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Bow and Stern - June 1, 1992

Bow and Stern - - June 1992

Bow and Stern

Summer 1992

From the President

June 9, 1992

Fellow Paddlers:

The spring season is behind us with much enjoyment and success to report as you will see in the trip reports and canoe clinic report. Rob Farley did a great job heading the clinic. The clinic instructors and helpers had many new faces among them, including some who were first year paddlers last year. Thanks for your help and enthusiasm. Thanks, too, to the trip leaders, mostly veteran NVCC'ers, who did their usual nice job of running smoothly operating outings.

Plans for summer activities promise to make the coming months as enjoyable as those just past. Nancy Huelsberg and Zander Ponzo have jumped on board to handle the June dinner. Tony Shaw has laid out another great Whitewater Schedule and Marion Thompson has pulled together an equally nice Flat Water Schedule. Various committees are hard at work on conservation, safety, trip leading, and other topics. I hope you get out and get involved in any or all of these activities.

As you read this, you are seeing the work of Collie Chambers in assembling another very nice Bow & Stern. A special thanks goes to Mark Willett who, like any VP, has been working quietly behind the scenes on entertainment for the dinners, advertising for the canoe and kayak clinics, computer help on the Bow and Stern, and other critical activities. Thanks also to any and all others who are helping make NVCC continue to run smoothly.

Have a great canoeing season!

Charlie Thompson

Who's Who of the NVCC

       President                        Charlie Thompson          878-2536
       Vice President                   Mark Willett              434-4297
       Treasurer                        Peter Briggs              985-8257
       Secretary                        Ray Gonda                 862-6164
       Membership                       Peter Briggs              985-8257
       Spring White Water Schedule      Tony Shaw                 879-1655
       Open Boat Clinic                 Rob Farley                482-2427
       Closed Boat Clinic               Rob Farley (acting)
       Conservation/Water Resources     Rosemary O'Connell        862-1788
       Bow & Stern Editor               Collie Chambers           860-5049
       Safety & Education               Rob Farley                4S2-2427
       Summer Dinner                    Nancy Huelsberg           229-1008
If you are interested in participating in the Executive or other committees, please call Charlie or any chairperson. We would love to hear your suggestions and get you involved.

Summer Whitewater Schedule - 1992

Date     Day      Trip                           Contact/Phone      Level

6/13-14 Sat/Sun   Androscoggin NH                Chuck Thompson
                  Whitewater weekend             878-2536           Nov/int

6/21    Sun       Dead R. ME @ 1800cfs           Mike Fullerton
                  Wilderness whitewater          456-8701           Adv

6/28    Sun       Lower White River              George McIntosh
                  Picnic, swim, relax*           644-2134           Nov

7/4 ... Sat...    Alpine Canyon, Snake R. WY     Mike Fullerton
                  Bring sunscreen                456-8701           Int/adv

7/18-19 Sat/Sun   Androscoggin NH                Wayne & Kathy
                  Clean warm water               Foell 878-9737     Nov/Int

8/15-16 Sat/Sun   Dead R. ME @ 1000-1800cfs      Open               Int/adv
                  Token August getaway

8/29-30 Sat/Sun   River Rescue Clinic            Rob Farley       Nov/int/adv
                  Androscoggin NH                482-2427

9/5-7   Sat/Mon   Dead R. ME Extravaganza        Open              Int/adv
                  The Labor Day Pilgrimage

9/12-13 Sat/Sun   Deerfield R. MA                Mike Fullerton
                  Challenging whitewater         456-8701           Adv

9/20    Sun       Hudson Gorge, NY               Ray Gonda
                  More challenge                 862-6164           Adv

9/20    Sun       Dead R. ME @ 3500cfs           Marvie Campbell
                  Really Big Whitewater          875-2235           Adv

9/26-27 Sat/Sun   West R.                        Mike Fullerton
                  The fall gathering             456-8701           Int/adv

10/3-4  Sat/Sun   Hudson Gorge, NY               Sheri Larsen
                  Still more challenge           878-6828           Adv
  • Trips are subject to change depending on water level and interest. Contact the trip coordinator before going on any club trip.
  • One week's notice should be given for overnight trips (two weeks for Dead River, ME trips).
  • No one as yet has stepped forward to organize the Dead River release weekends marked "Open". Call Tony Shaw at 879-1655 for information. Additional weekend releases an the Dead River are scheduled for 6/27-28, 7/11-12 and 8/1-2 (all at 1000-1300cfs).
Flatwater Schedule Summer 1992

