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Meeting Minutes

Executive Committee Meeting
James Raboin, Isaac Annis, Kim Thomas, Dan Beideck, Will Bucossi
Executive Committee Changes
Vote UVM Pool Session Update
Bristol Pool Decision
ACA Free Event Certificates (20 free event charges up to $200.00)
Time Sensitive Decision Making
Club Spring Meeting/Event
Next Executive Committee meeting
The meeting was called to order by president James Raboin at 7:08pm at the Raboin household in Georgia, VT with Will Bucossi as Secretary.
Executive Committee Changes:
1. Kim volunteered to assume responsibilities of Communications Director
2. Kim voted in unanimously.
3. Kim can contact Rich a and Lorena Bortz for help and suggestions

UVM Pool Session Update:
1. Things going smoothly so far, Dan needed to confirm lifeguard
2. So far 15 folks preregistered
3. Discussion on whether or not to allow the bigger (18ft) sea kayaks at the first session.
a. It was agreed to warn the big boaters that it may be crowded and let them decide.
4. Should VPC offer quazi-formal rolling instruction?
a. Dan proposed folks interested could contact him in advance and he would find an instructor.
b. Client would pay instructors pool fee ($10.00) for 1 hour of instruction.
5. Should VPC offer specialty rolling sessions?
a. Dan proposed a Play boating session w/Simon Wiles if he agreed.
b. Dan proposed a basic rescue session
c. Demo Session w/boats from Umiak or any other interested parties
6. Unfortunately theres a UVM hockey game starting 1 hour after 1st pool session start. Parking could be an issue, Dan to work w/Parking attendant.
7. Dan had a set of proposed Pool Session Guidelines
a. Group suggested modifications which Dan agree to make

Bristol Pool Decision:
1. Will moved that the board approve the Bristol Pool Session proposal made by Steph Rossier
2. Voted and approved
a. It was agreed the Bristol pool sessions would be subject to the same restrictions as UVM, namely the board could choose to shut down the sessions if and when they lost $50.00

ACA Free Even Certificates:
1. ACA has offered to pay for 20 separate event charges (up to $200) for VPC Sponsored events
a. James proposed we use these tokens for the first 20 people at the UVM pool sessions to ensure the club takes full advantage of this offer. The money would then be put into the VPC general fund and used as the club sees fit.
i. Board would like clarification from ACA about the guidelines for use of these funds. James to contact ACA and provide feedback at next meeting

Time Sensitive Decision Making:

2. What should the board do in the event that an important decision needs to be made and theres no time for a meeting.
a. Dan moved that in the event that a decision needs to be made President Frames question via email sends it out to group. Folks have 72hrs to respond. Very sensitive items will require a phone call from president.
1. Voted and approved: 3 yes, 1 abstain

Club Spring Meeting/Event:
1. Should we have a rep or local dealer come with gear to try?
2. Bow & Stern to be ready
3. should we do a silent auction for the two donated helmets
a. The group generally approved of this idea
4. A date of approx late March was unanimously approved

Next Executive Committee meeting:
1. Tues Feb 21st 2006
Will Bucossi
The meeting minutes below date back to 2003. Prior year meeting minutes generally appear in the 'Bow and Stern' Newsletter Archive.
Minutes still in 'draft' form are omitted from this list. Thus, the minutes below have been 'released' for public viewing. The VPC secretary will typically post minutes from recent meetings once they have been finalized/approved.
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