 453-2278 B
Ev Grimes Grand Isle 372-5386 I
Roy & Wendy Haupt Waterbury Center 244-5213 I
Carol Hignite S. Burlington 860-1530 I
Tom Kastner & Becky Johnson Marshfield 426-3734 I
Vincent Koehler Burlington 863-1444 I
Larry Lewack & Margaret MacDonald Winooski 655-9446 I
Robert Lindemann Hyde Park 888-3651 I
Jim Loewen S. Burlington 658-1489 I
Greg & Jennifer Magnant Colchester 655-1002 I
Peter & Evangeline Malaney Highgate Center 868-4984 I
Ed Malina & Ann Wadsworth Essex Junction 879-4038 I
Andrew Nuquist Montpelier 223-3550 I
Nancy L. Olsen Plattsburgh, NY 518-561-0189 I
Tim Parsons & Anne Judson Burlington 863-6147 I
Thomas Price Burlington 864-4755 B
Larry & Stephenic Pyne South Hero 372-5822
Jonathan & Barbara Reichert Maplewood, NJ 201-763-6028 I
Peter Richardson Norwich 649-5250 I
Betsy Schneider Bristol 453-4631 I
Rick Schneider & Helen Gordon Bristol 453-3570 I
Arnold Schulteis Essex Junction 878-3784 I
Andy & Carlene Squires Richmond 434-2533 I
Tom Stevens Waterbury 244-1663 I
Heinz & Inge Trebitz Thetford Center 785-2129 I
Philip Trent Burlington 862-8682 B
Olga Vrana Burlington 863-0295 I
Allon & Marianne Wildgust Brandon 247-3119 I
Mark & Krista Willett Richmond 434-4297 I
Key:        B = Beginner        I = Intermediate        A = Advanced

Members with an interest in Family Trips

Name Town Phone Skill
Peter & Susan Alden Burlington 863-6585 A
Peter Briggs & Barbara Grant Shelburne 985-8257 I
James Dawson Peru, NY 518-643-9289 A
Daniel & Roberta Downey Montpelier 223-3376 I
Len Gerardi & Lauren Jarvi St. Johnsbury 748-8928 N
Ev Grimes Grand Isle 372-5386 I
James & Sheila Halnon Rutland
Larry & Jane Haugh Essex Junction 879-0634 I
Roy & Wendy Haupt Waterbury Center 244-5213 I
Larry Lewack & Margaret MacDonald Winooski 655-9446 I
Greg & Jennifer Magnant Colchester 655-1002 I
Ed Malina & Ann Wadsworth Essex Junction 879-4038 I
Andrew Nuquist Montpelier 223-3550 I
Tim Parsons & Anne Judson Burlington 863-6147 I
David & Giovanna Peebles Montpelier 223-5045 N
Jonathan & Barbara Reichert Maplewood, NJ 201-763-6028 I
Mark & Mary Selig Milton 524-3827 I
Clyde & Elizabeth Smith Westport, NY 518-962-4859 I
Mark & Krista Willett Richmond 434-4297 I
Key:        N = Novice        I = Intermediate        A = Advanced

River Reporting Volunteers

The following people have offered to provide river level information if you give them a call:

River Person Telephone
Huntington Jon Jamieson 434-4546
Mark Willett 434-4297
Chris & Marilyn Clark 434-3463
Lower Lamoille Ginny Yandow 864-7908
Mad River Peter Downey 223-3376
Peter Brown 223-2448
Jean Kissner 879-0201
Mill River (Clarendon) Steve Bradley 492-3837
Moose River Len Gerardi 748-8928
Mike Fullerton 456-8701
New Haven Peter Grant 453-2278
Ompompanoosuc Heinz & Inge Trebitz 785-2129
Passumpsic Len Gerardi 748-8928
Snake & Green (Idaho) Adrienne Brown 307-739-1403
Upper Lamoille Chris Clark 434-3463
Mike Fullerton 456-8701
Robert Lindemann 888-3651
Winooski (Montpelier) Peter Downey 223-3376
(Bolton - Jonesville) Mark Willett 434-4297


