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Meeting Minutes

Executive Committee Meeting
Ray Ingram, Richard Larsen, James Raboin, Eric Bishop
Will Bucossi, Deb Zwitter, Isaac Annis, Norm Staunton, Tony Shaw, Dan Beideck
2006 Financial Outlook
Discuss Merging Safety & Education with General Fund
VPC Dues
2006 ACA Paddle America Club (PAC) requirements
2006 Pool Sessions (Burlington and Elsewhere)
January Meeting (Announcement & Program)
The meeting was called to order by president Ray Ingram at 7:15 pm at the Larsen residence in Essex, Will Bucossi acting as Secretary.
2006 Financial Outlook:

- Rich put together a 2006 financial outlook by looking at the clubs expenditures over the past 5 years. It should be noted that many of the large income and expenditure categories (Roll Sessions, Dues, Sponsorships, Safety Gear) vary wildly from year to year making a useful budget challenging to construct and follow.

- At the end of year, the club is expected to have ~$1100.00 in cash reserves, ~$600.00 less than last year.

Merging Safety & Education with General Fund:

- Rich made a motion to merge the Safety & Education with General Fund to simplify the accounting. Tony 2nded the motion and the board unanimously vote yes. Originally there were two funds because of a $200 donation made many years ago for 'Safety and Education'.

VPC Dues:

- James moved to increase dues from a flat fee of $8.00/household to $10.00/person or $12.00/household. Some folks were concerned raising dues would discourage younger people from joining. Dues have not been raised in approximately a decade.

- Tony amended the motion to $10.00/person or $15.00/household, on the grounds that there should be a larger difference between a single and family membership. This amendment was voted down.

- Tony then amended the original motion to a single flat fee of $12.00. This amendment was also voted down.The original motion to increase dues to $10.00/person or $12.00/household was voted on and passed.

2006 Pool Sessions:

- Dan Beideck went over the results of his Burlington Pool Rolling Session Survey. The results indicated the best turnout would be on a Sunday evening with Friday/Saturday evening the next best option. The UVM pool is not available on Sunday evening so Dan is looking into pool sessions on Friday/Saturday evenings (whichever is available), every other week in January/February and weekly in March and early April (~10 sessions).

- There was also discussion about whether or not the club should set a maximum allowable loss, such that if any pool sessions lost a predefined amount of money, the club would no longer fund the sessions. The general consensus was that this was a good idea and a maximum allowable loss would be set at $100.00 to start with. This number would be reevaluated as necessary. The importance of close communication between session organizers and the board was stressed. Pool session organizers SHOULD aim to cover their expenses, so that pool sessions are, collectively, budget neutral.

2006 ACA Paddle America Club (PAC) requirements:

- Ray reported that the flat fee for ACA PAC will bee $225 ($200 if paid before 1/15/2006). The ACA will provide the VPC with 20 free single-use event fees, to use however we choose (a $200 value).

January Meeting (Announcement & Program):

- January 8th, 2006 set as the date for the Winter Potluck and Election Meeting at the Williston Federated Church from 6pm 9pm.

- No alcoholic beverages in church

- Rob Scharges possible speaker at the meeting

- Ballot election to be held part way through meeting to allow members to meet candidates

- Absentee Ballots to be available by calling/emailing election marshall Collie Chambers (860-5049, or on the VPC website.
Will Bucossi
The meeting minutes below date back to 2003. Prior year meeting minutes generally appear in the 'Bow and Stern' Newsletter Archive.
Minutes still in 'draft' form are omitted from this list. Thus, the minutes below have been 'released' for public viewing. The VPC secretary will typically post minutes from recent meetings once they have been finalized/approved.
To view meeting minutes or other meeting attachments in WORD or EXCEL, you will need to have those applications installed on your phone or computer.















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