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Bow and Stern - June 1, 1991

Bow and Stern - - June 1991

Bow and Stern

June 1991

Spring Whitewater Schedule

When the Spring Whitewater Schedule was drafted in February, we hoped to have trips every weekend beginning on March 23rd and ending on June 1st, and weeknight hips on the Lower Lamoille in late April and early May. Although the scheduled trips didn't always happen -- some were canceled while the location of other trips was changed -- it was a pretty good whitewater season.

Because March was cold and there wasn't much snow melt, the first trip wasn't held until the weekend of April 6th. From that weekend on, the weather was quite nice but water levels were quite low. The low water levels meant that trips weren't held on some of our favorite rivers -- the Upper Lamoille, Ammonoosuc, and Sacandaga Rivers. Fortunately, however, there was enough rain to allow for weeknight trips on the Lower Lamoille as well as a number of trips on the Hudson River.

The trips ranged in size from three people on the Hudson Gorge on May 4th to some 26 people on the Lower Lamoille on April 4th. Mosttrips averaged about 8-12 people. In addition to a lot of the "old regulars", there were a number of new faces on club trips this year, including quite a few from the canoe school.

Thanks go to all those who volunteered to be trip organizers. Thanks also to the many people who participated in the scheduled trips.

Sheri Larsen
Spring Whitewater Schedule

Corrected Phone Numbers

Karin Lyn Amedick	    644-8851
Ron / Brenda Bums	    893-3921
Christopher / Marilyn Clark 472-6345
Collie Chambers		    860-5049
Peter Downey		    223-3376
Diana / Jim Dunn	    899-4151
Wayne / Kathy Foell	    878-9737
Poppy Gall		    253-8270
Lynn Hackett		803-254-8615
Larry Haugh		    879-0634
Jim Higgins		    899-3687
Nancy Huelsburg		    229-1008
Jerry Jenkins		518-636-7208
William / Pauline Kanar	518-563-8840
Jean Kissner		    879-0201
Tony Kitsos / Edith Taylor  878-2417
Kristine Lesem		    658-2875
David Lynch	 	    878-2925
Rose Paul		    454-1220
Jim Picone		    223-1610
Zandor Ponzo		    658-0240
Amy Raiser		    862-3990
George Ray		    482-3608
Barbara Schegerin		    
Rick Silberman		    454-7844
William Smith		    476-4604
Chuck Thompson		    878-2536
Charlotte Tyler		    496-2826
Virginia Yandow	864-7908(H) 527-1356(CAMP)

Who's Who of the NVCC....

President			Mike Fullerton		456-8701
Vice President			Sheri Larsen		878-6828
Treasurer			Sue Sonch1k		878-4408
Secretary			Charlie Thompson	878-2536
Membership			Sue Sonchik		878-4408
WhItewater Schedule		George & Mgt McIntosh	644-2134
Open Boat Clinic		Rich Larsen		878-6828
Closed Boat Clinic		Bob Schumacher		985-2992
				Melanie Israel		849-2438
				Rick Davis		658-6614
Conservation / Water Resources	Ray Gonda		862-6164
Bow & Stern			Cathy Chamberlain	863-3067

If you are interested in participating in Executive Committee activities please got involved! Call Mike and offer your suggestions!


EVERYONE .. please check your address label and phone list entry and call or send any corrections to Charlie Thompson..

Thank you ... Charlie Thompson..
6 Colchester Pond Rd
Colchester VT 05446

02/15/90 - 05/13/91


Beginning Balance: $ 127.82 Beginning Balance: $465.08 TOTAL TREASURY: $592.90

INCOME INCOME 111 Dues @ $6 $ 666.00 Decal Sales $9.00 March Mtg Donations 35.00 Patch Sales 2.00 Canoe Clinic 670.00 Kayak Clinic 40.00

Total Income $ 701.00 Total Income $721.00

EXPENSES EXPENSES Postage 148.04 Canoe Clinic 159.68 Printing 225.29 (Books for clinic ACA Dues 75.00 were purchased March Mtg. Hall 50.00 last year) Liason to NC club 10.00

Total Expenses $ 508.33 Total Expenses $159.68

BALANCE $ 320.49 BALANCE $1026.40


Susan Sonchik
Treasurer, NVCC



KAYAK "Spirit" - call Rich 434-3957

Mad River Explorer 16'6"