     Date      Day        Trip                       Contact/Phone

     5/26-     Tues       Flatwater Racing           Bert Roberts
     7/21                 Recreational &             434-4707
                          Racing Boat classes        Bill Gerlack

     6/25      Thurs      Upper Lamoille             Bill Gerlack

     7/14      Tues       Green River Res. (GMC)     Richard Reynolds
                          Full moon, bring food      888-5780

     7/18-19   Sat/Sun    Green River Reservoir      Mark & Krista Willett
                          overnight                  434-4297

     7/22      Wed        Indian Brook Res.          Rich Larsen

     8/1       Sat        Connecticut R.             Collie Chambers

     8/1-2     Sat/Sun    Lake Lila                  Ruth Miller
                          Adirondacks Wilderness     985-2592

     8/2       Sun        Upper Lamoille             George McIntosh

     8/16      Sun        Missisquoi                 Greg Magnant
                          Wildlife Refuge            864-1835

     9/26-27   Sat/Sun    Adirondacks                Peter & Sue Alden
                          Overnight on a lake        863-6585

     10/3-4    Sat/Sun    St. Regis River NY         Ray Gonda
                          Middle Branch              862-6164
                          16 mile level

     10/10     Sat        Winooski River(Richmond)   Mark Willett
                          Fall Foliage Tour          434-4297

     10/17-18  Sat/Sun    Dear, Osgood or            Ray Gonda
                          Bog River NY               862-6164
  • For more information on times and meeting place contact the trip coordinator.
  • Most coordinators would like to know a week in advance if you plan to join -- particularly the overnights.
  • Flatwater events usually welcome children and families.
  • If you sign up and then can't make the trip, do call the coordinator asap.
1992 Canoe School

The Northern Vermont Canoe Cruisers have pulled off another White Water Canoe clinic, introducing new people to white water canoeing, developing new instructors and of course dealing with the weather.

This year 32 students attended the clinic. The classroom session included four new instructors from the NVCC ranks (Mark Willett, Peter Briggs, Wendy Scott and me). The pool session was conducted by Ray Gonda, and included John Schroeder, Jim Morris, Wayne Foell, Mark Willett and me as group leaders.

Winter finally ended (or was that spring trying to appear?) on April 18, making possible a river trip. We had a windy day with partly cloudy skies, temperatures in the 50's and just enough water for us to make it down the Mad River. Wanting to get the most out of this experience, Ray Gonda thought it would be valuable for his students to learn how to retrieve equipment. So the whole group jumped into the water to pull a Grumman off a rock. Everyone enjoyed the clinic.

Unfortunately not all students made it on the river trip. I would like to encourage those who missed it to join any beginner trip, and I'm sure the trip coordinators will welcome these new paddlers.

I would like to thank the people mentioned above and to thank members Bob Schumacher, Charlie and Marion Thompson, Julie Schroeder, Kathy Foell, Nancy Huelsberg and Tony Shaw for their participation in the clinic.

Rob Farley
Safety and Training Chairman

Also of note:

Re: NVCC Trip Policy Proposal

The NVCC Trip Policy Proposal published in the June 1991 Bow and Stern is currently being reviewed by members of the Safety Committee. I would like to encourage members and regular trip leaders to join this committee to provide feedback. The purpose of this document is to provide a level of legal protection to the NVCC members in case some future legal action should occur regarding a mishap on a trip. Please contact me (482-2427) with your comments.
Rob Farley

Coming Up...

Closed Boat Clinic, in August -- see notice on last page

River Rescue Clinic, July and August

A river rescue clinic is being sponsored by the Zoar Outdoor Center in Charlemont, Mass. and is being conducted by Charlie Wallbridge of the ACA on July 11-12. I plan on attending this workshop and would like to encourage other members to join me. If you cannot make this one, I plan on sharing the knowledge I gained through a NVCC Rescue Clinic. This workshop will be held on the Androscoggin River on August 29-30. It will include a review and practice of self rescue, boat assisted rescue and shore rescue techniques. So come join me and plan on getting wet, and having a good time.

Rob Farley

Membership Meeting Minutes for March 5, 1992

The March membership meeting took place at the Our Lady of Grace Church in Colchester Village. Louise McCarren and Ed Amidon cooked and served a delicious spaghetti dinner, with salad and dessert, for the occasion.

