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Meeting Minutes

Executive Committee Meeting
Ray Ingram, Richard Larsen, James Raboin, Eric Rossier, Tony Shaw
March meeting (announcement and program)
VPC website (members-only features)
UVM pool sessions with the Catayak Club
Sponsorships for 2005
Little River Whitewater Park (geomorphic assessment)
The meeting was called to order by president Ray Ingram at 7:00 pm at the Larsen residence in Essex, Richard Larsen acting as Secretary (as Chris Weed has indicated he won't be able to do that job).
March 6 set as target date for Spring Potluck meeting. Will aim at Congregational Church in Essex. Suggested Lori Barg presentation on Little River Geomorphic Assessment as part of Business Meeting, plan to be 20 minutes. Ray to confirm Chruch and notify Lori. Suggested 'Lunch Video Magazine' DVD to be run during social / dinner time - Eric to talk to Damon. Suggested Cheryl and Simon on 'paddling in Uganda' as the featured talk - Eric to talk to them.

A January Letter will go out shortly, Rich to serve as editor. Items to be included were stated as:
  • announce March meeting date and probable program (and plan to follow up with a postcard around Feb 22.)
  • a statement that VPC dues for 2005 are due, payable to VPC, sent to Rich; and that ACA renewals should be handled directly with ACA, not VPC
  • a copy of the waiver
  • announcement of the novice clinic - James to provide the wording - the weekend of May 21, 22 was proposed
  • announce the need for trip organizers; and announce a meeting to try to construct a trip calendar. Pizza to be provided. James to provide the wording
  • request trip reports for March Bow and Stern
  • announce the ongoing Bristol rolling sessions, and planned UVM sessions
  • provide a copy of the Little River project proposal / plan - Ray to provide
  • other items welcome - just let Rich know
Members-only website login system was discussed, but not approved. It was made moot by the fact that we have not identified anyone with the skills and available time to do the website work to implement. The committee was split as to whether the idea was one we would approve or disapprove if we did have a person to implement.

Agreed that the website would have a 'race page', where people could post information or links. Ray was to provide the wording to Tony, Tony to implement.

Roll sessions discussed as part of budget discussion. Approved proceeding with 10 sessions in Bristol, with Eric coordinating. We only have a clear picture of insurance on the first two, thru 2/15 - need to share insurance update with exec committee as soon as more info is available.

UVM rolling sessions need more clarification - with the biggest question being a need to understand what is required from ACA to allow that the UVM students are covered by the insurance policy. Also need to determine whether we have to have certified instructors, what the '$100 value' means in the proposed contract, whether VPC should be trying to participate every week, or a reduced frequency, whether we can charge VPC members who attend, and whether we should be paying the VPC members some amount to be the contracted 'instructors'. Ray to coordinate discussion with ACA and with UVM, since he is the one who would sign the contract.
Idea of having Berlin rolling sessions to be explored by Ray.

Three proposed sponsorships for 2005 were discussed.
  1. Approved spending $100 of VPC funds to support Fiddlehead Slalom Race in May. (It was noted that this race is the ACA New England River Slalom Championships.)
  2. Delayed approval or disapproval of $100 to support New England Slalom Series, pending a better sense of whether we will have the money. Rich to tell NESS that we will TRY to know by the end of February.
  3. Delayed approval or disapproval of $50 to support Vermont Rivers Conservancy.
Weir removal was discussed at the end of the meeting. Ray indicated that the bill for the geomorphic assessment would be coming, and that it was less than $1500. It was agreed that no motion had ever been made, and no approval given, to expend VPC funds on the weir removal, so the treasurer could only write a check for $1000, the amount in the treasury from the ACA grant. Ray indicated that he would cover any residual charges.
Richard Larsen
The meeting minutes below date back to 2003. Prior year meeting minutes generally appear in the 'Bow and Stern' Newsletter Archive.
Minutes still in 'draft' form are omitted from this list. Thus, the minutes below have been 'released' for public viewing. The VPC secretary will typically post minutes from recent meetings once they have been finalized/approved.
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