Original owner-purchased in 1988.... good condition Red $625 fiberglass

Call Lloyd Portnow
H - 658-6131
W - 862-6511

Mad River Courier Green Royalex .. cone seat & Interchangeable Perception Saddle End alrbags (Mad River) .. Kevlar Skid Plate& on the ends Solo whitewater canoe

Mad River Traveler

Burgundy .. fiberglass fletwater solo sliding center seat (cane)

Both are In great shape. I have two children under 3 and can't seem to find time to use these canoes. /I Interested call or write:

Rick Dundas RR 1 Box 594-5
12 Prospect St Wallingford VT 05773


Sea Kayak, fiberglass... single or double seater Prefer touring style Any repairable condition will be OK Call 879-4340 Jed Cilley

Any contributions to the next edition of this newsletter should be sent to:
Cathy Chamberlain
L-10 Stonehedge Drive
South Burlington VT 05403
863-3067 - hand written or "camara ready"!

Trip Reports

NVCC Canoe Non-Trip: 3/23/91

Non-Leader: Cathy Chamberlain
Non-Participants: 9 boats ready to float, but the river levels weren't cooperating!

Huntington - a trickle

Lower Lamoille quite jams on side of river 3/22 only 2 (of 5) chutes; the gauge reads about -1 foot

(On 3/17 ... was running about 6 feet on the old scale ... or about +1 foot)

	Hudson River	3/8		3/15			3/22
	CFS		4200		1665			1457
	Ft		5.72		4.16			3.98

	Sacandaga Lake
			755	  FROM 3/8-DOWN 2"	 FROM 3/15-DOWN 13"
	Sac River	4.6		2.9			2.87
	CFS		3650 (?)	987			956
1/3 less snow pack as "normal" this year Recording at 518-465-2016 (starting daily 3/29) day (person) 518-465-3491

White River Trip: April 8, 1991

Participants: John and Julie Schroeder, Wayne and Kathy Foell, R. J. Burns and Rob Craighead, Mitch Pried and Kate Bortz, Andy Nuyquist, Lori Bar&, Ray Gonda, Peter Briggs, Rick Davis, George McIntosh.

Fears of no water early in the week disappeared as the weather turned warm and the little bit of remaining snow melted to give us a Perfect water level and a summer like day. Another group of Cruisers, originally scheduled to participate in this trip, took off by themselves leaving us with ten boats. Three of the boats were people from this years class who had not yet had their river trip due to the cold weather. The students all seemed to have a good time as the more experienced paddlers kept an eye on them and offered advice at the appropriate times. We had a couple of swimmers at the lunch stop but all were rescued with no mishaps. It was a very pleasant trip on an almost perfect day.

George McIntosh

Contoocook River: April 21, 1991

Participants: Roger Hassol, Pete Alden, Mike Fullerton (OC1); Dick Trudell (K1)
Water: River level: 6.5', rising to 7.0'

This was a trip for real men, or probably darned fools. The temperature never got much above 40 and there was rain, sometimes horizontally. At 6.5' the Contoocook is just about as low as it can be and still be worth it. Even at that level Freight Train and S-turns are good rapids with a few rocks you don't see at 8.0'. Other spots are scratchy but still fun.

Only one mistake led to a swim and that was short and ended by a well organized rescue. We warmed up with chili from the drug store (really!) and did it again. I recommend more water and sunshine.

Michael Fullerton

Lower Lamoille: April 24, 1991

Participants: Nine boats showed up for the trip. R.J Burns and Scott Stanton (OC2); Rich Larsen, Sheri Larsen, Greg Magnant, Wayne Foell, and Andy Heilleur (OC1); George McIntosh, Marcel Meilleur, and Chris Clark (K1)

This trip was held two days after a reasonably good rainfall, so the river was somewhat up from a few days previously. The level was 1.75, about 7.75 on the old scale. Weather was much better than had been forecast, in the upper 60s. We put on the river about 5:40, got off around 7:40. It was a peaceful float with no upsets or unexpected excitement. We saw osprey and herons, plus the usual ducks.

Ammonoosuc River: April 28, 1991

Participants: Adrienne Brown, Hike Fullerton, Pink canoes, Alan Roberts, Red canoe.
Water: River Level: 2. 8'

We all agreed that this was a delightful trip. Two refugees from the West river met one who refuses to paddle there. The West is always fun, but crowded and if another river is running, it makes a good change for the second day. According to the AMC's tape, 2.8' is "too low". All that means is that you won't see them there. At that level the Ammo is a lot of fun. The major rapids lose all their push and big excitement, but become technical exercises. The rest of the river still has enough water for good paddling with only a few scratchy spots. This would be a good way for someone to be introduced to this great river if that paddler wasn't sure he/she was ready for the full thing. Add a sunny day and no one else on the whole river, and you have a good day's outing.