President Charlie Thompson introduced all the committee chairpersons who then gave their reports. Rob Farley announced that a rescue clinic would be offered to the club in August and asked for assistance with the spring canoe school and summer kayak school.

Rosemary O'Connell briefly discussed the Conservation Committee and it's activities. She mentioned that a proposal, being drafted by the committee, would cover the definition of navigability for Vermont's waters and access to and above certain shorelines for canoeists and kayakers. She asked that interested volunteers participate on the committee.

Charlie asked also for volunteers to draw up the summer whitewater and flatwater schedules and for trip coordinators for these trips.

Ray Gonda Secretary

Treasurer's Report 01/01/92 - 05/16/92

Northern Vermont Canoe Cruisers
GENERAL FUND                                  SAFETY & TRAINING FUND                 

Beginning Balance:              $ 140.24      Beginning Balance:             $1026.40

                              TOTAL TREASURY: $1166.64                               

INCOME                                        INCOME                                 
    Dues 133 @ $6               $ 798.00         Decal Sales               $     7.50
    March Dinners 62 @ 4          248.00         Patch Sales                    10.00
    Surplus food sales             12.00         Tr. from General Fund          38.50
                                                 1991 Kayak Clinic              15.00
                                                 Canoe Clinic                  680.00

    Total Income                $1058.00         Total Income               $  751.00

EXPENSES                                      EXPENSES                               
    March Bow & Stern                            Canoe Clinic:                       
      Printing                    229.50           UVM Pool                    146.25
      Stamps                      135.14           Printing                     58.28
    Jun & Nov 1991 Mtgs           109.90           ACA Manuals                 195.72
    March 1992 Meeting            261.09           Miscellaneous                22.83
    Conservation Comm.              0.00                                             
    Tr. to S&T Fund                38.50                                             

    Total Expenses             $  774.13         Total Expenses              $ 423.08

BALANCE                        $  424.11      BALANCE                        $1354.32

                              TOTAL TREASURY: $1778.43                               

Peter Briggs
Peter M. Briggs
Treasurer, NVCC

Spring 1992 Trip Reports

White River: April 5, 1992

Participants: John King, George Agnew, Ed and Willy Amidon, Andrew Nuquest, Adrienne Brown, Andy Meilleur, Greg Magnant, Tony Shaw, Peter Alden, Mike Fullerton, Peter Downey, Peter Briggs, and George McIntosh (2 Georges, 2 Andys and 3 Peters--weren't you confused? ed.)

Although the water level was low and the weather cold, with a bit of snow in the air, a good mixed group gathered for this early season trip. Unfortunately, the many delays in scheduling the whitewater clinic river trip probably discouraged any of this year's class from paddling this trip. Everyone was cold, so after paddling pretty much straight through, we had a quick lunch stop and continued on our way. It was good to get back on the water again after the long winter, but it would have been better if it had been warmer.
-- George McIntosh

Huntington River: April 12, 1992

Participants: Solo canoes: Peter Alden, Greg Magnant, Andy Meilleur, and Tony Shaw. Tandem Canoe: Wayne and Kathy Foell

The morning was overcast, the thermometer stuck at 34 degrees, the forecast, clearing and colder... As six paddlers, five boats and lots of neoprene went for a ride on the Huntington. Thanks to Saturday's snow, the rain overnight (1.4 inches total) and the sun's timely appearance to keep things melting ... the level was perfect (lively, but not brimming).

No one swam and we saw ducks, geese, a mink, and several snowballs falling mysteriously from the sky. The sharply colder weather held off, and we stayed warm dodging strainers in the sun and sharing thermos drinks. This was a shoestring trip -- pulled together Saturday night when other plans had fallen through. We should do this more often.
-- Tony Shaw

Upper Lamoille: April 25, 1992

Participants: Peter Alden, Greg Magnant, Charlie Thompson, R. J. Burns and Wayne and Kathy Foell

Instead of joining the scheduled West River trip, our group decided to take advantage of good water levels locally and headed to the upper Lamoille. We put in at Greensboro Bend. It was a cool, but sunny day. The water level was moderately high, covering up a lot of the rocks and giving us big waves at the end in Hardwick, where a lot of bailing was required. Everybody had a good time, although three of the five boats went over and one car died.
-- Wayne Foell

Lower Lamoille: Four Trips: April-May, 1992

Leader: Ray Gonda
Participants: Peter and Roberta Downey, Ray Ingham, Nancy Huelsberg, Greg Magnant, Tom Berry, Andy Mayer, Dan Lindeman, Steve and Lynn Arliss, Rosemary O'Connell, Dave Grimason, Mike Shaw, John and Julianne Schroeder, Peter Briggs and Ray Gonda

Like last year these trips were flotilla'd by three to eight boats including kayaks, tandem open boats and solo open canoes. All four trips had good weather and reasonable water conditions (never over two feet nor less than 1/2 a foot).