Name Town Phone Skill
Max Class
Peter Alden Burlington 863-6585 I 4
Lori Barg Plainfield 454-1896 N
Hillel Becker Stowe 253-8689 N
Mitzi Becker Stowe 253-8689 N
Laura Benis Hinesburg 482-2705 I 3
Peter Briggs Shelburne 985-8257 I 3
Ann Burcroff Montpelier 229-9677 N
Ginny Carruba Northfield 485-3092 I 1
Jerry Carruba Northfield 485-3092 I 3
Chris Clark Huntington 434-3463 A 4
Marilyn Clark Huntington 434-3463 N 2
Steven Clark Colchester 879-7393 N 2
Pamela Dever Waterbury 244-6980 N
Jamie Dolan Bristol 453-4658 I 3
Daniel Downey Montpelier 223-3376 N 1
Roberta Downey Montpelier 223-3376 N 1
Poppy Gall Stowe 888-6169 A 4
Len Gerardi St. Johnsbury 748-8928 N 1
Betsy Ham Randolph 728-6458 I 3
Lola Johnson Chazy, NY 518-846-8234 N 1
Raymond Johnson Chazy, NY 518-946-8234 N 1
Robert Lindemann Hyde Park 888-3651 I 3
Sonja Maynard Colchester 879-7393 N 1
Dick McKinnon York, ME 207-363-4168 N 2
Georgia Myer Charlotte 425-4169 I 3
Nancy L. Olsen Plattsburgh, NY 518-561-0189 N 2
Tim Parsons Burlington 863-6147 N 2
George Ray Woodbury 472-6292 N
Peter Richardson Norwich 649-5250 N 2
Tina Scharf Bristol 453-4658 N 2
Rick Schneider Bristol 453-3570 I 2
Tony Shaw Williston 879-1655 N
Carline Squires Richmond 434-2533 N
Tom Stevens Waterbury 244-1663 N
Sue Strang Burlington 658-6657 I 4
Heinz Trebitz Thetford Center 785-2129 I 3
Inge Trebitz Thetford Center 785-2129 I 3
Dick Trudell Winooski 655-3554 A 5
Steve Webster Norwich 649-3708 A 4
Warren Whitney Randolph 728-6458 I 3
Allon Wildgust Brandon 247-3119 N
Krista Willett Richmond 434-4297 N 2
Mark Willett Richmond 434-4297 A 3
Key:        N = Novice        I = Intermediate        A = Advanced

Tandem Partners List

Below is a list of members who have expressed interest in being a tandem partner for whitewater or flatwater trips. Most of the paddlers listed have a canoe, some experience, and a desire to get out on the river.

I encourage you to review the trip schedule, look for someone whose skills seem to complement your own, and call him or her to discuss teaming up for a trip. (There are a number of novice and intermediate trips coming up, including weekday evening trips on the Lower Lamoille, which are excellent for improving one's skills.

Please consider it your own responsibility to be comfortable with the paddling skills of your prospective partner, as well as the suitability of the canoe you will paddle in. Also, please read Guidelines for Northern Vermont Canoe Cruisers Trips, which is published on page 3 of this newsletter.

Feel free to call me at 985-8257 if you have any questions.

Peter Briggs

Name                  Town                Phone      Skill Max Class White-   Flat-   Have
                                                     Level  Paddled   water   water   Boat                               
Peter Alden           Burlington          863-6585     A      4         Y       Y      Y
Teri Ames             Burlington          899-1821     I      3         Y              ?
Eric Bishop           Colchester          878-2081     I      4         Y       y      Y
Peter Brown           Montpelier          223-2448     A      4         Y
Ann Burcroff          Montpelier          229-9677     N      3                        Y
Jerry Carruba         Northfield          485-3092     I      3
Len Gerardi           St. Johnsbury       748-8928     N      3         y              Y
Jane Gibbons          Charlotte           425-3093     N                Y       Y      Y
Peter Grant           Bristol             453-2278     N      2         Y       Y      Y
Ev Grimes             Grand Isle          372-5386     I      2                        Y
Chris Jones           Loudenville, NY 518-484-1464     I      4         Y              Y
Tom Kastner           Marshfield          426-3734     I      3         Y       Y      Y
Russ Kinaman          Essex Jct.          879-6666     I      3         Y       y      Y
Vincent Koehler       Burlington          863-1444     I      3         Y       Y      Y
Larry Lewack          Winooski            655-9446     I      4         Y       Y      y
Jim Loewen            S. Burlington       658-1489     I                Y
Margaret MacDonald    Winooski            655-9446     I      3         Y       Y      Y
Nancy L. Olsen        Plattsburgh, NY 518-561-0189     I      2         y       Y      Y
Tim Parsons           Burlington          863-6147     I      3         Y       Y      y
Alverta Perkins       S. Burlington       863-4822     N                Y       Y
Jonathan Reichert     Maplewood, NJ   201-763-6028     I                        y
Michael Russom        Shelburne           985-9383     I      4         Y              Y
Arnold Schultheis     Essex Junction      878-3784     I      3         Y       y
Tom Stevens           Waterbury           244-1663     I      3         y       Y      ?
Steve Webster         Norwich             649-3708     I      3         Y       Y      Y
Krista Willett        Richmond            434-4297     I      3                 Y      Y
Mark Willett          Richmond            434-4297     I      4         Y       Y      y
Barbara Wolf-Reichert Maplewood, NJ   201-763-6028     I                        Y

                 Key: N = Novice     I = Intermediate        A = Advanced

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