Michael Fullerton

Lower Lamoille: May 1, 1991

Participants: Rich Larsen and Robert Preisser, Wayne and Kathy Foell, Peter and Roberta Downey (OC2); Sheri Larsen, R.J. Burns, and Andy Meilleur (OC1); George McIntosh and Peter Briggs (K1)

The weather was threatening for this one, but nine boats showed up anyway. There was a bit of lightning at the beginning, but then it stopped for the next three hours. There was an 'end of the world' lightning storm at that time, but we were all on the way home by then. The temperature was in the 60s, the level was 1.25 on the new scale. We put on the river about 5:30, finished around 7:30.

Hudson River, NY: May 4-5, 1991

Leader: Peter Alden
Participants: Rich & Sheri Larsen, Lenny Carpenter & Sally Spear, Ray Gonda & Nancy Huelsberg (OC2); Jay Kita (K1); Wayne Foell, Kathy Foell, Andy Meilleur, Marcel Melleur, Cathy Chamberlain, Greg Magnant

Saturday was sunny an the Hudson Gorge. Three of us in OC-1 turned out and one of us did not go swimming .. It was a fine trip with the gauge at 4.6 (before the bubble) and we finished by about 2:30.

Sunday also beautiful & warm - brought out 10 boats on the lower Hudson. We competed for space with the Hudson River Derby Race. Since the water was low, sometimes at Spruce Mt Rapids there was not too much of a choice of slots in the ledges.


Lower Lamoille: May 8, 1991

Participants: Peter and Roberta Downey and Wayne and Kathy Foell (OC2); Rich Larsen, R. J. Burns, Andy Heilleur, Greg Magnant, and Kevin Dragon (OC1); Mike Russom and George McIntosh (K1)

The weather was overcast, but the boaters continued to attend. Nine boats was again the magic number, and the level was again back to 1.75 feet. A nice surfing hole forms at this level near the end of the rapid as the river first comes back to the road, and some of the newer boaters practiced their skills by side-surfing. A few wobbly moments resulted, but no swims.

Schroon and Lower Hudson, NY: May 11, 1991

Participants: 11 boats on each leg. On the Schroon were five solo boats, Rich Larsen, Sheri Larsen, Mike Fullerton, Greg Magnant, and Al Roberts; three kayaks, George McIntosh, Bill Kinnear, and Rod Wentworth; and three double boats, Wayne Foell and Phil Diesing, Steve Fishman and Bob Davis, and Bob Belchar and Neal Curtis. For the Hudson, Bill Kinnear dropped out, and Adrienne Brown joined in

The Schroon and Lower Hudson were run as an opportunity for people who had progressed through the Lower Lamoille, and wanted to practice their skills on harder water. The Schroon was at a reasonably high level, so it was lively and just a little pushy. we had planned on running it multiple times, but after the first run decided to go do the Hudson from Riparius to the Glen bridge, for variety. The convoy drove over to the Hudson, which was only around 4 feet at North Creek. It was still a fun level, and the day was warm and sunny. One boat swam the long rapid, and some others got wet at the surfing island, but all in all it was a great day.

Lower Lamoille: May 15, 1991

Participants: John and Julie Schroder, and Peter and Roberta Downey (OC2); Rich Larsen, R. J. Burns, Andy Meilleur, Kevin Dragon and Greg Magnant (OC1); George McIntosh (K1)

The last of the scheduled evening trips. The river was down to 'zero feet', two feet below the scale, which would be just over 6 feet on the old scale. The weather was clear and cool, and eight boats showed up. With the water that low, we mostly just floated and weaved down the river. George and R.J. win the prize for joining all four Wednesday Evening Trips!!!

Hudson Gorge Trip (canceled): June 1, 1991

Leader: Sheri Larsen

Since the water level on the Hudson River was very low the previous weekend, we needed rain if there was going to be a trip on Hudson Gorge on Saturday, June 1st. Well, we did get rain! The only problem was that it rained too much. The water level Friday night was 4.9 feet and rising. That was too high for the open boaters that had expressed interest in the trip. Rather than paddle the lower Hudson, which we all had done several times, we opted to cancel the trip.