The trips were good for practicing skills, unhurried yet with enough holes to sidesurf. A good way to brush up on skills without taking much time out of the week. All the evening trips met at the Fairfax bridge at 5:00 p.m. and we ran a shuttle after the boats and gear were unloaded. I'm planning to run a similar schedule next spring also.
-- Ray Gonda

Hudson Gorge: May 17, 1992

Participants: Saturday: Peter Alden, Mike Fullerton, Rich and Sheri Larsen, Jim and Diana Dunn and Ray Gonda Sunday: Len Carpenter, Mike and Tony Shaw, Rod Wentworth, Dave Schmitt, Steve Webster, Will Colgan, Mike and Russ Petronic and Ray Gonda
We made two separate trips to the Gorge over this weekend. The Sunday trip consisted of six kayaks and four solo canoes. We ran as separate groups, kayaks and canoes, with each group leapfrogging the other as we progressed downriver. The water level was between four and 4.5 feet and the weather perfect. Dave Schmitt, new to the Gorge in his 16-foot Bluehole, survived the biggest stopper waves, right down the middle of the route at river right in the staircase, without swimming. Dave unfortunately lost his glasses while side-surfing at Greyhound bus. Nobody swam this trip (except while side-surfing) although Mike did a sensational roll, on a center line run of big Nasty at Harris Rift. We all got a thrill watching Mike's recovery.
-- Ray Gonda

Lower Lamoille Evening Trips : April-May, 1992

The river was very high, essentially in flood, at 6 feet on the new scale, 12 feet on old scale. There are almost no shore eddies the whole trip, with the river often in the trees. The weather was decent, air temperature in high 60s, thunderstorms lurking, but no rain until driving home. 7 boats started, one turned back in first 100 yards, very wisely. Completing trip were 6 boats: 1 C1 (Ray Ingram), 1 kayak (George McIntosh), 1 OC2 (Wayne and Cathy Foell), and 3 OC1s (Rich Larsen, Sheri Larsen, Greg Magnant). At this level, all the rocks are covered. Two Island Rapid really only had 1.5 islands, and one left-side pourover and strainer. The most fun was toward the river center, with lots of big, irregular waves. This route is also the riskiest, with a long and difficult swim in case Of upset. We started left, then moved center to avoid the strainer, and stayed center. The other long rapid also had no exposed rocks, but had three mid-river pourovers, one looking very carnivorous. Otherwise, it was similar to the Two-Island Rapid, lots of big waves. It took 40 minutes to get to 5 chutes area. The chutes have all merged into mid-river turbulence at this level, with safer shore routes. Rich tried the center route, flipped on a diagonal wave, and went for a long and unpleasant swim of about 300 yards. Others took a variety of different routes, including some other mid-river runs, and all were successful. The left shore was taken by most, and that is by far the most sane route at this level. This is an interesting level, but it must be approached with respect.


This was a warm evening, temperature in the 60s, fairly clear, cooling off rapidly late in the trip as the sun went behind clouds. The river was at 2 feet on the new scale (a nice, sane level when compared to the week before). No trouble, just one flip from trying to sidesurf the left side wave in the long, easy rapid. 9 boats, with 2 kayaks (McIntosh and Barry Driscoll) , 1 C1 (Ingram) , 3 OC1 (Magnant, RJ Burns, and Andy Meilleur), and 3 OC2s (R. Larsen and Bob Preisser, Foells, and Steve and Susan Fishman).


