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Johnson State College

Map Link

Location: SHAPE Center/Carter Gym Johnson, VT

Driving Directions: Entry is best approached by taking the Main Entrance Rd, then taking a right fork to the main campus. At the first parking area, go left along the back towards the SHAPE Center/Carter Gym. There is a small turnaround to take your boats off and then go back and park in the lot spaces marked visitor. The entrance doors to the pool are the double metal doors to the right of the glass doors marked "Use Main Entrance". These doors will be unlocked for our access with the boats. If you need the Main Entrance to the building, it is to the right of these doors around the building.

Waivers (required at first session)

Adult Waiver (PDF)

Fees and Other Information

Please take advantage of this pre-registration page, so that we have a reasonable head count for each of the upcoming sessions. 

Please note:

  • The basic pool session fee is $15.
  • Adults only (18+) at Johnson State College pool sessions.
  • This year, there is no fee per se for rolling instruction, but instruction is a members-only benefit. You are welcome to join the club to receive rolling instruction. This requirement does not apply if you just want to practice on your own, with occasional pointers from peers.


  -- Chris Weed  []


[By the way, YouTube has some excellent instructional kayak rolling videos by Chris Spelius of Expediciones Chile. Also see this outstanding video on Vimeo, from]

More on fees:  The pool session fee is $15, plus an additional $5 insurance fee if you are not a member of the American Canoe Association (ACA). Note that you must pay the $5 insurance fee per session if you don't belong to the ACA.

You can also join the VPC (or renew) for $15 ($20 for a family). If you haven't previously been a member of the ACA you can become a member by going to their website at  You should select 'PAC Individuals and Families' to get a discounted membership rate. VPC is an ACA Paddle America Club.

ACA Waiver:  An ACA waiver form must be completed during or prior to your first pool session. It will help get the session underway quicker if you print and fill out the waiver prior to your arrival, and bring it with you. (You can also mail it to Hugh Pritchard, VPC Treasurer, 37 Terrace Street, Montpelier, VT 05602.)

ONLINE WAIVERS:  During 2012 the ACA website introduced support for online completion of their adult and minor waiver forms, and in 2013 they enhanced it! You have to be logged in as an ACA member or a Guest member on the website in order to use this feature. We encourage you to do so; it will save time at the pool sessions and result in consistently legible waivers for submission to the ACA. The forms can be accessed from the website's navigation bar. Select Insurance > Online Waivers or go to

Any boat you use in the pool must be thoroughly cleaned beforehand!!

Dirt, twigs, or leaves found in or around the pool may result in us being banned from future use of the facility.

[A faucet with a hose and a large plastic tub are available for final rinses. That said, we ask that you please do as much cleaning as possible before you come to your first session.]

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