Footnote: It seems that the water levels in Hudson Gorge that we have come to associate with certain gauge readings are different this year. Our best guess is that, as a result of construction last year at the bridge at North Creek, the contour of the river bottom was altered and the gauge readings are now about .3 or .4 feet lower than comparable levels in previous years. So, the 4.9 foot reading plus another .3 feet meant a river level higher than the maximum level that I feel comfortable paddling the Gorge with a dam release.

Sheri Larsen

Hudson Gorge: June 2, 1991

Leader: Ray Gonda
Participants: Al Stirt, Kevin Dragon, Nancy Huelsberg and Ray Gonda

This was the second trip this season on the Gorge for me. On both trips Nancy paddled tandem with me -- Nancy being a beginning paddler this season. This is also Kevin's first season but the third time down the gorge. A week earlier Al had run tandem with Wendy Scott on another trip. The morning gauge level this day was a healthy 4.5 feet.

We caught just the tail end of the bubble on the Indian and stuck with it until the rapid above Blue Ledge where we did some repairs to an air bag and a seat using duct tape and some native materials along the river. This conveniently allowed the bubble to precede us. This was the highest level I've run the gorge tandem (although I'd run it in the past solo at a level somewhere between 5.5 and 6 ft). Compared to a level of 3.5 ft. on the morning gauge, Staircase was more difficult because it was more pushy but Big Nasty was made easier because of better coverage of the rocks with water on river left.

The day, with exceptional weather and river conditions, induced us to briefly hike to explore the waterfall (the highest in the Adirondacks) just above Big Nasty (Harris Rift). Kevin flipped over in the middle of the last mile-long rapids but rolled up again to his own surprise and joy but soon realized he was then faced with a boatload of water in the middle of the rapid. Nancy and I side-surfed both the upper then the lower holes in sequence at Gray Hound Bus before swimming out of the lower hole.

This delightful day on the Hudson was followed by dinner at Smith's in North Creek.

Lower Lamoille: April & May Weekday Trips

Leader: Ray Gonda

On Tuesday evenings during April and Monday evenings during May I organized trips which rendezvoused at the bridge in Fairfax. In all, 7 trips were run with from 3 to 5 boats each trip, both solo and tandem participating. There were some regulars on these trips and some occasionals. These trips provided continued practice with some additional introduction of better techniques for beginners, yet provided an opportunity for more experienced paddlers to regain some lost confidence and get the feel of the paddle again.

by Ray Gonda


You have the Opportunity to help determine how our the surface use of Vermont's lakes and ponds will be managed in the future. The Vermont Water Resources Board is offering two public forums on the management of Vermont's lakes and ponds this summer. Your participation is being sought.

The first forum will be on July 16. at 3:15-5:45 PM on interactive cable TV with studios available to the Public in Newport. Lyndonville, Burlington, Springfield and Randolph Center. Both the forum hosts and the participants will be televised. The second forum will be in the Manchester area on Aug. 14. 2:30 -4:00 PM. Public notice will be given prior to these forums.

The Board is faced with an increasing number of petitions concerning management of the state's lakes and ponds. All of them ask for increased regulation of a given lake or pond. The Board wants some guidelines to use in making regulatory decisions on such petitions, rather than doing them piecemeal without a background fabric of an overall management strategy for Vermont. Subjects will include speed, jet skis, water skiing, houseboats, and other considerations.

Some recommendations which may arise as a result of a Lakes and Ponds Study Group are a maximum speed limit of 5 mph on all lakes and ponds (excluding Champlain and Memphremagog) under 75 acres for motorized watercraft and a second 45 mph speed limit for all others. The petition process would continue to operate to make exceptions to this if, for example, water skiing were a current use and very popular on a particular lake smaller than 75 acres.


For paddlers interested in seeing that the comprehensive rivers plan for this river system stresses the goals of paddlers a public hearing on the preliminary plan will be held on July 22, 1991, probably at the Whitingham school. Now is the time to get involved. Contact Mike Kline at the Vermont Agency of Natural Resources for further information and for copies of the current draft plan.

The final preliminary plan will be submitted to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission an Aug 26, 1991. After technical studies are completed and incorporated into this plan public hearings will be held in May and July of 1992 on the draft then the final plan. The resulting final plan will be submitted to the FERC in August 1992. This plan will form the basis for the balancing among competing interests that the FERC will make in determining conditions of the licenses expected to be re-issued for the hydro projects.


