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Meeting Minutes

Executive Committee Meeting
James Raboin (Pres), Tony Shaw (VP), Brent W Osborne (Secretary)
Dan Beideck (Activities Dir)
Old Business
Novice Clinic
Summer/Fall Paddling Schedule
VPC Involvement with Flatwater
Picture Suggestion for Website
Summer Bow & Stern
AW and Otter Creek
Spending Suggestions
This executive committee meeting was called to order at the Raboin residence by James Raboin at 7:15 pm.
Rich Larsen provided a YTD financials report via email in advance of the meeting. As of 01May07 the club has a net balance of $2477. Using ‘heads of households making a dues payment’, there are 63 active memberships through April 2007 as compared with 60 in April 2006. RL reports that we are neither growing nor shrinking. It is hoped that the novice and class II clinics will provide a significant jump in memberships as they did in June 2006. Also, DB distributed copies of the 2007 VPC budget to those who did not have it.
1. Novice Clinic. There is a bit of uncertainty regarding the details of the upcoming novice clinic. NS has been difficult to get in touch with and the BOD is unsure of what the current status of the clinic is. JR will assume responsibility of contacting NS by Wednesday (16may07) to find out details, as well as to update him to some of the recent changes and clarifications that have been made.

2. Summer/Fall Paddling Schedule. DB is in the process of putting the summer/fall schedule together. Some tentative trips include CJ’s Seboomook trip in Maine, the Deerfield releases, the Beaver River in NY, etc. It would be nice to have a trip planned every other weekend for the summer and several members have expressed interest in leading trips this summer, but nothing has been confirmed. It is imperative to have several novice trips to keep clinic grads interested and participating in the sport. Even just a park-and-play at the Lamoille’s 5 Chutes would be sufficient to continue practicing eddy turns. TS mentioned running a trip to the Rouge River in Quebec this fall. Perhaps the club should organize a trip to Valleyfield in Montreal or to the Moose River in NY. It was agreed that it would be great to venture outside our comfort zone in Northern VT and explore some more regional rivers that are still quite easy to access. There’s also still nothing planned for Memorial Day weekend…should we have a trip that weekend? DB is actively soliciting input from members.

3. VPC Involvement with Flatwater. Historically the VPC has primarily been a whitewater paddling club. But with the growing interest in flatwater paddling it was proposed that the club get more involved, even if just slightly, with promoting flatwater trips. Another local paddling club is already involved with this, the Champlain Kayak Club (CKC). It was discussed whether or not the VPC should attempt to organize a flatwater paddle this summer in conjunction with the CKC. Without spreading ourselves too thin, it was agreed that a handful of flatwater trips, especially during the summer months when rivers are typically dry, would be beneficial for the social aspect of the VPC. JR will contact Dave Miskell, President of CKC, to discuss further.

4. Picture Suggestion for Website. Previously, BWO had mentioned that the club should host an annual photo contest. He will write up a description of the contest with rules, categories, etc., and present to the BOD at the next meeting.

5. Elections. In accordance with the VPC by-laws, early November is election time, and 2007 is an election year. Some officers and directors on the BOD have been forthright in saying that they are unlikely to pursue another term in their current position. Therefore, there will be a number of exciting opportunities for members to take on leadership roles. The focus for the summer and into the fall will be to find members willing to commit to running for an office. Additionally, an online nomination process will be established on the VPC website. Subsequently, following procedures from last election year in 2005, an election commissioner will be appointed and paper ballots will be used for members to vote. Members, please consider taking on a leadership role in the club. It’s a great way to get more involved in the local paddling community and to help steer the direction and ambition of the Vermont Paddlers Club

6. Summer Bow & Stern. JR suggested that we begin strongly thinking about putting the summer B/S together so it is ready by the party on the 15th of July. A push for volunteers to become BOD members will be included. Currently there is no Communications Director who is usually responsible for facilitating the B/S publication. DB suggested that a notice go out on the website as well as in VPC news that someone is needed to publish this one B/S for July 15th.

7. AW and Otter Creek. On 23may07 American Whitewater will be surveying at least two reaches of the Otter Creek. DB has been in communication with the team organizing the survey. It was agreed that the VPC should have a representative there to assist in the survey. BWO volunteered to help out. DB will email the details.

8. Spending Suggestions. Nothing pressing that can’t wait until next meeting.
1. ACA Development Workshops. Previously the BOD decided to offer an instructional scholarship of up to $100 for a member or members interested in becoming a certified ACA instructor. Several classes are being offered locally at St. Michael’s College, UMIAK and elsewhere. So far there has been very little interest or feedback from members. TS and BWO discussed the possibility of taking advantage of this at the meeting, and it was noted that CJ Carline had expressed a hint of interest on the message board when it was first posted, but nothing since. This notice will contintue to go out in VPC news in the hopes that someone will take advantage.

2. Instructor’s Clinic Date. Jim Poulin has a trip scheduled through the club this coming weekend. It was proposed that the instructor’s clinic could take place alongside that trip. Nothing was finalized as Norm was not in attendance. It was decided that we would check with Norm to see what he has planned.

3. VPC Waivers on non-ACA Trips. The question was asked: Is the club doing the responsible thing by allowing the status quo to continue regarding non-ACA trips? Currently no waiver or release form is required by the club or trip leader for VPC sponsored trips that forgo ACA insurance. How do we ensure that trip leaders are discussing safety and personal responsibility prior to putting the group on the water? It was agreed that the difficulty would be in enforcing what the club would like trip leaders to do. DB is in the process of rewriting “Trip Organizing 101” on the website which should clarify this policy and procedure of the VPC.

4. Class II Clinic Costs. At the April 2007 meeting the BOD clarified a discrepancy in the student cost for the class II clinic. It was decided that VPC members and recent novice clinic grads would be charged $15 and the cost for a non-VPC member would be $50. These fees do not include the required $10 ACA insurance fee for non-ACA members. The BOD is unaware whether or not Norm is cognizant of this clarification. We are unsure of what Norm is telling potential students what the cost of the clinic is. This item will be put on the list of things about which to update Norm.

5. July 15th Party Location. James and Debby Raboin have again generously offered to host the annual summer VPC party at their home. The date will be Sunday, July 15th. More details will be forthcoming.

6. Delinquent Dues Notice. TS sent out 61 emails to members who have neglected to pay their 2007 dues. 1 member responded directly to TS, but RL should be receiving the bulk of the responses and dues payments.

7. New Member Letter. RL has been taking care of welcoming new members to the VPC. The BOD will ask for a sample/representative letter which could be used to establish an automated welcome letter through the website. This will be discussed with RL at the next meeting.
Thanks to Debby for the homemade cookies and salsa! Meeting adjourned at 9:05pm. Next meeting will be on 19Jun07 at Brent’s house in Winooski at 7:00pm
Brent W Osborne
The meeting minutes below date back to 2003. Prior year meeting minutes generally appear in the 'Bow and Stern' Newsletter Archive.
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