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Meeting Minutes

Executive Committee Meeting
James Raboin, Isaac Annis, Kim Thomas, Dan Beideck, Will Bucossi, Jack Daggitt
Last meeting business updates
Conservation update
Agent of State Form
P.O. Box for club needed
Bow and Stern/Spring meeting
Calendar/schedule items
Gear usage
Should we moderate who and when a trip can be scheduled
Pool update
Website business
New Bank Account
The meeting was called to order by president James Raboin at 7:00pm at the Beideck household in Colchester, VT with Will Bucossi as Secretary.
Last meeting business updates
-Isaac resigns the Treasurer position
-Dan moves to only allow current board members officials to vote
Passed 5 to 1
- ACA says it’s acceptable to use 20 complementary passes / $200 however club sees fit
Need to use online event spread sheet within 10 days of event to be eligible for rebate
Need to have Excel on your computer in order to submit.
Conservation update
*Jack Daggitt (Conservation Chair)
*Jack has been attending VT Dam task force
*Little river project and existing land use
*Private land primarily on river left containing right of way to Little River may be available for purchase by some type of land conversation group.
*Jack to continue inquiring about land purchase/acquisition
*Jack to represent VPC for as consultant to CVPS for improvements to Lamoille River recreation access.

Agent of State Form
*James agreed to act as agent and mail in documentation
*Mass email (from Tony) to members indicating we’re looking for a new Treasurer
*Rich to continue receiving dues until treasurer position is filled

P.O. Box for club needed
*Group decided this was unnecessary

Bow and Stern/Spring meeting
*Already up to 17pgs
*Deadline for trip reports 3/19/06
*Kim moves to post Bow & Stern online.
-Mass email to go out to members asking if they are willing to receive soft copy only to save on printing and postage.
*Kim to make and send out meeting notification postcard
*Everybody paid through 2005 receives this version of Bow & Stern
*General Member survey from Dan to go on Webpage
*Spring meeting March 26th Williston Federated Church
*Dan to do Silent auction on helmet

Calendar/schedule items
*Trip Schedule defined prior to meeting
*Novice clinic June 3rd/4th
*Follow up clinic on Deerfield w/Camping at Mohawk Campsite(next level up, intermediate clinic) the next weekend (fathers day) June 17th/18th
*Swift water rescue course
-Mark offered to do it for members free or charge if we opened it up to public.
*Do we need a single VPC calendar on the web? Tony?
-Motion to change title of Trip Schedule to Event Schedule and pull-in Pool Session’s unanimously approved

Gear usage
*Inventory Status
- 1 paddle, 4 pfd’s, 8 helmets, 6 skirts
*sell helmets to buy skirts
*Club needs paddles
-Dan proposes paddle trade program, club offers $20.00 rebate for donated paddles
-Canoe Imports, Umiak, Stillwater outfitters, Clearwater would all participate by offering a discount if members donated paddle
-Unanimously approved
*How do we make gear available to members
-Available at pool sessions
-Novice clinic
*Monthly Rental proposed by Dan
-Deposit of $200.00
-Norm to help Dan with waiver
-Dan’s proposal unanimously approved
*Should we moderate who and when a trip can be scheduled
-Postponed until next meeting

Pool update
*Bristol up $15.00
*UVM up $80.00

Website business
*Postponed until next meeing

New Bank Account
*Postponed until new Treasurer identified
Will Bucossi
The meeting minutes below date back to 2003. Prior year meeting minutes generally appear in the 'Bow and Stern' Newsletter Archive.
Minutes still in 'draft' form are omitted from this list. Thus, the minutes below have been 'released' for public viewing. The VPC secretary will typically post minutes from recent meetings once they have been finalized/approved.
To view meeting minutes or other meeting attachments in WORD or EXCEL, you will need to have those applications installed on your phone or computer.















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