The NVCC Canoe School was held this year as planned, with a focus on increased advertising and more enrollees. Besides the usual mailings to current members, posters were placed around town in sports stores, and articles were arranged in the Burlington Free Press and Vermont Sports Today. The BFP articles seems to have been the most important factor, as it probably generated 40-50% of the 23 people that eventually took the class. The classroom session was held at the Campus Catholic Center (Newman Center) at the University of Vermont on 3/22, and the pool session at the UVM pool on 3/24. The river session was planned for 3/30, but cold wind and a predicted high of 30 degrees forced delay until 4/13.

With the rearranging of schedules, only 16 of the 23 students were able to make the river trip. The river session was held on a day with the high in the low 40s, and water that was toward the lower side of medium. With these conditions, swimming was not to be encouraged, and none of the student boats flipped. (A few had the usual close calls, but no accidents.) The only swimmer was an instructor who tried to side-surf the dam. As always, running the dam was optional, and about half of the students did so, with an occasional gunwale grab or air brace. But, all in all, the session went well.

Subsequent to the river trip, an effort was made to allow the students to be integrated into club activities, if they so chose. A list of 'people needing partners' was generated, and all students were contacted about White River or Lower Lamoille trips that might be of interest to them. Many of the students joined in one or more Lower Lamoille trips, and a number progressed to the Schroon or Lower Hudson. At least three of the people from the class made it down Hudson Gorge by the end of May!! Looks like a good class this year!!! The advertising and the strong schedule of follow-up trips should be pursued in future years.

Thanks to the following people for helping 'The Committee' with the class -

Sheri Larsen, Charlie and Mariam Thompson, Sue Sonchik, Cathy Chamberlain, George and Margaret McIntosh, Al Roberts, Al Stirt, Wendy Scott, Bill Gerlack, Eric Bishop, John Blackmore, Tony Shaw.

Thanks also to Lawrence Pyne for the Burlington Free Press article, and Kate Carter for the Vermont Sports Today article.

'The Committee' - Rich Larsen, Mike Fullerton, Rick Davis, Bob Schumacher, Chuck Thompson.


I, _______________________________, desiring to join my fellow paddlers in the Northern Vermont Canoe Cruisers, (The 'Club'), do hereby declare that I fully understand the following facts of life on the river.

(1) Boating on whitewater rivers exposes participants to various hazards.
(2) No one but myself is responsible for judging my qualifications for safety when I choose to challenge my capabilities by boating on a particular river, or a particular rapid.
(3) I may assist my fellow paddlers to the best of my ability if they appear to need such assistance, but only so long as I can do so, in my judgment, without significant danger to myself. I further understand that this does not imply any legal duty for me to do so, nor for anyone else to render such assistance to me.

Now therefore, intending to be legally bound, I hereby waive, for myself and for anyone else claiming through me, my right to sue the Club, its members, trip coordinators, or any of my fellow paddlers, for any injuries to my person or equipment which may occur during, or in preparation for any Club outing. This waiver applies to any negligent act or omission, and to any intentional act intended to promote my safety or well-being.

This waiver is given in the interest of permitting the Club to exist and to serve the paddling community, and to enable myself and my fellow paddlers to feel free to donate our services and to help each other without fear of liability. My waiver is given in exchange for similar waivers to be granted on my behalf by other members of the Club. My waiver has no expiration date.

This waiver applies to all Club activities, and is independent of whether I am a member of the club or not. For participants in the NVCC training trip, this waiver also extends to the University of Vermont the same protection from liability, to allow use of the swimming pool for paddling practice.



The above was used as a waiver for the NVCC Canoe School this past year. It is proposed that the club generally require all participants to sign this waiver in order to take part in club trips. Submitted for consideration at the June, 1991 general meeting. This is modified from a recommended waiver used by the CCA of Washington, D.C.


A. General Philosophy

Club outings are cooperative adventures among participants. The group is collectively responsible for the conduct of the outing; and each participant is individually responsible for judging his or her own qualifications and for his or her own safety on the river. By participating in a Club outing, you release the Club, its members, trip coordinators, and fellow paddlers from any injuries due to any negligent act or omission or to any intentional act intended to promote your safety or well being.

B. River Hazards

You must understand and accept that whitewater boating exposes you to various hazards, for example, boulders and other obstacles, strainers, undercut or entrapping formations, changing conditions, cold, high water and other hazards, mostly in remote locations. Injuries and deaths occasionally occur due to these hazards, among other things.