The weather was cool, just above 50, but was clearer than forecast. The river level was at about 1.25 feet on new scale, which is getting very low and gentle. There were no mishaps, just a mellow float down the river. There were 13 boats, including 9 OC1s (S. Larsen, W. Foell, Preisser, Meilleur, Magnant, Ingram, Al Roberts, Janice Campbell, Peter Downey), 2 K1s (McIntosh and Peter Briggs), and 2 OC2s (R. Larsen and Phillip, Gerry Carruba and Jay Wentworth)


The temperature was in the 60s, with thunderstorms moving in. The river was at 0.51 feet, very low. The wisest paddlers stayed home this evening. Ten boats showed up, one decided not to put onto the river because of approaching storms. Nine boats started down into a fierce headwind, with the solo boats having particular trouble making any headway. About a mile down, where the last houses are on the right, 5 boats turned around, to paddle back with the wind. Of course, the wind dropped about 5 minutes later, so the trip back was paddling, lining, and pushing upstream, but we made it. This group was 4 solo boats (R+S Larsen, Wayne Foell, and Dave Schwartz), and Peter and Roberta Downey in an OC2. The other 4 boats did continue down the river, (G. McIntosh (K1), John and Julia Schroeder (OC2), and Magnant and Meilleur in OC1s. These boats finished later, in the rain, but alleged to have had a good time. All in all, it was a bizarre trip, the first time I ever finished by paddling 'whitewater' back upstream.
-- Rich Larsen

Ammonoosuc River N.H.: May 2-3, 1992

Participants: Peter Alden, Adrienne Brown, Wayne and Kathy Foell, Rich and Sheri Larsen, Len Carpenter, Jim Picone, John King, George Agnew, Andy Meilleur, Betsy Ham, Warren Whitney, Mike Fullerton, Tony Shaw, George McIntosh, and Rod Wentworth.

On Saturday the river level was a low 3.3 feet and the weather was overcast. Nevertheless we launched 15 boats. The rain held off and we all had a good time, including a few swimmers.

On Sunday we nixed the Saco River trip (water too low) and went back to the Ammonoosuc with six boats. With overnight rain the river was up to 4.2 feet. Few rocks were to be seen and the waves were rolling. Some of us took out early and some repeated the first section. This is a trip we would like to make every season.
-- Peter Alden

Hudson Gorge: May 16, 1992

Participants: Four solo canoes- Pete Alden, Mike Fullerton, Rich Larsen and Sheri Larsen. One kayak: George McIntosh.

This was a trip on the Hudson Gorge for those of us who couldn't make the scheduled trip the next day. We left Burlington at about 7:00 a.m. and put in on the Indian River at about 10:00 a.m. The Indian was about as high as any of us had paddled it, with a good amount of water coming over the dam in addition to the dam release. The water level on the Hudson River was an interesting 4.5 to 5.0 feet plus the bubble. We moved along pretty quickly and had a good time in the waves. None of us swam, although I had visions of swimming as I was going down backwards through some big drops in Staircase Rapids.
-- Sheri Larsen

Hudson Gorge: May 24, 1992

Participants: Four solo canoes: Mike Fullerton, Ray Ingram, Rich Larsen and Sheri Larsen. Three kayaks: Diana Dunn, Jim Dunn and Rob Farley.

According to the weather forecast, early morning showers were to give way to sunny skies and the temperature was to get close to 60 degrees. Well, that forecast never materialized. Instead, we had rain from the time we left Burlington until about 2:00 p.m. and the temperature never got above about 40 degrees. The weather on the river could only be described as "truly miserable."

Although we were all wet and cold, the paddling was pretty good. With the bubble, the water level was just high enough to make for pleasant paddling and not be threatening. We were able to stay with the bubble for the whole trip and move pretty quickly. There were no swimmers, but Diana provided some excitement in Harris Rapids by doing a combat roll just above the biggest drop. We were all very glad to get off the river, put on warm clothes and have a hot drink at McDonalds in Ticonderoga.
-- Sheri Larsen

Next Issue:

Although the next Bow & Stern will be published in late winter 1993, it is much easier to write your trip reports soon after you return from a trip (at least write down paddlers' names and brief notes of the date, time and place.) if you will send reports to me at 20 Patrick St., So. Burlington 05403, I'll see that they appear in the March 1993 issue. Thanks again to Mark Willett for his trusty computer and his assistance.
-- Collie Chambers

NVCC Conservation Committee -- Meeting Minutes

On the evening of April 27, 1992, a meeting of the Conservation Committee was convened at the home of Rich and Sheri Larsen. The following NVCC members were present: Bob Reynolds, Greg Magnant, Rod Wentworth, Bob Schumacher, Rich and Sheri Larsen, Nancy Heulsberg, Peter Grant, Ray Gonda, Peter Briggs and Rosemary O'Connell.

