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Meeting Minutes

Executive Committee Meeting
Ray Ingram, Rich Larsen, James Raboin, Lorena Bortz
Dan Bideck, Norm Staunton, Tor Bortz
ACA Options
Little River Project
Upcoming Elections
Clinic Updates
Equipment Storage & Rental
The meeting was called to order by President Ingram, at the Burlington, VT home of Tor and Lorena Bortz.
Novice Clinic Review - James said it went well and was well-attended. Result is some new die-hard VPC members.

James gave an update on the Advanced Rescue Clinic scheduled for Aug 20 & 21. Nine people signed up currently. Mark Moore will be the instructor and will be paid $450. It was determined what charges would be neccessary: $75 for course, $10 for each non-ACA member, $8 to join VPC. It was approved that Norm would attend free as a refresher and in preparation for his anticipated election as Safety & Education Director in November.

Treasurer's Report - Rich: $1700 in bank, owe Tony Shaw $150 for website hosting by year-end. With the success of the Novice Clinic, VPC is back on track financially.

Ray reported on Little River project including his progress in making proposals and the upcoming meeting with the Waterbury Commission.
Interim officers appointed until November include:
Activities Director - Dan Bideck
Secretary - James Raboin
Publicity coordinator - Norm Staunton

Dan suggested going a step further in the future with a more advanced trip for the novice clinic participants a week or two later to give them more of a real-world white water experience. A Deerfield trip was suggested.

Ray needs list of new members from Rich and a list of the volunteers from James.

Rich said we need to determine expenses that will be incurred for the next member meeting in Nov with the election of officers: whether to have a speaker or other expenses in order to encourage more members to attend.

Discussed how Little River project may become it's own entity. Concerns were voiced that without the VPC name to back up the project, securing grants and making proposals might be a lot more difficult. Special meeting will be set up, tentatively for Sept 14th. Ray will especially invite all the contributors to the project thus far for their input. James, Dan and Norm are all willing to help Ray go further.

Dan is willing to spearhead the VPC equipment storage and swap. This is meant to help novices be able to paddle without the high up-front costs and to help outfit the clinics as they come up. A $200 slush fund was designated for this purpose. There will also be charges for the rentals. Equipment needed to start up will be: Helmets will be #1 priority, then PFD's, paddles and skirts. Norm will assist Dan in contacting gear stores and outfitters to find out about their end-of-year inventories. Dan will also start off by using the VPC message board and VPC weekly email update to solicit donations.

The question was raised about whether everyone needs to sign up for the weekly VPC email yearly or not.

Ray will compose a letter to go out to all the members to include:
1) Having people update their emails on the VPC website so we have a current listing
2) Discuss the upcoming ACA decision (meeting Oct 5th)
3) Invite people (including those that have donated) to the Little River project meeting (tentatively scheduled for Sept 14th)
4) Ask people for equipment donations
5) Announce upcoming elections - what positions are available and what the slate of candidates are so far.
6) Include Dan's survey that he is working on

After Ray finishes selling the VPC t-shirts he has, the club will look into over venues of making money to fund upcoming projects, such as selling items through an Internet site.

Norm and Ray are starting to formulate options for a water rodeo for next year - 2006. Need to make decision on what level of event is wanted: fun recreational style vs. competition and an organized high caliber event to bring in world-class participants. Hartland Rapids is being considered. Wilder Dam may pose a problem with water flow and landowners may also be a problem for the spectator viewing areas.
Ray also proposed the topic of the possibility of VPC writing a Vermont White Water book with lots of input from the members.
Approved to pay Lori Barg balance of $300 owed her for her consulting work on the Little River Project ($200 from the general fund), with the stipulation that VPC will not commit to the next phase of this project without first having a plan on how to meet all the funds needed.

Two ACA insurance options on the table:
1) To remain with ACA but not pay the annual fee. The cost would be $20 an event plus $10 for each non-ACA member plus a current ACA-certified instructor would need to instruct.
2) Having ACA handle the collection of dues from its members (which would relieve the treasurer of that duty).
Ray also proposed the topic of the possibility of VPC writing a Vermont Whitewater book with lots of input from the members.
Lorena Bortz
The meeting minutes below date back to 2003. Prior year meeting minutes generally appear in the 'Bow and Stern' Newsletter Archive.
Minutes still in 'draft' form are omitted from this list. Thus, the minutes below have been 'released' for public viewing. The VPC secretary will typically post minutes from recent meetings once they have been finalized/approved.
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