You are responsible for learning to recognize river hazards and learning and practicing the techniques for avoiding these hazards. You are also responsible for acquiring boating safety and rescue skills commensurate with the level of difficulty of the river you are paddling (see the International Scale of River Difficulty). One excellent source book is RIVER RESCUE by Bechdel and Ray, available at most outfitters.

Dont endanger your life and the lives of others by trying to boat on water beyond your ability. Remember - most good paddlers develop by very gradually increasing the difficulty of rivers they run over a period of several years.

C. River Decision Making

You are solely responsible for the following decisions at all times:

  1. The decision to go on any trip.
  2. The decision to put-in the selected river (which may not be the scheduled river) under conditions existing at the time of the put-in.
  3. The decision as to what equipment to wear or take with you.
  4. The decision whether to scout any rapid.
  5. The decision whether to run any rapid.
  6. The decision whether to participate in any rescue or the recovery of any equipment.
  7. The decision to pass up any walk out or take out opportunity.

D. River Rescue

Trip participants usually assist each other when someone appears to need assistance, but only so long as they can do so, in their own judgment, without significant risk to themselves. Some participants may choose to accept greater hazards to rescue a fellow paddler. However, trip participants and the trip coordinator are under no legal duty to assist you.

E. Other Responsibilities of Participants

  1. Telephoning the trip coordinator well in advance of the trip you are planning to go on.
  2. Asking the trip coordinator about his or her training and experience, if these considerations are significant to you.
  3. Informing the trip coordinator of your skills, experience, training, and rivers run.
  4. Not bringing unexpected guests to the trip.
  5. Bringing appropriate equipment and making sure it is in good repair, specifically, life jacket, helmet, protective footwear, knife, whistle, throw bag, extra clothing.
  6. Observing good safety practices on the river.
  7. Informing yourself of the difficulty of the river under existing conditions.
  8. Sharing the optional group responsibilities (see section H).

F. About Your Trip Coordinator

Trip Coordinators are volunteers and they receive no pay. Their functions are to get the group to the same river at the same time, to arrange the shuttle, and to respond to inquiries to the best of their knowledge. However, your trip coordinator may never have run the scheduled river under the conditions encountered on the trip day. Indeed, the scheduled river may not be runnable on the day of the trip, and the trip may be switched to an unfamiliar river without prior notice.

Your trip coordinator may not have had any organized or formal training in whitewater boating skills, boating safety skills, first aid, or CPR. If you prefer to go on a trip only with a trip coordinator who has had organized or formal training in these areas, or who has had a lot of experience, it is your responsibility to ask him or her about his or her training and experience. It is solely your decision whether the trip coordinators qualifications are satisfactory to you. Bear in mind that your trip coordinator is not responsible for judging your qualifications or for your safety on the river.

G. Trip Coordinator Responsibilities

  1. Finding a substitute coordinator if you are unable to go on the trip and notifying the NVCC president of the change.
  2. Familiarizing yourself with the put-in, take-out, shuttle, major obstacles and rapids on the scheduled river.
  3. Determining the rendezvous place and time.
  4. Responding to participant inquiries to the best of your knowledge about the river, your training and experience, and the participants training and experience. You have the authorization to refuse a particular participant on any reasonable grounds, but it is not your responsibility to determine whether a participant is qualified for the trip.
  5. Deciding if you want the participants to sign a waiver of liability.

H. Optional Group Responsibilities

The group may wish to consider the following suggestions. Which of these suggestions are adopted on the trip is solely a group decisions, and is not the responsibility of any particular person.

  1. Obtain river stage or flow data.
  2. Obtain knowledge of the difficult parts of the run and emergency takeout routes.
  3. Equipment: throw rope in each boat, duct tape, first aid kit, extra paddle, flashlight, fire starter and matches, pruning or wire coil saw, survival suit, extra clothing, caribineers, prusik loops, map, guidebook.
  4. Keep group compact enough for communication, but not so compact as to interfere with each other.
  5. Consider dividing a large group into smaller groups, or having buddy boats.