Various proposals relating to Lakes and Rivers navigability and use have been introduced since January 1992. The purpose of this meeting was to discuss and vote on the issues presented in these similar proposals and, where appropriate, include them in the NV`CC Conservation Policy.

As stated in the Meeting Agenda letter, and as agreed upon at the meeting, we went through each of the items listed on both the meeting agenda and on Peter Briggs 4/29/92 "Navigable Waters/Transient Shoreline Use Proposal." After much discussion, a "new" version of the proposal was voted on, approved by the majority and then typed up by Sheri Larsen. This "new" version was simply a rearrangement of Peter Briggs' version. An additional change was that the word "navigable" under the definition of navigable rivers was replaced by the phrase "usable by boaters". Also discussed, but not included in this new proposal -- Legislative Priorities on the Meeting Agenda. It was agreed that this issue of "Legislative Rivers Bills" is an important aspect of the whole process and would be acted upon as circumstances and priorities dictate.

The issues included in the proposal approved at this meeting (see March 1992 Bow & Stern for complete text) were summarized and added to the NVCC Conservation Policy as item W9 which reads: "In favor of transient access on navigable rivers and emergency access on navigable lakes and ponds as outlined in the position paper dated 4/27/92."

An additional item brought up and briefly discussed at this meeting was that of Landowner Liability. Peter Grant presented this issue as it relates to paddling access and use on rivers and lakes. This resulted in the addition of item #10 to the Conservation Policy which reads: "In favor of efforts to resolve issues relating to landowner liability as it relates to paddling access."

The following NVCC Conservation Committee proposal entitled "Position Paper on Navigable Waters and Access" is the result of the Committee's work over the past six months. This proposal has arisen out of a need to have an official club position on these crucial paddling issues, and is designed to guide club members in legislative actions. Bills relating to river issues will continue to arise in the Vermont state legislature. It is imperative that we have a means of addressing these issues on a case-by-case basis.

This proposal has been voted on and approved by both the Conservation Committee and the Executive Committee as of May 12, 1992. In addition it will be proposed at the June dinner meeting that the issue of navigability and access be incorporated into the Club's Conservation Policy as item #9 under actions for which precedent exists.

Rosemary O'Connell
Conservation/Water Resources

Position Paper on Navigable Waters and Access

  1. Transient access on navigable rivers:

    Navigable rivers shall be defined as:

    • All points downstream of the 10 square mile watershed point on all rivers, brooks and streams wholly or partially within Vermont.

    • Any stretch of stream above the 10 square mile watershed point that can be shown to be usable by boaters for seven contiguous days at any time of the year.

    Access to land up to the high water mark for transient purposes incidental to the use of the water in question shall be granted to river travelers such as canoeists and kayakers.

    Right of passage around in-stream obstructions such as falls, strainers, choked channels, dams, etc. shall be granted.

    Right of use of shoreline areas above the high water mark shall be granted for such purposes as recovering from a capsize, river rescue, scouting rapids or other potential hazards, and other similar purposes.

  2. Emergency access on navigable lakes and ponds:

    The definition of navigable lakes and ponds is all lakes and ponds currently defined to be navigable according to Vermont's common law and current regulations.

    Emergency access to and use of shoreline areas, both below and above the high water mark, shall be granted.

    Medical emergencies, weather related emergencies, and other situations which clearly are related to the health and safety of canoeists and kayakers shall be covered.

  3. Access for put-ins and take-outs:

    Ways should be sought to increase access to navigable waters "across" private property through outright purchase at fee, donated or purchased easements, and voluntary covenants with landowners.

Dated: April 27, 1992

Vermont Water Resources Board (WRB)
Management of Surface Use of Vermont's Public Waters
Public Comment Requested

The WRB welcomes any informal comment or suggestions submitted in writinq on a proposed new management plan for the surface use of Vermont's lakes and ponds (excluding Champlain and Memphremagog). If the plan is adopted the board shall consider requests for exceptions on a case-by-case basis in response to petitions filed pursuant to 10 VSA para. 1424.

Key elements of the proposal:

  1. For all lakes, ponds and reservoirs that are public waters:

    1. The daytime operation of vessels powered by motor shall comply with the following speed limits:

      1. 5 m.p.h. if less than 20 acres in surface area.

      2. 10 m.p.h. if surface area at least 20 acres but less than 75 acres.