Date	 Day	Trip			Coordinator	 Phone		Level

6/29-30 Sat- Dead River, Maine Eric Bishop 223-4768 Int Sun Wilderness Whitewater

7/7 Sun Androscoggin Tubing Rich Larsen 878-6828 --- Bring The Family

7/13-14 Sat- Androscoggin River Charlie 878-2536 Nov/Int Sun Whitewater Weekend Thompson

7/21 Sun Lower White River George McIntosh 644-2134 Nov Picnic, Swim and Relax

8/24-25 Sat- Androscoggin River George McIntosh 644-2134 Nov/Int Sun Clean Warm Water

8/31-9/2 Sat- Dead River Extravaganza Al Roberts 899-4129 Int Mon Paddle and Party With Al

9/7 Sat Hudson Fall Release Ray Gonda 862-6164 Adv Challenging Whitewater

9/14 Sat Hudson Fall Release Mike Fullerton 456-8701 Adv More Challenge

9/21 Sat Hudson Fall Release Sheri Larsen 878-6828 Adv Still More Challenge

9/28-29 Sat- West River, Vt Bill Gerlack 879-0979 Int/Adv Sun The Fall Gathering

Open & Decked boat roll sessions and different strokes will be held on Monday and/or Tuesday evenings intermittently throughout the summer in a local area. Here is your chance to learn to roll your canoe or kayak. For details call Ray Gonda, 862-6164.

Whitewater releases of 900-1000 cfs are planned from 11M to 3PM on June 29 & 30, and from 11AM to 2PM on July 20 & 21, August 17 and August 24 on the Monroe Bridge section of the Deerfield River near Charlemont, Mass. These are trial releases by the power company to determine paddler interest. No club trips are scheduled but members are encouraged to form their own trips. This section of the Deerfield is class III-IV. For further information contact Bruce Lessels, 413-339-8596.

'Releases are schedule from 10 AM to 4 PM at the Pontook Dam on the Androscoggin River on Friday through Sunday, and July 4th and Labor day, during July and August. Two day weekend releases are scheduled through June, and September through the 15th.

Contact the Dead River trip coordinator 2 weeks prior to the trip. For the June trip, contact Eric as soon as possible. One weeks notice should be given for other overnight trips. Other Dead River releases are scheduled for the weekends of June 22, July 13, August 3 and August 17 but no club trips are scheduled for these weekends.

Novice trips are suitable for paddlers with good flatwater skills. All trips, including the tubing trip, require PFDs.

Trips are subject to change depending on water level and interest. Contact the trip coordinator before going on any club trip.

Northern Vermont Canoe Cruisers
Flatwater Schedule - Summer and Fall, 1991


JUN 20 Thursday Indian Brook Reservoir Rich Larsen A yearly tradition Evening Essex Junction, VT 878-6828 First of 2

JUN 25 Tuesday Upper Lamolile River Bill Garlack Above Fairfax Falls. Evening Cambridge, VT 879-0979 More trips on req.

JUN 30 Sunday Upper Lamoille River George McIntosh Last chance Upper Day Trip Jeffersonville, VT 644-2134 Lamoille til August

JUL 5-7 Fri-Sun Raquette & Cold Rivers Bill Schultheis Camp and explore 2-Nighter Nr Tupper Lake, NY 878-3748 in the Adk Park

JUL 6 Saturday Basin Harbor/ Eliz. Whitson Visit BH Maritime Day Trip L. Champlain, VT 854-6680 Museum, too

JUL 11 Thursday Indian Brook Reservoir Rich Larsen Bring paddle Evening Essex Junction, VT 878-6828 and swimsuit.

JUL 13 Saturday Waterbury Res. Fred Abraham Bring a picnic, Evening Waterbury, VT 244-8104 family,& friends

JUL 14 Sunday Otter Crook Greg Magnant Wildlife scouting Day Trip Middlebury, VT 864-1835 trip. (More to come)

JUL 17 Wednesday Al's Famous Surprise!! Al Roberts Hint: somewhere near Evening Huntington, VT 899-4129 water. Sign up early.

JUL 27 Saturday Connecticut River Collie Chambers Pvt Riverside campsite Day Trip Bradford. VT 86O-5049 Full Moon Weekend!