      3. 10 m.p.h. if surface area 75 acres or greater but less than 30 acres outside the shoreline safety zone. (200 ft)

      4. 45 m.p.h. if surface area 75 acres or greater and have at least 30 contiguous acres outside of the shoreline safety zone.

    2. Nighttime operation of vessels powered by motor shall comply with the following speed limits:

      1. 5 m.p.h. if less than 20 acres.

      2. 10 m.p.h. if at least 20 acres.

  2. For all public waters:

    1. Use of internal combustion motors: If not an established use prior to Jan. 1, 1992 shall be prohibited effective Jan. 1, 1993. (The WRB will consider exceptions for disabilities; established means regular, frequent and consistent.)

    2. Use of Personal watercraft (such as jetskis) shall be prohibited on all bodies of public waters that have a surface area of less then 75 acres or that have less than 30 continuous acres outside the shoreline safety zone.

Information on this page and following two pages has been submitted by Ray Gonda.

Several open questions which the WRB would like to have public response to are:

  1. Should personal watercraft be treated differently under this policy from other motorized boating activities? If so, why?

  2. Should the use of personal watercraft be prohibited on all public waters less than 150 acres in surface area? If so, should the prohibition become effective after a sufficient period to allow for the filing and consideration of a petition seeking an exception to this policy for a particular body of water?

  3. Should the definition of nighttime be from 1/2 hour before sunset until 1/2 hour after sunrise?


Comments will be accepted until September 9, 1992. Full copies of the proposal (11 pages) are available by writing to or calling:

         William Bartlett, Executive Officer
         State of Vermont Water Resources Board
         58 E. State Street
         Montpelier, Vt. 05602               828-2871

The items listed above as the key points of the proposal could change according to the comments received and pressures brought to bear on the Board. A qood representation by canoeists is important if we are to get stronq management implemented. In particular the daytime speed for lakes less than 75 acres might better be set at 5 m.p.h. rather than 10 m.p.h. It takes only 4 minutes to cross a 75 acre circular pond at 5 m.p.h. Since trolling speeds for are less than 5 m.p.h. fishing would be protected.

Comparison of Vermont's Lakes and Ponds Sorted by Size

            SURFACE SIZE                                NUMBER       TOTAL

AT LEAST 5 ACRES BUT LESS THAN 20 ACRES                   316         3,000
AT LEAST 50 ACRES BUT LESS THAN 75 ACRES                  169         5,000
75 ACRES 0R GREATER (EX. MEMPHREMAGOG & CHAMPLAIN)        126        39,000
MEMPHREMAGOG (VERMONT PORTION)                                        6,000
CHAMPLAIN                                                           174,000
Comments are also being sought by the Board on the accuracy and completeness of the draft list of lakes, ponds and reservoirs on which the use of internal combustion motors is not an established use.

Draft list of lakes, ponds and reservoirs on which the use of internal combustion motors is not an established use (April 1992):