JUL 27 Sat-Sun Lows Lake via Bog River Ruth Miller Adirondack Wilderness -28 Weekender Adirondacks, NY 985-2592 (just opened to public)

AUG 3 Saturday Upper Lamoille River Chas. Thompson Above Fairfax Falls Day Trip Cambridge, VT 878-2536 Stop and swim on the way

AUG 4 Sunday Upper Lamoille River Judy Rowe Breakfast at Jana's then Day Trip Jeffersonville, VT 98S-2737 paddle it off (10 miles)

AUG 10 Saturday Green River Reservoir Anne Burcroft Swim, picnic, paddle Day Trip Morrisville, VT 229-9677 and beat the heat

AUG 10 Sat-Sat Ocean Trip-Maine Coast Bob Schumacher Sea kayak or canoe all -17 Week Trip Maine Island Trail 965-2692 or part of this trip

AUG 17 Saturday Indian Brook Reservoir Sheri Larsen Last chance for Indian Day Trip Essex Junction, VT 876-6828 Brook with the Larsens

AUG 24 Sat-Sun Lake Umbagog Ray Ganda Weekend camping trip -25 Weekender Northern, NH 862-6164 (or try Sept 21-22)

SEP 7 Sat-Sun Lake Memphremagog Krista Willett On US/CAN border. Camp- -8 Weekender Newport, VT 434-4297 fire songs guaranteed.

SEP 21 Saturday Dead Creek WMA Mike Fullerton Birds >> bugs!! Bring Day Trip Vergennes, VT 456-8701 binoculars & camera.

SEP 21 Sat-Sun Raquette River Ray Gonda Missed trip July 5-7?? -22 Weekender Nr Tupper Lake, NY 862-6164 Here's another chance

SEP 28 Sat-Sun Adirondack Park Peter Alden Last ADK trip this year Weekender Adirondacks, NY 663-6686 Enjoy fall's splendor

OCT 5 Saturday Winooski River William Glen Peak Fall Foliage Tour Day Trip Richmond, VT 858-6915 Easy valley paddling

OCT 12 Saturday Lower Lamoille River Mark Willett Don't store paddles yet! Day Trip Fairfax, VT 434-4297 Oct. trips are colorful


*** N 0 T E S ***
  1. For more information on any event or to sign up call the trip coordinator.
  2. Trip coordinators may limit the number of canoes so sign up early!
  3. Give at least a 1 week notice for long distance or overnight trips!
  4. Most flatwater events welcome children and are family affairs.
  5. Please call coordinator if you must cancel, there may be a waiting list.

Other Flatwater Activities and Interests

Champlain Valley Canoe and Kayak Series - Fun Races for all abilities. Tuesday Evenings ------ Contact Burt Roberts 434-4707 for information.

July 2nd Shelburne Pond A $5 entry fee per person per race
July 9th Indian Brook Reservoir
July 16th Lamoille River (Milton)

Great Race Triathlon at St. Albans Bay Park - June 30th (Register by June 21) 3.1 mile Run, 2.0 mile Canoe in the Bay, 12.9 mile Bike
Swanton Canoe Races - July 27th 3-mile recreational canoe race and 6-mile racing canoe race.
Contact Clyde Yarnell - 524-4822 for more Info. Entry fee each race.

Moonlight Floats on the Connecticut - Give at least 24 hour notice.
Fiddlehead Boatworks of Bradford Is coordinating Full Moon Trips on the Connecticut River every month on the weekend closest to the full moon. Must sign up by the 21 at of month.

Fiddlehead Boatworks is also offering a Beginning Canoe Clinic - June 23rd, July 28th, and September 2nd. Limited to 8 canoes. Please give two days notice. Call for prices.
Please contact Jennifer Schaalsma or Mike Collins for details and sign up - (802) 222-6683

"FREE - Try out a canoe or kayak at the Burlington Community Boathouse Thursday evenings 6 to dusk.
1st and 3rd Thursday
2nd and 4th Thursday

Canoes Informal instruction will be available. Kayaks Contact Bob Schumacher - 985-2992

NVCC Membership Application / Update

New Membership. <-----CIRCLE ONE-----> Update/Renewal

Family trips.
Lessons (canoe).
Flatwater. Camping. Lessons (kayak).
Other (specify) ________________________________________________________
Beginner. Beginner.
Intermediate. Intermediate.
Advanced. Advanced.
Max. class paddled:_______ Max. class paddled:_______
Own a boat? ( Y / N ) What Kind(s)____________________________________________

I may be willing to...
  1. Be a trip organizer.
  2. Be a tandem partner.
  3. Promote conservation of paddling resources.
  4. Report level for the following river(s)_________________________
  5. Volunteer/help to_________________________________________




state________ zip code_______________


Send your membership fee ($6 per individual OR family) to:

Charlie Thompson NVCC
6 Colchester Pond Road, Colchester VT 05446

Make checks payable to NVCC

NOTE: For a current (VPC) enrollment form, click here. You may also wish to print and/or read the Safety Code of American Whitewater

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