Name                          Town or Towns where located 

Lake Abenaki                         Thetford 
Adams Reservoir                      Woodford 
Athens Pond                          Athens 
Austin Pond                          Hubbardton 
Baker Pond                           Barton 
Bean Pond                            Sutton 
Beaver Pond                          Holland 
Unnamed Pond (Beaver Pond)           Weathersfield 
Berlin Pond                          Berlin 
Billings Marsh Pond                  West Haven 
Black Pond                           Hubbardton 
Black Pond                           Plymouth 
Blueberry Lake (Warren Lake)         Warren 
Bourn Pond                           Sunderland 
Bruce Pond                           Sheffield 
Buck Lake                            Woodbury 
Burbee Pond                          Windham 
Burr Pond                            Pittsford 
Chandler Pond                        Wheelock 
Charleston Pond (Lubber Lake)        Charleston 
Clyde Pond                           Derby 
Cobb Pond                            Derby 
Coggman Pond                         West Haven 
Coits Pond                           Cabot 
Colchester Pond                      Colchester 
Cole Pond                            Jamaica 
Cranberry Meadow Pond                Woodbury 
Crescent Lake                        Sharon 
Cutler Pond                          Highgate 
Deer Park Pond                       Halifax 
Dennis Pond                          Brunswick 
Deweys Mill Pond                     Hartford 
Emerald Lake                         Dorset 
Flagg Pond                           Wheelock 
Gates Pond                           Whitingham 
Gillett Pond                         Richmond 
Green River Reservoir                Hyde Park 
Half Moon Pond                       Hubbardton 
Halfway Pond                         Norton 
Lake Hancock (Sucker   Pond)         Stanford 
Hardwick Lake                        Hardwick 
Hardwood Pond                        Elmore 
Harriman Pond                        Newbury 
Haystack Pond                        Wilmington 
High Pond                            Sudbury 
Hinkum Pond                          Sudbury 
Howe Pond                            Readsboro 
Indian Brook Reservoir               Essex 
Inman Pond                           Fair Haven 
Jacksonville Pond                    Whitingham 
Kenny Pond                           Newfane 
Lakota Lake                          Barnard 
Lamson Pond                          Brookfield 
Lepperts Pond                        Chittenden 
Lily Pond                            Londonderry 
Lily Pond                            Vernon 
Little Pond                          Franklin 
Little Elmore Pond                   Elmore 
Long Pond (Belvidere Pond)           Eden 
Long Pond                            Greensboro 
Long Pond                            Milton 
Long Pond                            Sheffield 
Love's Marsh                         Castleton 
Lowell Lake                          Londonderry 
Lower Symes Pond                     Ryegate 
Lake Madeleine                       Sandgate 
Lake Marshfield                      Stowe 
Unnamed Pond (Martin Pond)           Williamstown 
May Pond                             Barton 
McAllister Pond                      Lowell 
McConnell Pond                       Brighton 
Mile Pond                            Ferdinand 
Mill Pond  (Parson's Mill Pond)      Benson 
Mill Pond  (Kennedy's Pond)          Windsor 
Milton Pond                          Milton 
Minards Pond                         Rockingham 
Lake Mitchell                        Sharon 
Molly's Pond                         Cabot 
Mud Pond                             Craftsbury 
Mud Pond                             Grandby 
Mud Pond                             Leicester 
Mud Pond                             Morgan 
Mud Pond                             Peacham 
Mud Pond   (Forscythe Pond)          Thetford 
Mud Creek Pond                       Alburg 
Mud Pond                             Hubbardton 
Norford Lake                         Thetford 
North Pond                           Brookfield 
North Pond                           Whitingham 
North Hartland Reservoir             Hartland 
Notch Pond                           Ferdinand 
Noyes Pond (Seyon Pond)              Groton 
Nulhegan Pond                        Brighton 
Old Marsh Pond                       Fair Haven 
Unnamed Pond (Oxbow Pond)            Swanton 
Lake Paran                           Bennington 
Patch Pond                           Rutland 
Paul Stream Pond                     Brunswick 
Perch Pond                           Benson 
Pine Pond                            Castleton 
Lake Pinneo                          Hartford 
Pleasant valley Pond                 Brattleboro 
Reading Pond                         Reading 
Richmond Pond                        Richmond 
Roach Pond                           Hubbardton 
Round Pond                           Milton 
Lake Runnemede (Evart's Pond)        Windsor 
Schofield Pond                       Hyde Park 
Searsburg Reservoir                  Searsburg 
Shaftsbury Lake                      Shaftsbury 
Shippee Pond                         Whitingham 
Silver Lake                          Georgia 
Silver Lake                          Leicester 
South Pond                           Marlboro 
South America Pond                   Ferdinand 
Spring Lake (Shrewsbury Pond)        Shrewsbury 
Spruce Pond                          Orwell 
St. Albans Reservoir, North          Fairfax 
St. Albans Reservoir, South          Fairfax 
Stevens Pond                         Maidstone 
Stiles Pond                          Waterford 
Stratton Pond                        Stratton 
Sugar Hollow Pond                    Pittsford 
Sunset Lake                          Brookfield 
Sunset Lake                          Marlboro 
Sweet Pond                           Guilford 
Thompsons Pond                       Pownal 
Thurman W. Dix Reservoir             Orange 
Tiny Pond                            Ludlow 
Toad Pond                            Charleston 
Townshend  Reservoir                 Townshend 
Turtle Pond                          Holland 
Tuttle Pond                          Hardwick 
Upper Symes  Pond                    Ryegate 
Wallingford  Pond                    Wallingford 
Wantastiquet Pond                    Weston 
Wapanacki Lake                       Wolcott 
Warden Pond                          Barnet 
Weatherhead Hollow Pond              Guilford 
West Hill Pond                       Cabot 
West Mountain Pond                   Maidstone 
Worcester Pond - Lower               Worcester 
Zacks Woods Pond                     Hyde Park 

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